The $43,000 Man is the Highlight of SimRacingDesign’s Hypocrisy

The most active article here on is not an article slamming Project CARS and the endless list of bugs popping up in Slightly Mad Studios’ newest racing sim, but an article centered around NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Mod Site SimRacingDesign, and their constant harassment campaign towards template guru Todd Weaver, who runs a small private site that rarely releases anything publicly.

203I’ve ran two articles on this subject previously (HERE and HERE) to shed light on this bizarre soap opera unfolding in the community forums of a game old enough to be in middle school (only a few years until it discovers My Chemical Romance and experiments with self-harm). To summarize the entire story in an easy-to-understand format, SimRacingDesign members file fraudulent DMCA complaints on rival mod teams and websites in an effort to get competitors shut down and become the sole home for NR2003 mods and discussion. The one guy to try and stand up to these clowns has found himself on the receiving end of online stalking, which has now been occurring regularly since 2011.

running out of unique file names lolAs one of three site admins on, I have the privilege of being notified when SRD community members habitually comment on the articles regarding the situation, and as you can see below, it gets pretty ridiculous:

toad stalkingAt no point have they ever tried to back up any of their outlandish claims. This is actually really important, because it’s perfectly legal and acceptable to make defamatory statements about someone on the internet if the stories you tell about them can be backed up with proof. Been there, done that.

Yet, instead of using their abundance of free time to back up everything hateful they write about a rival NR2003 modder, one of members partaking in this harassment campaign has even written a song about the whole ordeal, clearly demonstrating this has escalated into criminal harassment territory, and the rantings about this Todd Weaver guy aren’t valid at all.

Reaction to the stories have thankfully been in Todd’s favor, with some NR2003 community members being so distraught they’ve actually contemplated calling the police over the whole thing. The majority of people who have taken the time to read through the strange narrative are left bewildered at the sheer level of autism needed for several high-ranking site members to spread fictitious stories about a rival NR2003 painter for years on end.

arcosaWhile Todd has discovered that the majority of SRD members behind this harassment campaign are over the age of 45, most being semi-retired with substance abuse issues and/or other problems that lead to the erratic behavior you see above, the most blatant example of hypocrisy within this stalking ring actually comes from 22-year-old Kevin Talley, going under the username kirbyfighter12. His first noteworthy appearance was in the 86-page thread dedicated to stalking Todd, a thread now trimmed to just 43 pages. Some of the posts can no longer be seen as moderators unwilling to participate in the continued harassment of Todd have deleted a large, incriminating portion of the thread.

It’s embarrassing to see someone so young caught up in something like this.

kirby 2Originally, Kevin Talley was upset last year over a NASCAR Racing 2003 Season site I’d created designed to provide alternate mirrors to all relevant NR2003 mods and historic carsets – an encyclopedia of sorts that would help new players find massive amounts of third party mods to download quickly. Talley went through great lengths in the thread above to claim that simply downloading a freeware mod for a game and uploading it on another site is theft, and other members within the SRD echo chamber backed him up by saying they wanted to look into pressing charges.

They never did. Downloading a free mod for a decade-old NASCAR game and uploading it somewhere else is not theft. If anything, it’s mirroring – something you’ll often see done by random community members when new rFactor or Assetto Corsa mods are released in an effort to improve download speeds for the end user.

Unfortunately, when he’d found out myself and Todd had gotten in contact, primarily to share the story of SRD’s wild stalking ring among the sim racing community, Talley went after Todd like the rest of the SRD members involved, claiming Todd had somehow wronged everybody, but with no explanation as to what the guy had actually done.

kirby 1Again, as I have admin controls, I’ve been able to trace the IP address of several comments by a user named Concerned Journalist, revealed to be Kevin Talley of New York pretending to be someone of a higher journalistic integrity slamming for how I’ve covered the SimRacingDesign shenanigans.

This kid isn’t a journalist, he’s a brony.

talley 3Y’all aren’t prepared for what comes next.

