Technical Inaccuracies plague rFactor 2’s Stock Cars

The honeymoon period lasted a total of four hours. rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-10-30-07After waiting the better part of a year for ISI to bring Modern American Stock Cars to rFactor 2, technical inaccuracies have caused most of the virtual drivers and engineers who were once all aboard the hype train to toss aside the newly released set of content mere hours after it was available for download on the official site. Based on the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, complete with a selection of downforce packages and wheelbase adjustments, the alternative option to iRacing that most people had extremely high hopes for, has fallen flat on its face.

rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-05-06-01The new addition ships with over 75 different liveries, all of which are loosely based on the current Sprint Cup Series season – carefully swapping out all real world brands for fictional spoofs while still remaining true to the source material. Each driver has multiple different liveries to select from, and In some cases, the unlicensed liveries are actually superior to what you see on track. ISI has also managed to make the three fictional manufacturers even more aggressive than their real life Fusion, SS, and Camry counterparts. On the outset, it looks like a really fucking fantastic mod that’s doing everything in its power to become a heavy hitter among American sim racing fans.

But then, we start running into problems.

rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-03-12-39There aren’t a whole lot of tracks. It’s no secret that rFactor 2 doesn’t have the sizeable following compared to rival titles like Assetto Corsa and Project CARS, and for a game that’s intended to be a modding platform, this really starts to work against the entire Stock Car experience. Because of the hit-or-miss environment of rFactor 2, one that makes great mods shine and average mods utter shit, there are basically five oval tracks for rFactor 2 worth downloading: Charlotte, Daytona, Indianapolis, Joesville, and Nazareth. It’s not a whole lot of variety, and this is made worse by the userbase itself. Most servers will simply not be hardcore enough to seek out Joesville and Nazareth, two of the most technical circuits available, and hardcore NASCAR fans know all to well that a trip to Daytona is only to appease the people who are just being introduced to Stock Car racing. You’re left with a lot of servers alternating between Charlotte and Indianapolis, tracks people will soon grow tired of.

While this falls in line with the general selection of content available for rFactor 2 – a handful of tracks for each series offered – NASCAR fans need more than five tracks. Each oval on the real life NASCAR schedule is different in its own unique way, and part of the challenge is fine-tuning the setup to suit not just Charlotte, but the sister tracks of Atlanta and Texas as well. I get that we’ll have to wait for new tracks and conversions to pop up over the coming months, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be any good, especially if they’re converted quickly from other games. ISI’s default content has set the bar extremely high, and reusing models from other games will make some tracks stick out like a sore thumb.

Once you’ve selected a track from the five available, the Garage menu makes no effort to welcome newcomers into the world of Stock Car racing, and that kind of sucks.

rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-03-47-27Both myself and Staff Member Maple are licensed Stock Car drivers, with Maple having infinitely more experience behind the wheel. We don’t have a problem with the plethora of configurations available in the Tuning menu, but a lot of people do. ISI has given people the option to change the overall chassis configuration, brake configuration, downforce package, wheelbase length, steering ratio, and a couple other options unique to oval racing. It’s a lot to comprehend, and it’s different for each track.

For those who follow NASCAR each week, or have already spent countless months on iRacing, these options are pretty straight forward. For those who don’t, it’s an entirely different story. NASCAR teams bring a totally different car to each type of track, and it’s not uncommon for a team to build anywhere from eight to ten different cars over the course of a season, all of which are intended for different events. ISI lets you replicate this within the tuning menu, but no effort has been made to explain why you’d pick the 110.0/110.5 wheelbase for a certain track, or how a certain downforce configuration is beneficial on specific tracks.

It’s essentially going to lead to a lot of people coming to the track with the outright wrong downforce, chassis, brake, and wheelbase configurations, smacking the wall a few times or being woefully off pace because of it, and going “wow this is shit” before disconnecting and never touching the cars again.

