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acs 2014-05-17 23-29-22-85Since the inception of PRC.net earlier this year, our collective goal has been to report on the controversial stories within the wide world of driving games, stories that our competitors are too cowardly to even go near for a variety of reasons. As a result, this has simultaneously placed our site into two very different camps; half of our readers think we’re all mentally ill and have irrational vendettas towards certain game developers, and the other half are thankful this site exists because it has actually confirmed some of the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories circulating among popular driving game forums.

Our first big article that caused our daily numbers to skyrocket and get a bunch of people pissed off at us was The Community Assisted Review of Project CARS, a lengthy article detailing the history of Slightly Mad Studio’s crowdfunded racing sim, and the buggy mess resulting from years of viral marketing.

One game that indirectly benefited from the embarrassing release of Project CARS was Assetto Corsa. With the copious amounts of people disappointed by Project CARS, most were able to use Steam’s brand new refund policy to put their money towards a different game, and several users on various different online message boards suggested for devastated owners of pCars to try out Assetto Corsa – telling them it was a much more polished, refined, and rewarding racing sim that was essentially Project CARS, but better. At the time, Assetto Corsa had just welcomed their first paid DLC pack into the Steam store, featuring ten highly sought-after cars and the worlds most notorious track, the Nurburgring Nordschleife, for a bargain price $15.

The decision to migrate seemed like a no-brainer at the time:

Yet, despite the incredible graphics and near-flawless driving model, a steady stream of design choices and shortcomings began eating away at the Italian racing sim from the inside out. What was once seen as the first big leap into the next generation of racing sims turned into nothing more than a hype train fueled by fanboys equally as rabid as the people they once laughed at for giving money to Ian Bell’s marketing project.

acs 2014-03-02 17-20-19-93Kunos Simulazioni’s first retail racing sim dropped in 2006. Titled netKar Pro and centering around unlicensed amateur open wheel race cars, the game was adored by the extremely small group of people who actively played it, and praised for its accuracy. However, the game’s relative obscurity and complete lack of any marketing campaign placed it firmly into a corner, overshadowed by every other title in the already niche genre of sim racing, and netKar Pro failed to achieve any sort of mainstream success.

To drill home how obscure the game was, simply finding a torrent of the most recent version of nKP in the late 2000’s was a challenge, and the lack of any tangible fanbase meant the guys at Kunos resorted to developing simulator software for a variety of different companies. SingTel Ultimate Race, Ferrari Virtual Academy, and the Brawn GP F1 Simulator are just some of the alternative projects Kunos have brought out over the years, each more obscure than the last.

By the time 2011 had rolled around and reception to the Ferrari Virtual Academy leaderboard challenge had been extremely positive, Kunos announced they would set their sights on developing a proper sequel to netKar Pro – dubbed Assetto Corsa, the game would be a hardcore consumer racing sim doubling as a huge modding platform, hoping to completely replace the now ancient ISI sim rFactor which had been in rotation since 2005.

The team failed to meet their 2012 release date, and instead delayed the game for an entire year. A tech preview arrived in the spring of 2013, with full title finally landing in the hands of sim racers everywhere on November 8th, 2013 using Steam’s frequently abused Early Access format. Those who were longing for a modern racing sim were overjoyed that they’d finally get to experience a sublime driving model, yet those who had been around gaming for far too long began bracing themselves for the inevitable downfall that comes with the Early Access mentality.


Steam’s Early Access format was a fantastic idea during the initial brainstorming sessions, but inherently flawed in execution. A detailed analysis of modern gamer behavior displays a pretty shocking trend – gamers will buy pretty much anything, even if the game is in beta form and missing a good chunk of its features. Therefore, why not just outright sell a game in beta, and add the features later with the community’s input?

In theory, selling a game at a discounted price and with the beta label is a pretty smart move financially, as it enables developers to secure additional funds and establish a core fanbase while the game is still being developed, and gives them a huge group of beta testers at their disposal that are genuinely interested in helping their game succeed.

Yet in reality, Early Access allows developers to exploit customers. There is nothing stopping a company from releasing a game at a discounted price, lacking virtually all of the advertised features, and then just not finishing the game, keeping the Early Access label indefinitely. The fanboys who bought into what the team was trying to achieve, and participated heavily in the game’s official forums then act as the marketing department, convincing other users across the different message boards unsure of whether to buy the game or not that the game is fine as-is, and the team is just taking a break (or whatever bogus excuse they can come up with).

Take a guess how this plays out.

acs 2014-03-02 17-18-48-97Assetto Corsa’s Early Access program launched with four tracks, eleven cars, no AI to race against, no night racing, no option to race in the rain, no multiplayer component, no online leaderboards, no damage model, limited mod support, and lacked intricate details found in other sims nearly a decade old, such as brake fade, transmission damage,  flag rules, pitstops, and oil & water temperature. For your $40, there was nothing to do within the sim aside from drive laps around a track by yourself.

But we have to give credit where credit is due. As other racing sims were either showing their age or not giving us any faith in upcoming builds, I bought the title on launch day. The game played phenomenally with an Xbox 360 Controller, and when I got to try it out with a proper wheel setup a few days later, nothing can describe how much of a jump Assetto Corsa was compared to other games currently on the market. It was if I’d been transported back to 2005 and was trying Project Gotham Racing 3 for the first time in Walmart – the tangible leap in quality of the overall driving model gave many people, including myself, hope for the future. It just sucked there currently wasn’t much to do.

Modders slowly attempted to flesh the game out when it became clear the Kunos team were moving at a snails pace. Early on in the game’s lifespan, RSRLiveTiming released an online leaderboard and companion website that was free of charge, essentially turning what had become affectionately known as a Chris Harris Simulator due to the lack of features into a proper hotlap competition. I myself fully bought into the environment RSR had created for the community, and spent several months competing for a top spot on numerous different leaderboards under a bullshit name.

ProRank2On the official end of things, Kunos had been hard at work crafting Assetto Corsa to completion, but the sizeable updates slowly trickling out saw the game progress at a less than ideal rate. Initial updates added a few cars and tracks at a time, forcing those who had bought into the Early Access portion of the game to severely lower their expectations to avoid getting impatient with what was currently available to them. Unlike DiRT Rally, which has seen entire new modes, tracks, and functionalities added into the game on a set schedule each month, some of the first updates for Assetto Corsa were entirely underwhelming.

After months of running laps on an isolated track and registering times on an online leaderboard, when major gameplay elements such as AI and Race Weekends were finally added in, they didn’t exactly work as intended. The AI became a CPU resource hog and were ungodly slow when compared to competent human drivers, quickly making a major addition to the sim redundant for the time being. Users also complained about the lack of an ability to jump the start, no flag rules in sight, and offline races against the AI being restricted to ten laps. Given that the 1.0 release was due out in a few short months and be subjected to public criticism, the game was lacking an insane amount of features taken for granted in racing sims from previous generations on inferior hardware.

acs 2014-06-21 23-56-18-42Finally, online multiplayer was introduced over the summer of 2014, and it too severely lacked in both functionality and performance. The interface was clunky, the netcode was notoriously poor, and basic functionality for things such as the ability to select the color of your car were strangely left out. Adding third party mods to the mix developed (some of which were already experimenting with payware), the online server browser became a mess of content you didn’t have, being raced in rooms where slight contact could send you spinning wildly out of control.

Future updates near the end of the Early Access phase never rectified the numerous issues described above, only adding in more tracks and cars until the entire list of promised content had been completed. A Career mode was shoehorned in, providing a generic string of themed one-off races, time trials, and hotlaps to complete, but was clearly thrown in to appeal to those who weren’t sure where to begin with a serious PC racing sim. On some occasions, Kunos staff members admitted to obsessing over the smallest, most insignificant physics and tire model discrepancies, and that those minor improvements took priority over things currently missing from the title. Objectively, the game was nowhere near finished and not ready for a public, full-price release, but those who attempted to draw attention to how much was missing from the title were drowned out by fanboys who felt as if they had become part of the Kunos extended family and it was their job to downplay huge omissions.

Suddenly, driving at night or being able to jump the start were seen as not important. The lack of flag rules were allowed because nobody really adheres to them anyway, and the clunky, unfinished online experience was ignored because only serious leagues care about that stuff, and that’s not part of the general population.

It was shaping up to be NHL 15 on wheels, and instead of begging Kunos to re-evaluate their design choices and possibly delay the game for an extended period of time to cram as much as possible into the game before being subjected to public scrutiny, fanboys claimed those asking for features that had become standard in racing games since the 90’s were entitled and spoiled. Given how active Kunos staff members had been on the official forums, they read these comments and listened to them because it meant less of a headache on their end.


