Are Kunos scared of rFactor 2? Sure seems like it…

After a Reader Submission earlier this week where one reader claimed he was silenced without a justified reason on the official Assetto Corsa Facebook page, it seems as if the gang from Italy have started to crack down on the official forums.

As two of us here at are licensed Stock Car drivers, naturally us and the rest of the North American sim racing userbase have been pretty pumped about ISI’s recent update to rFactor 2, which brings America’s biggest racing series to a modern platform that isn’t iRacing. The excitement has understandably spilled over to other message boards, including the official Assetto Corsa forums.

It is completely natural for discussions about other games to pop up on a rival’s official message board – the iRacing Member Site even has an entire section dedicated to Other Gaming, which allows iRacers to take a breather from the highly structured racing sim and organize online gaming sessions in other titles, even those within the same genre.

Unfortunately, when esox71 created a thread dedicated to the upcoming rFactor 2 content release, the entire post was deleted by moderators, who claimed only Assetto Corsa discussion is allowed in the Chit Chat section.

removed by modThis is complete bullshit, as the thread for DiRT Rally, a game that clearly isn’t Assetto Corsa, is about to reach 80 pages, and is one of the most active threads in that particular section of the message board.

drWhile DiRT Rally may focus on an entirely different form of racing compared to Assetto Corsa, RaceRoom Racing Experience, however, is a direct competitor, and a thread related to that game is allowed as well.

R3EjpgLastly, the dedicated thread for Project CARS lasted a whopping 133 pages and several weeks before being closed by an admin due to the inevitable shitposting that resulted between WMD investors and Assetto Corsa fanboys.

peecarsFirst it was the outright muting of any negative comments on Facebook, and now the hypocritical silencing of members wanting to discuss specific games, when other threads that are also in violation of a supposed rule are left to thrive?

What the fuck is going on here?


33 thoughts on “Are Kunos scared of rFactor 2? Sure seems like it…

  1. The AC-only topics rule in the Chit Chat section only came into effect recently. I’m guessing they’re keeping the established “off-topic” threads open for a little longer while closing any new ones that are being made. That section has always meant to be AC-only, but mods have turned a blind eye to it for a long time.

    Kunos have always stated that competitor games are beneficial as it makes the racing sim community larger, and therefore increases the potential audience that AC has.

    If the mods really feared competition, they would have shut down that pCARS thread straight away.

    rFactor 2 won’t sell anywhere near as much unless it drops the silly online pass system and lowers the price of the game to be more competitive with other sims.

    Making a mountain out of a molehill once again James.


    1. What did you expect? He’s a writting all his stupid articles without informing himself properly or having proper sources.

      Wait… That’s what every clickbait website are doing.


    2. Raceroom and dirt rally threads in ac forum have been well behaved since the beginning, and continuing in the present. And there weren’t such applied rules back when these threads were created. These threads were created around the same time as the Pcars thread that later got closed, and was because of a lot of arguing between fans from both games.

      However recently, there has been a good amount of off topic and non-sense threads in Chit Chat section, so they started closing those threads. And it wasn’t only about those threads, but some people started being ‘nasty’ in this section. So the mods level of tolerance dropped. And now this section became much more strictly about AC discussions. But r3e and dirt rally threads are old and have been well behaved, so the mods didn’t need to take action, even if the rules tolerance is lower for this section.


      1. There’s nothing in either rF2 thread that warrants it to be shut down; nearly every single person says “hey, this looks really good, I’m going to try it.” It is no different than the DiRT Rally and R3E threads.

        In fact, the entire rF2 stock car thread is nothing but people saying they are excited to try it. There was absolutely no reason to shut it down or implement rules that place restrictions on discussing the competition’s games. It’s childish, especially after what are now numerous complaints that Kunos are being block-happy on their Facebook page.


  2. Why should Kunos be scared of rF2 ? The 2 titles aren’t even in the same genre. One is an advanced piece of RACING simulator software, the other is a forza style car collecting hotlap driving game. Kunos should worry about pCars, Grid, Forza and other Simcade games and stop the hyped up bullshit trying to be something it isnt .


    1. Then why have been ass and hex worried for a year about AC? You don’t simply attack left and right and at every opportunity a game for such a long time, if you wouldn’t see it as a serious competitor in the sim racing genre, with present and future potential. So they are scared of that, and a lot, by how much they shit on the game in almost every post.
      They never talked bad about other sims because they never saw them as threats.

      Until recently, when iracing got its real road, ls nordschleife, that ass and hex have been criticizing iracing a lot. Just take a peak in iracing and rf2 news in


    1. AC is merely a distraction for sim racing fans. It’ll soon be forgotten.

      For casuals it’s more of a stepping stone, a way to go from arcade games into serious virtual racing. Kunos have intentionally made the cars “simple” to drive, so as many people as possible can be “competitive”. This does not a simulator make. More and more people are now starting to realize that AC is more like Forza and Gran Turismo.


