Someone made an rFactor track out of all modern F1 tracks

…and it’s actually pretty decent!

A solid laptime is just under the five minute mark, which in itself might be considered a little overkill, but I have yet to see someone else putting something like this together. I mean, we’ve seen it time and time again when drivers or teams were asked “Which corners would your perfect racing track have?” and everyone had all these amazing ideas, but no one has ever made the effort to actually put together such a track and made it possible to drive it as well.

G-Drive Racing, a team competing in the FIA World Endurance Championship, was asked just this season to put together their favorite corners from all tracks of the World Endurance Championship calendar, and I remember Sebastian Vettel being asked to create his perfect track together with our lord and savior of race track creations, Hermann Tilke (Fun Fact: I used to live about three minutes away from his office just a short while ago).

GDrive dream track

Now, that rFactor track has been out for quite a while apparently, but from what I can see this is the first recorded lap with the new breed of F1 hoovers cars. From what I could gather, the corners used in the rFactor track are (in this order):

Monza: Rettifilo & Curva Grande
Monaco: Massenet – Casino – Mirabeau – Hotel – Portier
Istanbul Park: Turn 7 – 10
Bahrain: Back Straight
Sepang: T 1 – 3
China: T 1 – 3
Spa: Raidillon – Eau Rouge
Montreal: Hairpin
Susuka: ‘S’ curves
Sau Paolo: Senna Esses
Barcelona: T 1-3
Hungary: T 2-4
Monza: Ascari and Parabolica

I probably missed a corner or two but who cares, go cry me a river.

What do you think about this track? Do you like the corner combinations, the flow of the track, or maybe even the different scenery from corner to corner?

Auf Wiedersehen.


6 thoughts on “Someone made an rFactor track out of all modern F1 tracks

  1. That does look to have good flow actually, I’m surprised.

    Also, I haven’t seen this in /ovg/, that or it just didn’t get attention, either way.


  2. If someone could do this using real TV footage, it would be in my opinion one of the greatest TV Adverts ever. I’d personally much prefer racing on this then the “Green hell”


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