Shortly before the game was released, in October of 2014 Kunos Simulazioni posted a lengthy blog post on their official site showing off a massive launch party they’d held for the gaming press at their office above the Vallelunga race track. Mere months after an unhealthy relationship between game developers and gaming journalists had been exposed, one which saw widespread reports of writers essentially being bribed to give favorable reviews to underwhelming video games, Kunos invited a bunch of gaming journalists, ones that would be reviewing their game for various publications, to a SuperCar Launch party that included tearing around a real race track in McLaren’s and Ferrari’s, as well as getting to try a future build of Assetto Corsa in extremely expensive, high-end simulator setups.

AC_07After a massive automotive party thrown by a developer to celebrate the release of their upcoming hardcore racing simulator, do you think they’d call out all of the game’s shortcomings in their professional review of their title?

AC_05Of course not. An early access version of Assetto Corsa, a game which lacked the ability to race at night or in the rain, a game where the AI was ridiculously off-pace and online netcode was atrocious, a game where you couldn’t even pick the color of your car online, scored higher than Forza Motorsport 6. You know, the game with over 450 cars and is generally regarded to have overtaken Gran Turismo as the biggest, most prestigious racing sim in the world.

ign italyThe positive reviews kept coming in, although as a diehard sim racer who now runs his own publication, I’m desperate to understand what people were seeing in this title. Look, I’m the first to admit the game drives phenomenally – better than anything on the market before it – but the game flat-out wasn’t done and was missing shit seen in games as far back as the original Playstation days.

And other people felt the same way.


Assetto Corsa was considered officially released on December 19th, 2014. Shipping with just over ten European road courses, and around forty different cars, the celebration that should have occurred was instead fairly diluted. The full Version 1.0 release was only marginally different than the final few Early Access builds, and most who had been along for the bumpy Early Access ride were not able to to determine what had actually changed to warrant a 1.0 label aside from the few remaining cars being added to the roster.

The game drove phenomenally as it always had since going on sale a year prior, and graphics optimizations made the game run a hell of a lot better, but as a full priced $60 title, you’d be hard pressed to choose Assetto Corsa over rival racing sims like Stock Car Extreme or RaceRoom Racing Experience.

acs 2014-06-21 23-52-26-55Single Player races were underwhelming, as the game’s Artificial Intelligence was totally incompetent. Career mode had no purpose, and was still a linear progression of one-off events. Creating custom liveries was notoriously complicated, as the templates provided were designed with 3D painting in mind and did Photoshop wizards no favors with how the body panels of each car were laid out onto a flat surface. Multiplayer functionality also threw users a curveball, with netcode issues highlighting an overall package that was incomplete and unnecessarily clunky. Basic issues, such a the qualifying session ending before all cars had completed their final lap, and people being able to join a room while the race was in progress, created an environment that all except the most casual of online leagues wanted to stay well away from.

And you still couldn’t pick the color of your own car without resorting to an extremely complicated process that required the cooperation of everybody on the server– which would never happen in a public lobby.

In March of 2015, four months after the release of Assetto Corsa, RaceDepartment published a lengthy open letter to Kunos, explaining how the raw driving physics were in a class of their own, but the abysmal multiplayer needed to be rectified immediately to ensure the game’s longevity. RaceDepartment is well-known within the sim racing community for organizing several scheduled online races each day for a multitude of different racing sims – some of which are a decade old – and know a thing or two about how online racing can extend the lifespan of a racing game.

Kunos responded in private, the details of which have never been revealed to the public, and later admitted on the official Assetto Corsa forums that the online component had been an afterthought due to “70% of Assetto Corsa owners have never clicked on the Online button in the main menu.” In short, offline racing wasn’t rewarding, and online racing had been an afterthought.

StaceyThis lack of multiplayer functionality has affected more than just RaceDepartment, dismissing the claims that they have some sort of irrational vendetta against Kunos and Assetto Corsa. Fellow sim racing community SimHQ have also openly discussed the sharp decline in attendance for community events since the game’s release, unsure of whether it would be worth continuing to host races in Assetto Corsa altogether.

2Instead of addressing the complaints from the diehards – you know – the people who would help extend the lifespan of the game long into the future, Kunos promptly announced Assetto Corsa would be coming to next generation consoles in 2016.

Slowly but surely, the dream of Assetto Corsa being the first truly next-generation racing sim began to fade, and it was about to get a whole lot uglier in a hurry…

acs 2014-07-19 16-03-21-85INFURIATING BUGS

Throughout Assetto Corsa’s lifespan, two individuals have become notorious for their anti-AC campaign across nearly every driving game message board on the internet. Calling themselves Hexagramme and Associat0r, the pair frequently pop up whenever Assetto Corsa is discussed in a positive light, regardless of the topic at hand, and spam a ridiculous amount of links that point to other users on different web sites discussing the flaws of Assetto Corsa. The pair operate under numerous alternate profiles to avoid detection by moderators, but their posts follow a very strict format and can easily be pointed out by a regular visitor of any driving game community:

AssThese guys have essentially become the online sim racing equivalent of your local neighborhood tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist, going on and on about the shortcomings in Assetto Corsa’s physics engine the same way a 9/11 truther goes on and on about how jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. The sheer dedication they have to monitoring multiple message boards just to spam links talking about how bad Assetto Corsa is have lead some to speculate that the two may suffer from at least one spectrum disorder; something that is not entirely uncommon among online video game communities. As a result, most people immediately dismiss their posts, no matter how accurate they may be, and treat them as if they’re suffering from mental illness.

However, after the Version 1.2 update for Assetto Corsa was released, the pair were the first to discover game-breaking AI issues on par with Project CARS, and Hexagramme quickly compiled a few lengthy videos to document what he’d seen during the course of normal gameplay. In short, it was a mess.

Just like nobody was prepared for that tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist down the street to be absolutely correct when he screamed that the government was spying on him, Assetto Corsa players were not prepared for the two most hated members of the sim racing community to expose how terribly broken the game’s artificial intelligence was. And this was a pretty big deal, considering Kunos had taken a public stance that Multiplayer would not receive much attention in the future, and their focus had shifted to offline gameplay.

So if online was lackluster, and offline racing was a mess, what was there to do in Assetto Corsa?

Accuse those who brought the issues to light of hacking the game.

Untitled-4As I’ve known how fundamentally flawed the offline portion of Assetto Corsa is for quite some time, I figured that if these two kids were able to run into such an abundance of issues, I should be able to fire up the game and experience the same thing. If the AI bugged the fuck out, well, I could make a video backing the guy up and hopefully the developers would get right on fixing it. If the AI was fine, I could run an article discrediting him and proving that he must have hacked the game somehow. Either way, I was going to have an article to post that night that set the record straight, because while Hex and Ass have an agenda, I sure as hell don’t.

In my twenty minutes spent in Assetto Corsa that night with FRAPS running in the background, the AI was either incredibly slow, stopped on the middle of the track for no apparent reason, caused extremely huge pileups mere seconds into the race, and in one case momentarily tried to run the clubman version of a much longer circuit. This kind of stuff shouldn’t be appearing in a $60 game that already has a $15 DLC pack available. This is some pre-alpha shit, most certainly not warranting a 9.5 score from IGN Italy.

This was the exact day I realized Assetto Corsa might not live up to it’s potential. After an underwhelming Early Access period, critic reviews that were more or less bought and paid for in the form of a huge party at Vallelunga, a complete lack of multiplayer functionality that was causing problems at several different sites dedicated to hosting online races, and the last remaining playable portion being filled with game-breaking issues, fanboys were now simply attacking people who didn’t bow down to Assetto Corsa as the supreme leader of sim racing.


With widespread reports of glitches and bugs becoming more and more frequent, the online activity steadily declining among serious sim racers, and the average Assetto Corsa owner growing tired with the lack of progress and necessary features implemented into the racing sim, the community surrounding the game embarked on an outright witch hunt to discredit all who dared to speak negatively about Assetto Corsa.

This lead to some absolutely incredible quotes from the official forum, and an example I’ve used a few times before comes to mind, where user MsportDan claimed there was nothing to worry about in terms of AI issues in a lengthy bug discussion thread, only to post a week later saying he quit playing the game out of frustration due to the AI issues that he himself tried to downplay.

quitAnd as shown at the beginning of this topic, a Steam user who simply was upset with some of the issues in Assetto Corsa was promptly accused of being Hexagramme and/or Associat0r under a different name; other users eventually coming to his support to say that they too couldn’t dare to even compare Assetto Corsa to another game without being accused of working for a rival company.

jimThis kind of environment doesn’t benefit anybody. Developers have zero fucking idea whether the guys supporting their game are genuine fans of the game or obsessive fanboys intentionally downplaying genuine issues, and therefore have no clue where to begin when it comes to fixing or improving their game.

