Sim Racing has become Men’s League Football

GSC 2015-04-19 04-53-05-36All it took was one very sad Teamspeak conversation with Maple to realize how bad things have gotten. Racing sims have reached the point where they’re almost too complicated, and the userbase, despite being plenty active on a plethora of different websites throughout the day, don’t bother showing up to the virtual track when the sun begins to set and the only thing left to do is actually fire up your sim of choice. Unfortunately, the current climate of racing sims, for whatever reason, is more akin to men’s recreation league football.

If you want to race with more than three people in a server, in a competitive format where everyone is genuinely trying to win the race, there’s no avoiding it – you’re going to have to set aside one night for league racing.

I grew up in the Call of Duty generation. Like many guys in their early 20’s, myself and a huge portion of my classmates (and teammates) raced home from school to beat the shit out of each other in Modern Warfare, World at War, and eventually Black Ops. At no point did we have designated Call of Duty nights, because with over 120,000 people playing at any point in time, you always found a match even if your whole party wasn’t online (kids got grounded and shit). When you dropped $60 on the latest Call of Duty, it wasn’t just to play the game for an hour on Saturday.

So this whole concept of “I bought Stock Car Extreme for $30, but I only touch it on Saturdays at noon for a league I’m participating in”I’m not cool with this. I want to race more than that. I shouldn’t need to join a league for a good race when these games are marketed exclusively towards auto racing enthusiasts who by default should know their shit. And there are definitely more than 50 auto racing enthusiasts who own some of these games.

But where are they?

RRRE 2015-05-08 20-01-42-38A lot of readers won’t agree with what’s displayed in this article, so I’ll just say it outright before we begin: I live in Western Canada. Fucking off from work four hours before my shift ends, just so I can race against competent drivers in Assetto Corsa during European prime time, isn’t exactly an option – nor is it an option for anyone else who lives in North America. The screencaps below are from my own personal experiences as a dude who lives in Edmonton trying to race online in public lobbies within my own timezone.

euro centricWe start by booting up DiRT 3, a game that’s been released since 2011, runs phenomenally on all modern computers, has a simplified handling model intended to accommodate controller users as well as wheel users, and features a shit-ton of content. Even if you dislike the dudebro presentation, even if you think the rally stages are short and the soundtrack is full of stuff your teenage cousin would listen to after a break-up, DiRT 3 is objectively awesome. The game features a pretty robust online mode that allows you to progress through the ranks and unlock everything in the game without ever touching single player, which is notorious for annoying the fuck out of people with it’s forced Gymkhana events.

In my region, there were two people online. Switching regions to place myself in lobbies with people from the United Kingdom during their prime time hours would introduce horrible lag issues that would only serve to frustrate others in the room.

DiRT 3Increasing the realism factor and jumping over to DiRT Rally, the same problem is present. Despite the game getting rave reviews from pretty much everybody, and despite the hugely publicized Multiplayer PvP update that came out a few short days ago, the online userbase is surprisingly small. I can understand DiRT 3 having a small userbase due to the game being released half a decade ago – people have probably moved on by now – but to see a game so new have only a marginal improvement is unsettling.

Again, while switching regions does offer you other rooms to choose from, the list of people online according to Steam – slightly over 1,000 – is hardly indicative of how many people you’ll actually get to race against. Placing yourself in a foreign region to attain a new list of rooms to join runs the risk of aggravating others in the room due to lag issues, just like DiRT 3.

DiRT RallyNext, we move to ARCA Sim Racing, a game that’s probably the best alternative to oval racing on iRacing, although the game doesn’t handle speedway or superspeedway racing all that well. Public lobbies do not exist for this game; ASRX uses a server browser that lists all races throughout the week, and most are open to the general public. Each night usually has an early race and a late race, following the real life NASCAR and ARCA schedules, and scheduled start times are almost necessary in order to keep car counts up.

