Reader Submission #30 – The Codemasters F1 Community Poll

Hey guys, I’m Sev, and you might remember me from an interview I did with a few months ago. I’m one of the two new contributors for PretendRaceCars, and my first shot at this will be a Reader Submission regarding Codemasters F1 series.

Federico G. has written to us about a poll conducted by the Codemasters F1 community, asking fans what they would prefer the Formula One series to focus on, and the results are surprising.

Hi all, I just thought I’d show you this poll, conducted by F1 YouTubers. In this poll, the goal is to get as many people as possible to improve the quality of the game, and bring as much attention as possible. Once they get enough people, they will send it to the Community Manager of the Codemasters F1 games, so he can talk to the team. If you want to participate in the poll, click here.

The interesting thing though, is the results of the poll so far:

numbersThey don’t deem a stable game as a priority, when the game has been full of bugs and glitches for years, and then they have the audacity to complain about bugs and glitches…

What do you think?


First of all, thanks for showing us this poll. I am pretty sure many people will or would have missed it if you wouldn’t have shown it to us. At least I would have.

Now, I’m not that much of a fan of the Codemasters F1 games because my first two experiences with the game, F1 2010 and 2011 respectively, felt and drove absolutely disappointing. If you’ve read my interview with James a few months back then you will know that I have some experience in open-wheelers, and all I can say is that the handling was absolutely not how an open-wheel car drives at all. Some of you might say that I have no right to say that because I’ve never driven one, but judging by the fact that some kids come out of F3 or GP3 and go straight to F1 and are right on the pace from the get-go shows me that apart from the increased power and downforce, the cars handle very similar.

For the poll, all I can say is that either the majority of Codemasters F1 fans suffer from a very heavy case of Stockholm Syndrome (kind of like the PCars and AC shills), or they think that a huge amount of bugs and glitches shouldn’t be in the game in the first place and thus ignored that answer and instead focused on the things that should matter more in the first place.

If the first case is true, then I think that the people who bought this game actually deserve their broken-as-shit game which many consider to be one of the worst in the series, and I am happy that Codemasters is intelligent enough to count on the fanatical fanbase to just soak up whatever they publish no matter the state of the game and cash out on their F1 license. If people like these actually exist, they deserve all the bad things that can potentially happen to them. The same happened with PCars and looking back to that I am honestly not surprised that there are even more of these people. They might even be the same people, who knows.

If the second case is true then I am actually happy for them, because they realize that a game riddled with glitches and bugs is unacceptable. They can see past the mistakes the developer made and continue to support them by telling them what exactly they think can be done to improve the game (apart from fixing glitches and bugs, obviously). If these people are actually intelligent living beings, they will show Codemasters what they think of the game by speaking with their wallet and will simply not by it or get a refund on Steam, which is thankfully possible nowadays now that Steam has rethought their refunding policies.

Speaking about the results of the poll in general, I am more or less happy about the results. Considering that closeness to real life apparently includes flag rules etc., which might mean that – if Codemasters takes this poll serious – in the future the game might actually get properly working Safety Cars, crashed cars on track that need to be recovered during the Safety Car period, and many other things.

In second place came offline game modes which, if I recall correctly, were one of the strongest points of previous Codemasters’ F1 games. If you started a fresh, brand new career you would have to participate in the Young Driver Tests, and depending on how you performed you would get offers from different teams in the championship. From then on you had a rival that you would have to beat (usually your team mate), and then you could work your way upwards in the ladder and eventually land a cockpit in one of the factory teams. If the games still have all that offline content that I am thinking about now then I don’t see much room for improvement there.

Depth of content is a difficult area, mainly because (as the name already suggests) this game is about Formula 1. Wanting to have classic content like F1 2013 had was a step in the right direction, but wanting feeder series (as suggested in the poll) would be a different thing to approach, for several reasons. Mainly, Codemasters would have to acquire more licenses from series such as GP2, GP3, Formula Renault 2.0 and 3.5, AutoGP and finally F3 and F4 which could then replace the introductory Young Driver Test at the start of the career mode. However, this would increase both development cost of the game and also the time required to create that content and actually put it into the game. Seeing Codemasters are already having problems putting out polished F1 games I really can’t see this happening, no matter how much people want it.

Seeing Online so far down the order surprises me. Some of the most watched Codemasters F1 videos on Youtube are videos of online races, so it’s surprising to see that it placed second to last in the poll so far.

