Reader Submission #33 – F1 cars love dirt, I guess…

One of today’s Reader Submissions has come in from Plush Labs, displaying the off-roading skills of sim racers in the Drivers World Championship series.

At the end of July, iRacing’s official F1 league held a race at Okayama. In the recap, you can see almost everybody taking a dip into the sand on the exits of Williams, Revolver Corner, and Last Corner, as well as the entry to Atwood Curve.

Seeing them dip so hard into the dirt without any evidence of having done so – even under braking – makes me quite irritated. These cars should be pitched every which way when thrown in the sand like that, and yet they seem to drive better with a tire on the grass than it does on asphalt.

I’m just happy they figured out how to drive on asphalt to begin with.

wreckBut eh, that’s iRacing for you. The FW31 is completely broken, and the drivers are just waiting on the new McLaren at this point.


3 thoughts on “Reader Submission #33 – F1 cars love dirt, I guess…

  1. In general its a common agreement that iRacing F1 car is just broken, it is one of the oldest cars on the sim and hasn’t gotten any love with updates as they have been working on the new Mclaren and decided it wasn’t worth fixing one of the lowest participation cars on the sim, much like the iRacing sprint car which was kept off the NTM til recently and is actually way worse on the NTM according to the guys that drive asphalt sprints IRL.


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