Y’all remember you helped Crowdfund some stuff and it got released, right?

GSC 2015-09-05 18-46-41-80Throughout July of 2015, South American game developer Reiza Studios held a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in an effort to help afford the development costs of producing more post release DLC for Game Stock Car Extreme.  While the game was considered released and on the market for an affordable $30, a major downfall of the Brazilian racing sim was exactly that; the lack of any recognizable content.

Centered around Stock Car Brasil and the various amateur support series, those who had braved the unfamiliar tracks and heavy duty DTM-like cars genuinely enjoyed what the game had to offer, but many wished for Reiza to include more recognizable cars and tracks within their sim. The technical wizardry Reiza showcased within GSCX breathed new life into the aging isiMotor engine and supercharged the imaginations of sim racers everywhere – “if only Reiza could try their hand at this car” – they thought. The crowdfunding campaign essentially answered everybody’s prayers; the dev team just needed a bit of their cash to make it happen.

The result? More than 1,200 people collectively threw $104,000 at Reiza Studios. That’s a lot of money. On average, each person donated roughly $87 to Reiza Studios, triple the cost of what the actual game costs. Damn son, y’all must love this game, I can’t wait to race with y’all online!

ReizaHeadlining the DLC financed from this crowdfunding campaign was the 2014 Holden Commodore as seen in the Australian V8 Supercars series. There has been no licensed racing sim featuring Australia’s premier auto racing championship since ToCA Race Driver 3 in 2006, and most people have mixed opinions on the various third rFactor mods that depict the series. This is unfortunate, as V8 Supercars are generally regarded to be one of the most exciting professional motorsports series in the world – saloon sedans with far too much horsepower approaching speeds of 300km/h, and far too little stability for their own good – and there was no way to race an accurate version in a racing sim.

Reiza’s crowdfunded DLC promised to solve that, and people were hyped as fuck, cheering on the team every step of the way on numerous message boards and news outlets. In fact, despite the game costing a meager $30, Reiza revealed that those who had purchased the Level 5 contribution package and upwards  – a payment of no less than $75, more than double the amount of the cost of the game – would receive beta access to the 2014 Holden Commodore.

75I’ll spell it out for you in case you’re lost: These people paid over double the amount of the actual game, just to drive a car that everybody else would have for free a few weeks later. And of course, we got a few videos from reputable sources within the sim racing community telling us how awesome it is and that everybody would love it.

Then, the rest of us got our hands on it.

GSC 2015-09-05 18-43-36-42Since their inception in the late 1990’s, V8 Supercars have traditionally been unstable land yachts with 650 Horsepower. This is why the series naturally creates an insane spectacle each and every weekend of the season – the drivers are not only fighting each other for position, but fighting the car to keep it pointed in the right direction. It’s a very hard car to drive, but very rewarding when you get it right. The version Reiza released for Game Stock Car Extreme remained faithful to these characteristics, but this created a rather hilarious issue mere minutes into the first public lobbies opening.

Not everybody had the talent to drive the car some shelled out $75 for.

GSC 2015-09-05 18-51-08-84My first experience with the car was in a public session at Montreal, a flat city circuit currently on the Formula One schedule that does an 650 Horsepower land yacht no favors. People were constantly spinning as if they’d never even seen footage of these cars on YouTube, smashing into every concrete wall possible as the rear tires frequently wandered out from under them. Most quit during practice or qualifying in a fit of rage, unable to complete a single lap, with the 20 or so people who stuck around for the start of the race eventually DNFing due to damage from self-spins. When my tires finally gave out and I pounded the wall hard enough to end my day, I retired for a third place finish. I was leading at the time.

Another website had an eternal practice server at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, which is much better suited for these cars due to elevation changes that allow you to apply the throttle more liberally. Myself and Maple became frequent visitors of this server, yet were constantly frustrated that we couldn’t find anyone to challenge us – despite a whole host of new names coming into the server who were fairly friendly in the chat box, we were still a good 1.5 seconds up on the rest of the entries, most of whom we’d find parked on the side of the track with various levels of damage before warping back to the pits. On one or two occasions, someone would beat our times by a tenth or two, kindly sharing their setup afterwards as an act of sportsmanship, only for us to load their setup and see they’d been running on Soft Compound tires and taken all the fuel out of the thing.

So we’d put on the softs, blow out their time within a few laps, and suddenly we’d see:

John Smith has disconnected.