ARCA Sim RacingUnfortunately, this format means there are some tracks on the Sprint Cup schedule that a lot of dedicated oval drivers don’t like, or aren’t very good at. Tracks like Sonoma and Watkins Glen turn the lone nightly races into a constant wreck fests, and this outcome is magnified when the 20 people in your race are the only 20 people who plan on racing ASRX that night. You don’t really have an option of just finding a different server or waiting for the late race, because that’s where everyone else from the current race will be as well.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-27 20-53-07-21Continuing through the list of icons on my desktop, we get to Stock Car Extreme. I’ve touched on this game in an entirely separate post, where people threw $80,000 at Reiza Studios and then celebrated by totally ignoring the game, but now that the dust has settled from the IndieGoGo campaign, it’s time to look at the raw participation numbers.

Game Stock CarIndeed, there are a fair amount of people online, but most padlocked rooms are either leagues hosting a league race for that night, or servers set up for private communities. In the picture above, even though there are several populated rooms, if I want to just run some laps against human opponents, there are only two sparsely populated servers to choose from. Stock Car Extreme is a fantastic, fully-featured sim whose only shortcoming is the focus on obscure South American content, yet I’ve had to resort to competing in online leagues to get any relevant use out of the game.

As I’ve said in the opener, I essentially paid $30 so I could run one race a week on Saturday afternoons, and when that season ended, I had to look for another one. I’d really love to come home on a boring rainy Tuesday and bro out with a bunch of South American dudes on Game Stock Car Extreme in public lobbies, but sadly this kind of environment doesn’t exist. It is essentially being used as an indoor football facility, yet nobody wants to go to the local park to kick the ball around after work.

R3ESector 3 Studios tried to build this kind of casual environment within RaceRoom Racing Experience. Before the game implemented support for hosting your own lobby, every server available was run by Sector 3 and featured ten minutes of practice, ten minutes of qualifying, and a fifteen minute race. When there were people in the server, the game ran well, had a nice selection of cars, and drove like someone tried to model Assetto Corsa within the constraints of the isiMotor engine.

But as you can see above, there weren’t a hell of a lot of people online, and the game’s pricing model – essentially becoming The Sims of Sim Racing with countless expansion Experience packs that segregate the userbase, results in the servers became a total ghost town once the European guys go to bed. Unless I jumped on R3E right after I got home from work, or woke up early on Saturday or Sunday with the sole purpose of playing RaceRoom online, there would be nobody to race against. And that’s before being picky, as I’m not fond of the recently released 2015 WTCC touring cars or the free silhouette cars the base install comes with. If you ever see me in a front-wheel drive touring car, please contact my family and tell them you’re concerned about me.

ACThen, we get to Assetto Corsa. Taken last night during North American prime time, this capture shows all populated public servers in Assetto Corsa. Not popular, but populated. Three of the sessions are already in the middle of a race, and two others are Nordschliefe Tourist servers. The three servers with the brand new Minorating servers are at the bottom of the list highlighted in green, indicating the ranking system designed to clean up public lobbies in Assetto Corsa hasn’t really caught on yet.

For a game that’s supposedly revolutionized sim racing and spawned hundreds of fanboys who will watch livestreams of a Kunos Simulazioni member typing away at his computer, there’s a surprising lack of people online actually playing the game they’ve sworn allegiance to. And for how many different cars are available in Assetto Corsa, that’s an awful lot of GT2/GT3 rooms at Spa.

rF1This brings me to rFactor and rFactor 2. As you can see above, this particular rFactor install of mine is dedicated to the Dirt Late Model V2 mod, a popular amateur oval racing mod focused around the highest level of stock car racing on dirt. There is one room for the mod, with four people in it, and I was lucky I had the track the session was hosted at. The majority of other rooms, as indicated by the padlocks, are for league races or private communities, and the few open lobbies include tracks and mods that are difficult to find online. The Rallycross room near the top of the list, with eight people in it, could indicate one of five different rFactor rallycross mods, and if you were really interested in joining that session, it would be entirely up to you to find and download the mod. Good luck.

rF2And due to rFactor 2‘s subscription-based online, the majority of servers are for online leagues. Just by the server names and padlocks, it’s easy to see that rFactor 2 has turned into an indoor football-like center as well. However, new to rFactor 2 is the ability to download mods in-game, completely omitting the hunt for hard-to-find mods as you see above in the rFactor 1 screenshot. The only problem with this, is that some mods are payware and don’t let you use this feature – such as URD’s totally not DTM we promise 2013 mod.

