NASCAR coming to Real Racing 3 by EA

I’m not sure how to feel about this, nor have I ever played Real Racing 3, but I guess this is a thing now.

Mobile licenses are traditionally considered separate to home console licenses, so don’t count on an EA Sports NASCAR game anytime soon, but this is nice I guess?

I don’t know, have any of you ever played Real Racing 3?


8 thoughts on “NASCAR coming to Real Racing 3 by EA

  1. Haven’t played this one in a while. I vaguely recall it having a slight twist on the usual “you have to wait X amount of time to play again” mobile gaming stuff.

    Downloading now.


  2. Looks like your standard arcade/mobile racer. Run through some tutorial challenges, upgrade parts through multiple stages. Upgrades and repairs require you to wait X amount of time before you can use the car again, or you can use the premium currency to eliminate the wait.

    Now I remember why I stopped playing this.


  3. Same here. Your typical EA free-to-play bullshit. A shame because it can be very fun and feels and controls great for a mobile game.


  4. I love this game. You can play a very long time before hitting the EA paywall if you’re smart about your cash and gold. Love playing sims on, but it’s nice for that Forza or GT unlockable/progression fix on my phone. Nice set of tracks, fairly big list of cars, really enjoying it.


  5. I played it a lot some time ago, the waiting for upgrades was not a problem after you got more cars because you always had somewhere to race, (the game has many series with a number of eligible cars), but what annoyed me since I started playing and eventually making me sick of it was the extremely stupid handling of the cars, where in the corners cars would suddenly lose grip and slow you down a lot, also when you dared to pass the track limits by centimeters. That was the case if you played without the assists…in case you had them on then the car would brake on its own in the corners as not to ”spin”, making you slower than if you turned off the aids and guess when the car would inexplicably lose traction. Overall, it seemed that it was meant to play with assists, as for you to get an advantage and be faster on the straights, not in the corners, making you keep upgrading you cars – spending more money (in-game money or real…preferably real).


  6. I probably logged 5 total hours with RR3 on my iPad 3 in 2013. Although I enjoyed the game, I used a suction cup joystick to steer, and had to enable a few assists, to drive with any semblance of consistency. After a few weeks, however, my interest waned, and RR3 was quickly uninstalled.

    Interestingly, the F2P model didn’t really bother me. After spending maybe $2 on three cars, I always had something to race while the others were in the shop.

    That said, I lost interest before confirming the workaround’s long term success.

    I’ve long since abandoned mobile gaming, and my iPad has become a glorified comic book/magazine rack.

    BTW, as far as mobile gaming is concerned, Super Stickman Golf is in a class by itself. Absolutely loved it.


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