Can I ask what the point of a Gaming Vest is?

It’s a known fact that we here at get our news from our direct competitors sites, and inject our own opinions into article’s we’ve read to present an entirely different take on what would otherwise be rudimentary news, and today will be no different. InsideSimRacing have just posted a review of the KOR-FX Gaming Vest, a literal vest that acts as a force feedback/surround sound body suit.


The vest is priced at $135 and “uses award-winning 4DFX technology that transforms the acousto-haptic signals (audio) coming from your games or media into pinpointed high-definition feedback that allows you to feel the on-screen action and environmental factors for the first time.”

To take things a step further, KOR-FX advises people with heart conditions to consult their doctor before actually using the thing.

  • If you have a heart condition, we advise you to check with your doctor before using KOR-FX. If you have a pacemaker or any other heart implant do not use KOR-FX as the product contains magnets.

Okay, this is overkill.

As someone who’s been into driving games since the late 1990’s, I understand the need for a good racing wheel – you need the precision of an actual steering wheel to pilot a race car; your thumb on an Xbox 360 stick will routinely betray you. I understand the need for a good set of pedals; I routinely try to send mine through the back of my desk during a lengthy online league race and plastic DFGT pedals won’t suffice. And I understand the need for a good racing seat; you need to be comfortable during races that can last upwards of an hour. I understand the need for Virtual Reality goggles – I’ve tried it myself at a buddy’s house, and once the resolution woes are dealt with, it’s going to be a relevant alternative to a pricey triple monitor setup.

Why you’d want to wear a whole freaking surround sound system that needs constant maintenance in the form of eight hour breaks and battery replacements to properly function in the first place is beyond anything I can comprehend. There is literally no point to this $135 vest. You do not need the modern equivalent of a Power Glove.

Yet I’m sure tomorrow there will be a few comments on here saying I’m just jealous because I can’t afford it, and their $135 + shipping was a totally useful investment as the vest has truly helped them feel what the car is doing in the corners and hear when somebody has driven up alongside them.



94 thoughts on “Can I ask what the point of a Gaming Vest is?

  1. Is it so bad that a company has an idea and they invest resources and time in developing a product, to release for sale on the open market? Instead of just blatantly bashes a untried product, maybe purchases one, try it out and write a proper review. Than at least you have actual data to base your negative findings of the product. All you have now, is “There is literally no point to this $135 vest.” based on your experience that adds up to pretty much nothing. James, dude I get that your young, but damn man try to see that there are proper ways to criticize a product, person, or subject, and it all starts with education yourself on said subject.


      1. God forbid I have an opinion about someone constantly trying to pass as a journalist but doesn’t even remotely understand the proper channels for doing so.


    1. It’s an opinion piece, and one of many featured on this site. By criticizing an opinion without going beyond insults, strawmanning and somehow implying that appreciating tech is something that comes with age, you are completely discrediting whatever opinion you may hold yourself, not that you’ve actually bothered to express it. Good job.

      You don’t need to be an accredited journo or even be literate to see that this vest is gimmickry on par with “gamer food” and those insane DD wheels. Can you point out the positives of a vibrating vest filled with what are probably smartphone tier speakers that needs constant maintenance and can’t even function for extended periods of time, let alone justify a price tag on par with 3 or 4 copies of AC?

      I await your objective review.

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      1. My review of the product would be fully objective. I would hold no personal feelings going into the review, till I tested said product. I would also weigh pros and cons, not just throw it under the bus cause I thought it was gimmicky. I am, not running out to buy one, but I have no reason to ruin other peoples ideas of it, by slandering a product I have no experience with. Look, the kid needs to be criticized and not have everyone just say, good job. That is not how one develops. If he opened his vision a little further past his own nose, well it will only help him.


      2. Again, it’s an opinion piece, not a fucking review. Point out the bit of legalese on this site that says otherwise. You seem to be hellbent on deliberately misconstruing someone’s off the cuff opinion as a serious piece of journalism designed to point the minds of readers in a certain direction. It isn’t, and you damn well know it. You are no better than twitter “activists” seeking the next big thing to get offended about, but you lack the necessary objectivity to see this, which is ironic given your claiming total objectivity in a theoretical future review. If you understood your own limitations better, I believe you wouldn’t have said something so completely paradoxical. For a better insight into what I believe your issue is, read the following:

        “Look, the kid needs to be criticized”

        Ok, why? For posting a negative opinion of something? Because that’s all that has happened so far. Again, point out the exact passages of the article where anything to the contrary was claimed.