GSC 2015-09-05 18-47-11-93RaceDepartment had a Bathurst public server up today, and for those who don’t follow V8 Supercars, Australian’s are crazy enough to race ill-handling family saloons on a narrow mountain pass for a prestigious 1000 kilometer event every October. It’s not uncommon for drivers or animals to die during this event. The room never had more than seven or eight people populating it at any given time, and it was not uncommon for someone to join the room, only to disconnect five minutes later without registering a single lap. By the time myself and Maple had gotten a few decent laps under our belt, most people in the room were a good two seconds off pace, and the guy ahead of us was once again in Qualifying trim despite it being obvious nobody would wait out the 55 minutes for practice to end.

When we did come up on another car making laps, often they became nervous and smashed into the wall, which at Bathurst causes a track blocking accident 99% of the time.

GSC 2015-09-05 18-44-07-84This car is extremely rewarding to drive, and given that myself and Maple will be competing in the upcoming Touring Pro Series V8 Supercars Championship under Walk Racing, even if we find ourselves in a room where everyone’s nailing the wall and making themselves look like idiots, we don’t mind showing up, conversing with the crowd, and running laps to work on car setups.

The thing is, even on launch day, there wasn’t much of a crowd to begin with. Less than a week after the car’s release, and after people threw nearly triple the cost of the game at Reiza so they could produce killer additional content like Montreal and the 2014 Holden Commodore to extend the lifespan of the title, here’s what the server browser looked like on a Saturday Night:

GSCXAfter people claimed the vanilla content in Stock Car Extreme is every reason to throw $104,000 at Reiza Studios so they can develop more official bonus content for the game, the most populated public server is for a converted third party mod on a converted third party track, and 82% of servers cannot be joined by those who stick to the vanilla content. For another redundant statistic, 47% of the most popular servers are locked to the general public and intended for private community or league use, giving some traction to my own believe that public lobby racing is basically dead.

As for the 2014 Holden Commodore, a car some paid over $75 to drive a few weeks early and unanimously praised? There are two people driving it in a practice session five days after it was released to the general public.

leddit1As the title of this entry says, y’all remember you threw like, $104,000 at a game developer so they could make some stuff for you and it got released the other day, right? Because it sure doesn’t look like it.


89 thoughts on “Y’all remember you helped Crowdfund some stuff and it got released, right?

    1. Brake horsepower (bhp) is the measure of an engine’s horsepower before the loss in power caused by the gearbox and drive train. Brake horse power is the power delivered directly to and measured at the engine’s crankshaft minus the frictional losses in transmission whereas Horsepower (hp) does not include losses.


      1. I don’t intent to make this more complicated than it needs to be but in the first post I was reffering to ”normal” (nominated) horsepower – the difference between that and BHP would not be that big. Now, from BHP to WHP there can be, indeed, a larger difference but still not enough to make it 200 horsepower.


  1. Tried em once, didn’t like them. They’re heavy, can’t turn, and can’t stop. I have no attachment to Super V8 class of car to begin with, so I just don’t care much for the cars. It’s not for me.


  2. is it me, or does this article sort of imply that offline racers don’t count? I think most of the online racers are in iRacing, GSCE gets more of the offline racers like myself. I’ve done a lot of laps against the AI with this, just haven’t been online because I’m not a big online racer. I must have done about 8 hours at Phillip Island alone, that track is sooo much fun in these things


    1. …to clarify after re-reading that, I’m not trying to say you’re *intentionally* saying offline racers don’t count, maybe just forgot about us


      1. What is the point of mentioning people who don’t contribute to the online side of things in anyway? You guys in no way benefit the multiplayer community so of course you are going to be left out.


      2. Maple, you can’t fully analyze a game based on its multiplayer activity when that game also has offline game play, and in sim racing games, that’s the majority of their usage. Online has remained a niche for many years and the trend continues. It is a small niche in the niche of what sim racing is. Though this online community is also the most vocal as a group, and are the ones that use multiplayer more often. And want to speak for the game as a whole, often coming out with stuff like “drop road cars, drop offline, drop ai, massively invest in online”. Why doesn’t this whole group join a game exclusively for online service if they complain about the diversity offered in a 45€ game.


      3. The point is those offline exclusive players don’t effect the multiplayer in any way, if you haven’t noticed this blog is primarily online related. I constantly play offline in other games as well but nothing I do offline is going to effect other players online while I am offline.


      4. If offline racers count, there’s certainly not many of them, either. Below is the Steamcharts activity since the V8 Supercar has been released. Steamcharts takes into account every person who is signed into Steam and has the Stock Car Extreme running on their PC, regardless of what mode they’re playing.

        Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a group of renegade Stock Car Extreme players who collectively disconnect from the internet before booting up the EXE.


      5. There are the “renegades” who own the non-steam gsce. So is possible there is another 50-100 of people in-game, which then might be in the online servers too. So SCE’s online servers are made of steam and non-steam users.