Lastly, we see that Handling placed dead last in the poll. As I said, when I first played the games a few years ago I felt that the handling was seriously lacking in realism, so seeing that almost no one thinks that the handling of the cars takes an important role in a driving game is shocking to see. I don’t know how the handling is nowadays in the more modern F1 games, but if it’s as bad as it used to be then I am sad that the userbase doesn’t think that it is an important part of the game. If the majority of the users want an F1 arcade game and not an F1 simulator, then for all means don’t give a shit about the handling, but personally I think it should be far more higher in the order.

This is all from me for now, let us know in the comments what you think about the poll, the game, and if you’d like maybe drop a line about what you think I could improve about my style of writing as this is the first time that I’m doing this kind of thing.

Auf Wiedersehen.


10 thoughts on “Reader Submission #30 – The Codemasters F1 Community Poll

  1. i dont think theres any ‘syndrome’, its a matter of CM having the market cornered & F1 die-hards having to cope (see the reviews from these guys on YT for evidence). putting stability in a poll of what you’d like to see in a game is just bullshit. it should be taken for granted.

    if a similar poll was done for either pCARS as F1 2015 now (rephrased as “where should we prioritize our resources”), id certainly hope stability & fixes would win out.

    i think the results of the poll & what CM delivered are actually fairly well inline, & i still don’t share the belief F1 2015 is a worthless product — its a lot of fun when its working right. its just that it was either thoughtless or despicably stupid to put ‘that the game works correctly’ as an option. (i mean surely CM cant really think they can point back and say ‘buy you said!’??)


    1. >CM having the market cornered
      That’s FOM you’re thinking of. With regards to thinks like the damage model, there’s nothing even Codemasters can do when FOM doesn’t want them to showcase cars in a sad, sorry state at all.


  2. It’s just a poll that adds up to 100%, it can’t really say that 97% of players don’t care about handling, it’s just secondary to why they buy F1 2015 instead of whatever else (SCE, AC, iR, RRRE all have or soon to have F1 level cars so if they didn’t care about the full package plenty of alternatives that have handling) I do agree it’s funny that handling is so much less popular than ‘closeness to real life’ though.


    1. Yeah Sev picked a bad topic here. Poll isn’t surprising, or interesting. Everything they want up top. Everything they expect from the developer as a basic working title on bottom. Surprised?
      Not surprising online is an afterthought. No one does that well currently, but Iracing, and they charge for special dedicated servers. Obviously a lot more and better than you get with average sim title.
      I think people have seen enough crappy 16 player console lobbies to know that a stable online connection isn’t coming any time soon for console via PSN or XBox live, nor any random PC gaming. You want a stable connection, pay the people who built a stable network from the ground up for one purpose. Iracing.
      Between the fact the poll was irrelevant, and also about a game arcade type players want to beat in a weekend and call themselves an F1 sim pilot? I kinda skipped over it until I saw you were seeking feedback.
      This game will continue to sell as long as it looks pretty and makes it easy for noobs to imagine themselves as an F1 talent. It’s not working toward any grand future I don’t think though.
      Been the same rehashed game for a long time. Doesn’t feel like a poll for it is newsworthy. Especially one skewing results asking a carefully planned 5-6 questions that produce the result they want?
      Pie charts. Really? One vote most likely? Exposing the tactics used to produce the pie chart they wanted would have been a more interesting read. As it were, you left how this pie chart was compiled out of your article?


  3. I didn’t vote for the handling model because if I want a sim, I go with one of the many sims out there. Even if Codemasters tried for a sim, they wouldn’t get there, so I’m not too concerned with that.

    What I want from Codemasters is, oddly enough, an escape from the super serious sims, but I still want real rules, safety cars, strategy, etc. I didn’t vote for stability because frankly, I shouldn’t have to, so my vote was for closeness to real life.

    I pretty much agree with the order of the poll options, though even I would like a *bit* more attention paid to the handling model.


  4. The driving physics probably are nothing like the real thing, but it’s not the point. The point is that it has to feel like what people are watching on TV. Hence shit like the hidden TC in F1 2014. If it were a sim, then physics would have to be a lot higher, but this is a mainstream game designed to be played by your average joe between two games of Battlefield.

    Safety cars and crashes are two things that would look really good to achieve this “wow it’s just like on TV” effect, and offline modes are probably more interesting because unless you’re in a semi-serious league or have a lot of luck, random lobbies are always filled with shitters.


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