Is this Karma? 4Chan’s GT3 league admins have some explaining to do…

With the entry list approaching a whopping 90 participants as the second season is set to begin this Saturday afternoon, 4Chan’s GT3 league is possibly the greatest online racing series you’ve never heard of. Featuring a relaxed atmosphere and several prominent drivers that form a USFL-like starting grid, the site that brought you NFL stadium bomb threats, bank robbers, and surprise birthday parties have demonstrated on numerous occasions that there’s nothing they love more than Neo-Nazi’s and European Sports Car Racing.

And somehow, they managed to mess it all up with mere days before the first race of the season at Watkins Glen.

GSC 2015-08-17 23-28-11-13Over the summer, a group of guys from 4Chan made headlines here for embarrassing a legitimate sim racing modding team. The European Endurance Center was hard at work converting their massive modern GT3 mod to Reiza’s Game Stock Car Extreme, and ran into several roadblocks that delayed the mod for an indefinite amount of time. A handful of people from 4Chan managed to get access to the most recent beta build of the EEC GT3 mod, fixed all issues that stumped the EEC mod team, injected real life GT3 data from a variety of teams to make the cars handle more realistically, and then optimized the mod for league capabilities. The European Endurance Center guys were so devastated, they outright cancelled their version of the mod, and then tried to claim 4Chan “stole their work” – even after it was revealed that most of the car models the EEC team used were illegally ripped from Shift 2 Unleashed and Real Racing 3.

4Chan members ignored the drama over “stolen” mods, and those overseeing the series promised that unlike previous outings hosted by volunteers, this season of the GT3 series would be taken much more seriously; proper penalties would be handed out, there would be a much greater emphasis on clean driving, and the competitive environment would be looked after more thoroughly. Instead of a small group of talented drivers weaving through dangerous backmarkers, 4Chan as a whole were striving for a genuine organized online league format this time around.

The group pressed right on ahead with Season 2 of their GT3 league, releasing a few updates that adequately balanced all of the available cars while retaining all of their individual characteristics, and held numerous test races to sort out the remaining bugs. Myself, Sev, and Maple all participated in one of the test races held at Interlagos, and the event was fantastic.

The cars handled as if someone tried to make the 2014 ADAC GT3 cars from RaceRoom Racing Experience within Game Stock Car Extreme, the racing was clean, the server performed smoothly, and no one car was dominant. I ran the test race in the BMW Alpina B6, and the car definitely displayed all of the characteristics I’d expect from an outdated GT3 car. The only reason I won the race was because the leader in his Callaway Corvette didn’t conserve his tires properly, and I slowly reeled him in about half an hour into the event. There was every indication we were ready to begin the season.

GSC 2015-08-17 23-31-54-69But as the start of the season drew closer, 4Chan lost sight of their goal to create a legitimate online racing series within the confines of a dangerous website.

First, concerns were made about some of the people working on the mod. One of the administration members was a driver who had been banned the previous season for reckless driving, and it reflected poorly on any decisions the administrators made. How could you trust a guy who’d been banned for reckless driving and was generally unable to run at a competitive pace to ensure the mod was of a decent quality?

1Second, the schedule was still largely open to interpretation. There are apparently two very good versions of Watkins Glen available for Stock Car Extreme, and the exact version we’d be running wasn’t decided on until earlier today, even though the tentative schedule had been announced over two weeks ago. This left people confused as to which track they should be practicing on.

WGThird, the lack of a finalized schedule also meant no legitimate practice server had been put up yet – which has been the 4Chan standard for several seasons now. While the 4Chan server was indeed running the GT3 mod, it had been set on a rotation of tracks that don’t appear on the schedule, meaning testing and setup building was a complete waste of time. This was justified by administration and others by saying the server would go up for practicing once the final revision to the mod’s physics were made, and not to worry about it in the first place since it’s not a very serious league – even though as you’ll see in screencaps, that was the intention..

Untitled-3Fourth, when the update finally dropped, it was two days before the start of the season and introduced numerous problems. While the fast drivers would be able to adapt to the drastically different cars, the league is intended for drivers of all skill levels, a large majority of which drive with Xbox 360 controllers and genuinely need more than two days worth of practice given the length of the races and the fact that the game isn’t Forza – especially now that the series would have proper stewards for the first time who policed on-track activity.practiceAnd practice would be needed; despite administration claiming the cars drove nearly identical and people wouldn’t notice the difference…

Untitled-7…the changelog indicated otherwise.