On the other end of the spectrum, your average gamer is now terrified of visiting a simple gaming forum, as every single post is being obsessively watched by your fellow community members in order to determine if you’re a viral marketer, a known troll under an alternate account, a fanboy, or a deranged lunatic with a hidden agenda. 99% of the time, the answer is none of the above, but to Assetto Corsa fanboys, it really doesn’t matter, as long as they have someone to blame for the game’s numerous issues and shortcomings which couldn’t be ignored for much longer.

vd2And Kunos themselves have not done themselves any favors when it comes to keeping the overall mentality of the community in check. Instead of working diligently to improve their game to at least bring it on-par with the competition, they’ve accidentally created a personality cult among a few of the more popular staff members by hosting Coding Livestreams.

livestreamsRunning nearly the length of a heavy metal concert, the late-night coding livestreams put on by Stefano Casillo are watched by a surprisingly large amount of Assetto Corsa fanboys. While Stefano deserves praise for his attempts to break down the barrier between developer and consumer, the sheer number of people who look forward to these weekly videos speaks volumes about the current state of Assetto Corsa; more people would rather watch one of the developers sit at his computer working on an upcoming patch than actually play the game, as seen by the relatively small amount of games available on the in-game server browser.

ACThe toxic environment that sees raging fanboys pick fights with anyone who points out a flaw in Assetto Corsa is an unintentional consequence of the Early Access format. The moment you make a consumer feel as if they’re contributing to something and part of a team is the moment you’ve begun breeding a legion of fanboys. I myself don’t give a shit that Stefano is livestreaming himself sitting at his desk, nor do I care on a personal level that Kunos staff members actively monitor the game’s official forums, conversing with the average user.


If I leave a “like” on Stefano’s YouTube video, the AI in my game does not magically stop crashing into each other, nor does Marco quoting my post suddenly enable advanced multiplayer functionality.

acs 2014-11-14 17-04-31-37FINALE

I had extremely high hopes for Assetto Corsa when the game was first released to the public in late 2013. I bought into the Early Access program and had no problem running laps by myself for hours on end, installing third party leaderboard mods to give my driving some purpose. I had no problem lowering my expectations to accommodate the extremely slow development pace and implementation of basic features all the way up to the game’s 1.0 release in December of 2014. And I had no problem pre-ordering the Dream Pack DLC so I could try my hand at a laser scanned version of the world’s most dangerous track.

But I also haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from.

I like the challenge of driving at night, and I’ve been able to do so since the early NASCAR Racing titles by Papyrus. As a Canadian who deals with inclement weather for ten months out of the year, I like racing in the rain, and Race 07 gives me that option. I like trying to nail the holeshot off the line and being punished for jumping too early, and black flags are seen in every modern racing sim. I like running a pace lap behind a pace car of my choice, and being a NASCAR guy, I prefer rolling starts – which Stock Car Extreme happily allows me to.

Not only do I like driving on pavement, I love driving on dirt and snow as well, and rFactor’s third party mixed surfaces rally stages really compliment the abundance of rally mods available for the aging sim. I love racing online, but NR2003 and GPL showed me that a good AI can be just as ruthless and intelligent. I enjoy having to deal with managing my brakes, I’ve grown accustomed to the slick UI’s that allow me to select my pit stop settings on the longest straight with a few simple buttons on my wheel, and I like being able to drive the car I want to drive online – again, all staples of racing sims since the early 2000’s when sim racing cemented itself as a proper genre. And given that I’m a huge online league guy, I prefer for the admins to have a whole host of tools to monitor the race in a fair and justified manner – something that ISI sims really excel in.

Kunos has yet to implement all of this stuff into Assetto Corsa, and rely on their fanboys and poor excuses to downplay the fact that the game is missing several features that the greater sim racing community has become accustomed to for over a decade.

And the physics? The one redeeming quality that’s supposed to warrant a purchase of this title? Already, modders are claiming it’s really no better than Forza…

4000…and some of them have already found an abundance of shortcomings on their own.

misterbeam888I definitely got my $60 worth of playtime out of the title, but given how the previous two years have played out for Assetto Corsa, I can’t see this game doing very well when it heads to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 next year, especially as it will have to compete with heavy hitter Forza Motorsport 6 and the inevitable Gran Turismo release.



117 thoughts on “Locomotiva Emozionante – Your Racing Simulator

  1. If rain / dynamic weather matter to gather an audience, why are AC and iR doing so well?

    TBH though I started skimming the article after about 20 pages because I don’t give a shit about your recaps of forum drama, not into “this guy’s a fanboy, and wrong” vs. “this guy’s a troll, and wrong” arguments.

    The game is what it is, the developer has not at any point promised more than they delivered. It’s not a 24 hour endurance simulator, if your league does 24 hour endurance races only then you should stick with rFactor or whatever. If you want AC’s selection of fine cars, high quality tracks, and daytime sprint races, you can get plenty from AC.


    1. This ^, and I think the in-game copyright says 2015-2020, so there’s like 4.5 years of potential support to see yet, who knows what that holds for the game ?

      Am I saying that we should be expected to wait that long for things to happen ?, No – look whats become of the GT series, but I am saying I don’t think it’s curtains for AC either.


      1. “so there’s like 4.5 years of potential support to see yet, who knows what that holds for the game ?”

        A ton of half assed street cars in pay DLC packages I reckon. Good times ahead for sure.

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  2. You have the gall to complain about the physics when you yourself said that it had some of the best physics in the genre? Ok. Short term memory I guess?


      1. Maybe you should explain personnal preferences and objectivity because most retards who are into simracing since AC can’t think critically.


      2. It fits autism’s agenda of drama creation like the high school mentality he has. He cannot create hits anymore with pcars shit so he is trying to drag the AC community into this. This place is now an echo box for Autism and Hexociator.

        I get a kick out of someone who cannot login to iRacing, has a total of 10 hours played in AC over the past 6 months and hardly plays any sims period based off of his public steam profile knows that iRacing and AC suck.


      3. @topkek

        That’s exactly it, isn’t it? Project CARS is out, the money is made, nobody cares about it anymore. The new PRC drama narrative is that Kunos are just as bad as SMS, and also sim racers are retarded for playing or not playing GSCE.


  3. I thought people were exaggerating when they said you were “in bed” with Associator and Hexagramme, but here you are spouting their exact bullshit. Case in point, that Mak-Corp comment that Associator (the guy who drives sims at 30fps on a keyboard) has reposted literally dozens of times.

    Petros Mak of Mak-Corp is NOT a physics developer. You should be able to tell this from that comment of his alone. He is the “CEO” of a former modding group that he wanted to turn into a “serious business corporation”. He hires random modellers, sound creators and physics guys from the modding community to create the Mak-Corp cars themselves. He has announced dozens of mods that have been cancelled because those modders simply left. He once created an alternate account to create forum drama that he was on life support in hospital from brain cancer or some shit and the plug was about to be pulled before just he woke up from a coma. Using him as a source about the physics realism of a game he doesn’t seem to take particularly seriously for some reason is asinine. That comment has NOTHING of substance whatsoever.

    This whole article is a pile of shit regurgitating things you’ve already said, and then it turns into another fucking feature request piece. I loved PRC when it first started, every article was spreading hard truths about the sim racing world that most people hadn’t been exposed to. These days you seem more concerned with letting Kunos know that you really really really want Drive-club-tier rain and a completely new lighting engine that supports night and full loose-surface dirt simulation and a bunch of American tracks and a completely new MP system and the best AI in the business. You claim to have no agenda, but this is clearly it. You want to use your personality cult position as the edgelord of sim racing to request shit from developers. Sadly your development plan has no sense of direction, of how much time it would take to implement even one of those features to the high standard that the sim racing community (and you) would expect.


    These are the creepy robotic fucks that you a pandering to. They spend every waking moment convincing newcomers to sim racing that Assetto Corsa is basically X-Motor Racing, a broken scam with zero redeeming features. They are a cancer upon sim racing. Their criticism of AC most of the time makes no sense at all, like claiming Kunos were hinging their marketing on how it would be the most realistic sim of all time by far, how it has terrible FFB, how the DLC model is bad, how the interface sucks, how evangelical and stalker-like the community is, how the devs ban dissent from their forums, how bad the mods are, how badly optimised it is…

    Don’t those characteristics remind you much more of Project CARS? I wouldn’t say a single one of them applies to AC, but ALL of them apply perfectly to pCARS. I guess they’re burnt fanboys that decided to project their criticism at Assetto Corsa for some unknown reason.

    You know how good the physics of AC are, but instead of forming your own thoughts you are now going the Associator route of pointing to other people’s criticism and calling it undisputed fact. I have no idea what the appeal of this robotic, autistic line of thinking is. I guess it won’t be long until you start stuttering “misinformation” every time someone criticises your blog.

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      1. if you cant accept you have a bias and that you are attempting to leverage what you are doing in order to achieve that agenda sadly you are no better than Ian Bell.

        I take it you must admire him them since you spend all your time shouting down all criticism in the comments and not understanding what is written right?

        And yes the above poster is correct that the site has gone down fast in last little while.


    1. Thank your for the insight. Now I know the truth about petros mak.. lol at that guy saying ac has the physics of forza5, when he is not a physics dev, but hires people to do the work for him, and even those people leaving his makcorp company.