This 22 year old kid, who is totally convinced downloading and re-uploading mods for an ancient racing sim is legitimate theft, has slammed under a false name for daring to expose the darker side of SimRacingDesign, and helped partake in an online stalking ring against a rival modder due to jealousy over his superior painting templates, was caught stealing $43,000 worth of electronics from Wal-Mart during his period of employment. He faces up to seven years in jail if he violates probation.

walmartFunny how a kid caught stealing $43,000 worth of electronics from Wal-Mart attempts to claim others are just as bad as him for allegedly stealing freeware mods and portions of car templates for an outdated oval racing sim in an effort to make himself feel better.


emailAnd with that, I think we can put the three-part saga of SRD’s absurd stalking antics to rest.


168 thoughts on “The $43,000 Man is the Highlight of SimRacingDesign’s Hypocrisy

  1. Sometimes the only winning move is not to play. Nutcases who crave drama and conflict will never be satisfied no matter what you do; they will always come after you if you allow it. Establishing an official record of insane behavior is the only way to deal with such deranged people. Therefore, file a report with the police and be done with it. Usually they will get warned at first, but if they persist then they’ll face repercussions that will make them fuck off for good.

    Also, avoid interacting with them personally; such encounters will only be used against you when they’re called on to explain themselves. Don’t give them anything to twist and distort in their favor. If they think they’re justified in their neverending harassment because of a legal point, the police won’t care and will force them to resolve it through costly legal channels.

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    1. Documenting anything under the umbrella of criminal harassment, especially if any portion of it takes place online or through text messages, is often time consuming and mentally draining. If the period of events extends throughout several years, with many different plot points to expand upon, you’re looking at a binder of info doubling or tripling the size of engine & clutch setup notes for a Nostalgia Funny Car operation.

      Also, presenting the evidence in a way that’s easy for a third-party to follow and understand is difficult for all but the most hardcore of pretend journalists, since it’s literally just sourcing and screencapping everything. Although I will say that for all those who shit on for “taking things out of context”, if you ever need to prepare exhibits for legal documents, copy my writing style as best as you can. You’ll know if you did it right if the defense resorts to ad hominem attacks and outright lies.

      Criminal Harassment laws are designed specifically to keep a distraught ex-lover away, and/or obsessive fans away from movie stars. From Todd’s point of view, it would be very difficult for any of this to gain any traction legally – good luck explaining to the police, or better yet a judge, the in’s and out’s of a fractured modding community for a decade-old NASCAR game.

      The odd chance an officer attempts to rectify all this, it would take several repeated instances of harassment for anything to actually be done. Your average local law enforcement procedures require a verbal warning, afterwards a visit and a 1-on-1 talk, and then finally charges if it keeps up, which has to go through the judicial system. Let’s say Todd talks to an officer tomorrow, we’re looking at things finally being taken care of in May of 2016 given the current pattern of behavior keeps up. That’s throwing my own data into the mix.

      Court is literally the Principal’s Office for adults. There is no “trick”; whoever is better at public speaking and arguing for their side of the story wins – and of course, people pay large $$$ to have someone argue for them. These dudes will have weeks to prepare a carefully crafted story to defend themselves, and often procedures are ignored in court in favor of simply getting through everything scheduled for that day. What can be a solid month of preparation can be over in five minutes with no clear resolution, just praying they’ll do something dumb in the future to warrant police involvement.

      And yeah, don’t talk to these people in the meantime.


  2. Kirby got busted lifting 43k from Walmart? whoa, seriously? If that’s true, I think he should be able to defend his side of it. Did you question him for the above article? That is a pretty hefty acquisition to put out without verifying and getting his side, right?


    1. Clicking the “Edit” button as a site admin allows me to see the IP address of any comment. The location of his IP, as well as his basic information obtained by a few different SRD members unwilling to participate in the online harassment campaign working in unison with PRC, matches the information in the news article.

      The kid already had a chance to defend himself, and he pleaded guilty in front of a judge. His crusades against both myself and NR03 modder Todd Weaver are a pathetic attempt to make himself feel better after getting busted jacking stuff from the Electronics section while working at Wal-Mart.


