Justin Talent’s review of F1 2015 is one worth reading

Even though linking to PRC.net on RaceDepartment is outlawed, we’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. Justin Talent has published a lengthy review of F1 2015, one month after the game’s launch, and it’s worth a read for anyone with even a passing interest in the Codemasters F1 series.

TalentJustin rips on several aspects of the Codemasters title and gives the game an absymal rating of 40%, saying there is “no point” to play F1 2015.

Click HERE to check out Justin’s review.


4 thoughts on “Justin Talent’s review of F1 2015 is one worth reading

  1. James you have gone too far! How dare you bring attention to content from a mentally ill person, I have no proof of said statement, but he disagrees with my opinion, and therefore is clearly mentally ill! Please remove this post or I will be forced to block you on all forms of social media and end my 5 year friendship with you. I will now make my own site that copies you completely but refuses to ever bring any negative light to this glorious game you are trying to slander wrongfully, I know that AI wreck in turn 1 80% of the time but I know for a fact this is a feature put in by the glorious devs that can do no wrong. Once again I will not argue this (cause I have no proof of my statements) but Please remove this post as it supports a mentally ill person!

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