  4. Here is my list of topkeks for this post with no particular hierarchy

    1. Misterbeam isn’t a staffer of that mod team. He just has his logo on his avatar.
    2. Who is MakCorp? Other than someone who announces mods that never come out? What is an opinion?
    3. Also what do modder’s thoughts about physics mean when it comes down to it? It’s their opinion, some make good mods others don’t. If they are so good and knowledgeable why not make their own sim? Some how moders seem to churn out high quality physics in cars all the time. Everyone prefers the AC F3.5 over rf2 with the “bad physics” according to modders.
    4. There are more viewers from this evenings live stream with Stefano than unique users on GSC in the past 6 months.
    5. Autism and Hexociator are coincidentally part of the few people who find major issues with the AI. Won’t post their settings and some how all they can come up with is the same two videos every single time they post. One random retard agrees with them on the AC official forums and it’s a fact.
    6. Msportdan changing his opinion means that he was once a viral marketer who say the AI bugs and came to the light.
    7. What are the widespread glitches? considering all autismgramme can come up with are the AI, which is working but not perfect, and easy to work around
    8. Plenty of people are online, as you mentioned before you want everyone to work around how your work schedule is.
    9. We all know Early Access is a joke. Kunos gave you a functional game and only made you wait a few months for mp. Compare that to other Early Access game which can stay at a current build for over a year.
    10. Good on you for admiting too that Assagrame is a huge conspiracy theorist. That’s the first step to recovery, considering you made this your own personal echobox for you two or three. Might as well be one person.
    11. Since you decided to walk yourself into it and claim you are being objective. May I be objective by saying that taking a handful of screenshots from random losers on the internet and claiming them as facts is not being objective?
    12. RD is bad when they give me time penalties in GSC, watch me quote an “anon” email that I didn’t dream up saying Bram does illegal things. RD is good when they say things about AC.
    13. Someone makes their first post on RD crying about AI with Austociator’s video. You defend this person’s suspicious post by calling anyone who sees the writing on the wall fanboys and viral marketers.

    So lets recap. You made a post with screen shots from other posts you made because you are a massive loser who spent his weekend dreaming this shit up to prove you arent a shill or fan boy of any sim. You have not played AC more than 15 minutes in the past week but know for sure it is absolute shit. You don’t play any of the games you mention more than a few times in the past few months based on steam. You are actively banned from iRacing and cannot try that. You are begging people to play GSC using one quote from who we don’t know to prove how good GSC is.

    You claim to be objective and use opinions as your proof of objectivity. Did I even need to make this long comment?

    Get a life.


    1. “Get a life.”

      This is the one thing on this page that really deserves a top kek.

      Thinking iRacing has changed in any meaningful way since he was banned when it is practically the same broken game as four years ago deserves a moderate kek though.

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    2. If you were happy in your life you wouldn’t feel a need to transform some people’s nickname into an offensive variant of yours and even less mention them so many times in your post. You’re clearly angry from real life and just hating on them to pass your nerves. Butthurtkek, your new nickame. Take your fukital.

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    1. It would be hard pressed to pick R3E in reality considering how much the content costs and the iRacing price structure.

      AC not worth $60 yet is second only to pcars and their marketing clout.

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  5. Granted online and AI are not convincing in AC, but it is an amazing hot lapping sim – and RSR a great feature which adds to the challenge and makes driving AC worthwhile when you want to have solo blast.
    GSCE and rF2 have better AI for sure and the physics acceptable – racing with AI can be fun and even challenging at 100% or over.
    iRacing still best online thanks to the good netcode and the license thing – however community sucks and the aggro that these Pretend Race Drivers impart is no fun at all imo.


      1. I don’t see you complain about pcars marketing, saying it will be the end to all sims. And that includes rf2, for sure many people migrated to pcars from rf2, because it is the end of all gaming. Oh wait, anything that is anti-AC you are there, and pcars is also competition for ac, pcars-rf2, are common enemies to AC. That’s why you support pcars.

        I get the sense these people enjoy more shitting on AC than playing their “preferred” sims.


      2. wait i forget.
        “Project CARS is the ultimate driver journey!”

        This must be the shizzles. The ultimate journey, leaving rf2 in the dust.

        Cmon get real, these catch phrases are marketing, and customers should see past that. Or do you buy based on who’s got the better marketing?

        Let me give you another pearl:
        “Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.”

        “Featuring world-class graphics and handling, a ground-breaking dynamic time of day & weather system, and deep tuning & pit stop functionality, Project CARS leaves the competition behind in the dust.”

        See the last sentence, leaves the competition in the dust, rf2, iracing, gsce, ac. But yet, all your bullshit is targeted towards AC. Watch out for project cars, man. It is the true competition to rf2 in terms of endurance racing and groundbreaking advanced physics and ffb. Yet you worry about AC all day all week? Pff.


  6. The main topic of this blog – every simulator is so bad. NR2003 are the best and immortal. Even if it was made in 2003 when they has less technical info for made tyre/chasis/aero model. 😀 what a funny blog


  7. My issues are ones that I would see as basic to a racing simulation. These are for most people, core areas for racing vehicles around a track. Just my view on their situation and their product.

    -I don’t care when it comes to AI and the stuff like that. It’s AI, on some level it will always be flawed. I feel that rF2’s AI is the best atm, but they aren’t the quickest when it comes to holding a slide in a vintage race car, and if you crank the speed of them up, they then seemingly find more grip than you to fire out of corners harder. Frustrating, but just another area to continue improving.
    It is there though to give me something to do when I can’t be arsed getting online. I expect shit to go wrong sometimes.

    -Player numbers, that kind of dick waving, please…the best races I’ve had have been with 2, maybe 3 other guys. In any of the sims we play, I’d take a handful of decent drivers or internet friends over 50 randoms who make the race a misery.
    Price, DLC, etc. That is all personal stuff that can’t be argued for or against IMO. It matters not if iRacing cost someone 1K over the years, for that person, they have got their 1K worth. Otherwise they wouldn’t still be doing it. Fuck that Stockholm syndrome crap I saw popping up a while back…not at all related.

    -Feel of cars and feedback. Sooo personal this. What one person finds grippy, another finds slippery, and then someone else over both of those finds them all too slippery. We all have different perceptions of it all. There technically should be only one “correct” simulation really, the same tyre in two models that are said to represent reality should be in theory the same. But I can’t argue with someone who when he drives the mountain roads near his house, reckons he is right on the limit of the vehicle. When he comes to a sim, he is looking for something in line with his experiences. So is a NASCAR driver looking for a sim to practice in. Forgetting the lack of actual feedback we get, and the theories on how to deal with it.

    Those are some of the things that constantly turn up and roll around, over and over. Plus the whole fanboy/troll/shill deal, etc…we are so far away from the actual sims that it basically is just turning into character interpretation and assassinations. I like medium steaks, he likes well done AND he said words I don’t like regarding my medium steak…well clearly, well done guy is a cunt, right? And when he talks about seasoning on his steak, or whether he likes a coleslaw or a salad with it, totally ignore and attack what he says about it because it must be fucking bullshit…

    ANYWAY! lol

    -I can’t sit in gear before a race. For shit and giggles, I remember doing a standing burnout to heat the tyres in GTR2. Probably not legal in any racing series, but heck, I have the control of the car, how it should be.

    -I can’t jump start or control it well. Some people take a chance on guessing the green, and get a mega start. Their choice to run the risk though, right? This is what makes racing dynamic and interesting, these little details and the ability to influence it. Rolling starts and getting a jump on the others.

    -Clutch simulation seems really weird sometimes. That’s all I can describe it as. Finding the car shuddering or creeping.

    -Race rules are lacking in most forms, event structure and starting, etc.

    -Brake temperatures….think how much of your overtaking is done on the brakes. This is crucial, just like tyre and water/oil temp is. Does the car have road pads, track pads, ceramic or carbon setups? Full carbon brakes are going to suck arse until they get some temp. Pretty unfadable if the rest of the system is ok though. And if I had a car with a shitty brake setup, another whole dynamic opens up.
    The Cobra in rF2…those brakes can be easily overwhelmed by the speed and power. You actually have to force yourself to brake easier/earlier and look after them, or you may find yourself fading really badly and running off. Or, you could decide “right, I’ll outbrake the fucker here hard, and then try and deal with crap brakes until they come back to me, mayb I can block him a bit”

    -Pitstop functionality should be sussed well before adding animated crews, surely. Beat other sims to the punch and implement limited tyres, stuff like that would be excellent to see and add another level to the racing. A league event where you have to decide how you go about using your tyres over the “weekend” would be brilliantly exciting.

    -Old race vehicles didn’t have pit limiters, give me that control behind the wheel. That was one of the early things that struck me with GT Legends when I first got into it. Holy crap, I’m actually getting to drive out of the garage. Again with GTR2, “Awesome, at the end of the race I see the flag, the chief gives me a few words depending on where I finish, and I get to do an inlap, go do a burnout, then return to the garage.”. This is purist type stuff for sure, but this is why I’m racing in a racing simulator, not GT where I can be lax about these things. I want this to be like the racing I follow IRL.

