The Great Equalizer has arrived – V8 SuperCars (and baseline setup) now available for Stock Car Extreme

GSC 2015-08-31 16-02-19-76At the beginning of the summer, Reiza Studios launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help crowdfund upcoming DLC for sleeper hit Game Stock Car Extreme. Promising a steady stream of content throughout the future that would see the South American hardcore racing sim expand to include globally relevant auto racing series, financial contributors were offered early access to both Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and the 2014 Holden Commodore V8 Supercar.

Those two pieces of content are now available to the general public in the Version 1.38 Update, along with trackside billboard updates and minor sound fixes.

This car, ladies and gentlemen, is The Great Equalizer.

GSC 2015-08-31 16-04-16-52Whether it be in public lobbies or serious online leagues, the guys at the front of the pack won’t be leading the race due to a super secret setup; driving this car is 100% reliant on your talent level. This is the car that will equalize the playing field, and unfortunately be a swift kick in the nuts for those whose skills could use some work. The car isn’t artificially hard to drive, you’re just constantly reminded multiple times per lap that it’s got six gears, no aerodynamic grip, and handles like a boat with way too much horsepower for its own good.

Had this car been released in a stand-alone V8 Supercars title, we’d be referring to that hypothetical game as the next Grand Prix Legends. Those on the fence about buying Game Stock Car Extreme, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Despite the track roster being 85% obscure South American facilities, there is now at least a car most auto racing fans unanimously love for you to bomb around in – and it’s fucking awesome.

GSC 2015-08-31 16-03-18-54To get you all started, I’ve whipped up a baseline setup that already seems to be competitive in public sessions. Hopefully Maple will do a setup guide for these beasts, as after half an hour of driving, I can already tell this is going to be big.

Just a bummer some of the default liveries are ugly as hell.


16 thoughts on “The Great Equalizer has arrived – V8 SuperCars (and baseline setup) now available for Stock Car Extreme

  1. Reiza said nothing about creating the other fake brands (not-Ford, not-Nissan, not-Volvo, not-Mercedes)? I looked for news regarding this on other sites and couldn´t find anything related to it.

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, it is already good enough that we have the Holden to play with it, but for me having the other brands would be extreme awesomeness. Also, the development would be much easier from now on, since it would be most about the 3D models and textures, most of the sounds and physics are a done deal.


  2. As a contributor, I didn’t contribute enough to qualify for the beta, so now I am hanging for my day at work to finish, go home, put the kids to bed and fire up one of these beasts.


  3. I had access to the beta but time did not allow me to do much with it – however was pleasantly surprised when the final product landed. Did a short online pick-up race and must say was impressed. The car feels very different to the Brazilian V8s and this is a good thing because you can feel the physics are different (as they are in real life) and thus requires a slightly different driving style to counter the understeer on the OzV8s for instance, and also turning in a lot earlier. You have to be more precise with these than the Brazilian V8s.
    I always feel in RaceRoom (as an example) that the physics of each car are not that different. They appear to be different because the sounds are different and perhaps the power map etc are adjusted according to car. But after cranking out tons of laps the basic handling etc seem the same be it a Porsche or BMW or Corvette or Group 5 car.
    Reiza got it right with this IMO. Bravo to the Boys from Brazil!
    On the downside for me: Montreal sucks as a race track for this type of car…. give us Watkins or Brands or Road Atlanta or Mugello…


  4. Used to love watching V8SC around 05/06. Always great to watch, proper touring cars. However, I can’t stand the things in any sim. Cockpit vision and RHD were my biggest issues, but really, I just haven’t enjoying lapping with them. Hell, I’ve probably enjoyed racing stock cars on road courses in NR03 more than these.


    1. If RHD is an issue, then you should try to deal with 99% of all simracing vehicles being opposite for us aussies. We don’t complain about it, and it’s hilarious that americans and europeans are complaining about the car being accurate.

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    2. You know, it never even occurred to me that rhd is a ‘problem’.

      Seriously, you’re doing something wrong if you aren’t comfortable with the layout (and thinking about setups) within a few laps.


    3. How triggering for you. I’d hate to see how on a holiday in the UK, Australia or Japan. Did you know, that every driver over there has to go through years of therapy because of it. It’s a shame how this abomination they call “right hand drive” has been able to plague mankind for so long, however I’ve read in some medical journals recently that cancer research has halted because some self-entitled video game players just bare the thought of driving a pretend car from the right hand side,.


      1. Fucking hell, I didn’t bash on the sim or on the series itself. I just stated that personally it bothered me enough to put me off from driving the cars in sims. FFS


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