Reader Submission #45 – Game Stock Car with a Controller?

Part fan mail, part Reader Submission, today’s entry into our long-running segment discusses two topics brought up by reader Robeott S., asking both where he could find the extensive NR2003 mod collection that was DMCA’d by Sim Racing Design, and if Game Stock Car Extreme can be played with an Xbox 360 controller:

NR2003 2014-03-23 17-37-27-03Hey guys, I just recently read about the DMCA troubles you had with SimRacingDesign and all that stuff. I was wondering if you still happened to have any of the rare mods/tracks you’d uploaded, and if so, if there was a way to get a hold of them. If not, it’s cool, and I just want to say thanks for

As for Stock Car Extreme, I’ve been searching and I cant find anything on how well a gamepad works for that game. I really want to play with the new Aussie V8s’ and some third party ovals, but I don’t want to waste a bunch of money on a game I have to get a steering wheel for.

NR2003 2014-02-28 22-06-00-33The first part of the submission is pretty easy to answer. Despite SRD’s best efforts to file a wave of fraudulent DMCA’s against me, Mediafire hasn’t done shit about their actual files. While the Tumblr and Wix paged I’d set up to give some sort of basic navigation to a wide variety of NR2003 content were taken offline by rabid SRD members, the raw files are still available on my Mediafire account, which I’ve opened to the public.

You can find that here, but keep in mind, nothing is labelled, so good luck.

Because of SRD’s childish antics, I haven’t made an effort to continuously update each mod pack and carset compilation with anything new I find, so as a result there’s a lack of 2015 stuff, and my own personal collection has grown by about 15%. I still actively play NR2003 because it’s a damn good racing sim, so I’m always hunting for new shit to mess around with. The vintage Trans-Am carsets for the 1990’s ASA Late Models are my new favorites at the moment.
GSC 2015-09-13 15-55-34-15
As for Game Stock Car Extreme, I can guarantee you it’s playable with an Xbox 360 controller, but you won’t be getting the most out of what the sim has to offer. I’m not trying to sound like an elitist prick, but it’s the equivalent of trying to play Guitar Hero (or it’s freeware equivalent Phase Shift) with a keyboard. You might get really damn good at the game with an alternative means of input such as a gamepad, but the developers spent months optimizing the core gameplay for one specific type of third party controller. If you’re spending more and more time playing racing sims compared to other forms of video games on your shelf, the ugly truth is that sooner or later you’ll have to purchase a plastic steering wheel.

Image converted using ifftoany

It’s entirely possible to make ISI powered sims feel like Forza Motorsport, and it relies on three simple sliders in the options menu. The first is your basic X-Axis Sensitivity, which usually doesn’t need to be adjusted at all unless you have a specific preference when it comes to how much thumb input you want to give in each corner. The second, is X-Axis Deadzone, which should be set at around 10%15% if you’re using a 360 controller to prevent from detecting miniscule thumb movements. The third, and most important, is Speed Sensitivity.
controllerWhat Speed Sensitivity does is take away steering sensitivity as you increase speed with your car. Driving with a 360 controller, you can make lightning quick movements with your thumb and turn the virtual steering wheel much quicker than what you’d be able to do with a plastic wheel in your hands. At high speeds without Speed Sensitivity enabled, this would make your car vulnerable to all sorts of unwanted movements because your thumb doesn’t have to travel very far on the thumbstick. Turn it on (you’ll have to play with a setting that feels comfortable for you, some trial and error required), and there’s a lot more lenience when translating what your thumb is doing to how the car reacts. It’s a setting designed for gamepad users.
I think that covers everything.

6 thoughts on “Reader Submission #45 – Game Stock Car with a Controller?

  1. Yeah at some point it becomes a simple matter of physical input range.

    Good article though, this is a common question people ask and you never see real answers as to how to actually set it up. That cartman picture, good fit haha


      1. Uhh wtf, I had to double check after I read your comment even.

        The nascar one… I’ve wanted to watch it again but kept forgetting. “We’re tradin’ paint!’ is probably the best part.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. As a long time pad user, i would recomend also to set a low wheel range in “Controller.ini”, 240º feels good to me.

    And, very important, set steering lock in “garage” with this value in mind. Something between 10-12º depending on car.

    This works in any Gmotor game.


  3. Another gamepad user here. My G25 is forced to gather dust as back problems stopped me sim racing until I converted to pad. No its never as good as a toy steering wheel, I especially struggle in high speed corners and heavy braking zones where very small inputs are necessary. Opposite lock is tough without FFB as well.

    If sim X, Y or Z is playable with a gamepad can be tricky to answer. iRacing doesn’t have great support however I was going ok with it in the lower class cars. However as the power increases so does the demand for precision and I couldn’t progress my pad skills far enough. Its the same with all the sims some cars lend themselves toward gamepad more than others.

    GSCE is the same depending on the car its ok. But I struggled with the V8’s as they are very touchy in the braking zones. I used to think R3E had the best gamepad support until and found the sweet spot with rFactor 2. I would rate GSCE with a gamepad below both those sims as the assists tend to jump from not helping me control the car to basically taking over control.

    It is a problem with all the sims though. I want help steering the car not steering help if you get my drift. And range, sensitivity control around the triggers for braking and acceleration is pretty non existent in sims. Leading to the trouble feeding in power for brakes on powerful cars.

    Like anything you can adapt and there are freaks out there who absolutely fly with gamepads. And at the end of the day its better than not racing sims at all 🙂


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