      1. I figured if he wanted to be as professional as he seems to be want to be seen, he should of tried to conduct information from the person who was the subject of the article. So all in all, without that, its just him doing what others have done to Todd, so it is very hypocritical. SRD was brought up by you dumb ass, I never mentioned a word of it.


      2. Is kevin talley not a part of SRD?

        And what “other side” could there be to someone stealing 43k from walmart? He did plead guilty.


  3. And in one of the articles, a SRD guy said, when referring to Todd’s past,

    “You wont find any info like this on the guys he has blasted”


  4. “At no point have they ever tried to back up any of their outlandish claims. This is actually really important, because it’s perfectly legal and acceptable to make defamatory statements about someone on the internet if the stories you tell about them can be backed up with proof.”

    Well, that’s something that PRC should’ve thought of as well, oh, no, that’s “readers submission”…


  5. Nice Cyberstalking bro, and harrasment. 10/10 PRC King of Hypocrisy.
    PRC- The site that starts shit when no one cares @SRD or when the issue is banned @reddit. ❀


  6. No James…

    Fuck you for providing mirrors!

    They have had more than enough time to explain their side and everything they said was highly erratic, just as you say.

    I think Kirby has a local accomplice that posted from the same IP. The concerned journalist style contrasts with Kevin Talley’s understanding of English too drastically.

    Probably a buddy that he shares a connection with. We should send the ISP out to inspect their installation, hah!


    1. Uhhh yeah, scratch that. I most not have read the concerned journalist post properly when I first saw it in the comment section. it’s easily within the grasp of ‘Kirby’. What a fecking joke hahaha


  7. toad is pissed because he was found out. Ex-con welfare scum at his best.Have fun at the bar tonight. See if anyone is staring at you HAHAHA


  8. Honestly you guys are the only ones talking about SRD. Kirby’s past has nothing to do with SRD, just more attempts at trying to place blame on an entire community by using, either single individuals problems with Todd or a members past criminal record. What do these issues have that warrant bringing up SRD up in every comment? Its pathetic, Todd has enemy’s cause he made them, an entire community did not randomly start “picking” on him. Kirby is responsible for his own actions and they are not in reflection of any of his affiliation with SRD. If you want to say “well SRD had an entire thread about Todd”, guess what, this entire site (which I happen to like) is no better if not worse. Besides, if you would of seen the shit Todd use to post at his site, this overdrawn bullshit here would not even be happening. And god no, I don’t have screen shots of it, I don’t have to screen cap every insulting and revolting thing I read on the internet, in hopes that one day I will need it to prove how fucking waked some lunatic is.


  9. Like I said its all just getting to the point of hypocrisy at this point. Just because some is an SRD member does not mean the entire community is held liable. I am a big fan of Todd getting what he deserves, I have seen his behavior first hand, but it has not an ounce to do with SRD on my side of the argument. He has a problem with some members, so he attacks anyone associated with it. Kind of the same behavior that is occurring here.


  10. What purpose would it serve for me to make anything up? I dont have to save face on anything. But anyone is free to believe what they please. All I am saying is, the SRD community shouldn’t be slandered because a few people don’t get along.


    1. But you seem to be deeply involved with the whole ordeal yourself. If you say that it’s unfair for James to paint SRD with a broad brush, then fine. I agree with you on principle.

      Since you seem to have a personal stake in it, though, perhaps you can explain why there seem to be several (say, two or three) people who show up any time NR2003 is discussed outside targeted forums to vocally demean a community member?


  11. Any comment I make on this site, is only in response to what I have read on this site. I try to keep my debates grounded on the foundation I built them on. I don’t need to keep moving the target to keep my aim true.


  12. This blog post is so full of fail it forces me to bring some logic into this. Here is what we know.
    James and Todd have cyberstalked this kirby dude. As seen from this post. They’ve cyberstalked racerox or something or other. hijinxtattoo, matt oreilly, dan coral, and some more I am sure I am missing . All can be confirmed by just reading this f’d up blog and reading their personal info they have posted about them.