Untitled-1The other problem that arises, is that you have no idea what type of mod you’re downloading. This is especially prevalent when it comes to Formula One mods, as there can be multiple mods replicating the same season, and it’s up to you to figure out which one is the best through trial and error.

lylThose who don’t want to clutter their hard drive with dozens of different Formula One mods of varying quality in order to participate in pick up races are essentially forced to say fuck it and sign up for a league on a trustworthy website, even if the league uses cars they aren’t familiar with. This at least guarantees you’ll be introduced to quality mods and competitive racing, although again, if you want to play rFactor 2 for more than an hour or two each week against human opponents, too bad.

acs 2014-03-02 17-18-06-87Sites like the numerous sim racing subreddits, VirtualR, the iRacing Forums, and RaceDepartment are often swarming with activity at all hours of the day, with users happily discussing their favorite racing sims well past their bed times. You would think that all of these people would have no problem jumping on their sim of choice for a few laps or even a race or two, but in reality the online landscape is quite a bit different than what one would expect from a community this passionate. Despite these games being marketed to auto racing enthusiasts and computer geeks across the planet at very reasonable prices, the current online environment in sim racing is extremely sparse, spread across numerous titles and often in secluded communities with very little tangible activity.

Try as much as you’d like to sugar-coat it, a room with four other random drivers isn’t fun.

It is as if everyone has made a conscious decision to treat these $30 video games as a replacement for Recreation League Football, and then refuse to even go near a soccer ball during the rest of the week. Setting aside a few hours of one night to run in one race, and then retreating to the various different community message boards is now the norm. As someone who wants to race not just on Saturday at noon, but on Tuesday evening and maybe even Monday afternoon as well, there’s literally nothing to do until League Day and it kind of sucks since now I have all these racing sims installed on my PC that don’t get a whole lot of use. It’s like I paid an entry fee to Men’s League Football instead of bought a video game from Steam.

Why? You tell me. Maybe I just need to quit my job and adapt a sleeping pattern putting me in line with European timezones.

I guess I could race against the AI in the meantime…


72 thoughts on “Sim Racing has become Men’s League Football

  1. I’m right there with you. I spent my early years of simracing in public races with random people, and it was great. I miss that experience. Unless I choose to get a second job to pay for iRacing, I’m out of luck.


    1. Go on Assetto Corsa or rFactor, there are public lobbies all the ime with a people in them. James has said before on /ovg/ along way back that he gets out of work at 3pm his time. And that he falls asleep at like 8pm his time. When he get’s out of work that is prime time in Europe. When everyone is on Assetto Corsa in Europe.

      Maybe don’t get yourself banned from iRacing, there are races going off every couple of minutes. Oh wait that’s right you’ve been kicked out of or banned in every fucking place on the internet, /ovg/, iRacing. RD, /r/simracing,NR2003 communities, VirtualR.

      iRacing allows you to pick and choose which content you want so if you are looking to just race that may be an option.


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      5. This shits insane. Suddenly another guy pops in talking about yet another guy. Are there cliff notes on this shit? Simply amazing. The comments are pure gold here.


  3. James, right now you’re mad at everybody. Now you’re also insulting AC, Kunos, and Stefano’s livestreams. People went bat shit crazy when Kunos said last year that online is a very small niche within sim racing. People just ask and ask for league features, so that they can play with their elite friends in their elite leagues 🙂 Now I’m also getting upset at it 🙂

    But at least AC and Pcars have more active public racing and I can pop on in any server 24/7 and race. Even if I’m racing against people far away and with content I don’t like much, there are always some races available. Other than that, I just play offline trying cars out and sometimes doing some special events against AI or solo challenges.

