It’s a Witch Hunt out there…

Consider this a sequel to yesterday’s Reader Submission from Ruben Galvez Lopez; I think I’ve found the most pathetic display of sim racing elitism – the exact kind of condescending, poisonous behavior Ruben claims may be tearing apart sim racing from the inside out.

In a Steam thread comparing Assetto Corsa and iRacing, user DogonCrook snaps and points out that the same handful of users within the forums appear to be involved in an endless argument about modern racing sims across multiple forum threads, with no clear end in sight. The guy is frustrated with the current environment of racing sim forums, as most discussions descend into wild fanboy arguments and accusations of certain members being alternate accounts of known trolls. Essentially, he’s tired of every discussion about a game’s flaws turning into an outright witch hunt.

DogonUser SeriousSpy responds by accusing DogonCrook of being a known troll under an alternate account, essentially displaying the exact behavior that many have grown frustrated with and proving that DogonCrook’s complaints about the sim community are legitimate.SS1Crook fires back, upset that the most he’s done is jump into a thread telling people to stop arguing, and other members continuously accuse him of being another person. We’ve confirmed DogonCrook is indeed some random motherfucker on Steam and not who he’s accused of being. This quickly turns into a skirmish that lasts several pages, and confused at the bizarre display of behavior within a simple Assetto Corsa vs. iRacing debate, Crook summarizes the overall situation for us quite nicely:

DCAnother user by the simple name of Jim offers a little support, recalling a time where Steam users accused him of being a Slightly Mad Studios staff member simply for stating Project CARS was a better overall game compared to Assetto Corsa, with much more to see and do – which is true. While Project CARS ships with a fair bit of bugs, glitches, and oddities that prevent people from doing much of anything within the title, Project CARS at least has a lot of different shit to do when it works.

JimCrook ends the argument with the fantastic quote (and I’ve chopped this up to my standards)

  • “It’s as if I hit up AT&T’s customer service line with a genuine complaint, and instead of being told to reset my router, the guys on the other end said YOU WORK FOR SPRINT! YOU’RE ON THE COMCAST FORUMS ALWAYS SAYING HE WAS CHARGED WRONG BUT COMCAST NEVER DOES THAT! HE’S FLAMING! I mean, how crazy is that?”

I’ve experienced similar scenarios regarding completely different games. When NASCAR The Game 2011 was first released and the game was a steaming pile of shit, many users vocal about how terrible the game was on the official forums were outright banned – even those who didn’t throw insults at others and wrote lengthy bug reports detailing the absurd things they were seeing during normal gameplay. When the 2013 version of the game was listed as Open Beta and the Steam forums encouraged discussion of what Eutechnyx could improve, again, users with genuine complaints such as myself were quickly silenced and deemed haters. As it stands right now on metacritic and with’s own reviews, the haters didn’t have some irrational vendetta, but were simply telling the truth about the product.

sscAnd above is what happens when we published a 2500 word article on iRacing’s Street Stock Camaro. Instead of debate anything written in the article, such as the car’s aerodynamics or tire physics, the initial reaction from fanboys was to claim I’d been banned and had a crazy vendetta against iRacing. Of course, it was relatively easy to prove them wrong, but as a person simply engaging in a discussion like DogonCrook above, it’s strange to see kids you’ve raced against and know you weren’t actually banned completely happy with blatantly making shit up because you criticized their favorite game. That’s the norm, now.

This is now what video game message boards have become. There is no discussion, it’s an endless witch hunt. While this environment exists across all different types of genres, the effect of this is magnified when it comes to sim racing. These games basically require you to engage within the community to some extent in order to download mods, join online races, and find out about the future of the game since a whole lot of titles are shipping in unfinished – sorry – a state of ongoing development. And this means you’ll be exposed to what you see above.

888Welcome to 2015, where a post like misterbeam’s comments about Assetto Corsa versus the isiMotor game engine will be seen as a personal attack to some, and warrant a barrage of comments saying how he’s out to ruin a company’s reputation.


27 thoughts on “It’s a Witch Hunt out there…

    1. If this faggot could fuck himself in the ass he would. He doesn’t need you, hexociator fucks him real good every night.

      The only witch hunt out there is your constant fucking quest to start drama. Or start something about Assetto Corsa or iRacing. Basically anything that isnt GSC or R3E he will shill for.


  1. Not gonna cast doubt on misterbeam’s motivations, but… him saying shit doesn’t make it true. Any more than anyone else posting pseudonymously on the internet is telling the truth. He could be a 12 year old farm kid who’s never driven anything faster than a tractor, and because his opinion’s anti-AC, suddenly it’s screenshotted and pasted in every thread about AC on here…

    There are obviously flaws in AC same as any other game, but a small group definitely has a vendetta against it that’s poisoning the well for any other users who have issues, and it’d probably be better to ban those guys than to blame the community for reacting to their presence.


    1. misterbeam is a member of Virtua Simulazioni, a mod team for Assetto Corsa that has put out well-received cars such as the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5. The fact that you instantly tried to hypothetically poke holes in what a member of a highly respected mod team had to say about the technical aspects of a modern sim pretty much proves exactly what I was trying to say with the article. It’s as if everyone is on a witch hunt.


      1. Whether he’s part of the team that made the FR3.5 (if so they forgot to credit his work on the mod), I’m still going to consider anything too vague to replicate myself as pebkac. If the ffb is providing too much information, what? If the physics engine is generating wrong results from the right data, which data?


  2. Well, the steam forums are particularly bad, though it’s certainly a problem any place I’ve seen this discussed.

    Same thing is happening with flight sims. Currently, we have bos, clod, x-plane, fs/p3d, il2 1946 and warthunder people bickering over perceived ‘realism’ and why their chosen game is best. Each and every one of those titles has particular strengths and weaknesses, there’s no ‘best’.

    I’m not the kind of person who plays one game for multiple months consecutively, so I can’t really understand any of the ‘game X is outright best because opinion’ arguments.


    1. lol, it’s amazing how quickly people comment when they are in an article.

      Believe me, we are all fully aware of how much spam he posts to support his keyboard-based perceptions. Personally, I don’t blame you for being a touch paranoid.

      At this point, I think it’s best to just ignore him. Without a wheel, he will never understand the difference between feel and numerical accuracy. Currently, we cannot get the best of both in a single package.


      1. Says the moron who think his subjective and poorly informed opinion can measure something that takes an empirical method to check. You’re an absolute tool. The whole fucking toolbox all by yourself. Since Kunos and SMS released their fake next gen sims the simracing scene has filled with mainstream average wanabe gamers with no effin clue but big loud mouth full of stupidities. You’re ve seen Idiocracy? You’re one of them idiots.


      2. Anddd your reply does absolutely nothing to support your position. Nice. Enjoy racing against the AI with your keyboards, as you’re certainly not on pace with the ‘casuals’ practicing in their ‘fake’ sims or the ‘real’ ones.

        Yet again, you have provided zero empirical evidence of your own. You sound angry and irrational, as expected.


  3. How these people find so much time to quarrel and go on witch hunts is beyond me. I barely find time to simrace and when I do have time to do that I just simrace. I’m only active in the community briefly during work breaks or when I can read an article or two on my phone. Maybe this is why the servers are so empty? Everyone is on the forums fighting?


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