    It makes James and Todd’s whole argument about cyberstalking totally invalid. #logic

    Next full of fail that needs some logic. “SimRacingDesign members file fraudulent DMCA complaints on rival mod teams and websites in an effort to get competitors shut down and become the sole home for NR2003 mods and discussion.”

    smiffsden,the bullring, dmr and team om3ga says hello. #getrektm8


    1. Uh, james wasn’t the one who originally posted the arrest report. Some anon from the previous article found out about kevin talley and relayed it in the comments.

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  13. This place is a joke.
    Every other topic revolving around NASCAR is about James complaining about what happens over a decade old sim.

    Seriously, you’re no better James for slandering and shaming these guys. What is this kindergarten? It seems like it. The most commented and most veiws consist of James -oggy- whining, shaming, and being a massive prick.

    I thought Canadians weren’t supposed to be like this.


  14. Still this place is a joke j-o-k-e.
    It seems every time the site average veiw count goes down he has to put up a article about SimRacingDesign, and its members.

    Has no issues with posting private messages
    No issues with harrasing, or holding peoples past fuck ups like a gold trophy.
    However if it happens to SB70Toad its suddenly wrong.


    1. How is it harassment when he found out about kevin talley from someone in the comments section?

      Relaying info someone else found is hardly “harassment”


  15. Don’t say SB70T. The only small block he ever owned is on his shoulders. He is Todd Ryan Weaver, the girl beater and lifetime welfare drunk preaching to the community. His only friend is Honey Boo Boo He buys her whopper meals and she smothers him with McLovin. HAHA


  16. Hey James I got a new Article
    “Owner of this site is a Massive Prick! and a Hypocrite!”
    Will slander anyone and harass to gain popularity.

    >>Before SRD Nobody really cared
    >>After SRD People cared…..about the SRD topic.


  17. Hey Guys! Food for thought.

    James -> Didn’t create shit, rehashed old and new current downloads despite terms of service agreements and sites being active. Was kindly asked at first to take down the files ONLY to those active files. AKA places where they have a home and the site is available and asked to link to the site.
    He denied this.

    Kirbyfighter12 ->
    Template Creator, Logo Creator, Car Creator, Sound Designer.
    Part of 3 Major SimRacing Communities
    Helps with one of them as an website admin.

    Which one of these breathes new life into the game.?
    and which one of these is being a massive prick?

    Are you sure we want to shun the guy who ACTUALLY makes shit for the game?


    1. Can’t run around filing false DMCA’s on content you don’t own, especially when manufacturers have already taken a stance on third party video game content:

      “Ferrari demands the deletion of all user-created Ferrari-related content such as carsets and logos due to the fact that these weren’t officially authorized.”

      Well sir, I made the Ferrari 458 Template for the Gen 6 Cars, that means I own it!

      No… No you don’t…


  18. The majority of members at SRD avoid the drama altogether. But that is irrelevant when you have a site owner who forces it upon not only everybody at SRD, but also sends his embarrassingly committed loyalists (like ‘hijinxtattoo’) out to other sites to spread the cancer around. I would be talking about SRD site owner ‘wildling’ (or 40 plus yr old Matthew Aaron Oreilly)…

    Otherwise known in nr2003 circles as the ‘Hitler’ of nr2003.

    To Matt, SRD isn’t just a message board centered around pretend race cars. To him it’s the equivalent of an outlaw biker gang with him as the self-styled leader. Below is another snippet from when Matt and his gang declared war upon another group just last year who attempted to setup a nr2003 paint site (essentially just a group of kids)

    [quote Matthew Aaron O’Reilly]

    “…These kids don’t know what consequences are. They think they can say whatever they want without any sort of repercussions. I was brought up in a world where if you wanted to confront someone and call them every name in the book, insult them, berate them, fine. But be prepared for the consequences.