    People are lazy or really don’t want to spend much time waiting for public or league races. Is just easier to get a car and a track and drive by yourself to satisfy your need of immediate fun. Unless they find a good race in Qualify session as soon as they open the Online tab. And sometimes I hate seeing P and Q sessions with 30min and then a race of 5 laps… -.-‘ Also people leave as soon as they finish a race, they don’t want to repeat the same car and track combo, or at least they don’t want to stay on the same track for another P and Q session. So the server gets empty quickly after the race is over.
    Maybe some auto track rotation can give more dynamism to the Online public races.

    About leagues, I’d rather see them integrated in the game, in a form of Online championship. Give people some purpose to race online. An online championship with 3 or 5 tracks, P and Q with 10min, and Race maybe 7 laps, depending on the track. Then people accumulate points for each race session. This just gives more incentive for people to stick longer and with the same people.

    Now if you have p/q/r on the same track sessions after sessions, people will leave right after they finish their first race of the day, and then we are all the time racing against very different drivers, instead of people staying in the same server for a longer time and race with around the same people as the last race, and track rotation-online championships can imo help with that.


  4. It’s pretty easy to guess why the European made sims with their European car + track lists are popular in Europe… not that it helps me as someone who gets online late even for west-coast America times.

    The real question is, how come North America’s only sims are ARCA Sim Racing and iRacing? Is there a developer I haven’t heard of who I should back on Greenlight? Do the Pirelli World Challenge + United Sportscar Cup have a locked in licensing agreement with someone who’s not making sims, or do they just not care?

    Personally I think ‘track rotation’ is a red herring. iRacing gets quality racing and they’re the polar opposite of it. In fact they get quality racing BECAUSE people have time to practice. There’s a reason the fast drivers in AC are on the GT2/GT3 servers that run a single track forever, that’s the only type of server setup where more than a few aliens can become fast.

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    1. ISI is also USA company, with mostly USA cars and tracks.

      I think you’re under estimating track rotation, and maybe I’m over doing it a bit. But the truth is that most people leave the server after they did practice/qualify and the race session. Then the server gets empty and new people get in, with only a few remaining or rejoining later on the same server. So people keep cycling instead of the content (track) cycling in the server, which it can hold drivers for a longer time/more race sessions in the server in a row. So then people get more used to each other if they mostly remain in the same car but with a new track.

      Don’t you find it boring to repeat the same car/track (especially track) after you just finished P-Q and Race? Don’t you leave the server right after you finished the race? I usually only see a few remaining and then later a couple more new people join.

      Leagues also use different tracks in each event day, but with the same car assigned for each driver.
      People in leagues and in iracing wouldn’t continue racing in that league/event race after race with the same track. Maybe there would be new people joining, but even those new people would leave after finishing the race on that track, as in boring to continue.

      In real life motorsports they have a new track for each weekend event. In first person shooters people usually change maps, even if they have a preferred one(s) that they use often, people don’t want to keep playing that day in the same map/track session after session.


      1. I think of it more like a long race broken up into chunks, sorta like mandatory restarts.
        I only join QR servers though, with Q set to <=10 minutes (5 is really optimal unless you're on Nords, in which case fuck it, just do R only). If the other drivers are any good I stay, though that's partly cause I know that there are only 1-2 highly populated servers anyway. Not sure what happened in James's screenshot of AC but ALOOG0 is one of the servers where 20+ drivers is a standard feature (at time of this post it's 23/23, though it's not really late yet) so I'm there pretty often even though it's always GT2/Spa.

        So no, I don't get bored driving on the same track for every race in pickup mode. 3+ hours of one track is perfectly okay, it's the participation levels that would make me leave.


    2. It’s a difficult problem, and short of a developer committing to an online only matchmaking lobby system and making a big deal out of it, I don’t know how to begin to even fix it. It’s partially an attitude problem in terms of the playerbase, and partially a problem with the software that’s just not built to support that kind of pick up and play racing.


  5. James makes a *very* good point. It’s really hard to race ‘casually’ nowadays. Back in the heyday of Grand Prix Legends and VROC you could join numerous Public Servers and have incredible close, clean racing on a daily basis. The best experience that came close to that was with the BROS Megane rFactor servers that regularly ran fully populated with 60+ drivers across 2 servers in the late 00’s.

