This isn’t how you introduce Sim Racing as an E-Sport…

So if you haven’t seen the announcement on VirtualR, Project CARS is now becoming an official E-Sport – one that’s played professionally.

timthumb.phpDespite the game being completely broken online, Slightly Mad Studios have paired up with the Electronic Sports League to offer a legitimate Project CARS division. I don’t exactly have a problem with this; there’s really no reason competitive online racing shouldn’t be on par with other genres of gaming like first person shooters and real-time strategy titles. If Slightly Mad Studios believe their notoriously buggy game will hold up in a professional setting where cash prizes are on the line, it’s their job to perform damage control if it all goes awry.

What I do have a problem with, however, is the race format:

2lapsHow did this get past the drawing board? Nothing says “we’re taking sim racing seriously as a E-Sport” by creating an event format that doesn’t make use of virtually any elements of a racing sim, and instead turns a competitive league with cash prizes into Need for Speed-like shitfests. I mean, how hard was it to seed people into random groups of 24, and just taking the top twelve finishers from each room until nobody was left?


26 thoughts on “This isn’t how you introduce Sim Racing as an E-Sport…

  1. The short races are only going to encourage more of the same first turn hero shitfest that already dominates these little racing games that are popular among the the adhd xbonehead generation.

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  2. Lol this is racing game equivalent of those cringe worthy COD MLG comps lol, can smell the teen sweat dorritos and spilt mountain dew from here, for me personally if anything this can sum up Pcars and its final direction, sweaty deluded teens all trash talking each other over 1v1 2lap races lol oh the cringe.

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  3. Maybe they tried to open a room of 24 and it didn’t work.

    Maybe they thought that the guys who got crashed out by an idiot in the first round & couldn’t finish despite having good pace would rightfully complain.


  4. This isn’t any more a story here than it is on their official forums. This is just an extension of the SMS championship as a sanctioned event. Both are a joke.
    1v1. Who has the patience for that crap. But seriously. SMS are just sanctioning their own pitiful race event. Wonder who’s gonna handle entry placement. SMS? Sounds legit. Somebody at SMS likes the nordescleiffe a lot. What a way to finish. Not a circuit, but a 20 mile touge race for finals. Meh. Whatever.
    Gt6 academy is the real deal. This is a joke.

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  5. at this point I’m thinking pCars is a strictly troll project. it exists only to put sim racing in bad light. SMS are just fucking with the community and they should be sent to Antarctica or some other offline place. God save us all from these trolls since they don’t understand the spirit of competition for one bit. i really hope this turd called pCars goes down the gutter sooner rather than later because at this point it’s becoming seriously destructive.

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  6. wrong on so many levels but i think the people from pCars played it smart here, i think!.
    They know by this time that they won’t get any more seils so maybe this is a last attempt to make more, since they will be a “Esport” few hundred people might rush to buy the game, all in all maybe another publicity stunt, after people buy the game “fuck’em” i presume that’s the policy there

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    1. Yeah, minimal effort for more marketing and another ‘look we are legit and the best’ bullet point for potential customers to be fed.

      As annoying as this ESL stuff is, they really don’t have much choice if they insist on using pcars. As far as I can tell, MP still isn’t functional for organized racing due to race start bugs, including un-penalized jump starts. The replays also often drop players even if they don’t disconnect, the liveries are changed and often cars in the same class are switched around randomly. The replays don’t hold the more specific player data yet. SMS has been working on the replays and trying to make the MP more reliable, but the truth is I don’t think running more than 2 cars is really a viable form of competition in pcars at this time. It’s just too difficult to get everyone off the line and review what happened, even if people aren’t actively messing about trying to cheat at the same time.

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  7. Well it makes sense to use pCARS for e-sports, it has the best physics – (we know this) and by far the best physics and sound. Nicolas Hamiliton tested it and said its the best sim out there. Then of course there is the telemetry which is world class.


    1. You are truly deluded mate, I mean ffs the dividends have been paid out, which suggests you actually believe that shit, it is nothing more than shift 3, from devs that have a history of failed projects.

      Pcars is a attempt to introduce the massed unwashed to sim racing, but instead of trying to raise players bar, they lowered the sim bar, as well as the fact its just terribly put together, and buggy as fuck, its shift 2 with some modular shit thrown on top like physx and the their much touted tyre model which does not appear to have any of the features in game they boasted about.

      Pcars is to sim racing what rainbow 6 vegas was to tactical shooters,a huge step backwards, and filling race sim sites\communities full of young fucking know it all idiots,that don’t even hold a driver’s license, that jump up and down claiming “other” race sims are far harder than real life, to justify the dumbing down, ive seen this in all game\sim genres in last 10 years odd, for example ppl putting war thunder on realism mode and claiming its pinnacle of flight sims, just goes on and on.


  8. This becoming an e-sport instead of Gran Turismo or any other racing sim is why we can’t have nice things…

    That said, the 1v1 format and Traction/Stability Control being allowed on 2-4 lap races is fucking hilarious…


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