    One day they will learn their lesson. I imagine in their world, a good ass whipping has never happened to any of them. Maybe when that day comes, they will think of me and think, maybe he was right.”

    The majority of the community has been fed up with Matt’s embarrassing ego and overblown dramatics for years now.


    1. Hey Todd, I ride my own damn horse and take orders from nobody. I come after you on my own accord, due to your shitty nature involving me. I defend the fine member of SRD also as my own prerogative. We have had this talk before but you are a one trick pony. Same bullshit, same lies, same victimized attitude.


  19. 1.) This guy has Legal issues.
    43 Grand, Probation, restitution and other things.

    2.) He’s still putting his personal time into the game.

    We can deduce that he’s not that much of an asshole as you make him out to be James/Todd.

    If he’s able to take time out of his current situation, and legal situation to make good content for NR2003. It must mean he’s turned his life around and is making amends for what he’s done in his past.

    I can tell you this much You two, If I was that guy I wouldn’t even be involved in the community after the legal issues due to the pressures that would be on me.

    Seriously the both of you are assholes for shaming this guy.
    So what if he said some mean things to you, move the fuck on man. It’s a DECADE OLD RACING SIM and you’re letting your life revolve around it!

    So what if he submitted a DMCA against you once, it looks like it wasnt a shameless DMCA Submission for lols either.
    Just ignore it and go after the others.

    Yet here you are slandering the poor man. Over some mean words said to you over an Old Racing sim. Don’t you see how idiotic this is?


  20. This comment from SRD member in disguise –

    Kirbyfighter12 ->
    Template Creator, Logo Creator, Car Creator, Sound Designer.
    Part of 3 Major SimRacing Communities
    Helps with one of them as an website admin.

    Kirbyfighter, Hijinxtattoo, Racerxero84 (they all suck at sim painting) Below is from my site, September of last year. Kirby (now banned after his ‘Concerned Journalist’ stunt here on the blog) complimenting me over my stuff –


    1. i wasn’t the worlds best nr2003 painter but idk if i sucked. I haven’t painted or made a temp in years. You know there is more to a community than thinking you are better at painting than everyone else right?


      1. Again – I don’t give a shit what you do. This is your second straight Friday night in a row that you’ve devoted all to me and arguing in support of your retarded SRD friends.One of which is in fact a convicted felon and on probation. Furthermore, how dumb do you honestly have to be to steal 43k worth of merchandise from behind the counter of the store you work at and NOT expect the store to put 2 and 2 together? Plus, you’re 30 something and you honestly don’t have anything better to do with your time than this?


      2. I have a family, hell yeah I am at home on a Friday. I will spend my time as I choose anyway. But I damn sure don’t spending it crying for attention, acting like everyone is out to get me and look for sympathy on the internet, cause I am a jack ass. i wasn’t even here debating about your dumb ass anyway, you brought yourself to the party. And for someone that doesn’t give a shit what I do, you sure throw around how badly you think I do things, a lot.


  21. What’s surprising to see (then again, not really) is SRD ace sim painter Alan Harkleroad giving his ‘thumbs up’ approval to Matt’s drama in the original article. Especially when Alan is sending me secret pms at other sites to this effect –

    [quote SRD member Alan Harkleroad]

    (in regard to Matt O’Reilly and SRD) –

    “Several times multiple people told me they wanted to leave or were leaving because of the dictatorship Matt had going.”

    (in reference to other community painters)

    “They both are also very good in my opinion. But they could think for themselves too so they had to be rid of. Then I started thinking for myself and bam I was gone as well. I am not sure why I really went back but I would say it would honestly be laziness to establish my own site and host my own files.”

    (yet Alan is in full support of a group targeting my own site and work for years on end with copyright fraud, cyberstalking, and all the rest of it) Let alone SRDs star painter actually secretly coming to me constantly to share this and that with him while his SRD friends wage a cyberstalking and harassment campaign against me and others –


  22. BTW, Kevin Talley’s probation was transferred from Warren County to the Washington County probation department in July. His probation officer is an Anthony White who I’ve contacted in regard to Kevin’s harassment campaign against me (including his IP address) along with a link up to both this blog and his SRD activity where I’m sure a lot of the stolen electronics were hawked –


      1. I’m all for calling names. Years of cyberstalking, copyright fraud, in addition to stalking people I know on dedicated websites goes well beyond just calling others names on the internet.


