Qualification Rounds for iRacing’s $13,000 Blancpain GT Series Ruined by Exploits

iRacing’s partnership with SRO and the Blancpain Endurance Series has resulted in a sanctioned online racing league with a prize purse of $13,000, but less than a week into the first of twelve qualifying rounds – an entire season to determine who’s eligible to compete in this mammoth championship – already the competition has been ruined by exploits due to issues in the iRacing software itself.

0Earlier this year, we here at PRC.net reported on an issue regarding each driver in an iRacing session receiving totally different weather conditions, obviously skewing the playing field and giving some drivers an extremely unfair advantage. After this bug was fixed, another issue popped up, where each driver in a session would receive a different skybox, and details soon emerged on how to exploit this bug to your advantage once a backmarker won a Peak Anti-Freeze Series race out of nowhere.

In short, despite iRacing recently adding anti-cheat software, instances of cheating and exploits have exponentially increased, as updates to the game’s weather and surface model aren’t working as they should. As the bug still hasn’t been fixed by iRacing and using the exploit is as simple as joining the room with less than two minutes left in the practice session, ultimately this has lead to virtually everybody cheating.

And people are pissed.

1iRacing World Championship driver Jake Stergios, someone who has been on iRacing for five years and competed at the highest level of road racing for several consecutive seasons, has revealed that the game is indeed broken, and he is “not at liberty to say much more.” As we’ve discussed previously, that’s because iRacing would ban him for speaking out due to a section of the game’s Terms of Service that prohibit people to say negative things about iRacing in public.


David Grunill, a longtime iRacing Skip Barber driver, said that several members had found this issue two weeks ago, but iRacing ignored them, and he accurately predicted how out of control it would get.

3Road Warrior and Oval Ace Josh Chin replies that there are rules being inserted into the two primary iRacing championships to prohibit exploiting the skybox glitch, and Markus Lendermann steps in to confirm that’s indeed what’s happening.

4We’ve been lucky enough to obtain those rules:

  • Nobody will be allowed to join practice after 19:50 GMT
  • Five minutes before the end of Free Practice, everyone should park their car on the front straight and remain in the car.
  • Anyone who is not on track at that time should get in their car, do one lap and park on the front straight and stay in their car
  • Anyone who is not parked on the front straight 3 minutes before the end of practice will be removed from the server.
  • Everyone should remain in the car until time runs out for practice
  • It is not allowed to disconnect and reconnect between the end of free practice and the start of the race.
  • Anyone who disconnects will receive a black flag and will have to come in for a stop and go.

Of course, these rules are only for private leagues, and the two main World Championship Series organized by iRacing. As for the public sessions used to qualify for the $13,000 championship? It’s a shitshow, and some users are actively trying to downplay it, to the dismay of other users:

56This is extremely embarrassing for iRacing. After all this effort to implement new weather and surface conditions to push the sim into the next generation of driving games, none of their new features work properly and have introduced exploits that are extremely simple to use, and the brand new Anti-Cheat System they’ve recently introduced can’t do a damn thing to stop it.

A one year membership costs $99, and each piece of content is an extra $15, making every three months run you around $200$300.


18 thoughts on “Qualification Rounds for iRacing’s $13,000 Blancpain GT Series Ruined by Exploits

  1. Is exploitation really rife?

    If so you have to laugh at these cunts who spend stupid amounts of money to play iracing and justify it by claiming the online is really good and you get to race against all these clean racers blah blah blah.

    Then it turns out that the game has a couple of exploits and the whole thing goes to shit as these same people cheat at the first opportunity they get?



    1. I’d put it more on iRacing for constantly putting out stuff that is expolitable in the first place, and then not policing it. When I asked if it was protestable for official series since there is no way to stop people from doing it. The response I got was just send it in and find out. They are taking steps to stop it in NPAS but yet the official series and pro qualifiers get ignored. This is why people have been trying to get rid of Nim and Shannon for a while now, they never do anything til they are forced, and as usual the paying public is used as the beta testers


      1. Well, not really.

        I mean, yeah, in an ideal world the game wouldn’t have exploits, but, if random pubbers exploit a game that, to me, is the same kind of thing where you get jerks online ruining the experience.

        I note in games that have a huge player base, FPS shooters, from time to time if a bug allows an exploit a small percentage will use it. so yeah, the game needs patching.

        But my point remains : the whole premise of iracing – the reason it costs big bucks is supposedly because you leave the jerks behind and the people buying it, you would have thought, would have been mature and honest enough to ignore the exploits and play by the rules.

        The fact that large numbers of the community cheat given half a chance (if indeed this is happening) really does destroy the entire iracing business model. Now, of course, if an exploit is triggered by joining a track at a particular time, some of these exploiters may were simply triggering it by accident, but if, as more and more learn of it, more and more use it, well, you may as well pay £30 and play online in another sim. From the sounds of it, you might find there are fewer cheats than appear to be in iracing.


  2. So far most exploiters are doing so inadvertently, at least the ones who get the bug in qualifying which seems to be the majority of the cases. There is no practice attached to the BES races so I don’t even know how it is being triggered other than pot luck joining at the right second. A bit more suspicious about those getting it in the race, even then due to the nature of the bug can be completely unintentional.

    It’s pretty funny.


    1. The general idea of how the exploit works has been strongly hinted on the forums since yesterdays races so there will be a lot more actively trying to exploit it from now on until they fix it


  3. It’s not the sky box, it’s track temperature resetting between sessions. Miss the transition and you get a nice little bonus. Iracing withdrew the thermal cam from the build at the last minute. Can you guess why?

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  4. As someone remember 😉 i love the iracing as online service with strong community with strong competitions. But yes this situatuion is shit, because of big money can be taken by random racer. 😀 The dark times of iracing totally begins.


  5. “There is a potential bug that could be impacting the grip of cars on a sporadic basis is sessions. There is some good on-track evidence this is happening but so far we have not been able to see anything wrong behind the scenes or in the code. Technically it does not appear it could happen so it is somewhat baffling. We have been working hard to uncover it since we heard about it last week and we have some ideas that we are looking into immediately.”

    That is an interesting way to describe a definite bug people have been sending you shit about for two weeks.

    ” Another update — we found a bug on the server side which could prevent track temperature updates from being sent. This meant that a favorable track temperature condition could persist on a client for the duration of a session. Once this is corrected, all clients will receive the same track temperatures, as intended, as part of the track state being broadcast by the server. ”
    It’s funny because it’s broken almost exactly the way people predicted before the build was released (doesn’t check the actual client state but only sends updates so you can fuck it by messing with the updates) except their own shitty code did the exploiting itself.

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