    -Astroturf on the track edge isn’t like ice as it seems to be in AC. I’ve seen MotoGP bikes running over it on the power while leant over. Leave it to the rules and the cut detection to give penalties when people push the lines, not by giving them no grip suddenly.

    Then there are just other odd things that just give funky feelings about the underlying sim, or how they have gone about their sim. BEAR IN MIND, the driving is pretty good, for the most part things are well sorted and I enjoy it. This is more giving me reason for thought about the “chassis” of the sim.
    I remember early on seeing a car that with a few certain settings adjusted, it would pivot around the middle of the car and sink into the ground, as if the car was moving on one point underneath the car. Reminded me of the PCars vehicles driving upside down around the track, or with no wheels at all.

    Shock simulation is odd. Go drive over a kerb at slow speed and see how the car reacts. Hit them slow, they behave hard, hit them hard, they behave soft. (I know already the reaction I’ll be getting; it may well behave fine at speed, why does it behave like that at all though? Should you not expect a model to handle average expected parameters? If I went and gave the little Alfa 2000 HP and wonky ass springs with a 3 ton car weight, and shit went weird, yes that is to be expected. You are screwing with the models past anything reasonable.)
    Though this is old, it still is present as I was testing it the other week lol.

    All the tracks have the same Sunrise, sunset and the same look to their skies. And the clouds rotate around the camera weirdly.

    This stuff is very personal for some of us, I mean look at the crap I’ve just spewed out. I really love racing, one of my big passions and interests, and all I want to see are some really awesome sims so I can be Senna/Loeb in my undies at home. That’s all that matters in the end…to me XD

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    1. “Shock simulation is odd. Go drive over a kerb at slow speed and see how the car reacts. Hit them slow, they behave hard, hit them hard, they behave soft.”

      no shit? that’s why there are 2 damper settings on every corner, slow and fast bump – if you hit it slow you get the slow bump strength (usually 3-5x harder), if you hit it fast you get the fast bump strength. Every real-world race car that costs more than a few ten thousands is using 4-way adjustable shocks, which means slow bump, fast bump, slow rebound, fast rebound.


      1. Did you watch the first video?

        He’s driving the M3 E30, definitely not a custom-made race car, and it’s getting 2 feet of air off the kerbs at 25 kph, and then getting maybe 6 inches of air at 100 kph.

        That’s not an expected behavior of any suspension I’m aware of, except possibly lowriders with hydraulics, like you see in the ghetto–but in that case, you don’t need the kerb; the car will just do it for you.


    2. The problem with the crowdfunding or preview is that it makes the gamers financially commit before the game is finished, therefore it is hard to stay impartial after. If the product is perceived as inadequate, then it indirectly insults the buyers, as it questions the buyer’s choice. This is a well-known problem in psychology, known as “post-purchase rationalisation” or “buyer’s Stockholm Syndrome”.


      The consumers who have bought the program are compelled defend the purchases they have made, hence it becomes easier to turn them as advocates, then subsequently into advertisers. This is quite cunning of the developers who use this tactic, and I am personally of the opinion that there has to be a much stronger restrictions when it comes to crowdfunding or many “preview programs” that charge money.


  8. We miss Chris. James started to become as biased and subjective as sociator and haxa.

    Why does your opinion of “missing features” warrant you to classify them as facts and as tastes for everyone else? If our dying wish was to rain in night and rain, you’d see way more interest in the games that have these features, but that’s far from it.

    I own GSCE on steam and I don’t play it, despite having night, jump starts, rolling starts, and so on. People are different. I prefer to play Assetto Corsa either on my own offline, or Online when I find some cars and tracks that I like.

    Remember that features once considered a must in 2005 aren’t a must nowadays. Just because you find them unthinkable to not exist in 2015 games, doesn’t make it true for everyone else. Do you literally want all the racing sims to have the same features and content? People are different, choose differently than others based on their interests. Not everyone wants the same features seen in gsce and rf2, or maybe they don’t like those games in general. Is also possible those features could have more potential in AC, but are not the ultimate things to have in a racing sim.

    And maybe that was what the Journalists also saw in AC. A different game to everything that has been made so far, and still found it enjoyable and of high quality.

    You are mocking Stefano’s streams. They were a great choice to open the communication between community and devs, and letting us see what’s upcoming for future updates.

    Nothing is set on stone, and if expert people can report something is not correct in the physics, they will be addressed, because the Kunos physics devs are also expert people, and if something missed, they will correct them. As they are doing with some key things in v1.3

    So James, you say you like a lot the realistic physics of AC, yet makcorp says it is like forza 5. What prevails higher, your enjoyment of AC, or the rush to say something bad about AC even if makcorp didn’t present any evidence of anything being wrong in the ac physics.


    1. +Not Anonymous
      Maybe your not actually a fan of motorsports, it sounds like it, which is fine, but generally speaking ppl into race simes tend to follow motorsport, you know, what these sims are based on “you racing simulator” says so on box, so its perfectly reasonable to expect basic race features and a half decent AI so we can actually enjoy SIMULATING racing, and as was pointed out wouldn’t be so bad if racing sims didnt already have these features in the past.

      People like yourself (casual gamers\just wanna blast in car) are ruining race sims for us race fans by trying to justify devs not including basic race features, in their RACE SIMS, why the hell are you trying to give kunos\SMS a out?

      “Is also possible those features could have more potential in AC, but are not the ultimate things to have in a racing sim.”

      Basic race features “not the ultimate things to have in a racing sim.”? just BS talk there buddy.

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      1. My opinions of accepting AC as it is is meaningless. AC was already planned to be a simple racing simulator in terms of game features. Just because I accept and like it this way, doesn’t change the fact that AC was always going to be this way from the start.

        But now everything can happen, the game is in open development, and i think as long as the community in general wants to push AC into the direction of having more advanced sim game features, then I think the devs might also walk that path.

        I am a fan of motorsport, but if you want a game to simulate a motorsport series, then is gonna take more than just general features. Simulating F1 series, or Blancpain, DTM, Nascar… is a like a game inside a game. AC, rF2, pcars, gsce, may be better simulators than Codemasters F1 games, but F1 2015 is actually a better motorsport series simulator than any of the sims is (ac, rf2, gsce, pcars).

        It sounds to me that you’re happy with just some quickly baked general sim features. But what you really want is just a sandbox racing simulator. And this is what AC and rF2 are. But just that AC has less features in this sandbox game, meaning you can’t pretend to simulate as many motorsport series as you can in rf2, with rolling starts, jumps, penalty system, weather, day cycle, safety car, etc.

        In fact you can do all this in AC, as long as you’ve got the cars and the tracks. Then just put together some people and race. Isn’t that also real life motorsport? You need to realize that if you want to simulate a motorsport series, then you gotta do it as F1 2015, ADAC/DTM from raceroom, Nascar from iracing, stock cars series from Reiza.

        What you really want is just more diversity of racing features. But AC as is can be raced well offline and online. The fact that you keep asking for 2005 features and you think that a game without those is shit, that’s why sim racing games are such a niche, only used to satisfy an elite group.

        No one is really opposing for those features, the final word is always up to Kunos and if they want that for their game and community. No matter what fanboys and haters say, if kunos doesn’t want a certain feature, a certain car, a certain track, it won’t happen. So stop blaming it on people who accept AC as it is, but also wouldn’t mind seeing more things added to it, to satisfy more people and diversify its game offer in term of gameplay.


    1. Butthurt, really? We have different opinions and preferences. James/ass/hex preferences aren’t true for the whole racing sim community. 2005 game features aren’t a must in a 2015 game. 2015 games with 2005 features aren’t exactly popular, far from it.


      1. Having fundamental racing sim features (that sims already had in 2005 and earlier still) isn’t a must in 2015?

        Well fuck me, I didn’t realize that. Obviously the direction we want to go is backwards, not forwards. Cool. Kunos already knows this, it’s just my expectations that are way too high. Plus I misunderstood how that whole “progress” works. Backwards, not forwards, got it. Less + more broken features, not more + better implemented/advanced features. Gotcha.

        No wonder this genre of gaming is going down the shitter.

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      2. It’s not up to the “fanboys”. If Kunos wanted to include those “essential” features, they would have had. You think they haven’t played other current and older sim racing games? They know what those games have and don’t have.
        Sometimes they might miss things, and usually the community responds and they add it when the request is high and reasonable.

        So no, is neither what the fanboys nor the haters think is important or not important will make it into the game. It is what the community in general feels is the right way to go, and also from Kunos side if they value it and see it as important for the present and future community.

        And about physics, it is not ass nor hex who dictate what’s correct or wrong in the game. Are the expert devs from Kunos and some expert members from the community who can give a different insight into things, or things kunos forgot to think about. And depends what cars they have, if a new car needs different physics, they will make it just because they are adding that car to the game.


