Need more oval tracks for rFactor 2? We’ve got you covered!

So, ISI surprised us today with their 2015 Stock Car Update for rFactor 2, and as is the norm when it comes to content for rFactor 2, there’s not a whole lot of tracks to drive them at. You’re really left with three options – Charlotte Motor Speedway, Daytona International Speedway, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s not a whole lot of variety, and frankly, is the only buzzkill with what’s been a fantastic update judging by my first shakedown laps.

rFactor2 2015-09-25 16-31-53-80The original rFactor launched with two oval tracks not carried over to the newest version of ISI’s flagship sim, Orchard Lake Speedway, and Joesville Speedway. Orchard Lake is a hybrid of Kentucky, Chicagoland, and Kansas, while Joesville is a true short track comparable to Hickory Motor Speedway.

You’ll want these. Orchard Lake definitely is showing its age, but Joesville is by all means a worth addition.

rFactor2 2015-09-25 16-33-10-64rFactor2 2015-09-25 16-37-28-43Orchard Lake Speedway can be found Here, and Joesville Speedway can be found Here. Virtua_LM have also put out a killer version of the now-deceased Nazareth Speedway, which can be grabbed from RaceDepartment here, and Texas World Speedway, a SuperSpeedway NASCAR no longer holds events at and is subject to demolition soon, can be found here.

Hopefully, that’ll help flesh out your initial list of tracks.


4 thoughts on “Need more oval tracks for rFactor 2? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Sorry to throw these questions out in a slow trickle but that’s just how they’re occuring to me, since I haven’t got the game, how’s the AI on these tracks? Does it have a difficulty setting where it runs viable laptimes without cheating a bunch?


    1. I’m curious about the AI too. Would be nice to have an offline game where I can turn left with AI instead of driving all by my lonesome in iRacing.


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