You can now register for gRally’s Public Beta!

Quietly lurking in the shadows behind DiRT Rally, Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, and WRC 5, is a little-known rally sim known as gRally.  Aiming to be another spiritual successor to the legendary Richard Burns Rally, the game will try to capitalize on the huge third party modding community surrounding RBR that’s desperately looking for a newer sim to migrate to, as DiRT Rally will not officially support mods.

After an extremely long amount of time spent behind closed doors with virtually no information of the title available to the general public, registrations are now being accepted for gRally’s Public Beta on the game’s official site.

esHow will it play out? I have absolutely no idea – the complete lack of info about the upcoming sim means there’s basically no way to even form a rough prediction. One thing I will say, is that given the rudimentary graphics of the title, it may look a little something like this at speed:

According to my friend Google, it appears the engine is custom built, the G in the title standing for the developer’s name GHIBOZ.


7 thoughts on “You can now register for gRally’s Public Beta!

  1. I signed up for the beta but I told them I would only participate if they intend to make it a hardcore sim and real successor to RBR.

    I wasted 3 years with that piece of shit Project Cars. I don’t have any more time for dumbed down, pseudo sims that target uncoordinated gamers that can’t complete one lap in a real sim.


  2. Been waiting on this one. Thought they had given up. I remember that they certainly sound like they had the right focus to produce something nice.
    That e36 looks like a pretty fun drive.


    1. Yeah I wouldn’t call it significantly better looking than RBR. That said, the engine is probably capable of more in theory.

      As you say, if it feels good enough then it won’t matter as much.


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