2015 24 Hours of LeMans GTE Carset Released for GeneRally!

GeneRally World Forum user marinator has released his huge 24 Hours of LeMans GTE carset today, replicating the popular class within the bite-sized freeware racing game.

GuideThe carset contains 9 Professional and 14 Amateur cars among seven different auto makers, including the 2016 Ford GT LM that will debut at next years race.

CarsThe carset can be found at the GeneRally World Forums, and the game itself is freeware; a modern spin on popular arcade cabinets of the 90’s such as Super Off-Road and Indy Heat, with a ridiculous amount of third party content available for the game.


8 thoughts on “2015 24 Hours of LeMans GTE Carset Released for GeneRally!

  1. This is GeneRally.

    Apparently this game counts as “Sim Racing”.
    This should be changed to
    “Worst site you could possibly visit for Video Game Racing News”


  2. I gotta stick up for PRC, here –

    1. Generally IS awesome and I, for one, would have never known about it if it weren’t for PRCs coverage. The tongue in cheek “high res renders” of the little tiny cars also cracks me up… 🙂

    2. If you read the first para of the “Simulation” wiki page
    (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation), you would be hard pressed to argue Generally is *not* one…it just happens that it doesn’t happen to fit perfectly into the narrow definition we’ve collectively established for what makes something a “racing sim”.

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