A Leaderboard Setup for R3E looks like this…

A couple months back, I posted a Perfect Baseline Setup for RaceRoom Racing Experience, a setup that works across every single rear wheel drive vehicle available in the game. And thanks to GamerMuscleVideos, I found out there was currently an ADAC GT Masters 2014 Hotlap Competition underway at Oschersleben. Given that I don’t mind R3E and have used our press access to not only cover the game’s several updates, but to also play it on my own time, why not try my hand at it and see where I end up on the Leaderboard? R3E is basically dead when it comes to public lobby racing, but the game has several different themed leaderboard challenges each week that draw a substantial amount of participants.

RRRE 2015-09-15 17-27-48-83The bad news comes before the good news. Sector 3 allow you to abuse your transmission, as I was able to put the car almost directly into second gear for the heavy braking zones, and rapid fire downshift faster than an F1 car whenever I needed it.RRRE 2015-09-15 17-26-05-33The good news is that the way the car behaves under braking, and in general how the car reacts to pedal inputs, is extremely well done. R3E is probably the only game out there that punishes you for not taking your foot off of the accelerator while in the middle of a corner – which is how it is in real life regardless of what car you’re driving. In most ISI titles I can keep around 5% throttle input through the entire corner to gain a little bit of forward momentum without the car exhibiting any handling issues at all. Not here.

McLarenSo there’s the setup I used to take the #1 spot on the Leaderboard for the time being, using the McLaren Mp4-12C GT3. I gave the car maximum negative camber on both ends, tweaked the sway bar values until I was comfortable, softened the suspension as much as possible, cranked the brake bias towards the rear to compensate for no ABS, and threw in bump & rebound values that I was familiar with in the EnduRacers Endurance Series mod for rFactor. The result?459


21 thoughts on “A Leaderboard Setup for R3E looks like this…

  1. “R3E is probably the only game out there that punishes you for not taking your foot off of the accelerator while in the middle of a corner – which is how it is in real life regardless of what car you’re driving.”

    …really? Is that so?

    So, holding a neutral speed through a corner, keeping some weight on the rear is wrong in all real racing? Even if the car has a tendency to spin easier with no throttle applied while cornering?

    That’s ignoring the comments I had seen from racers saying that all sims let you abuse the tyres too much, and that most sim drivers ride the fronts so hard compared to real life. Diving in on the brakes hard, and scrubbing speed with them, etc


    1. That’s kind of funny to me. I’m doing quite the opposite. Driving FWDs in the RACE series for so long taught me not to abuse the fronts like you’re saying that I’ve had to learn how to drive GT cars fast and I still, almost instinctively, try not to do it.


    2. Riding the throttle through mid-corner abuses the fronts, so you know…

      Open diff shitboxes might need trailing throttle to deal with massive lift off oversteer but it’s not good for a pro level GT car by any stretch.


    3. THe only scenario where it is correct is in heavy off-throttle over steer cars, (which shouldnt happen unless you have a severely fucked setup) in which case you would just slightly blip the throttle when it steps out to get the car back under you, In real life if you ride the throttle mid corner you kill the tires the brakes, and put tons of pressure on the diff so say goodbye to your gears as well.


      1. The fuck, this goes against the numerous books and videos I’ve read/watched about race technique over the years.
        Brake, downshift, trail brake or hold neutral throttle depending on the corner and how you are tackling it, pass apex, squeeze throttle on and exit.


      2. You read them wrong

        Even with aggressive throttle braking you have to release the throttle at some point or you will dump truck the middle of the corner.

        Minor exceptions are high speed corners where you’re minimizing scrub rather than maximising rotation.


      3. Dunno why I can’t reply below, weird comment system here.

        This changes so much from corner to corner though, what corner was that data taken on?
        Any very tight corner like the first couple corners at Sepang, I’m gunna be trail braking a lot, or coasting the last bit, engine braking. Then as said, I might blip a bit on to get the rear around. But then turn 5, 6, 7 it suits best to keep throttle on the car. I’m taking issue with that statement, as it reads like a “noone does this ever” statement.

        Bathurst, going into the second corner up mountain straight, I Coast a fair bit there in any gt car, but over the mountain section up top, those corners with the slight dodge camber going over a crest, lift off and the rear gets quite flighty, hold a steady throttle through the initial part though makes it much easier to nail the exit.

        That data pic is from the Montreal hairpin, correct?


      4. Some cars (especially high-performance open-wheelers) have so much engine-braking torque that lifting off completely will make the rear step out very easily, which is why in some cases and depending on setup, you will see a little trailing of the throttle during mid-corner.

        Looking at the data sheet of Michael Schumacher vs. Rubens Barrichello (found as a pdf here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/36634684/Schumacher-vs-Barrichello#scribd), you can see what I explained above. This however is extremely damaging to tires, brakes and the whole transmission as it’s a lot of extra stress on all of these components. Back in the day however when there were no limits on the amount of gearboxes, tires etc. that you could use it was very rewarding to use that technique. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to do due to these constraints.


  2. You’ll be pleased to know the gearbox abuse is being addressed by Sector 3. A FIA GT3/ iRacing style gear selection lock will be applied to all cars and classes to prevent users from down shifting at ludicrous speeds.

    You’ll only be able to select a lower gear once the road speed is suitable for the selected gear.

    This approach may not be realistic for an old Group 5 car but then neither is changing down gears at a rapid rate whilst travelling at high speed.



  3. I was always under the impression that you should always be either on the gas or braking, even if slightly, throughout the entirety of a corner. I forget where I even heard that now that I think of it, but is that not the case?


    1. It is the case, one or the other. What people are discussing is that in sims right now you can just go in, hold half throttle at all times and full brake and the car becomes a rail car. IRL the car goes straight when you do this and it is only used slightly with 5-10% throttle to keep stability in cars that have huge lift off oversteer


      1. See, so what was meant is holding the throttle while braking. The way that was written was seen by me as no, you lift off the brakes and then you Coast through the corner without brakes or throttle.
        The way you said it hammers the brakes and diff, I was thinking you meant that anyway.


  4. Can’t wait to try this out. But why the huge camber? Is this something specific for this track? I know normally we should set it up based on tyre temperature so this is why I’m asking. Thanks!


      1. But If I’ve understood correctly, you gain cornering grip with increasing negative camber UP to a certain point, and after that you just lose out under accel or braking because of the smaller contact patch. Correct?


      2. That is something of a simplification. Using maximum contact patch is ideally preferable over the long term but camber has a very direct effect on tire temperature which is a much more complicated thing, and there’s also a thing called camber thrust, which you can basically think of as being like how leaning turns a bike. You may also prioritize certain corners (generally speaking you’re going to be over or under-cambered in all but at most one corner unless you’re setup to roll on the bump stops though) Tires also deform so contact patch doesn’t necessarily change that massively depending on construction and tire pressure so much as other things.

        In a lot of cases in the past F1 teams with cars easier on tires have had to run “beyond optimal” front tire camber angles to generate sufficient heat in the tires for qualifying or even short stints.


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