      1. Sure MAKCorp knows what they talk about. Their first mod for AC had comical physics flaws like front tyres stayed ice cold. No wonder it didn’t have any simulation value.


  3. A little off of the topic on why AC is rightly worried by a far more functional title than their own.

    Both yourself and another of the writers here drive stock cars. How are you finding the ones in rF2? Any particular tracks they feel better on?

    I personally think they feel great but I’ve never driven a Nascar before so what would I know 😦


    1. Not the one with the stock car license, but in my opinion they drive very well, it’s just that the physics are a bit fugded atm. Front right tire melts after like 5 laps on an oval, and spring settings/ride height are a bit weird.


  4. Kunos made a favor for rF2 because it was more like critic against rF2 thread. It’s easier to close whole thread than delete every useless post.


  5. If you want to discuss rf2, discuss it in the other 99 forums, what’s the big deal. AC chit chat is a support forum first and foremost, you are over exaggerating or even applying a tin foil hat mentality here.


      1. in fact, this sounds much more coming from hexagramme/iceviolletedevil (both usernames same person). So please take the advice from your friend associat0r, and read that pyramid of arguments. #don’tbeanasshat


  6. or U know maybe cracking down.

    Go onto any mmo/game forum and start talking about the competition and see what happens.

    This site really is getting Fucking Retarded these days.


  7. If you think Kunos is not aware of the RF2 vs AC bullshit on pretty much every sim racing wabsite, if you think the Kunos is blind enough not to see or stupid enough not to learn from the problems caused by the old Project Cars thread, or if you think Kunos closed the RF2 thread because they are scared of RF2 itself, you are just moron.

    Stop writing bullshit articles like this. I thought you were throwing shit on sims to make critical reviews of sims and devs, make people aware of problems, and make things better, but now obviously you are just hoping to bring fights among different racing sim fans and to give the whole community a bad reputation.


    1. yep too much sensationalism bs. This turned into The Sun news of sim racing. James accusing left and right that we are all fanboys, but in the last months he only wants fights between fans of games. And not posting positive things. Remember that saying the problems of a game is still a positive thing to say, not negative. A negative thing is when you get into bitter, into creating scandals and doing biased interpretations just to impress the readers of this website.


  8. Kunos has nothing to fear from rF2.

    But it should have had. rF2 was the sequel to a relatively successful title (rF) with a large modding community and it got to market well in advance of AC. AC was the sequel to a commercial disaster (NKPro) with virtually no modding community. rF2 should have wiped the floor with AC both in terms of popularity and as the focal point for the modding community. Instead AC wiped the floor with rF2 – not only in general popularity but staggeringly in terms of modding popularity too.


    1. Difference is rF2 will still be hosting massive league racing in 5 years time whilst AC users will be paying for AC 2 possibly AC 3 and 100’s of euros/dollars later still waiting for proper racing features, like flag rules, pitstops, proper race sessions like knockout qually, driver swaps, weather, night etc etc etc. The game is a joke…. even the “Your RACING Simulator” branding is a joke.


      1. Look, if we wanted “proper racing features” so desperately, we would all be playing 24/7 rf2 gsce iracing and so no. But there’s a reason we are in AC and even without “proper racing features” we enjoy the game and the racing vs offline and online.
        I hope kunos introduces more racing features and tools, but if “proper racing features” were the bomb, every sim racer would orbit around it, but doesn’t seem to be that essential.

        Massive league racing in 5 years in rf2? Only the elites of sim racing will be there with their elite friends. People still racing leagues in older games than rf2. But in what way does people racing in leagues 100 from now helps the company behind the sim?


    2. Modders tend to look for a few important features
      – do they enjoy playing the game
      – can they make the car look the way they want
      – can they make the car handle the way they want
      – is it easy to create/package the mod
      If one game is even a little better on any of these subjects, it’ll disproportionately gain popularity in modding. Cause modders are no more tied to one game than any other player – if one game’s better for modding, they’ll export their mods to that game, regardless which ones they play.

      – is it easy to distribute the mod
      You’d think this would be important (and RF2 does have better tools) but IME nope, only important to mod-consumers, not producers.


  9. Could someone send me the email, I seem to have misplaced it where it says that we have to choose one SIM, despise all the other and argue with total strangers on why we are so superior because of our choice and the others are so stupid?

    I totally enjoy a variety of racing games, I have a favorite, I hope it continue to improve but will continue to enjoy it ( and the others) in the meantime.

    James, no one is afraid of anyone else among the SIM genre games developers, they all know that they are all interdependent, the core (us) will (eventually) buy all the games available. The challenge is to attract newcomers to our favorites video games to increase sales, increase revenue and ultimately develop better SIM/Racing Games.
    Creating chaos and making us look like a group of f***g idiots is not helping!

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