The new Need for Speed will only appeal to the Casual Audience

Would you like to know why? Let’s go over a few things:

It won’t have a cockpit view. Thankfully our EA overlords were generous enough to bring back the bonnet/hood camera, but for the purists out there, especially those who remember the early Need fo Speed titles where the crude 2D (and eventually 3D cockpit) were hallmark features in a quest for authenticity, this will not make up for the lack of an interior camera.

There will be no manual gearbox option. This is probably something that will mainly affect users who play Need For Speed with a wheel (why you’d do that with an arcade racer in the first place is beyond me, but to each their own), but it still takes away some of the individual choices each player would like to make for themselves. I personally always played with Automatic shifting because I couldn’t find enough buttons on my controller to make it feel comfortable, but I know for sure that James played the games with a wheel.

And even Midnight Club: Los Angeles had a manual gearbox option.

There will barely be any tuning. What most Sim Racers understand under the term tuning, is most likely building or tweaking a setup. As it looks now, this will be available in NFSU3, but so far the only options are sliders that don’t really do anything apart from changing the big slider at the top of the menu which dictates how loose your car will drive. I highly doubt that changing your tire pressures will change your top speed for example. I mean seriously – The game has a fucking option to toggle drift mode by pressing the brake, as you can see in the video below.

You will only be allowed to own 5 cars. This might not be a huge issue for most people, even I was someone that, when playing Underground 2, sold his current car to buy a new one plus all dem sikk modz tbh smh fam, but for people who like to play the story with more than a few cars, this will become an issue. Additionally, there is no word out yet if the game will have a simple tuning-only mode again where you can do whatever the fuck you want with all the cars and upgrades you have unlocked so far. Pray to Jesus that it does.

5 cars NFSU3

It will only have 17 cars on launch day – at least that is what it’s looking like now. So far only 17 cars have been confirmed to be on the car list, and almost all of them are literal meme-cars depending on which car-enthusiast sites you frequent

NFSU3 car list

It will require an active internet connection. Prepare for microtransactions and intrusive social media integration.

NFSU3 social media

I wonder how many other bombs EA is going to drop on us next in terms of dumbing down the franchise even more. Auto-steering? Auto-braking? Progress in the story can only be made if you get 12345 likes on your photos? I really, really hope it doesn’t get any worse than this. The past two Underground titles were fantastic the way they were, there is no need to assume you’re selling the game to children and only children.

Auf Wiedersehen.


24 thoughts on “The new Need for Speed will only appeal to the Casual Audience

  1. Ah hell, the push brake to drift thing is a really bad sign. Add in no cockpit and I don’t have much hope in getting even a decently enjoyable drive out of this.

    As you said, that is one damned generic and rather small list of cars, too.

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    1. From this point, please use normies instead of casuals.

      I believe being accessible to BOTH normies and niche folk is the way to go; devs with “NORMIES GET OUT REEEE” attitude will actually hurt the game.


  2. i pointed out a while back that aero is broken in this game, adding wings and other stupid shit to your grandma’s s13 dont let the aero slider move at all.


  3. I honestly dont mind a bit of simple NFS action, had a lot of fun with underground and very first NFS’s, but this is taken a step to far to dumb fuckery, its literally mario carts with real life models of cars, is that fucking glitter on the screen, drift button?not even a manual option wtf, I mean surely even guys in their teens find this cheesy as fuck, just missing the “my little pony” ride, then have a complete game for my 6yr old,

    Cant I have a realistic “looking” tuner game, with “simplified” physics,engine swaps,custom body part maker,a better tune option, not just stat boosts, looks like they’ve just thrown any sense of realism out window all together, for fucking glitter, rainbows and lambo’s and totally ignore genuine street tuner culture.

    Does this game actually represent the state of our young males that its targeted too? a young male audience that has not the learnt the basics of motor vehicles, tuning driving etc etc,that puts bling and ability to just throw down cash for latest lambo above genuine tuning and mechanics of it all, when I was growing, you would be an outcast if you didn’t at least know the basics of mechanics and driving,and would be ridiculed for putting “bling” on a car you’ve not worked on, we use to play the earliest NFS’s dreaming of the day when software gives us a truly great tuner (hoon?)type game, where you could add a massive garret GT6041 turbo, maybe even position it visually, before taken it out, and genuinely feel what bolting that to a fairly bog standard car is like,looks like ill keep dreaming for few more years.

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  4. Sorry my overall point was all these years and its actually gone backwards with cool features, so I not only expected to be able to meaningfully mod my car (not just stat boosts), but have little details like being able to visually modify your engine bay.