      2. You think Kirby did these things? You just went after the only person you thought you might have leverage on, that is the kind of shit that shows your true colors.


      3. Beauty of technology. Internet always in the pocket. Not hard to pop a glance at the thread when I feel like it. I miss the days where shit like this could only happen in person.


  23. Nobody is harassing him. Just like nobody is making him sign up here or my site to comment and engage. Need I post up his apology to me once more in where he flat out acknowledges to ‘bandwagoning’ onto the cyberstalking ring targeting me and friends of mine?

    And it’s not a passed crime. It becomes a ‘past’ crime when he serves his probation out. And when somebody goes out and commits a crime warranting a write up in their local newspaper like he did, citing that in the face of his cyberstalking on a blog (in which he is freely participating) isn’t harassment.


  24. What case? I don’t need to bring a case against him (he’s already on probation) He’s at the mercy of a probation officer because he agreed to a plea deal to keep him out of jail.


  25. Yeah, sb70 is totally not a sociopath………….

    For someone that doesn’t partake in this drama stuff in the ‘middle of the summer’ and ‘on a friday night nonetheless’ you sure were busy last night. #nojob

    Your guys obsession with matt oreilly and srd is fucking creepy dudes. Isn’t the oldest guy posting here is sb70? He’s approaching 40 and feverishly awaiting his next victim to cyberstalk and attack. #creepyasfuck


  26. Todd Weaver = PUSSY. Dont fret Todd I’m quite sure kirby will have all the witnesses he needs to dismiss your pussy assed claims.


  27. Here is the reason why JAMES hates this Kirby dude.

    I don’t see anywhere in the posts where James shows that Kirby is Currently (within the past 30 days) has submitted any DMCA Claims. A old DMCA back in early 2015 doesn’t count as Recent.

    This whole article is now Null and void without RECENT PROOF that kirby did submit a DMCA against James recently.


    1. Sorry, but your bronie friend from SRD is a complete dipshit. Classic how he started off explaining his reasoning for apologizing to the guy he’s been stalking for over a year with this attempt at trying to sound intelligent –

      Last Year my good sir. Let me state my reasoning. As they are very good and reasonable.




  28. Stalking? Did he actually participate in it?

    Considering he’s prying into 20 yr old misdemeanors I wasn’t even convicted of in attempt to paint me a felon while he himself is not only a convicted felon, but currently on 5 years probation…Or the fact that he’s doxing up a relative of mine who just passed away like it’s any of his business, yeah, I’d say that’s stalking in addition to libel.


  29. The world is already laughing its a*se of at the US over its support for trump as president, does it really need this kind story to justify ppls thoughts on US citizens?

    Although something rings in my head that James is Canadian, so maybe this is a deliberate yank smear? lol who knows, just keep parading your freaks US, the world loves it.


  30. You got proof of this Doxxing? Or was he just being mean towards you?
    Arent you doing the same to him?

    Aren’t you Using his Probation sentence as leverage in your pissing contest?

    There is a HUGE diffrence.
    -He APOLOGIZED for the 2014 Incidents but chimed in again when you Dragged SRD’s name through the mud @Reddit when it wasn’t called for. I saw the timestamps. The PM, His Statement last month on why he got after you.
    It makes sense if you take the time and read it.

    If I recall once a complaint is submitted both parties must stop. He hasn’t said anything @SRD about you in a month, yet you are here trying to bait him back so he can get in trouble. Its sad.

    You are here belittling the man. Trying to get leverage in your complaint.
    If Anthony White sees your comments Cyberbullying him because he’s a brony, and harassing him about his crimes, I hope he drops the complaint.