        “That is not how one develops”

        I am sorry, but paying attention to someone stirring shit in a manner that’s easily picked apart even by sad old NEETs in the comments section of what is basically a yellow journalism racing sim review site is not constructive in any way, shape or form beyond enabling one to ignore similar fuckery more easily in future. The fact that you deem the ill-informed crap you’ve typed up over the last few hours to be some of enlightening, constructive criticism speaks more towards delusions of grandeur than anything else.

        Again, I await an objective, even-handed review of the product from you, or at least a reply that doesn’t just repeat your previous rantings, lightly coated in a different flavour of dogshit.


      3. Why would you see me do anything. All you get is to see what happens in the comment section, having no idea what I do in real life professionally. There is no reason to judge someone by reading some badly written comments on unimportant subjects at an obscure website. I am not here to prove my worth to people I don’t know. Are you? I think not


      4. @hijinxtattoo it’s a blog like a trillion others with opinions not a review done so called professional reviewers who are shilling products. PRC is about jumping on deconstructing the crap out there – you don’t always have to agree or disagree. But as some guys have suggested take your popcorn box elsewhere if you so stuck up on ‘real journalism’
        This vest is a flipping joke in the same league as the butt kicker BS gizmos that some folks run


      1. Thats more like it. lol

        I have experience with James not thinking about anyone but himself, sense the first time I came across him. Watched him shit all over creators of content he was distributing without permission, and in reading his blogs it becomes more and more apparent that he needs a swift kick in the ass and open his eyes to the rest of humanity. Also I don’t have to do the review to call his what it was. If he doesn’t want to have feedback on the things he post, he can remove the comment section, however that would probably destroy any and all activity at this site as the comments carry more weight than nearly anything he writes. And don’t think you can psychoanalyze me by some comments on the internet, cause that is all I have done. Comment on some post, I took no action in doing anything other than give my opinion of his opinion. You might take a look at yourself in what you are implying I am doing.


      2. This reply system is shit. Great job WordPress!

        Anyway, @hijinx, you are yet to even address the crux of the matter. As it’s obvious to me that you lack comprehension of written English beyond a certain level (or are just naturally given to deflecting and/or avoiding actually confronting the issue), I shall explain it again:

        A review is an attempt to objectively rate something according to a set criteria geared towards informing others of the merits or demerits of a given object or service etc.

        An opinion piece is just that, a piece of writing by an author based on personal feeling, wherein no clasim of objectivity is either needed, or usually warranted.

        Your personal issue with James does not change the nature of the English language, and neither does it add value to your contributions to this site. Again, the fact that you make it obvious that you feel otherwise speaks more to an issue of yours, than any failing of James’s.

        “If he doesn’t want to have feedback on the things he post, he can remove the comment section”

        This is funny. At no point has James intimated that he was considering removing the comments section. The reality is simply that your own comments don’t carry much weight, as evidenced by the lack of proper rebuttals to any of my points thus far. The fact that your response to me boiled down to “YEAH WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF”, rather than a sensible dismantling of what I have said speaks volumes for your limitations in this situation.


      3. lol you know if everyone else here could state their comments in the same manner as you, this place would be a lot more fun.

        I get its an opinion piece and not a review but I doubt that a lot of other people would really care one way or the other. That is fine though, its an opinion piece, I’ll give it to you. But I really find it hard to understand how he can have an opinion of it in the first place. To form in opinion you really should do a little more digging than going on initial impressions. Especially if you share this idea with an audience. There is that whole book and cover thing.

        I never claimed James had stated “he was considering removing the comments section.” I was simply allowing there to be grounds for my initial comment to exist.


      4. @James You have more than enough material to write an article on @hijinxtattoo. Perhaps it even deserves its own category because I don’t see him stopping any time soon.


        1. Documenting instances of criminal harassment is a time consuming and mentally draining process. Been there, done that, not in the mood to do it again – even if it’s for a laugh on PRC.

          Idk maybe I’m still rattled a bit from last year but shit’s starting to hit a little close to home.

          The guy has every right to post here as long as he stays away from the two banned words. If he wants to make himself look like a deranged lunatic, it’s his own reputation he’s damaging, not mine.


      5. @hijinxtattoo if you don’t like this blog, the fuck are you here for? There’s no other reason than to belittle Jame’s Articles. I mean why don’t you start your own blog you pretentious prick.

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      6. I am fair, if he wanted to do an article, Id ask that he interviewed me properly for it, instead of just slinging bullshit like he did with Kirby.


