Some guy on Reddit sold his BMW M3 E30 Race Car for a Direct Drive Wheel

A couple weeks ago, I ran an article detailing the absurd cost of buying a Direct Drive Wheel, and how those who have enough disposable income to drop $2000 on a top-of-the-line toy steering wheel for their insignificant computer games should explore all alternative options before busting out their credit card for a brand new Accuforce product with only marginally improved Force Feedback effects.

Just by searching my local online classifieds, I was able to both find an entry level stock car and a sanctioned licensing course for less than the cost of an Accuforce wheel, putting these newfangled Direct Drive Wheels into “why did you pay $2000 for a toy steering wheel when you could go racing in real life for the same amount” territory. readers were torn on the article, with some claiming the costs of maintaining an amateur-level race car skyrocket after only a few races, with others readers claiming “you’re doing it wrong” if maintaining a Hornet car eats away at your wallet.

But I think a recent thread on Reddit takes home the grand prize…

car_photo_389380Currently popular among sportsman and clubman drivers in various disciplines of amateur and historic auto racing, the BMW M3 E30, first introduced in 1986, became a star in both Australia and Europe for it’s utter dominance in the ATCC, WTCC, and DTM championships. Factory teams campaigned the car well past its expiration date, and the car has even seen use outside of circuit based endeavors, with Patrick Snijers daring to take the car off-road at WRC events in the late 1980’s. The German sedan could do it all, and properly cemented itself within the history books of auto racing.

Some guy on Reddit sold his race-prepared M3 E30 so he could afford to buy a fancy toy steering wheel.

11816040_10203621709543801_312458789_nIt’s important to note that there are probably external circumstances governing this decision. Maybe the wife wanted that damn car out of the garage? Maybe the local track closed up and increasing travel costs made venturing to another track out of the budget? Maybe nagging problems with the car cost too much to fix? Maybe there weren’t enough buddies kicking around to help crew for a weekend event? Maybe the engine or chassis were sitting in several pieces on the garage floor? Maybe bills needed to be paid or an unexpected expense came up? Maybe it was cheaper in the long run to stay home and play video games?

Reddit user azrilnazril never answers these questions, only directly stating he sold a highly sought-after race car so he could put the money towards buying an expensive toy steering wheel to play computer games with. We now live in an era where people are dropping cool hobbies that got them out of the house on weekends so they can afford to sit inside and run laps on Assetto Corsa by themselves, and even worse, people will defend this and claim you can’t really feel what the car is doing in-game unless you drop a paycheck or two on one of these elusive toy wheels.

None of this expensive gear is required, either – Direct Drive Wheels are relatively new and marketed primarily towards professional simulation setups and consumers with an abundance of disposable income. Your average sim racer is never expected to make huge sacrifices – like selling a car – for a toy steering wheel. Most good wheels retail in the $200 – $300 range and are more than adequate for the games currently on the market. Dev teams haven’t even began developing for Direct Drive Wheels because almost nobody owns them.

And the greatest part about all of this is something a reader Trimaz mentioned the last time an article was posted about Direct Drive Wheels:

trimazThe best all-around wheel on the market currently is still the Logitech G27, which you can find for around $200 if you look in the right places. There is no logical reason to sell a car, especially one of a race-prepped M3 E30’s caliber, in order to afford a toy steering wheel so your $30 PC driving game feels more immersive.

You know what feels more immersive than a Direct Drive Wheel?

8480015228_677365dec6_bOne of those.


27 thoughts on “Some guy on Reddit sold his BMW M3 E30 Race Car for a Direct Drive Wheel

  1. “Maybe the wife wanted that damn car out of the garage?”

    If you are married to that kinda woman maybe it’s time to get her out of the garage, not the car


  2. Now, James, he ain’t hurtin’ nobody…

    “…There is no logical reason to sell a car, especially one of a race-prepped M3 E30’s caliber, in order to afford a toy steering wheel so your $30 PC driving game feels more immersive.”

    Of course there is; He wanted to.

    Who cares, man? People can spend their money on what they want. It’s a beautiful thing. Live and let live and whatnot.


    1. Not gonna disagree with you that it’s his choice to do whatever he wants but “because I want to” doesn’t really count as a logical argument, especially when you are so stripped of money that you need to sell a car to buy a “toy” wheel.

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      1. True, buuuuuut, it’s not like he sold the family truckster and now his wife has to take the kids to school by taxi or anything. He sold one toy for another, albeit a very cool toy for an arguably very silly toy.

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    1. That’s what I’m hoping – the car was in pieces on the garage floor.

      I mean, I can understand someone dumping a PS3 to help make a new wheel purchase significantly easier, but why dump a race prepared car so you can put the money towards sitting alone in your room playing video games?

      It’s like someone quitting youth Football citing “costs of being on a team”, and then covering yourself in Doritos and blowing the same amount of money on FIFA Ultimate Team card packs. That’s just a bad call. Getting out of the house is fun.


      1. ““That’s what I’m hoping”… why does it matter so much to you? Genuine question.”

        Because if this was not the case the dude is a genuine retard with serious life-decision issues?


      2. “Because if this was not the case the dude is a genuine retard with serious life-decision issues?”

        …so? I don’t see why it warrants a childish article calling him a retard. You guys usually post good shit, but this is just peurile garbage. Ian Bell deserves to be called out for his shit by this site, this guy doesn’t. C’mon.

        “Getting out of the house is fun” – then YOU guys go get out of the house and buy race cars. What’s the point of twisting this guy’s arm and bitching that he isn’t doing what you want him to do? It’s childish as fuck.

        I’m not trying to start an argument, I just have and always will have trouble understanding this attitude.

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    2. Good point, E30 “race car” could have just be a mostly stock E30 that’s been gutted and has aftermarket coilovers. In which case it could be in the range from $1000 to $2500.

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  3. Guy’s I agree with it, getting out of the house is great… But the cheapest amateur Racing series I am aware of (didn’t do much search) is Logan cup in my home country, 1000-1500euros/race, stop saying you can do real Racing for the money for a dwd, one race maybe, maybe two in UK championship but that’s about it. Doesn’t mean you have to go buy a 2k wheel


  4. ok, this is guy is ridiculous. Although I must admit that I watch the prices of DD wheels, I would never sell any of my cars for a video game 🙂 I would rather have them in living room and just look at them than sell to buy a peripheral for gaming.


      1. And all they had to do was sell out their sim racing bretheren, and ruin what’s left of the sim racing community to do it.


  5. 2k for a M3 Race Car…

    If so. I want that car. Unless you need to spend 5-6k to get it up to working order again.

    2k is a freaking bargain.


  6. Value is a very personal thing. The sheer convenience of being able to use it anytime may be enough to make it a more valuable proposition than getting to a track, especially if something like increasing noise restrictions are limiting availability. There could be a myriad of reasons, the only person they need to be valid for are the purchaser. There are millions of products that would be a waste of money compared to alternative uses for each of us.

    Speaking of getting out more somebody is writing articles sat at home about people sat at home sim racing!


  7. LOL 😀 Your constant attacks on things other people enjoy just makes you appear small-minded, envious and pathetic because you cannot allow others to enjoy whatever they wish to enjoy without attack. Your whole website appears based on spreading your own brand of bitterness … good luck with that ! ps. I love sim racing since it began and have owned an Accuforce “toy” wheel since April … best toy I ever bought and the difference in FFB from the cheaper toy wheels (name any I have owned or used them all) is not marginal, it is mind blowingly awesome … but your preconceived and limited ideas will never allow you to understand that. Cheers Mick !


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