    1. I didn’t drag SRDs name thru any mud. I simply called attention to the cyberstalking of not only me, but a woman who doesn’t even reside in the same city as me – that has been harassed on a dedicated site by a deranged SRD member after another SRD member committed fraud in order to snake around an unlisted whois registry in order to doxx me (and anybody possibly connected with me) as a form of leverage to get me to stop making things for a race car game.


  31. He could be an administrator that just wrote history to their own beliefs and craziness. Ban anyone from their world for being in company with differing associates. Belive one world view is life. There was a group called nazis before but now it’s just simply any website Todd has a say in. Good job reddit


  32. Nothing to rebuf. Todd Ryan Weaver has a prior dui charge along with menacing and assault. Yes he is a real upstanding citizen.


  33. Do you SRD people still not realize that you decided to start talking about criminal history?

    You really have a hard time holding a consistent story.

    All this ‘poor Kirby, he does right now’ and ‘todd the criminal’ bullshit looks completely insane.

    The best thing you people can do is go away and start trying a little harder to act like you don’t ALL need court supervision yourselves. You said ‘you wont find things like this on SRD members’. Well, that’s clearly nonsense, just like basically everything else you people say.

    You still haven’t even offered a coherent explanation for how this shit actually began that actually contrasts with what Todd has said.


  34. Whats so wrong with having and Encyclopedia of mods for new users? As long the Site give credit to the mod makers, it shouldn’t matter. Not saying either side is in the right but, come on, wouldn’t a NR2003 Wikipedia be cool?


    1. well you said it there, ” As long the Site give credit to the mod makers,” That is what Jame’s site lacked and he handled the situation with absolutely no respect to the people who made the material.


      1. What you should have done was respect the requests from the people that asked you to give credit, or asked you take their stuff down and add links to their sites for the content. But instead you basically told everyone fuck off, just cause you made it, don’t mean you own it. That is not how you treat members of the community that supply content, and your site here is still just to serve drama you create and nothing actual useful.


        1. Hard to make a huge add-on site when 60% of the content has to be removed because of autistic ownership “requests” that don’t actually mean anything.


  35. Heres what I learned today-

    He will, if he can find leverage on you. πŸ™‚
    and put words in peoples mouth, falsify claims because the person is in a group = he also did it.
    While falsifying claims he will continue to do the same things he claimed another person did and claim innocence.
    Ignores apologies from kirby for the 2014 incident, and ignores a very valid reason why kirby went at him again.

    James has NO, Zip, Nada valid proof of any recent DMCA’s from kirby himself, and assumes he has DMCA’d him recently because he’s part of the SRD Group.
    Has apparently been asked for Recent (within 30 days) to show it was kirby himself to validate this article, and has not furnished any recent evidence. Aka Wont let it go.

    Seriously I dont even think Kirby has specifically said anything to James or about James since the 2014 incident other than that recent email, so James has no real reason to be upset at kirby because of a DMCA he APOLOGIZED for back in 2014.

    Please James,
    Prove to us he has said mean things of you or about you other than the NR2003E incident of 2014.
    If you seriously haven’t moved on then lol!

    This blog is like the government,
    Skew everything everyone says regardless of the clarity just to try and make him look like a asshole.

    Anon Γ•ut


        1. Way to describe yourself, over 100 comments from SRD kids crying on here about MUH TOAD DID SOMETHIN’ WRONG but never actually saying what he did wrong.


  36. Don’t try and skew what I say to make yourself look good. Just like your iracing ban and just like Todd it’s never your fault. WAA WAA WAA. You’re all pussy assed bitches and it kills you to be called out. Nothing you say will ever be worth a damn pussy boy.


  37. Lets see you uploaded a bunch of shit nobody plays and when they complained and wanted you to stop rather than saying ok fine. Fuck you and fuck the NR2003 community if you don’t want my catalog you decided to keep egging them on.

    Autism ladies and gentlemen. Autism at its finest.


      1. I don’t think he has, either.

        Seems as though he might have learned something from his life experience after all.