    Now you have to schedule your life around finding a decent group of drivers to race with. Race2Play has the occasional double-digit grid. iRacing has occasional peak-times with good grids (outside of the GT series), but you really have to work hard to be competitive.

    The user base is massively diluted across multiple software of dubious quality. The situation is made worse by AI that has dropped significantly in quality over the years. Even the best platform for AI (Game Stock Car) is only of GTR2-era performance. It’s had to motivate yourself to race for a couple of hours against the AI, let alone a full season.

    IMO the solution is to stability. Everything updates, gets patched and changes on an all-too-regular basis. Nobody has the same version of anything (on the platforms which lack stringent version control) and those that do (iRacing) mean you have to rebuild setups from scratch to get up to speed. I suggest you stick to a series (or mod) for your favourite platform and recruit a user base over a period of weeks/months to race with you. This is easier said than done!

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  6. I think the lack of competent AI in most sims is hurting this more than we think: some people don’t want to commit to a league, or can’t, and just want to boot up their computer, pick a car and track, and race. This is where iRacing scores big by allowing races all day that count for something, yet even there, you can’t say “I feel like a race at Atlanta today” unless it happens to be the week when iRacing is running there.

    Someone like me that can’t handle iRacing’s awful tire model and setups, yet has an unpredictable schedule, gets stuck running only with the AI in the few sims where it’s raceable. Even today, I find myself going back to NR2003 sometimes for that reason. A game from 2003 should not be the best example of good oval AI in 2015, but it looks like that will continue for 2016 and beyond unless rFactor 2 REALLY surprises us with their oval content.

    That a game made by a lame duck development team 12 years ago hasn’t been beaten (or even challenged) for AI is a pretty damning fact for sim racing developers. I know it’s not easy, but Papyrus managed it, Hasbro managed it, even EA did well for a couple years. Computers are faster now, developers have much more to work with than those teams did 12 years ago. Imagine what sim racing would be like today if EA hadn’t taken Papyrus and Monster Games from us.

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    1. Agreed the AI lack of development has hurt sim racing – multiplayer racing is packed with very angry dudes (iRacing peeps are not nice) who I have no desire to race with. Good AI would cater for many of us who have no desire to go to war with humans while on a race track.


  7. James leaves us no sim to really trust.
    Because in one article he’ll be trashing it for one thing, or something in the community.
    The next, praising it for something else.

    Make up your mind James, Are these Shit?
    Or are they worth buying.
    With this blog I can’t tell worth a damn.


    1. Except for Reiza’s products. The only article that is “critical” of their products here was one that pointed out that despite the hype by crowdfunding them, almost nobody plays it.


      1. There’s not much to be critical of… they have a very specific niche covered well, and (until recently) the rock-solid excuse that since they don’t have their engine’s source, it would be very difficult to patch any of the features in that it doesn’t have, or fix any bugs people might report (unless they’re graphics or car/track specific).


    2. That’s really just the unfortunate state of the genre. You’re picking your poison. Play the sim that has the set of features that you’re looking for and does well, or just buy them all so that you have options and can jump between them based on what you’re looking for. I’m always jumping between 2-3 sims depending on what I want to do.

      Each game is shit at some things and good at other things.


  8. It could simply be the way PC sim racing is now.

    When I played Gran Turismo 6 there would be about 200,000 people online in Quick Match on average each night (the game shows player count before you join a hopper).


    1. GT6 Quick Match can be difficult to connect and if you actually got there, it is usually a war zone (and if you are allowed to bring your own car, scrubs with top PP – GSX-R/4 in GT6 Quick Match [and by extension, seasonal TTs] are the equivalent of Magneto/Sentinel/Psylocke team in Marvel vs Capcom 2).

      What’s more important to me: BRING MY OWN *RACE* CAR QUICK MATCH WHEN, PD.


  9. There are 50 servers running Minorating with 3500 drivers registered. Saying it hasn’t caught on is a slight under statement imo, plus the Linux client isn’t even released yet. Most admins will likely be hosting from Linux machines.