      7. I brought kirby in as a reference to an article James wrote, not as anything more. I didn’t think that was out of line, point out how it is if I am missing it. Maybe I should of referenced the title of the article? maybe.


      8. “But I really find it hard to understand how he can have an opinion of it in the first place. To form in opinion you really should do a little more digging than going on initial impressions.”

        I find it hard to see your point here. Can you not know, or reasonably expect something to be good or bad if you have a certain amount of data pertaining to it? There are different grades of opinion, as you should well know. They range from the purely reactionary (OMG I HEARD ABOUT THIS THIS NEW GAYMURR VEST, IT’S FUCKING SHIT!!!), to the informed (I have used, or am an expert in the field of X, and here is my opinion of X, and here is why.)

        Now, given the information we can assume James has at hand to judge this particular item, I’d say his take on it falls somewhere between the two extremes. If you can explain how an opinion which is based on at least some verifiable data is totally reactionary, I’d like to hear it.

        ” That is fine though, its an opinion piece, I’ll give it to you.”

        You aren’t giving me anything, as your initial statement was wrong. I am correcting you, and you are trying to acknowledge this whilst trying to act magnanimous. This is typical of people with an inflated sense of self-importance. Just a quick tip.


      9. “This is typical of people with an inflated sense of self-importance. Just a quick tip.”

        Well thanks for the tip. Apparently you seem to think you got me all figured out. Are you going to send me a bill for the diagnosis or am I a pro bono case?

        At least you can handle yourself with some tact. Some other posters could take a page from you and not just resort to immature antics of name calling and associations of shit that has no bearing. I have no real personal vendetta here other than killing some time, which I am out of now. You guys can rest easy, and don’t worry, I’ll be back. lol


      10. “Well thanks for the tip. Apparently you seem to think you got me all figured out. Are you going to send me a bill for the diagnosis or am I a pro bono case? ”

        What a ridiculously stupid thing to say. Firstly, I make no claim at any point that I have “figured you out”. Secondly, “figuring you out” wouldn’t require an investigative genius, as you seem to believe is the case. Thirdly, the supercilious tone of literally every post of yours on this site is absolutely transparent, and again, requires no great intelligence to spot.

        “At least you can handle yourself with some tact. Some other posters could take a page from you and not just resort to immature antics of name calling and associations of shit that has no bearing.”

        This is some borderline sycophantry. Get your tongue out of my arse and learn how to finish sentences properly.


      11. Jesus Fucking Christ you hubristic twat. All i did was fucking say good job on having a level of intelligence higher than the rest of the posters. But you can take that and shove it up your ass while you blow James. Fucking chode.


  2. So in your opinion its OK for him to write criticizing articles but other cant criticize him? At least I base mine with facts. But I am sure this will develop in to “SRD stalker” name calling shit instead of addressing the actual topic.


    1. I don’t give a single shit if you criticize him or not, but since you don’t seem to enjoy reading this website and your criticism isn’t gonna make James changes his style of writing this seems like a worthless effort on your end.


    2. >But I am sure this will develop in to “SRD stalker” name calling shit instead of addressing the actual topic.

      Even worse, you could be accused of James samefagging or being hexagramme/Associat0r (if Assetto Corsa is involved).


  3. Well it gives other readers a little more insight that maybe they shouldn’t go off of his sole opinion and maybe give the product a fair trial.


      1. Actually, James. You have your srd stalkers mixed up. Wayne Anderson (actual name; Terry Wayne Anderson from Middleway West Virgina) is a 70 year old, mentally ill srd member who has committed the past 5 years of his life stalking me and anybody he can possibly associate with me in real life in order to suppress content of mine for an obsolete racing simulator.

        Terry’s online racing buddy (44 yr old Danny Coral) served a fraud dmca complaint to go daddy domains the first day my site was opened in hopes of learning my actual name in order to harass and stalk me out of template making. But as you pointed out in the stalking article, he screwed up and instead came away with the identity of a friend of mine in another city. That didn’t stop them though, they literally doxxed and stalked her to death for an entire summer – Page 45 of the 80 plus page stalking thread from srd, 70 yr old Terry Wayne Anderson name dropping ‘Brian Hinderlong’ – Brian used to reside at the same house as my friend and her sister, his info and name was brought into it courtesy of the OCD doxxing/stalking campaign by the srd group –

        One look at Terry Anderson, you can tell he’s mentally fucked and disturbed altogether. He swiped a bunch of pictures of me, my friend which he has compiled onto a stalking/harassment page that has been online for years now. Including as you witnessed, google street view shots of my friend and her sisters house, public places she frequents like bars and restaurants, and a bunch of other deranged shit.