        Fair enough, not engaging really is the smartest way to deal with this.


  38. Both sides are stalking mate.
    Both sides are harassing the other.
    No one here is innocent as you make it.

    No one in this Documented PRC v SRD incident is innocent.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this.
    ,,,,but maybe it does in your case.

    This is why I view these “Articles” as utter shit and should remain on a personal blog, or a long winded facebook post.

    Also you seem persistent in the term “If you don’t like it, dont be apart of it”
    Shouldn’t you use this viewpoint on this SRD Drama since you love the idea of it so much?


  39. James, there are dozens of comments in both these so called blogs supporting what a pair of mental midgets you, and Todd Ryan Weaver are. You’re like a defeated or embarrassed ostrich at this point. Only instead of burying your head in the sand, you stuffed it up the ass of Todd Ryan “Tomiak” Weaver. Both you bi-polar morons are perfect for each other.


  40. Old Todd Ryan Weaver likes younger guys, to play with him, and pork him up the ass. After all Honey Boo Boo is only for financial support. You just need a time when Todd’s mommy isn’t home so you can do each other. 38years old and Todd lives with his mommy LOLOL Classic


  41. After reading the three SRD posts on here, and the first few pages of the “Musings of a Madman” thread on SRD, I still have no idea what Todd actually did to elicit such community anger.


  42. 3. Responsibilities of End User.

    A. Subject to the Grant of License herein above, you may not, in whole or in part, copy, photocopy, reproduce, translate, reverse engineer, derive source code, modify, disassemble, decompile, create derivative works based on the Program, or remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Program without the prior consent, in writing, of the Licensor.

    The part that says “create derivative works based on the Program”, legally renders all outside tracks and mods illegal as they are based on contents of the original program.


  43. All of these “Anonymous” posts are obviously coming from SRD staff or members. It’s not to hard for anyone with a ounce of common sense to see where the problem originally lies. And it isn’t this blog.


  44. Also, on a secondary note.
    All the FBI has to do is Look at this Post, to see that you guys James/Toad are promoting and indulging yourselves in the same behavior as SRD. Thus making your Victim claim a fraudulent one.

    If you were smart, this article would have never been made, or your other articles james.

    You should have left it to the Authorities, and not go all Vigilante “I have a right to do this”.
    All you’ve done James is make it worse for the Authorities involved. If they wanted evidence they would’ve contacted you to provide it. Instead, you take what could have been just evidence and use it in a Vigilante Justice.

    It’s plenty clear that SB70t is also Defaming Kirby for enjoying a show.
    Oh no He enjoys a Show Toad, oh god what ever is this world coming to?
    (If I recall this was also an issue you reported them to the FBI for).

    Sb70T Your email to his PO is laced with false claims of you being a victim.
    I’m sorry but Just being in a Group does not equate to him being guilty of every little thing the group does.

    Also, Normally these emails are meant to be private. Not to be wielded as a weapon, or a trophy to go “Look what I DID”.

    To James-
    A Rape victim does not go around and rape the person who raped them. That makes them both guilty in the endeavor.

    The best course of action if you are truly going the Legal route is to remove these articles in totality and let the Authorities do their damn job.


  45. Once again, here is proof that one person can be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO one sided it just is beyond belief. How can anyone defend a guy who will not admit he made mistakes? Then there is this SRD pot that most seem to be tossed into. So, because they might or happen to be members at that site, they are guilty by association? Since this will not end, and all seems to be one sided and never wrong by Mr. Weaver – it will never end until he admits he made mistakes and moves on in life.

    Just like those team speak trolls who at times are signed into 3 or more servers,and sit in channels all by themselves,but yet never talk to anyone for hours. I do not get the point of that either. Maybe we should ask Andre, he seems to be the master of it.


  46. The Moderator MATTSRD28 who is probably Matt o Reilly’s alter-ego at Simracingdesign is a freaking retard, as is everyone else on that forum, they hate any driver that has any personality and think NA$car is the end all be all of racing.


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