      3. “No wonder this genre of gaming is going down the shitter.”

        Oh it is going down the toilet? Lets see, you’ve got raceroom, iracing, pcars, gsce, rf2, race07+addons, gtr2, and some older ones. But now more talking about the current active titles. See, you’ve got there 5 titles that you can play, with apparently all the features a simracer could dream off. And yet AC is the bad wolf and pulling the genre down the toilet?

        You made a great analysis dude, about the current state of sim racing. You’ve got there so many titles you can pick from that has those old+new features, why are they running so low numbers and are boring to the majority except to a very small niche? The only ones in the positive zone are iracing, pcars, assetto.
        And each and every one of the titles in the sim racing genre has their market. If you don’t fall in the market of AC, pretty sure you have already another title that satisfies your preferences.


  9. I hope Kunos considers beefing up the career mode.

    I get my MP fix from iRacing, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but if AC offered a Gran Turismo-esque career mode, I’d be pretty psyched.

    Forza 6 career mode is apparently an improvement over prior efforts, but Xbox One wheel compatibility sucks so that’s out.

    If I could get my wheel working properly in R3E, I’d run offline DTM/ADAC GTM/70s IMSA championships, but that’s unlikely.

    Looks like I’ll be sticking with iRacing for the near future.


  10. If this article is based on facts. Why there’s no sign of them? What’s the % of “Steam refunds” for Project CARS? How many of those (supposed) refund money have been put into AC? If all those users are disappointed, why Project CARS has sold (and is selling) more than any other sim (from the launch, up to today…) including AC, why it has double of players than AC? (almost on pair with iRacing).
    Doesn’t matter how we love or hate something, if we do not support what we say, it will be only a bunch of (possible) lies, the truth is that Project Cars is the most played (and fun) game of the lot, it could not be the perfect sim we want (subjective), but still much more fun than AC, rF, GSCE, iRacing for the most (see the users playing it on Steam charts to check yourself).


    1. Same for GT and Forza, much more fun and playable than Pcars. But we have different preferences in fun. I may find more fun in AC than in GT, even if on paper GT is a more complete game. But maybe my type of fun is more niche. Simracing fun is in general a more niche fun than of mainstream racing games.


      1. Indeed, GT and Forza are great games, so PCARS is.
        I think people (or just the OP) doens’t know the meaning of “failure”, he probably said “failure”, but he really means: “I don’t like it”.
        Also from where he got his “data”? I mean if you write something like this: “most were able to use Steam’s brand new refund policy to put their money towards a different game” …most? Who? How many? Where’s the numbers.. did he just dreamed the numbers last night?
        This would article doesn’t make sense imo.


      1. CoD is a fantastic game, it didn’t only sold alot, it IS currently being played by many people. You may not like it, but it doesn’t make it a “failure”.. you are not all the gamers out there, you are just one.


  11. Yes, butthurt. A 2015 game must have 2005 features + new ones. Lacking them is lame, and calling them “preference” is bad excuse making. It’s very Ian Bellish in fact.

    In fact calling preference stuff like multiplayer support and decent netcode is a joke and exposes how much your views are worth.


    1. Multiplayer support, what’s that supposed to mean? Expand. The netcode is decent in AC, the problem is that the physical objects (cars) aren’t behaving the same way as in offline when cars touch other cars. It behaves to a point, but due to lag since it isn’t offline play, you get to see the result after each ms update. So if you have an accident with a car at 200ms, you will see the physical result 200ms later. What I heard in one of Stefano’s livestream, is that he wants to make the physical contacts behave the same way as in offline. And there suddenly the netcode will start to smile, because it was never the important culprit here.


  12. This whole website just became James vs AC/Kunos/AC community. Chris we miss you, or at least give us the link to your new website, where we can read some unbiased and objective stuff. PRC is now just an extension of sociator and haxagrams.


      1. I know better to but then again I cant help myself so here goes.

        Short and sweet- I know Mike ,have been friends with,and have been playing racing games with since approx 2005 when PGR3 was on Xbox360. If choosing a buddy of 10 years over Associator and Hex makes me an AC shill so be it. It was never my website, I didn’t pay any money for the hosting, I don’t make the decisions. My point of contention was always choosing to not draw attention or glorify the worst of the worst of the worst on comments of every sim website.

        This AC shill has played maybe 3 or 4 hours worth of AC in the past month. Care to guess why? I like iRacing’s multiplayer structure way better and the oval cars have improved tenfold the past two builds. AC has the best physics by far(to me/is my opinion) however needs, multiplayer improvements for 2015 and beyond. So does RF2 and GSC, all 3 games have a server browser system that is stuck in 2005 when RF1 came out. However all 3 games are playable. See the difference between playable and broken now?

        Everyone wants to race with jumpstarts, in the rain at 3am with no ambient light using dynamic headlights yet will never do it for more than a lap or two. Ask iRacing, AC, R3E and the others who lack it why they took so long to implement such things. It’s called priorities and running a business. If I screw off for a year painting the doors on the back of the building but let the front porch fall apart I am doing a shitty job of maintaining or building up that building.


      2. The only thing improper is we cannot do a rolling steer is we wanted to. Jumping starts isn’t as important it sounds. How many happen in F1 each year? One or two? Over 19 races?


      1. So for whatever reason you gave a middle-aged brown-nosing redneck fanboy editorial sway, and now that he’s gone you’re making up for it by repeating the arguments of an obsessed autistic shill?


        1. Repeating the arguments of an obsessed autistic shill? Face it, AC isn’t very good. Just like the article says, anyone who points this out gets immediately compared to Hex/Ass. Congrats for proving my point.


  13. Ages ago I recall OnePlus (smartphone maker) getting flak because they omitted some features that the rival phones had (despite “Never Settle” slogan), similar to AC’s dev decision to omit “unnecessary” features.

    Similar, huh?

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    1. You don’t sell a title by saying what it doesn’t have. At least they aren’t lying to their customers. Features and content promised for v1.0 was delivered. And since then it has been open development, also in mind to improve the game for the console release, but still giving individual features/support for pc version.

      For sure project cars and rfactor2 won’t tell to their customers on the store front: “Hey look, our game doesn’t have Ferrari. Buy now in a store next to you!”.

      And the same story with rain/night. Is up to the customer to inform himself about what the game has. A game doesn’t need to say or imply what it doesn’t have. And Kunos always said it won’t happen; at least not until they’ve got other things which they find as a necessity to develop, before expanding software to things like rain, night, and other features.


  14. Yet, I league-race every weekend from the US West Coast with racers in Europe without any problems in AC…

    I don’t deny it’s a work in progress, I just find the intensity of the objections a bit odd.

    Now, gotta go, setting up and practice the Renault on Monza before the race later…


  15. I’m not going to go nuts defending AC, because it has a lot of flaws that need fixed and I don’t get paid to shill it, but in regards to physics I will say that the current round of racing sims (not that this is limited to current ones) is strong evidence that the simulated models are less important than the data that is used with those models. AC is to rfactor2 as Grand Prix 4 was to ISI’s F1 series; the latter had unquestionably more things being modelled, whether those things were convincing or being given the right input to generate accurate output is another thing entirely.


  16. Nice writeup of all the flaws AC still has. I would like to add though that the netcode in the current version is working well and it’s a far cry from how bad it once was although anything but the most basic features is still missing from multiplayer.

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  17. Reg. The press launch in Italy.

    There was no McLaren or Ferrari to drive. The McLaren could maybe be used as a passenger car towards the end, but it caught fire.

    Also, while it was a little dinner, grill party style. And one night accomodation. That was it. Personally I used 400-500EUR in total to be able to cover it. So I won’t say that Kunos ‘bought’ me… Anyway, I can’t find the fun in playing the game…


  18. > say it’s an essential feature
    > call people fanboys of AC if they disagree
    > arguing over content as if it’s essential features

    Specific race series rules are content. Specific cars are content. Times of day are content. Weather, content. If you don’t use them, you’re not getting less of a race simulation – you’re just simulating a different race.

    The lack of brake temp modeling is a missing feature. Lack of whatever the generic term for RealRoad is is a missing feature (and missing from most modern sims). But. In the grand scheme of things. This is not “50% of the accurate simulation”. This is the last 1%. The final tiny pieces of an enormous puzzle, most of which is ‘putting in realistic figures for the car’s performance’. If you’re off by 5% on tire grip, you won’t be able to tell if RealRoad is right or not because the car won’t turn like it should on any level of surface rubber. You have to get the big things right for the small things to even matter – you could even argue that the only reason people are noticing these tiny missing features is because the underlying sims are already so good at everything they would normally complain about.

    But not being able to do rolling starts? That’s missing content. People not caring that a game doesn’t have rolling starts means they don’t want to use rolling starts, not that they’re blinded to Kunos’s half-finished mockery of a racing simulation.


