Forza continues to pad the Car Roster by counting different liveries as an individual car

I sincerely apologize for the lack of Forza Motorsport 6 coverage lately; hopefully you have gone to other sites to read the previews, watch the videos, and discuss the XBOX One’s upcoming flagship racer.

The Forza news I’m going to report on today is something the series has done as far back as 2005 with the launch of the original game, and that is pad the car roster by counting different liveries as an individual car. Reddit user NikiLouder has posted a complete list of all the purpose built race cars available in Forza Motorsport 6 sorted by class, and instantly it’s apparent the car roster is a bit deceptive. Instead of allowing you to pick one base model of a car, and then choose the specific livery you want (as if you were selecting the color of your street car), every individual

Instead of including one generic Formula E car and allowing users to create (and sell) all of the liveries that ran during the 2014 – 2015 season on the Storefront, there are now ten of the same car in Forza 6.


The 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series has not fared any better, with ten cars shoved into the game when there was only a need for two – the Honda and Chevrolet.


The 2015 V8 Supercars Season is represented fairly well, with ten cars featuring all five different manufacturers currently on the circuit.


Yet as we cross into the GT side of the spectrum, multiple versions of the same Ferrari 458, BMW Z4, and McLaren 12C pad the car count. On the plus side, I’m sure many online leagues will figure out how to balance all of these cars to run in the same class, as a fair portion of the modern GT grids are represented.

seweBxbMoving on to Touring Cars, again we have two cars when we really only needed one.WJyGn1QAnd this theme remains with Modern Endurance Racing, with multiple counts of the Mazda 787B, Ferrari 333SP, BMW V12LMR, and Audi R8.

osbu4YnAnd again we see car counts padded even as we get into some of the historic cars. A whole bunch of IMSA and classic Group 5 cars show up twice when there’s no need for it.

G1i7NURYet, as we look at the other series featured in Forza 6, the car selection is strangely diverse. When it comes to Formula One cars, a good, diverse selection of cars throughout history are included. The game includes two Auto Union era cars, four cars from the Grand Prix Legends timeframe, three cars from the Rush era, and a modern Lotus F1 car.

rsUMRvkAnd there are a hefty amount of Classic Le Mans Prototypes that nicely compliment the chicane-less version of Circuit de la Sarthe.

M8mIzQIThen there are four completely different Can-Am cars…wjRWk3W

And to confuse us even more, it’s as if Turn 10 finally decided hey, it’s stupid to pad the car count with simple livery changes, so we should just include one Spec Miata and Formula Ford.

mNcYNrVIt’s a strange car list, that’s for sure, and my best guess is that any relevant additions or omissions will come as DLC later down the line.


9 thoughts on “Forza continues to pad the Car Roster by counting different liveries as an individual car

  1. This is nothing new. Gran Turismo did this, too. Look at their NASCAR and Super GT cars. (In the latter case, you could apply your own colors and numbers with base model cars, as long it is a premium car from 2005 season or newer).

    As an example, 2013 Chevrolet SS NASCARs and 2000 NSX JGTC cars:

    Chevrolet 2013 Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 National Guard CHEVROLET SS
    Chevrolet 2013 Jeff Gordon #24 Drive to End Hunger CHEVROLET SS
    Chevrolet 2013 Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe’s CHEVROLET SS
    Chevrolet 2013 Juan Montoya #42 Target CHEVROLET SS
    Chevrolet 2013 Tony Stewart #14 Bass Pro Shops CHEVROLET SS

    Honda ARTA NSX ’00 [Autobacs Racing Team ARTA]
    Honda Castrol MUGEN NSX ’00 [Mugen works team]
    Honda RAYBRIG NSX ’00 [Team Kunimitsu]



  2. Laughably neither of the 333SP’s is even close to accurate still. You would have thought someone could have spent the 10 seconds in photoshop to fix the Doyle Risi one’s number being hilariously dinky at least and the MOMO version they added is arguably even worse.

    I guess they did the paint scheme from the way the car is currently running, which is unfortunately not historically accurate in paint scheme or car configuration (as it no longer has all the Moretti Racing custom parts on it)

    Yet even relative to that it’s miles off because that’s a 1998 spec medium drag car running single headlights (as MOMO always did) while Turn 10 sticks to a poorly modeled generic 1995 high downforce car with wide open oil cooler vents and the wrong wheels to model two 1998 low downforce cars with team specific modifications.


  3. There shouldn’t be problem with additional liveries (the more the merrier). It’s infinitely worse if they are added to “official” car list count (it would be stupid to boast that formula one game has 20 cars), or as is the case, the liveries are wrong, car models are inaccurate and overall additional liveries are just thrown in so people would shut up about car count. If there’s one Audi R8 GTD livery then what’s the problem to paint 3 more accurate liveries just for the sake of completion of the field? Why there’re only 2 Gr5 Ford Capris, when there are more historical liveries for this car? I bet those will be included in DLC. Stupid stuff like that really bothers me alot in those simcade games.


  4. Padding is a bit much. Forza has always offered the same car model with different liveries based on teams BUT you ignoring that the cars aren’t identical they have different tunes and some have different parts. Just because the base model is the same doesn’t mean they are padding.

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    1. Why can’t they just unlock the setups, and perhaps have them as the default for the various liveries?

      I mean, yeah. This is super common in GT, and probably in Forza as well (what’s the difference between the hundred different Nissan Skylines, again?) but it is also a little weird.


  5. For this to work better, have a base model for each car similar to Gran Turismo and have a fully customisable paint and a selection of pre-made liveries. Would definitely free up space and allow less padding of “content”.


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