Untitled-5And this was reinforced by virtually everybody. Keep in mind, there wasn’t actually a need for this unnecessary BoP update – the test races went extremely well and didn’t indicate there was a need for further performance balancing.

Untitled-0000Adding to what was quickly becoming a mess of a final update, the McLaren 650S GT3, inserted at the last minute as a surprise, was now a half second faster than the rest of the grid.

1441242326346A day later, the stance on the 650S, Watkins Glen, and the overall schedule was changed:

650s2I think this whole mess is really unfortunate. 4Chan blew the doors off of a legitimate mod team and accidentally refined what’s possibly the greatest GT3 mod available for Game Stock Car Extreme, and for reasons that still haven’t been explained, went ahead and broke it for no justifiable reason. Keep in mind, we were ready to race and eagerly anticipating the practice server to go up. There was no purpose for a complete overhaul in how the tires and aerodynamics behaved which fundamentally changed how the cars drive, two days before the drop of the first green flag and after several highly competitive test races where there were no tangible balance issues between each car.

Is this karma? Probably. I’m sure the EEC boys will be mighty pleased to see 4Chan struggling, one way or another.


49 thoughts on “Is this Karma? 4Chan’s GT3 league admins have some explaining to do…

    1. Holy fuck you guys are the biggest drama queens in the entire fucking world. You are blaming 4chan for this? You guys played an equal if not bigger part in the demise of this mod.

      Now you are sitting here judging /ovg/ as if you aren’t to blame as well? Couldn’t just wait until EEC finished the mod? Now you post about how EEC must love this, stop trying to play both sides of the fence and claim that you are innocent.

      This place is cancerous.


    1. Considering how retardedly this whole pre-season was handled, I can already see them stick to their shit tire model now. This is even worse than the seasons before


      1. …I don’t know, and also was wondering the same thing. It certainly should be technically possible for them to use the old version. I think personal pride is the reason why they don’t.


  1. Been watching this all unfold, and I’m not too surprised given it’s 4chan.

    There are a few nice, calm people there (briefly met G.Fin & Becauseracecar during a practice session), but the rest seem to be ‘shitposters’ hiding behind anonymity.

    TL;DR – hurr durr 4chin

    At this point, I’m just waiting until Saturday to bother with any updates/changes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi there!
      You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn’t necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you’re making!
      Now, there’s no need to thank me – I’m just doing my bait to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!


  2. lmao. i was one of the few who asked for the date to be pushed back earlier in the week but i guess that was too fuckin much to ask. people complained about booking the time off work, but what the fuck’s the point if you’re gonna get bopped off by retards who haven’t practiced since the track was changed and BoP was dropped? i bet EEC fanboys are laughing their sides into outer space watching 4chan try to slap together a series after claiming EEC didn’t know shit about GT3 cars. Admittedly, they don’t. But you’d at least expect 4chan to keep from embarrassing themselves under the fanboys’ watchful eyes.

    bring gnik rats back, none of these idiots know what they’re doing.

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  3. welcome to PRC where, well……. its fuck you. One day it will be a positive story but it will be about me. Gotta check out my badass go-cart skills in my neighborhood. Maybe one day I will be accepted to a community, just maybe.


    1. You’re not banging anybody with your joke ass conan obrian hipster pompadour you faggot. Enjoy your 4th weekend in a row stalking a video game blog.


  4. How about joining the reddit ACRL league?
    Caring and good admins. American league as well!
    Also include our own “specially crafted for our league” Ferrari GT3 mod.


  5. “have demonstrated on numerous occasions that there’s nothing they love more than Neo-Nazi’s and European Sports Car Racing.”

    Mate that’s YOUR skin


  6. how to sign up? link please. For someone not familiar with 4chan it’s a weird place where finding anything is not an easy comfortable experience, where the prospect of seeing some scarring filthy porn image is just a click away.


    1. It really doesn’t sound like it’s worth the effort at this point. With only a few decent racers and several people who lack any sort of consistency, it’s not going to be much fun.


    2. All the information you need is in the opening post of ovg threads, and it’s a work safe board. And don’t listen to naysayers, James or otherwise, it’ll be great fun.


  7. Reminds me of every other league out there. Just some nerd who can make a website trying to make people play by his or their rules. Sim community is fucked without someone stealing iracings thunder.
    Just a bunch of turds trying to pretend to be elite.

    Why is heat racing so hard to pull off. Just make servers that kick slow people down and fast people up.
    It’s all their in your lap times. Just have to put similar laps in the same lobbies. SMH. So simple


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