Reader Submission #40 – iRacing’s Anti-Cheat Software

We haven’t covered this yet on, but today we received a Reader Submission from Plush Labs wondering if we could talk about iRacing’s new anti-cheating software that will be implemented in a few weeks time. The move comes after several rumors – most of which were true to a certain extent – of high ranking drivers using all different kinds of RAM hacks to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

It’s time to address this now.

11924781_10153571884671085_6574032482453425043_nI feel I should let you guys know that iRacing has announced they are going to be using Easy Anti-Cheat Software at the start of 2015’s fourth online season.

I had no idea cheating was such an issue that they have to go to EAC, which is also used by Valve for their series of games. There are grip, setup, and weather hacks to give you a large advantage over the rest of the field, it seems, or at least that’s what my google searching has led me to believe. I won’t be downloading the hacks and trying them out myself because I poured way too much money into the game to get banned from it for testing a hack, but I figure this is some decent news to report on. Maybe you’ll give them a spin just for kicks, I dunno… They say more will be shown when the Season 4 changelog rolls around.

iRacingSim 2012-01-29 18-57-18-45I was actually planning on writing about this when the new build came out, however it’s something we have been waiting for a long time to get to. As a NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series member, I’ve obviously seen some guys show up and dominate for an entire season, only to be half a second off pace the next year. Even the fixed setup provided in everyone’s default garage isn’t that slow!

There has always has been some fishy stuff in any racing game, I’ve known a few people personally who got banned for cheating, and I’m not going to name and shame, but I can tell you for a fact iRacing’s current way of finding cheaters is far from adequate and hopefully will be fixed by the new deal with EAC.

For the people I knew that did get banned, all of them went to iRacing themselves and said “Hey, you might want to take a look at this cause I was able to cheat and your detection didn’t catch me.” Of course, we got the normal iRacing reaction to this which was instantly ban that member – mostly to stop them from pointing out in the private iRacing forums what really happened and how they were actually trying to help the service. Other members that I wasn’t paticularly close to got caught after they straight up bragged in a public session of how they’d cheated the system.

The biggest surprise to me is browsing the forums last week, it seems that 50% of the people posting (idiots always talk the loudest) are against EAC and straight up say they will quit the game if EAC gets released. The main argument here is nothing more than “MUH PRIVACY!” In my opinion, I will be more than glad to see these mouth breathers, along with all the Forza kiddies that showed up after iRacing 2.0, leave and make iRacing a better place.

No proof iRacing even had prior anti-cheat functionality in the first place has ever been presented, and the way they have reacted to stuff in the past, as well as the amount of people that just magically gain or lose a 1/2 second here or there, I highly doubt they even have anti-cheat at this point. This may very well be the first taste of what real iRacing anti-cheat software is like. It’ll be very interesting in the coming weeks to see who loses pace and who gains it after this new build comes out.


14 thoughts on “Reader Submission #40 – iRacing’s Anti-Cheat Software

  1. I raced in an rFactor VHR league for a couple of years a while back. We had a couple of guys who seemed a lot quicker than their talent explained. We got suspicious when one of them was 4 tenths faster than me in qualifying at Daytona. I would’ve been on pole, with the rest of the top ten all being within 0.1 to 0.2 of me. And there’s that one guy, 0.4 faster than anyone else could possibly go.

    We put an anti-cheat measure in place a few weeks later. Those two guys were gone within about a month after that. Left on their own.

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  2. I too am amazed that this cheating thing is an issue in Pretend!!! Racing. I have always wondered how some guys on iRacing arrived and were instantly two or three seconds per lap faster than anyone. I put it down to me (and quite a few others in my lap-time-zone being shit and the others guys being really good – heroes if you will. Now I will always be suspicious of anyone doing times that boggle the mind….


  3. There is no cheating in gaming ever. End of Rine.

    we dont not ding don banu

    In any competition if there is a way to gain an advantage – it will be found and exploited.
    End of Rine.

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