Footage of Need for Speed Underground 3’s Closed Beta Has Arrived!

YouTube personality BlackPanthaa has uploaded over twenty minutes worth of Need for Speed Underground 3 Closed Beta footage. I’m not a fan of BlackPanthaa, but he’s made quite the effort to dub some informative commentary over the Gameplay footage, so I’ll let him have the spotlight.


9 thoughts on “Footage of Need for Speed Underground 3’s Closed Beta Has Arrived!

  1. If you can survive the author of the videos, the game is simply amazing to look at. It looks arcade like the old Ridge Racer, but darn if the graphics aren’t pretty.


    1. Can’t get excited about it while knowing it’s only playable online. Particularly with EAs track record of supporting their games.


  2. I tought the beta was actually good apart feom that awful rubber banding but then i thought it was the ai getin slipstream from behind me wel thats wat happened wen i slipstreamed u shot past them. And u just have to learn which handling suits it took a while to learn the drifting but in the end i found out that u could turn off this drift assit where u tweek the car and even a while after that i found out wen drifting tap the accelorator as u would acually drifting a car. My drifting became much better and then i found out wen i was buyin tyres for the car theres two different types drift tyres and grip tyes and i had putthe grip tyres on my drift car supra . So i changed them and the drifting was perfect then


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