Safety Rating and Online Ranking System App for Assetto Corsa Released!

MINORATING, a server-side plugin that aims to copy the detailed safety rating and iRating features found within iRacing, has been released for Assetto Corsa, a move which in theory should see an improvement in the number of clean and competitive races taking place on Assetto Corsa’s online servers.

Untitled-2After it was revealed that Assetto Corsa would open the doors for modders to implement iRacing-like ranking systems via automatically generated incident reports and race reports after each multiplayer race, MINORATING have posted the extensive list of details surrounding their server-side plugin on their official website.

Untitled-4It‘s a lot to go through, but the overall goal seems to aspire for a deeper meaning behind each online race, as the current online environment in Assetto Corsa is more akin to public trackdays and Forza-like lobbies, with very few serious racers coming out to play. Along with an extensive safety rating system, MINORATING includes a proper ELO performance ranking aspect – although it’s only available to Class A and Class B drivers.

Untitled-6It remains to be seen how many people will implement this third party app into their dedicated servers, but if it catches on quickly, we’re looking at a giant shift in the way people play Assetto Corsa online.


24 thoughts on “Safety Rating and Online Ranking System App for Assetto Corsa Released!

  1. This is fantastic news. I hope people will start using this immediately. I see no reason why iRacing is the only service having this USEFUL feature. if this is implemented correctly (give it a few iterations, this is just the start), it could give iRacing a good competitor. And for consumers (us), competition is always good


    1. This is all pretty USELESS for a game that CANNOT simulate race cars.

      Here some recent quotes from a Virtua Simulazione modder from the Fomula Renault 3.5 mod.

      “AC physics in general are not “Modern open wheelers” friendly.”

      “I was just defending a mod that i participated to 🙂

      I few words:
      Modern openwheelers can be very stiff … i mean extremly stiff, springs and ARBs (dampers as well)! and AC has an engine limitations that doesn’t allow using high rates (causes weird bugs)!
      Interactive aerodynamics physics is a must for an openwheeler, rear aero depends on what’s happening at the front and the rear not only the rear! and vice versa (interaction between front wing and diffuser for example)
      Tyre model is not well explained and needs more variables to be added, to get realistic grip and temperatures/pressure behaviour! it’s more than enough for road cars and semislick tyres … but, youcan’t cook accurate slicks with it.

      Lack of setup options possibilities in general.”


      1. “This is all pretty USELESS for a game that CANNOT simulate race cars”

        I wonder what those cars on my screen are then?

        You morons need to grow up, it`s like we`re in the COD vs BF or Xbox vs PS era. The more you people scream crap about game X or game Y and say game Z is better, you`re only making a fool of yourself besides possibly driving people away from your beloved game Z and it`s community.

        Let the games develop over time, let people enjoy whatever they want to enjoy and avoid the games you dislike. I can`t imagine where you people get the time and energy from to write whole essay`s on how horrible a game feels to you every single time a article drops, day in and day out.

        I`d rather go and play the games i do enjoy. I dislike some sims, but i can`t see how writing about them in anger every day would help me or the games achieve something?

        Some people in the simrace community are seriously weird and sad at the same time.

        To qoute one of my favorite guitarists “If it sounds good, it`s good” – Yngwie Malmsteen

        Who cares if stuff you`ll never see or feel is simulated 100% correctly? If it feels good, it`s good. How much you guys want to believe you`re real race car drivers, you`re still playing a game, behind your screen, on a chair, with a plastic toy, pretending to be Schumacher.

        Grow up.


      2. Wow Ass, you can copy paste your steam conversations too!, again i challenge you to use YOUR own words to describe what we all know is wrong with AC. Go ahead and give us YOUR experience of all the things wrong whilst using YOUR control method. Parroting some one else and then giving us a triangle of hate to try and mitigate the response won’t cut it any more. Oh and btw, what exactly qualifies you to tell us your opinion is fact?
        “This is all pretty USELESS for a game that CANNOT simulate race cars.”
        Guess you’ll be googling a long time to qualify that statement


    1. Nobody once said that, they brought up an issue about single player AI you sensationalistic douchebag. Go suck on Goldstein’s cock


  2. inb4 asshats appear and say sims 30 years ago already had it, and the proper way.

    Congrats to Minolin and company who helped him. This is a major mark that will probably give community servers more decent online racing competition.


  3. I like how once the AI brakes its engine, it then trolls the rest of the pack by weaving all over the road. Epic trolling.


  4. After spending some time on Servers using the Minorating, I have noticed a clear improvement on the way drivers behaved on track . Less reckless driving, more like if they owned the car and cared that contact could be expensive. It is only the beginning, but very encouraging.
    It could entice driver like me to visit more frequently public server if the racing is clean and the driver have a more civil attitude.


  5. Holy shit, my heart sank to my boots after I discovered it’s you of all people who’s writing the first article about minorating..

    But very good summary, short and straight to the point without any misunderstandings. Thank you!

    Some facts regarding “It remains to be seen how many people will implement this third party app into their dedicated servers”:

    While this is true, of all the hundreds of servers “only” 32 are running the minorating plugin – but we already have 2637 unique drivers registered, where more than 50% have a grade (you get one after your first 40km or some seriously bad driving).


    1. You can add another driver to that number, I’ll be joining soon.

      Any ETA for same class but different manufacturer comparisons? All in good time, the current system should work well as-is, so no rush.

      I expect that people will gravitate towards servers running your plugin pretty quickly.

      Anyways, this is really good stuff. Thank you.


    2. Is a drivers rating on a per server basis or is a drivers rating calculated across all servers using the plugin? Meaning same rating at all servers with plugin or grade b at one server and rookie at another server, for example?


    3. Congrats on the idea and execution. I’m a fan of the concept and i will try it out asap. I hope it will develop further in the future (i think iRacing got the idea right of dividing iRanking and SR, would suggest to consider this) and to see clean driving.

      Thanks for this new development!


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