        As far as ‘hijinxtattoo’ he is just a hanger on at srd. His sole purpose there and in the community for over 5 years now is to kiss the ass and defend the site owner Matthew Aaron O’Reilly’s community feuds and anti-social stupidity. Hijinx most likely is in someway related to O’Reilly, because nobody in their right mind is going to commit the amount of time he has towards the stalking.trolling, etc. Never have I even interacted with this guy whatsoever, nothing on a personal level justifies his obsession with me, so that’s the only thing that makes any logical sense at this point. Matt is upset that his stalking crusade originating out of his site has received the bad press that it has on this blog. So Matt has enlisted one of his committed srd forum bitches ans stalkers ‘hijinxtattoo’ to camp out on this blog in hopes of discrediting James’ in any way imaginable as a means to save face for the fucked up stalkers and internet geeks at srd.

        Furthermore, that is the extent of ‘hijinx’ community participation. He has assembled one ‘spotter’ pack in ten years and hangs out at Matt’s sim paint site (sim racing design), yet he doesn’t sim paint whatsoever. He exists on the net simply to troll, defend srd’s antics to the point of embarrassment, and to interject his smug asshole personality into matters that don’t even concern him whatsoever. He’s a hipster, apartment dwelling d-bag with no life of his own whatsoever. Most likely with some shit job where he rakes 4 bucks an hour because the deadbeat has numerous child support obligations stemming from his failed life.


    1. Hijinx, mate. You really need a hobby, a job or a girlfriend/boyfriend to fill in your spare time. Hanging out on a blog and whining about every article is not healthy.

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      1. @hijinx it may surprise you to hear this but I do enjoy most of the content on the website. I don’t mean to speak for him but I’m sure that Trimaz and every other poster here would agree — it would be fine if you did anything other than complain constantly, but it seems like every single post that you deem fit to comment on, you make repeated vile, aggressive, negative comments, without ever indicating that you find any enjoyment in reading at all, other than posting bait-filled comments about how much you hate the place.

        And like Trimaz said, hanging out in a place you hate for hours on end isn’t healthy.


        1. @nathanmholden, hijinxtattoo is a guy named Wayne Anderson or “bowtiebandit” from Sim Racing Design.

          The site is notorious within the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season community for having a group of people that venture to other message boards and systematically harass other community members. He is one of them.

          There is no logical reason for this behavior other than mental illness. Prior to discovering, hijinx had been chasing after NR2003 modder “sb70” simply for making better car templates than what SRD could produce. He made the effort to find where sb70 lived, the local bars he hung out with, where his friend lived, and even wrote a song about him.

          As many of the high ranking members from SRD participate in this behavior, speaking out against it on their own forums will result in an IP ban.


      2. Spot on Nathanmholden, you summed it up perfectly.

        Hijinx, I will generally comment if I agree with the PRC guys’s articles. If I don’t or have no opinion then I will just spend 10 minutes contracting cancer from reading any SRD comments instead.

        James, mate. This shit is crazy, I don’t understand why these people keep persisting besides the obvious mental illness of course. I enjoy your blog, your writing style and generally agree with a lot of your opinions, hence, why I visit this site in the first place. So keep up the great work.


  4. This is a pretty impressive comment battle for a story about a pro gamer swag vest.

    BTW: the point of the vest is to transfer $135 from your bank account to theirs. That’s all it’s for.

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  5. @sb70: Calling other people a loser is real rich considering you are 40 years old, living with your mom, and having your girlfriend fund your website. Mooch much lately wifebeater?


      1. what is your guy’s facination with srd? holy shit man. Do you think the admins from srd tell a bunch of people ‘ok, go troll this website’? And they’d fucking listen? Paranoid much?

        Still doesn’t detract from the statement you aligned yourself with a wifebeater who lives with his mom. You’re familiar with domestic violence aren’t you James? Except you were the one getting your ass beat from a girl weren’t you? Some of us do research too Austin Ogonoski, I mean James 😉


      2. @Anon. We know James is Austin Ogonoski.

        He wrote an article months ago introducing himself. Why he goes by James is not of my concern. Probably the same reason why I go by Trimaz and you go by Anonymous.