    But like I say its like these game devs are stuck with catering to adolescents, gaming has grown up and theres ppl like me in late 20’s early 30’s (the average age of today’s gamer apparently) that want their NFS to grow up too, not turn into a strange looking mario cart with glitter and superboosts.

    S-tuner looks very interesting though cheers for heads up.

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  5. The FMV parts of this game make me feel embarrassed for everyone involved in its development. The most forced attempt at being “cool”, probably dictated by some 45-year-old marketing exec.


  6. First of all, there won’t be 17 cars on launch day. Those are the ones that have been confirmed so far. Both Ben Walke and James Mouat confirmed on Twitter that many more will be announced in the future.

    There’s no manual transmission because this is an arcade racer. Doesn’t matter how much you moan about it, this is an arcade racer. If you want manual transmission, play Project CARS.

    There weren’t that many tuning options because they were showing an early build of the game. GTAWiseGuy mentioned that in a later build, you can adjust camber, offset, width, differentials etc.

    Cockpit view? This is an arcade racer.

    Do your research before you post crap like this and don’t diss the developers of this game before you’ve looked into all these topics.


    1. “If you want manual transmission, play Project CARS.”

      …you must be new to this blog, and lol if your idea of a good simulator in general is PCARS.



    2. “Both Ben Walke and James Mouat confirmed on Twitter that many more will be announced in the future.” – As paid DLC most likely. No thank you.

      “There’s no manual transmission because this is an arcade racer.” – Most previous NFS games had manual transmission, this has nothing to do with arcade or not.

      “There weren’t that many tuning options because they were showing an early build of the game.” – I’m not complaining about the amount of tuning options, I’m talking about how casual they are. Great moving of goalpoasts here on your side.

      “Cockpit view? This is an arcade racer.” – muh arcade racer excuse. even PCars has a cockpit view.

      “Do your research before you post crap like this and don’t diss the developers of this game before you’ve looked into all these topics.” – Do you gargle on your own cum before spitting it out after cumming in your mouth?


    3. Yeah ok mate,(marko) you clearly new to the block, NFS has always been “arcade” however we have always had manual,oh and cockpit view, it’s really worrying mainstream thinks its acceptable to have to manual transmission in a game about tuner cars, my only thought as to why they have done this I responded above,basically we have bred a load of manboys, that much rather look at a screen with crap all over it,super boosts and a shit ton of bling.

      NFS was a arcade game before,but now its morphed into mario karts with tuner cars, and the little dim wit kids are that couldnt tell a header from a exhaust is lapping it up.

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  7. BREAKING NEWS! Need for Speed is an arcade racer!

    What the hell were you expecting?

    >No cockpit
    Need for Speed hasn’t had a cockpit view since the classic era (back when these games were PC focused) ended. It’s nice to have I guess, but in a series as arcadey as this, I don’t miss it. It’s good to have options sure, but I don’t think it adds to the game much. It just handicaps yourself in a game that, unlike a sim, is was designed around being played from third person/hood view.

    >No manual
    While I don’t care to shift manually in a game as unrealistic as Need for Speed has always been, it should always be an option, especially for drifting focused stuff.

    >Small car list
    Yeah this sucks. Even the recent games, where car lists have been shorter, have had more cars than this. I’m expecting DLC cars out the ass.

    >Always online
    Depends on the integration. Always online on its own is innocuous and its perceived menace is usually way overblown.

    >There will barely be any tuning.
    No shit. Need for Speed has never been remotely realistic. Even at its most “realistic”, Porsche Unleashed, it’s still totally incomparable to any actual racing sim. Porsche Unleashed’s tuning was barely any different from what this is going to have.

    And for the record, I’ve been playing Need for Speed since Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed. If I had my way, I’d make another game similar to the 2012 Hot Pursuit because I thought it was a modern take of what the original Need for Speed games (1-3 in particular) that I remember most fondly and as the “quintessential NFS” experience. I wasn’t a big fan of the Fast and Furious Underground era, but the first Most Wanted brought the classic stuff back with what I thought was the best mix of the two worlds.

    A hell of a lot of people think Most Wanted is one of the best games of the series and that was arcade as fuck.


  8. This was a shitty ass article, guy has no idea what hes talking about. This is going to be the best Need For Speed game ever since Carbon and the good old days of Black Box. The car list is amazing so far and dont know why you think its crap and obviously its going to have more than 17cars you idiots its not even released yet. Seriously guys get a new writer because this guy knows nothing. Shitty article


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