The Ultimate DiRT Rally Rallycross Setup is Here!

Over the past week I’ve been having a killer time with DiRT Rally‘s new Multiplayer PvP Update, and I thought I’d try building a proper setup for the cars. What you see below is what I’m personally using every time I show up in an online server, so beware that it might not suit your driving style.

It’s quick enough to be at least a second faster than anyone else in the lobby if put in the hands of a competent driver.

rcxsetIt will make the car extremely twitchy and prone to oversteer, so do not fret if you can’t get a handle on it. Try it out and let me know what you think!


23 thoughts on “The Ultimate DiRT Rally Rallycross Setup is Here!

    1. I’d set a slight toe out on the front wheels and softer rear springs, and adjust brake balance two clicks to the front. That will get you oversteer when you want it.


    1. It matters slightly in the fact that some cars dont have adjustable power ratios on center diff, but other then that you might get 8% instead of 10% as a number which is fine, just get close as possible, I’ve tried this on all cars and it feels the same.


  1. You just made this game more fun. Thanks.

    I just tried it on my VW, and me likey. I had to dial the brake bias a couple clicks back toward center, as it had a tendency to snap on me under hard braking. My shit braking technique notwithstanding, this setup is what I’ve been looking for this whole time. Now the car acts like what you see in the videos of the real cars – you can do wicked drifts if you want/need to, or pull it back a tad and get plenty of grip.

    Keep these good setups coming (for all the different sims)! Not all of us have the time to incrementally iterate out setups to arrive at something competitive. I just want to jump in and drive.


  2. So, after some testing, I changed the brake balance forwards, to make it more stable under braking, as I have the handbrake to use if I need locked rear wheels.
    This makes the car easier to drive, and much much safer in close battles in PvP racing, which is what I aim for.

    The setup is by far the best at Lydden Hill. I thought it flat out sucked at Hell, while being OK at Höljes, but I am faster with my “setup” and the default at Hell, and faster with my “setup” at Höljes.

    However, it is a very good Lydden Hill setup, and I do believe a 36.9 lap is more than possible at that track, maybe a 36.7 in the hands of an alien.


  3. This setup is seriously bad. Sorry. Way too much rearbrakes. Allthough its fun With a lot of oversteer, its not very effective. Good effort tho


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