      3. @anonymous

        those are some strong accusations to make against james. maybe you should be a good journalist and ask for her side of the story before making such rude statements. and while youre at it, back up what you said about sb70t too


    1. Claims he’s not from SRD – Uses the name Austin Ogonoski as a means to think he’s actually uncovered something.
      “detract from the statement you aligned yourself with a wifebeater who lives with his mom. ”

      That sentence screams SRD.

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  6. This is the 70 yr old srd approved webstalker, Wayne Anderson who owns the dedicated stalking site has been engaging in the rest of the deranged activity against me for years now –

    This is srd stalker ‘hijinxtattoo’ pic courtesy of himself from srd –


      1. If they’re going to take the time out of their lives to stalk me and others associated with me for this amount of time, I’m going to find out everything I possibly can about the loser stalkers and pass all that onto the proper authorities which I have years ago already. Including the pics above. No need to set those up on a dedicated stalking site or photoshop them whatsoever on my end of things, their pics speak for themselves (a bunch of fucking trash losers with no social lives)

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    1. lol jeez could of at least used a decent picture of me, that guy is hammered.

      Not one thing you claim to know about me is factual, but good to see you put effort in something rather than ripp it from someone. Id love to further fuck up this comment board but gotta get back to making that four dollars an hour to pay all those baby mommas.


      1. wtf are you talking about? I’m not a stalker (I don’t have a scrap book of pictures of you) you posted that yourself at srd, remember? All I can do is assume what sort of weird-ass would reserve every single weekend of his during the month of August to stalk and troll a blog in order to defend a bunch of stalkers from srd. Seems you have nothing better to do which obviously is the case considering how much of your live you have reserved to follow me around the net and pry into mine.


      2. “wtf are you talking about? I’m not a stalker”

        Lmao holly shit, did you really just post that? You started this shit dumbass, I know you cyber stalk a lot of people so maybe your memory is cluttered, or its just selective. I am going with the latter.

        You did come here and interject your typical lies and bullshit, plus claim innocence in a thread that had absolutely nothing to do with you. That kinda speaks for itself.




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  8. This thread would be a lot less confusing if it could of stayed on topic and not went into personal attacks and bringing up the same shit that is in every other thread already. One or two people actually debated my initial post, then guess what happened……..ignorance. And that ignorance draws a dumb fuck like Todd over. Cause he looks for this drama like a meth head looking for drugs in shag carpet.


    1. 1. It’s not a thread
      2. Yes this comments section would be a lot better if you hadn’t derailed it into personal attacks on the author because you have nothing to say about the actual topic in the first post you stupid cunt.

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  9. Hey all, you know what would be fun? if everyone would ignore hijinxtattoo comments, his purpose is to troll so the best way to counteract is not to answer him. Hopefully he will find a better hobby than to troll on websites…just sayin’

    The amount of time and dedication people committ to doing this is hilarious. Guess what he could have accomplished if he used this dedication for a good cause in his community (as in, society)!


  10. You seem like a tool to me so I guess I have to break it down for you.

    When you are in VR driving the car, the rumble comes through the seat via buttkicker.
    You get additional feedback through a vest.
    And you can buy a 6 dof rig if you want.

    But since you really are a tool I highly doubt you will understand what was just written.


  11. IS there a plan for this site to stop being shit? Like it has the past while. I dont know accept you fucked up and ask those that made the site better to come back?

    Because frat wars wont work.


    1. How about we require everyone to fill out the name form (no more anons) first? Anonymity may be good on a imageboard, but here people with names are doing the job even better.


      1. What’s the point? You could just shitpost and then reset your router, or post from your phone under another name. It’s not worth the effort and the echo chamber effect that inevitably springs from such moves, be they well intentioned or not.

        Better to deal with anons shitting up 90% of comments, but have 10% be fair judgements (these are not hard numbers, so feel free to not attack them) or whatnot than to have namefagging and deal with the consequent development of “personalities” which almost inevitably leads to either ridiculous levels of toadying (see reddit) or morons more interested in developing a persona (see hijinx and the like).



    This wasn’t very popular. In fact, people find more use for them now as audio transducers without using the vest nonsense as designed.

    I was/still am considering trying it (transducer on the underside of chair or hideous vest on the back of the chair). For $15, it’s the sort of thing I can slap together and get rid of if I get tired of it. I would wager the end result will be better for driving and flying sims than this >$100 vest.