    2. Purely out of curiosity, what keeps you from racing online?

      I was a offline only guy for a long time, but finally bought an iRacing sub, and absolutely love it.

      Then again, I was racing offline b/c online seemed too complicated and I didn’t want to suck publicly.


  3. Damn please keep interested for another week. I’ve been overseas for 2 months and been gagging to have a spin. As soon as i arrive home I’m straight on the empty servers.


  4. I don’t get it at all… you are complaining because people don’t race online? That has always been the reality. A very very small % of the total players go online be it in public servers or leagues. Even in sims with more people and full rooms there is a much bigger number of people that just want to drive offline. It’s sad if you are a online racer, but that’s the reality and has always been like this.


    1. It doesnt have to be that way though. IRacing already proved that if you structure and design a game in a way that is friendly to online play, theres actually a large number of players willing to play online. Many who even converted from single player racing.

      The problem is that nobody besides them had even tried, thus we get the current situation where nobody plays online. Its a self perpetuating problem that starts with how these games are designed, and have been, for decades.

      The reason nobody plays online in racing sims is because only one sim on the market encourages it, and it’s absurdly expensive.


      1. IMO if iRacing had offline mode with proper AI and all that they’d have a much bigger player base but as any other sim most would just go offline.
        But yeah you are right, they got it nice to a point, but it’s expensive + not accepting mods so I wouldn’t join it even if I considered the business model “fair”.

        I think ISI should invest on a system like iRacing, specially because the online pass they sell… without this it’s just senseless to me even tho I consider it the best sim in the market right now


      1. lol who are really the ones making an ass of themselves here? The guy posting shit in the comments or the dumb fucks who go along with it?


      2. Look, its Todd “I am not stalking you” Weaver. Got some balls talking about someones appearance with that fucked up bald head of yours.


      3. I have had a pretty big day of cashing welfare checks and finding a parking spot for my trailer. Gotta make sure I wash my wife beaters too, Yehawww! I dont have the energy for moms and sisters tonight, might just take all your the grandmas on.


      4. James buddy your stupid screen cap of my IP is stretched over a month. And every time I have visited this site over that month is fucking childish crybaby shit, so I comment about it. So all you have proved is that you bitch a lot and I call you a retarded faggot for you it. Good Job.


      5. That be longtime srd user ‘hijinxtattoo’ for sure. After 5 years of him making ocd comments about me on srd, trolling me site to site, I almost don’t need to look at the Florida IP (but) no surprise that it’s exactly the same. In fact, ‘hijinx’ was the very first IP banned from my site when I opened it over two years ago now. He signed up as ‘challenger’ to give me the slip…

        But I already had his IP banned before he even tried to sign up : D


      6. That is not the actual hijinxtattoo, I think its actually his old partner Chip. Hijinx has not been around in awhile, I knew someone(Chip) was using his account at SRD but didnt know all this craziness was going on.


      7. Excellent, a new layer of drama!

        “But I already had his IP banned before he even tried to sign up : D”


        Also, what do you mean by ‘partner’ and who the hell is ‘Chip’?


      8. Hijinx and Chip use to work together at the old Dirty Air web site http://dirtyairracing.freeiz.com/ which latter became http://dirtyair.webs.com/sprint-cup. Hijinx got deployed a couple years ago and let Chip use the tattoo name as it was more well known with the site. I am not really clear on all the details around it. But I talked to Chip a few months ago thinking it was Hijinx and he told me that he wasnt making spotter packs with him anymore. I was confused at why he was still using the name though. I normally wouldn’t get involved but I dont think Hijinx is aware of what is happening at this site with his name.


      9. hey Archie, why don’t you mind your own fucking business. You don’t know anything about anything. I know you texted KC and tried to say I was talking shit about him too. As I remember it you were asked to leave the team for not pulling your weight, just seems like sour grapes to me bitch.


      10. Yes, I texted him and sent him a link to this site on FB. I am really sure he appreciates you deflamating his username. Why aren’t you using your own again?


      11. Wait wait… So this chip guy is actively pretending to be this hijinx guy? He went right along with the picture someone posted as if it was him talked about his ‘family’ etc.

        Seriously, what the fuck is going on? Oh yeah, fuck you Archie for revealing this information, what a horrible thing to do (sarcasm).


      12. Try submitting your request here: xxxxoggyxxxx@gmail.com (from the submit page, idk of another way to contact them)

        As far as I remember, there’s only one photo and it’s already publicly uploaded to SRD anyways, so there’s probably not much to worry about aside from some wacky sounding comments.