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  10. I remember racing on Gamers Crib’s GTR2 NGT server so much. There was always an admin around and the races were short and clean. Great stuff. Race 07 had a few good public servers but it died a slow death. Ever since then I’ve run in a league or two before losing interest after waiting a week, or 2, or 3 even between races.
    You are so right James, there really isn’t anything you can launch, find a server and race.


  11. anyone else remember toca race driver 3?
    man that had awesome online. always populated, could change series for lobby without leaving, could put together a bunch of races for a mini series, with quali, or practice with a reverse grid.
    I think that’s still the peak of online for a racing game.
    so many great night racing the radicals are the Aussie tracks.

    I challenge anyone to think of a game better than race driver 3, for content, and playability.
    it even had group b and monster trucks.
    hell, it had lawnmowers.


  12. I have just now (Saturday 1pm GMT/UTC) joined three online races in AC, on a server that runs 10 minutes Qualyfying and 8 laps of racing in GT3s at Monza with Minorating constantly. I think it was called ACR #4 or something similar. It was the usual thing with little wrecks in T1 and a few people losing control occasionally but apart from that it was highly enjoyable, with multuiple laps iof good racing in all of the three races that I took part in. It wasn’t exactly high effort to find the server either: I opened the server browser and sorted by players active.
    Now of course I don’t live in North America and most servers online were European, but I saw two populated NA and a full Brazilian server, both public. Before doing this, I had also checked GSC which was indeed a ghost town. Would I have preferred to race V8s around Salvador over GT3s at Monza? Sure, but you can’t always have it completely your way. Was the competition level in these races high? Hell no, I even managed to win one race and I am usually mid pack in Racedepartment club races and i suck at Monza. Did I have fun? Sure, lots of it.
    I can only encourage all to try short pick up races in open servers. If you somewhat know the corners of the track from memory, you don’t even need to practice, just qualify and race! Also, as boring as GT3 all day sounds, these cars have ABS and adjustable TC, making them perfect for Gonzo racing.

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  13. So this article is basically complaining about how James Carrier choices don’t line up with the peak hours of some racing sims?

    You’re yelling at the MP Community because they don’t know when you’re off work. So you can enjoy peak hours? This post is just self entitled whining about how the MP of these games aren’t “Active” when he’s active.

    iRacing has Multiplayer sessions going off ever 15-30-45-60 minutes, and most likely when you’re done with a session, there’s another session.


    1. You might be surprised to learn that rather than just James, in fact ~100 million people live in the mountain and pacific time zones and any that do anything during the day will have the same problem. It is surely not exclusive to those particular time zones either.

      One of the dirtiest aspects of iRacing’s business model is that a new user will excitedly buy one of the cars they’re interested in from real motorsport only to find that they literally can not get into a race for it except at 9am Sunday morning or something.


  14. @Sb70 You’re not looking too good in this argument.
    Bringing people in when its James and You v. Tatoo.
    It’s already a 2v1.

    James at least hasn’t brought anyone from the outside in.
    But you Sb70t. You know no shame.
    You’re literally as bad as these guys for bringing someone who has no real place in this argument, into it. Just to gain leverage.
    This is the reason why I come to the blog.
    Not for the articles. but the shitstorm in the comments.
    it’s hilarious.


    1. lol, bunch of bad asses on here. Cant you guys do more than sling lame insults. Look I can post a bunch of unrelated, dip shit, name calling, comments about a guy I know nothing about. Bravo, you really showed me a thing or two.


  15. Why doesn’t James host a server and advertises it on reddit/prc, then people from his region will join because the time is suited for them.


  16. Becoming a real downer reading that stupid fucking yank, hijinxtattoo comments, that is without a doubt one fucked up silly little cunt, honestly he is potentially the next mass shooter in US, he fits the profile scarily well, ya fucking weird inbred cunt hijinxtattoo.


  17. Just what I expected. Come to the comments section to witness some classic SRD autism which never fails to disappoint. From every forum to every article, a group of autists from SRD will be trolling each other. There is truly nothing like a bit of sim racing cancer to start your day.

    Liked by 1 person

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