  13. So, weirdo autistic breakdown in the comments notwithstanding, I can see the market for this thing.

    I’ve currently got a buttkicker gamer mounted to the additional shifter arm mount on my playseat, with the main part hitting the chair section. With it properly tuned, you get a neat sense of engine vibrations going through the shifter, and with the base frequencies properly set up, you can get the rumble off the curbing and a slight sense of when the rear end breaks free with the vibration changes. It really allows you to drive with your ass like you would in a real race car. Is it going to make you faster? Unlikely, but from an immersion standpoint, it’s a pretty neat little trick for ~150 bucks. With a proper 5.1 sound system, 60 inch LED mounted at eye height, G27, playseat, buttkicker, etc, I’m getting motion sickness and some disorientation when playing in a dark room after about 15 laps. There’s a little fatigue that sets in, much like when I’m actually on track. Tossing the vest into the mix would just add to that, could be a neat little piece of kit.


    1. A transducer like that makes perfect sense for immersion. This vest simply doesn’t make a great deal of sense in comparison or even in addition for driving and flying sims.

      Specifically, what sensations is it going to provide that shouldn’t ideally be felt through the seat and inputs? Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious.


  14. Amusing drama in comments aside, this vest looks like shit.

    The thing is it’s made as wearable (batteries, etc), but it isn’t. At least, I hope to never meet anyone who’s hooked it up with their music player.
    While the idea to deduce kinetic feedback from audiostream is clever (no need for a game to support an obscure SDK), I’m not quite sure it’ll be able to do it right all the time (or most of the time).

    The thing is, I don’t think it’ll do the job.
    Obviously, it’s hyped among the full-immersion/VR-is-coming crowd as an yet another thing that’ll give that immersion fix at last.
    The problem is, our bodies are fickle things with too many sensor systems to fool and fool simultaneously. While it’s certainly possible, it costs too much for home use.

    I’ve came to think that some people just believe that the discrepancy between what they see and what their inner ear indicates somehow will stop spoiling their fun.
    Well, it’s possible for almost everyone (BMP turret operators are usually people not useful in any other way, and the turret is gyrostabilized, providing roughly the same experience), but not via tech (though there were some trainers), but through the iterative process of being forced to clean up your vomit and being forced to get up there again.
    Not quite the experience you want to pay for.
    However, there’s a nifty little magical ralistic ultraimmersive thing cool kids and pad journos vouch for and just under $150… Now that you want to pay for. In fact, this thing was kickstarted, so there were quite a lot of people (over a thousand) dreaming about it.

    Is it snake oil? Nah. You get another part of your mish-mash Tron-like suit waiting for teh singularity to take you away.
    I won’t judge.


  15. All the guy did was point out something about the Ops writing. In all seriousness, he had valid point. After reading the other threads, I can see why he enjoys busting your balls.


  16. @Sb70t
    .Normally the “Victim” is just that, a victim. When you reported them to the FBI you were claiming you were a victim.However you are currently indulging himself in the same behavior you reported to the FBI about. The term can also be spun around to the SRD Group being the victims here as well if SB70T Can be labeled a Victim in this incident.

    Who gives a damn what they are doing to you SB70t.

    When you claim you’re a victim, you should’ve left everything to the FBI. Then stayed out of the issue
    But here you are Prattling on the PRC comment section, and on reddit, Harassing, Naming and shaming, Defaming.etc…

    Aka Doing the same things you SB70T reported them (SRD) to the FBI for,
    Originally yes you >were< a victim. But now Not even in the damn slightest. If you think you are a victim here at this point, you're mistaken.

    The Legal system is smarter than you think my boy Toad. They look at the WHOLE INCIDENT taking in from BOTH SIDES. Seriously toad the legal system doesn't revolve around the person who reports it first is the victim. That's not how it works,


    1. ” They don’t like AC, project cars, iracing’s physics, the project cars developers, raceroom, Ian Bell, Raceroom experience, etc.”

      Let me help you with this…. They don’t like SMS, they do like RRE, they do like AC. Try providing less uninformed personal opinion and maybe replace that wasted time with reading. Liking something doesn’t mean you are blind to its flaws.


  17. This website is crazy, I am pretty sure these guys have a reason to be hating on it. The people that claim innocence are usually the most guilty.


  18. As 4chan jerkers (who knows, might be) authors will be rude on every popular article, isnt it? ))) Old story of PR. But yes, this west isnt primary device for simracing. But its fun. Can u just be fun? stop hate the life around, dont pay for what fools will pay for their fun. 😉


  19. James circle grows smaller and smaller.I guess if you were ass raped by the family dog everyday, you’d have trust issues too. I guess……


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