  19. About the whole features thing:
    There’s a reason why almost everyone who is a simracer still has either GTR2 or rF1 (nowadays slowly replaced by GSCE) on their HDD despite all the new sims that are out there. There’s also a reason why they are still being used for league racing and it’s not just the lower system requirements.
    Think about that.

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  20. Idk why people keep quoting misterbeam. He is not part of Virtua Simulazioni, nor a physics dev. He didn’t take part in any of the VS mod projects. Is odd why he’s using their logo on the avatar.

    Several of his posts on the formula renault 3.5 thread are about “can’t wait to drive this”. Which just says he isn’t part of the VS mod team, he didn’t help with making any mod, so I don’t know why he’s saying those things.

    The formula renault 3.5 is working as intended. There aren’t any suspension or aero problems. If it had, we couldn’t see those very similar results on youtube with videos comparing this car between ac and rf2. And the same for other cars comparing ac to other sims.

    And yet James believes what makcorp has to say. I guess saying something with confidence makes James think that person is saying the truth. Where is that data analysis evidence that AC is unrealistic. Any post from mak, ass, hex, misterbeam lacks any evidence about AC being unrealistic, and yet James believes all these guys have to say, because they say it with confidence, that makes James believe that true. Mak said AC is as worthy of a sim as forza5, really James, really?

    Apparently the mod car from this video below was created by makcorp mod team (attention, not by petros mak himself, he just contracts people to work on his mods, for his makcorp company).

    So according to this video, ac = forza5, which then also makes rf2 = to forza5.


    1. This video is a great example of the BS about RF2 looking bad, I had to really squint to see which was which until i spotted the real road, the renault is a good AC addition but RF2 version trumps it still in every way IMO.


      1. Welcome to simracing community. Where people think they are so enlighten, yet their opinions of games have the same structure and wording as opinions of which game is better in the world of battlefield vs cod, fifa vs pes, gt vs forza, plants vs zombies 🙂

        One of the most wrong things in simracing community is that these enlighten people classify how realistic a sim is based on how realistic they think another sim is. Our opinion is basically shit compared to the experts behind the creation of each of these game sims, compared to professional race drivers (and even amateurs), compared to car engineers/car dynamics engineers. The opinion of a common simracer is no different than the opinion of a soccer mom driving a van full of kids. Which doesn’t invalidate the opinion of the soccer mom, but is not useful to classify which sim is realistic and which isn’t, and to which degree each sim is realistic.

        So if rf2’s FormulaR3.5 trumps AC’s version in every way, does that mean virtua simulazioni did a shit job or ac is a shit sim?


      2. It’s actually really obvious if you aren’t fucking blind, considering rF2’s weaker reflections and completely fucked colours.

        Realroad itself looks like shit too, even more now that iRacing did it without leaving big black shitstains down entire straights.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I guess in fairness I should mention that rF2 did finally have an HDR update since that video that has made things look more like they should though.


      4. weaker reflections? lol yeah totally man, I fully spotted all those reflections RF2 dont have,my comment is about fools (normally young cunts brought up on xbox and pimp my ride)not playing RF2 solely because it looks bad apparently, despite it trumping everything else in every feature, there is barely no difference in graphic fidelity, apart from DX version,jack arse.

        But no the reflections are clearly a massive driving immersion factor,lol, If you prefer micheal bay films over stanley kubrick fine, but dont make out Im an idiot for giving up pretty graphics for a proper fleshed out sim, that ACTUALLY simulates motor racing.

        +Not Anonymous
        “”So if rf2’s FormulaR3.5 trumps AC’s version in every way, does that mean virtua simulazioni did a shit job or ac is a shit sim?””

        I did put IMO, but leaving driving feel and other subjective material about the cars out of it and focus on what we can actually do with the cars the fact that in RF2 FR3.5 I can race against component AI, have flag rules, safety laps more than a handful of laps, more than 20 odd AI (before melting CPU), tyres management,oil and water management,brake management, decent pit stops, rain ( we will leave night out as not relevant to car),race line management(finding and staying on the rubber), proper visual tyre deformation, proper setups (AC setup menu lacking)etc etc I feel I have to stop to not tip the balance.

        Now what to do in AC with FR3.5?……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. well I suppose MP(poor netcode,terrible contact physics) but I only want to list stuff cant do in other sim…………..reflections?……suppose it looks good in garage…………..well Im stumped maybe you can write why I would choose AC FR3.5, remember don’t list if can do in RF2.


      5. The tyre model alone would have me drive RF2 FR3.5 over AC anyday of the week, and much like chris, after 200 odd hours of AC I really struggle staying on it past a few hotlaps, it just encourages me to play RRE,GSCE or rf2 more as IM always thinking about all the missing shit from AC, AI being biggest, if your some little shitter jumping from GT\forza then AI may be acceptable, but if played any PC sim (PCars not included) you know how bad it is, and in that context its unraceable ( yeah i made that word up and what)


      6. “lol rf2 looks as good as AC”
        “no it doesn’t”
        “lol who cares about graphics”

        Bit of a dim cunt aint ya buddy, my comment is about how close they look, and for that slight increase in graphics fidelity, little xboners like ya self will gladly give up a huge swath of proper motor sport features for that, and in turn help sink proper game\sim design\features in favor of bling and marketing, well done, enjoy ya mountain dew.


      7. @Hash, that just means rf2 for you has more content features. And that is fine. I don’t see why would anyone oppose for you to pick rf2 if you want those features you listed and you can’t find them in AC.

        But what I don’t understand is this constant “supreme praise” of a title because you happen to like the features one game has, and the other title in the same gaming genre doesn’t.

        The fact that one game has 10 more features than the other game we are comparing, doesn’t make the first game better. Only makes it better for you because you value those features. An easy example is if someone values Ferrari cars existing in one game and not in the other, doesn’t make that first game better than the other. It is only better/suitable for you because you value more the game that has Ferrari.

        Another example as a follow up from the previous example:
        – I would like those 10 features from that game but are not enough to take my choice over the game that has Ferrari. Those 10 features could be nice to have, but are not detrimental to my choice.
        – I would like to have Ferrari in this game I’m playing, but I couldn’t leave this game over the other, because this first game has 10 features I value a lot. The Ferrari cars could be nice to have, but are not detrimental to my choice.


      8. “RF2’s tire model is better”
        “based on what?”
        “you feel more through the FFB”
        “did you try the latest AC? they changed FFB and you feel more”
        “nevermind, RF2’s better because you feel less through the FFB”

        “RF2 graphics don’t matter”
        “that’s fine, that’s why I play super mario kart”
        “but super mario doesn’t have graphical tire deformation”


      9. believe it or not im one of those strange fellers that enjoy most race sims (flight sims and milsims too), Im not trying to get down on Ac too much,i have 200 hours on it, however like I said the complete lack of a ai capable of a good race and basic race features is really getting me down on AC lately, so much so that next DLC wont be auto buy for me, but I still cant believe ppl trying to excuse race features not being in game because they are considered “minor” by players, thats BS.

        Also when I said RF2 version was better, you automatically assumed was having a go at AC or the modders, very defensive attitude, it was supposed to be praise for RF2, not “hating” AC,am I allowed to do that and talk about it? we arent ruddy hippies mate, I should be able to critique anything Ive bought and praise what I want without some cunt on his high horse telling me I shouldn’t pick one or the other, and dare complain about a race sim without any actual race features except ability to do laps.

        “RF2’s tire model is better”
        “based on what?”
        “you feel more through the FFB”
        “did you try the latest AC? they changed FFB and you feel more”
        “nevermind, RF2’s better because you feel less through the FFB”

        “RF2 graphics don’t matter”
        “that’s fine, that’s why I play super mario kart”
        “but super mario doesn’t have graphical tire deformation”

        Your just talking out ya arse, RF2’s tyre model is superior to anything else out there including Iracing weird behaving tyres, its fact, ISI have the info out there to see for your blind self, you, like a lot of the little cunt naysayers of RF2 sound like you have not played more than 5 mins of the demo,and dont really have any interest in actual motor sport further than looking cool doing laps in your fave supercar, thats cool, sim gaming not really for simple minded masses.

        mario karts, imagine if they released it without pickups and speed boosts and all the nintendo fanboys came along and said
        “thats cool most ppl dont even expect those features in a mario cart game, even if past did have them but hey we got DX11 so its great step forward”


      10. I’m not saying RF2’s tire model is bad. Just that the typical fanpost is doing nothing to convince me it’s the best. Likewise yours tbh. ISI’s site is gonna say they did a good job on it; their competitors will do the same thing. If you believe the press releases, PCars is head and shoulders above everybody.

        To be honest I didn’t even bother to pick up the RF2 demo, it would need to be a lot more attractive in other areas before I care how it drives. Maybe I missed its heyday but the online population & modding community seem pretty bleak from where I’m standing. (even RF1 has more players, how bad is that)

        The only mention of single player on their site is “AI who will race for and defend positions”, if it has a career mode, race weekends, championships, etc., left up to the reader’s imagination.


