Poor Servers plague Rocket League’s uncertain future…

A few weeks ago, we reported on the indie smash hit brought to us by the same dev team behind the woeful Blacklight: Retribution. Rocket League was a simple 3-on-3 game of online automotive football that was given out as a free download on Sony’s PlayStation 4, and retailed for $22 on Steam. The game allowed for cross-platform play, and saw several million people drop everything they were doing for just one more match of Rocket League.

While the game performed phenomenally for us during the first few days we got our hands on it, the game’s online servers have slowly decayed into a total mess. Myself and a couple guys from the greater PRC group of allies have been attempting to climb the ranked doubles leaderboard, and have been met with infuriating lag in almost all of our recent matches, regardless of what server farm we chose, or the ping of everyone in the match.

For a racing game, netcode issues are pretty common, and most drivers agree that if the lag is paticularly bad in a room, to just give people some extra space in the corners. You can’t do that in Rocket League, as missing the ball by mere inches or getting the timing of a blocked shot wrong drastically changes the end result of the game.

A thread on Reddit attempts to address the situation, but so far, no permanent fix is on the way, leaving the fate of what’s a really fucking fantastic game up in the air:

Rocket League


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