Your Baseline Setup for DiRT Rally’s Rallycross Expansion is Here!

The much-anticipated Rallycross expansion for surprise hit DiRT Rally dropped on us today, bringing the world of Codemasters’ new hardcore rally sim some desperately needed additional content. And we’ve got a rocksolid baseline setup for you, just in case you need that extra little boost on the track:

RCX Baseline

With this setup, you’ll ideally be looking for a 38.6 at the full layout of Lydden Hill.

The update is a mixed bag, with only two tracks and three cars added to the sim, you’ll see everything the hefty download has to offer in a little under half an hour if you’re a quick learner. The AI, even on Very Hard, is a tad slow, and there are some FPS slowdowns if you hit the wrong tire barrier or slam into another AI car a bit too violently. And unfortunately, there is no multiplayer component to this update, meaning you’re restricted to comparing times with your buddies for now.

The update is free, so there’s no reason not to check it out. I’m still having issues with the game’s shader model, so my experience looks nowhere like the YouTube videos you’ll see of the game, but the important thing is that it drives really fucking well, and both circuits will only increase the hype for future additional content and the inevitable inclusion of head to head multiplayer.


One thought on “Your Baseline Setup for DiRT Rally’s Rallycross Expansion is Here!

  1. Yup, AI is slow.

    Standard complaints you already addressed and they can’t be logical disagreed with, so I will mention the ‘standout’ aspect, at least as I saw it.

    The way the car moves over rough ground at speed (such as the long right dirt) is pretty impressive. Check out the replay and notice how the bumps are absorbed and subtly transferred to the body when the shocks start to become ‘saturated’, it just looks ‘right’. Something really nice going on there I think. Maybe the data they got from Cooper tires is part of it?


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