    2. Misterbeam is actually from that modding team, david dominguez confirmed it and confirmed his claim to you on virtualr. How you doing Quf? Why don’t you use your wordpress account? I’ve seen you posting around here with it.


  21. Assetto Corsa is very incomplete as a game. It’s not a finished product, and it shouldn’t be marketed as such. There are major issues with gameplay that really don’t make it very fun to put a lot of hours into. With that said, the game does, in my opinion, accurately depict what driving a real car feels like and I’m very impressed with that. I can’t believe the baseless claim by some shut-in modder that AC’s physics are on par with Forza. Anyone who’s played both games could tell you that just isn’t the case.That argument, and the assertion that Kunos somehow bought reviews seem entirely unsubstantiated to me. And I think the implication that Assetto is garbage because it doesn’t have rain or you can’t race at night or it doesn’t remind you of some archaic NASCAR game, well, I can’t follow you down that line of thinking.

    AC has big issues and I can’t defend the path Kunos has taken in developing it. Without a doubt the AI is unacceptable. The lack of pit stops is unacceptable. Online is complete garbage and PCars is certainly more fun as a game. However, driving in that game, well that feels like Forza, or perhaps even more arcade. The PCars community and Slightly Mad are just awful to be sure, but the game offers more to do and more replay value for me. It’s just more “fun” than AC.

    But I still like AC more, just because of how damn good the driving feels. I don’t regret the $ I’ve spent on the game even if it is “Your Hotlap Simulator.” I don’t know why things need to end up being such a toxic pissing contest between supporters of these games. Personally, I’m not completely satisfied with any of the major sims out there, and it puzzles me why no one can get a driving sim right but I’m more inclined to live and let live than try to stir shit up like this.If these games are really THAT bad, maybe everyone should just stop buying them and play those ancient NASCAR games instead. After all the only way anyone is going to convince developers to get their shit together is hitting them in the wallet.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. I feel the same way, unless Kunos actually plan to contend on consoles and it’s not as it appears a cash grab with a shiny centrepiece of great physics and graphics, it will be a major flop on consoles and us sim racers will be left waiting on Reiza to give us a next gen option or ISI to get rF2 feature complete and bug free…


  23. I am not an AC fanboy as such, however I am fond of the title, yet even I agree with many of James’ comments. I love AC, but it sure needs a lot of work.

    Everyone knows that the pCARS physics are the best, you only have to look at the telemetry to see that.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. You are an ass. You have 3 articles here and rage all over the place. From one min it is wha wha wha gives me multiplayer to oh god look how shitty they are to oh god look how shitty the media are.

    That was a rehash of giant pile of drivel. Break it down and hammer it out and nail them to the cross piece by piece in 3/4 separate articles. Hard and unflinching.

    all I get from reading this is where is my multiplayer! Kunos suck for not doing what I want and look at these meanies here…….

    to sum up – you wrote this sitting on the toilet right?


  25. If you enjoy AC and defend its missing/incomplete features, you are a shill and have Stockholm syndrome.

    If you enjoy Iracing and defend its evolution of tire models, you are a shill and have Stockholm syndrome (especially considering it being expensive).

    If you enjoy rf2 and defend its graphics, or enjoy GSC and defend its lack of players/available servers, or even better you shit on other sims and mourn all the time over how old sims are better, you are a true elite no-compromise sim racer who pushes racing sims into the next era.

    I don’t see any reason AC supporters should try so hard defend AC in this comment section. The moment you say anything good about AC, you are already tagged with labels.


  26. ~Tim Wheatley of ISI discussing RF2 in an interview at rockpapershotgun.com~

    “I hate how defensive people are over the word sim versus game; Our sim is a sim; Our sim is a game. I’ve always felt that if someone finds a racing game, any racing game, and they truly appreciate it, they might find our product eventually… “Graduate up” is perhaps the right way to say it, where graphics become less important and feeling/physics the most important.”


  27. “Beyond reality graphics and handling”
    Guerrilla marketing brought to you by pcars.
    Yes that’s on the box.

    Marketing should be your next article. These flame wars getting stale.


    1. “Beyond reality graphics and handling” PCars marketing

      I agree……especially about the handling. So beyond reality it has reached fantasy land.


  28. Problem is a detect a tangible lack of interest and necessary knowledge to critique Kunos without it being useless noise.

    No new information presented (at all). It’s odd that those that complain most loudly about their toys being broken seem to show the least interest in it actually getting fixed.

    Next build will be x64, contain tyre model adjustment/improvements specifically for open-wheel (the tyre model updates will be released incrementally, starting with open wheel) and continued AI improvements, which still is not done according to Stefano.

    It’s one thing to watch and actually listen for relevant, updated information, it’s another thing to bitch and whine when you clearly aren’t paying any attention and simply rely on questionable quotes.

    Let’s be honest, you didn’t realize that the open-wheel was pretty heavily fudged. If no one had told you, you would have been telling kunos to focus on MP features and stop fucking around with the physics. Note that the upcoming tyre model improvements are almost certainly a critical step in addressing the high spring rate suspension oddities.

    So yeah, continue to critique, but check yourself before you write another uninformed article and label those with more technical knowledge as ‘fanboys’. Perhaps you think kunos should throw out any ambitions of accuracy in favor of MP, but that’s completely the wrong order for software development.

    For me personally, this was a useless article. Get yourself up to speed and try again, because this one reeks of uninformed ranting. I’m not going to do your research for you. I would have been 100% better off spending the time I wasted reading and commenting on watching one of Stefano’s streams instead, because I’m actually interested in the direction the game is going. You and most everyone else here is highly distracted by the console release. It has absolutely nothing do with implementing fundamental features or addressing any of the aspects you’ve brought up. Content will be produced by the content artists and basic implementations will be handled by the same very small group that only works on those aspects, as has always been the case. They aren’t stopping and saying, ‘oh, well let’s test the ps4 build before we move on’. That’s simply not how it works, so focus on the actual discussion, ‘what is Kunos working on right now for us as consumers?’.

    Remember, Kunos was approach and given funding to make the console release happen. They did not say to themselves ‘shit we need money, let’s throw this on console’. Big difference that would only seem like a subtle point to the uninformed.

    When readers know more than you do, they will quickly lose interest in your opinion.


    1. Oops, forgot to finished my point:

      Was AC released from early access too soon? Yup. I wasn’t against it at the time and I still think they made the right decision as a company, considering the level of expectations placed upon ‘AAA’ studios vs, what Kunos released. As a consumer, it’s not a good precedent. However, Kunos still has a very long way to go before they become the poster-boy of misplaced trust.

      Anyways, it’s up to you in the end to decide how much effort you want to put forth. If you aren’t interested in doing the necessary footwork, then I suppose I will have to get used to it or look elsewhere for relevant information.


      1. Not exactly, I simply do not know of what you speak. What happened?

        I’ll be honest, I never spent much time on nkp, nor do I know what sort of drama went on around it.


      2. They didn’t run away in silence. They pointed out the limitations of netkar pro in terms of features (game and physics). They also had other commitments with professional clients while also developing a better all around physics and graphical engine, which then turned into Assetto Corsa.
        But they continued developing the v1.x until 1.3 to bring in the promised features for their customers. But like I explained above, they also had other contracts and plans for the company, to develop a better game/simulation software, and not being stuck with netkar pro which wouldn’t develop more than that, either because it was not producing money and because of software limitations.
        So I guess you preferred them to stay with nkpro all these years, patching it here and there, but basically being a dead game, although unfortunately, but they had to let it go.


      3. Nah.
        “By this stage I was really burned out, so I left it all behind and went to Vietnam to rethink my life, for two months, to forget about RSC hate posts for a while! ”

        “Stefano Casillo: I have to be honest; I almost gave up on netkar as a “gaming” sim. During that period I was doing very cool stuff with BRD that literally saved us from going down in flames.

        Our contract with BRD was 2 years, and there you can do the math with the time between 1.0.2 and 1.0.3. After 2 years me and Marco (Massarutto, Production Director at Kunos Simulazioni) just sat down and had to decide what to do. We thought we could still have our say in the “game” sim racing world, as opposed to motorsport industry simulations, so we decided to re-join the fight. I started work on “saving” netKar Pro, while Marco set to work on what we could do after netKar.”

        1.03 was “fixed” nKP, 1.1+ were trying to change the game to make it more market relevant.


  29. James
    September 13, 2015 at 11:21 AM

    Repeating the arguments of an obsessed autistic shill? Face it, AC isn’t very good. Just like the article says, anyone who points this out gets immediately compared to Hex/Ass. Congrats for proving my point.


    Apparently, anyone who points out issues with your ‘article’ or disagrees with parts of your premise, is immediately proving your point – quite a win-win situation you’ve constructed for yourself in your mind.


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