Remember those awkward months when iRacing broadcasts were called by a Convicted Rapist?

Words like faggot and autist are thrown around quite liberally in online gaming, but very rarely are insults on the internet actually justified. In 2010, iRacing had made a name for itself as the premiere online racing simulation, and had already started the Drivers World Championship on both racing disciplines the sim had to offer. Putting up a grand prize of $10,000, the two year-long championships were contested simaltaneously; one for the best Oval Racers within iRacing using the Chevrolet Impala Sprint Cup Car, and another for the best Open Wheel drivers on iRacing, at the time using the Dallara IW05 IndyCar.

The races were regularly streamed online for others to watch, as they represented what many consider to be the pinnacle of Sim Racing; albeit with a miniscule audience compared to competitive League of Legends matches. And for any event that’s being streamed over the internet, you needed commentators.

Daryl Morley called the action alongside partner Nim Cross, a duo that was broken up due to a plot twist that nobody saw coming.

morleyThis goes to show that everyone has a life away from the computer, and you never really know who you’re sharing the virtual track with. Almost all archived broadcasts featuring Morley calling the action have been removed from YouTube, a move that Vince McMahon and the WWE have popularized in recent years.


28 thoughts on “Remember those awkward months when iRacing broadcasts were called by a Convicted Rapist?

  1. This is the first comment I have ever made here and will most likely be the last. What has this got to do with simulation racing? You are publicly shaming someone because you don’t like their past. Fine, what they did in the past was horrible. But what does this bring to simulation racing? Am I smarter now? Do I understand simulation racing better?

    If you don’t like the person just don’t acknowledge they exist. End of story.

    If I see one more tabloid trash article on here I am never coming back. Grow the fuck up.


    1. He thinks he created the dirty for sim racers. Except nobody knows what that site is or gives a fuck. He wants to make high school drama out of nothing.

      It was real in his mind.


    2. Considering he in prison as we speak, it isn’t his past it’s his present. Also simracing announcer for one of the most popular sims. He was a very good announcer, but hanging out with him in teamspeak was always really awkward. Tried way to hard to be funny, and then he got charged and iRacing deleted everything about him, much like they did when Sandeep won a DWC racce after hitting the wall and his car went faster by 2 seconds a lap.


  2. Reminds me of the ESPN Football Today podcast that disappeared for months with no explanation. It was revealed the host Jeremy Green (who often acted like a nutter) had been arrested for child molestation.


    1. I assume some of the most avid iracing fans got a little pissy about this article.

      I was totally unaware of these happenings. I see iracing community is keeping it ‘classy’, as always hahah.


  3. I love to nitpick, but isn’t he a convicted child molester and rapist? I don’t think it’s illegal to be a pedo. As long as you don’t act.


  4. I love this article and have been looking for many others to put the work out about what an awful person he is. Don’t worry I was his victim for 6 years and the people who I saw at the tracks and the practice buddies I had on iracing were amazing. I got the strenght to prosicute when I was 14. I am 18 years old now and living my life to the fullest. I’m a survivor and he won’t hold me down.! Love the article!

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