  5. As someone (was it I?) said earlier, it looks like GSCE V8S is suffering from the “Darkstalkers Effect”; this and Capcom’s Darkstalkers Resurrection were highly hyped and positively received, but in the end nobody was playing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nobody gave a shit about another cash in rerelease of a game they could already play online.

      You can rather expect any remotely powerful car without traction control that doesn’t race on ovals to be a spectacular flop in terms of actual user popularity in any sim, although they still often drive sales from real world familiarity.


  6. Just wanted to make you aware that the Racedepartment club race in SuperV8s at Bathurst tonight has 32 signups. I know it’s not public, but it’s not exactly hard to get in either.


    1. Yo why the fuck do I have to pay to join a scheduled pick-up race that doesn’t mean anything? I don’t make my buddies pay an entrance fee when we all decide on a time and place to play basketball at the park together.


      1. I get that true open lobby racing is more convenient. When I joined the same race on the open server yesterday I got punted off no less than two times and what I think was a 20 minute race. Gotta take it in stride, I guess. But you are right in that decent drivers should be encouraged to join public servers more often. Oh well, I am off to offline practice. Gotta figure out whether I can do a 60 minute race on Bathurst sans pit stop in these. I am missing like 10 litres of fuel.


      2. Unrelated to RD premium stuff. Here in Europe we most of the time have to rent for 1-2 hours the pitch to play football with a group of friends. Every shares the costs, so is 3-5€ for each person per session, depending how many are joining.

        But of course there can also be public parks where you can play various sports, but if you want the place just for yourself and you don’t own it, then you need to rent it for the session.


  7. For the record, I have non-steam GSCE. On that note, I also haven’t launched GSCE at all since the content came out of beta (or any other sim/game).

    When I do get back into it, I will be off pace for a while, meaning yet another player who will not offer any competition to james and maple.

    Sorry chaps, I think you just need to run intentionally handicapped setups for now, haha!


  8. On the “Ya’ll crowdfunded this” point, I think it’s also worth mentioning some backers had no interest in the campaign until the Formula V10 was teased, which I imagine garnered the same, if not more interest than the SuperV8, as well as other features like tire-damage and wing-flex that got people interested, it wasn’t $104K -just- for the SuperV8 afterall.


    1. Hi there!
      You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn’t necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you’re making!
      Now, there’s no need to thank me – I’m just doing my bait to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!


      1. I don’t know why, but that paragraph full of exclamation points makes me hate you on principal.

        Wait, of course I know why… fuck you, that’s why. Welcome to a new culture.

        🙂 now I feel better


    2. actually good observation, people also crowdfunded because of other content and gameplay updates, not just v8 supercars. Though people seemed excited at first with V8s, but who knows when the game gets more updates and different content.


      1. Well maybe the game aspect is stronger in iracing and pcars. The game aspect is definitely stronger in GT and Forza.

        But any of these games, after a point, it will be just about gameplay replayability. Which consists of again and again racing vs ai or online. After people finishing the “game” in those games, they will do mostly the same in all games, which is to continue racing or hotlap the cars.

        The best replayability point of iracing is their organized online system. Same for league of legends, dota2, cs:global offensive. People play these games every day because their online system is set in a way for the people to not bother with secondary things, and just directly go into the action.

        But this requires money and devs investment, and good-efficient game design to have organized online play, and usually a motivator behind: Ranks/leaderboards/championships.


    1. EOD = end of drive, because I’m gonna smash you off the track while taking zero damage in pcars by intentionally dropping packets and stalk you across every server you play on.

      Or something like that, I haven’t decided yet.



  9. Well people received copies of the game or the next game as a reward so you paid X for this is bullshit outright.

    secondly 85% of gameplay/racing is off line. I really think studios should stop wasting resources on a mode that isnt used.


  10. Playing offline is utterly stupid when the chance to race humans is there. AI are shit and will stay like that for ages. If you’re slow don’t lock yourself playing against dumb AI, go out there and look for
    people on your level.


    1. Nope.. racing against humans in an open multiplayer is worse than against AI. Without a good system that prevents/penalizes and encourages fair driving, you’re gonna hate the online experience.


  11. well AI dont crash. AI arent stupid and hot lapping is so much fun. I enjoy getting a little time here and a little time there and maxing things out.

    Racing online is a stupid slow sunday drive. Boring useless and a waste of time.

    what now bub?


  12. You keep repeating that people paid three times the amount of the games normal price to use one piece of content that they have released. I find that really obnoxious. There is not a single mention of all the other content to come that, if you paid $75 or more for, you will also get early access to. Also, you get a copy of the current game, a copy of Formula Trucks, and a copy of their new game coming out next year. Some of your articles are pretty good, but this one just stupid.


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