Virginia International Raceway coming to Stock Car Extreme!

A bit late to the party on this one, but since none of us have access to the Reiza beta forums, we’ll take what we can get.

Anyways, Virginia International Raceway, one of the longest and most challenging road courses in North America, will be coming to Game Stock Car Extreme shortly before the end of 2015.

1442712493281The selection was part of a fan vote on the beta forums that saw several prestigious tracks around the world duke it out for the honor of being put into Reiza’s latest racing sim. Whether Reiza will be able to acquire the official license remains to be seen, and it’s very likely we’ll see the track under a generic name when it’s finally completed, the same way Suzuka appeared in a patch earlier this summer as Kansai.


17 thoughts on “Virginia International Raceway coming to Stock Car Extreme!

  1. For once I’m glad to see Spa losing out. I guess it’s been the “in” track over the past couple years, with every developer required to spend 3-4 months creating their own slightly different versions, all of which (especially the new R3E one) pale in comparison to the laser-scanned stuff anyway. I would be very glad to see VIR become the next “in” track.


  2. So you are a cheap bastard too! Colour me surprised.

    You go off on how feature complete the game is, how fun it is and yet you dont support the crowdfunding campaign.

    Ya total tool be you.


  3. so much fun in comments. you guys really dont know what is simracing is. IF they will not include spa, it would be terrible. Because the newer version of spa is BETTER. in terms of scan, newest regulations, etc. Yes Spa is popular. But spa is technically finest speed road track with smooth tarmac. If you dont excited, you dont drive much fast.


  4. Who cares? None is playing this game, so a winner or another wouldn’t make any difference, it’s just for chit-chatting on a forum. 🙂


    1. I think this is a pretty good fit for gsce. I think spa is a more interesting (does that make it better?) track in terms of elevation changes, camber and speed, but we can get a rip of that easily and reiza probably understands this fact.


      1. Hmmm… I own a Fanatec CSW, and i’m playing much AC for hot-lapping and PCARS for the mp part. For the “kid”.. at my age it’s actually a compliment, i would really like to return a kid! eheh


    1. Almost 50 inscriptions in my league’s current championship (with Formula 3). A grid that, this year, never been below 20 persons.

      I get teh cry about public lobbies but speaking of leagues, GSC (SCE) is at this peak.


  5. It’s great to see a track beyond the ones we’ve seen 10 times before. Thanks to Kunos for including it in their poll, and to the general voters for (for once!) not picking the same things again and again.


  6. Actually really excited for this. One step closer to being able to model the entire Skip Barber race league. Now we’re just short NoLA and Homestead.

    And a decent Lime Rock Park for GSCE but I’m sure that I can find SOMETHING.


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