To illustrate how complicated this can be for new guys, I joined an Indianapolis room last night, and a handful of people were using the Superspeedway configuration with the default downforce package. Their lap times were a few seconds slower than everybody else, they had about half the horsepower we did, and they would have never known what they were doing wrong if someone hadn’t told them that a Superspeedway refers to only Daytona and Talladega. I can’t see this getting any easier over time. Driving assists also prevent these cars from behaving the way they should, so people running TCS or ABS in GT3 cars who jump into a Stock Car room without adjusting their settings will also fall to the bottom of the leaderboard and have no idea why.

rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-07-35-93From a drivers perspective, they’re pretty fun, although you can drive them way too hard without being punished. If you’re looking for Stock Cars without signing up for iRacing, this is your only option, but it’s not necessarily a good one.

My first few laps, I drove it the way I was taught how to drive a stock car and I really enjoyed myself, but as I became comfortable with the way the car reacted to my inputs, I found I could push the car in a manner similar to ARCA Sim Racing. During our testing, we found that we could push beyond what was anywhere near comfortable, and easily get away with it. You could cook the right side tires as much as you wanted to, and the car suffered no negative handling effects. In fact, overall there was just too much damn grip at any given time. The more laps we drove, the more we found that the car was just totally inaccurate in every single way.

rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-31-25-76The absurd grip levels have been demonstrated by well-known iRacer Ian Plasch while on his Twitch stream. Further testing at Charlotte with the help of Maple and a few other guys allowed him to go flat out around Charlotte with the low downforce configuration, something that would absolutely not happen in real life – that was the whole point of NASCAR designing a low downforce kit in the first place. You can watch the three lap stint HERE, where he basically just laughs at how terrible the whole package is.

wide open2

The driving physics are not the only portion of the mod that lacks attention to detail. Whereas NASCAR mandates that you must start the beginning of each session with a full tank of fuel, rFactor 2’s Stock Cars allow you to take out fuel whenever you want. Whereas NASCAR doesn’t have a ride height rule, allowing for some pretty ingenious setups, rFactor 2’s Stock Cars strictly enforce it. It’s the little things, here and there, that start to add up.

And there are other issues. The NASCAR-style spotter isn’t nearly chatty or descriptive enough to help you navigate through a crowded race track, which will rear its ugly head when online leagues inevitably start up. While there indeed is a spotter plugin, most people will not even think to go looking for one given rFactor 2’s lack of third party mods to begin with. Virtual Mirrors are completely useless if you run a high Field of View setup and move the seat position too far forward. Lastly, the baseline setups ISI give you as a starting point for both Indianapolis and Charlotte are pretty awful. I myself wrecked the car coming out of Turn 4 at Charlotte because it just snapped out from under me, yet when I threw my own setup at the car offline, it was a completely different story.

As oval setups can be pretty complicated and intimidating for all but the most dedicated of Stock Car enthusiasts, there is a chance most people will struggle with these cars and dismiss them as “too hectic” due to a shitty default setup, when in reality, all of the quick guys have already found out how to glue the car to the track and are laughing at it on their Twitch streams.

rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-32-35-92Sim Racers know all too well what it’s like to wait for an update or new piece of content for months on end, only for it to be released in a less-than-stellar state and collect dust after only a few hours of playtime, and ISI’s Stock Cars for rFactor 2 are no exception. Long thought to be serious competition to iRacing’s online oval racing monopoly while they were being teased throughout the summer, now that we’ve got them in our hands and have gotten our hands dirty in the Garage menu, the cars are extremely underwhelming. Too easy to drive and way too damn fast compared to the real thing, oval racing fans are now forced with another unnecessary trade-off: deal with iRacing’s constant stream of bugs that threaten the competitive balance people shell out big money for, or drive a Stock Car that in no way represents how a 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car behaves under racing conditions.

Your call.

rFactor2 2015-09-26 11-06-15-55


134 thoughts on “Technical Inaccuracies plague rFactor 2’s Stock Cars

      1. “Nice. Someone in the know about actual stock car physics setting the record straight.”

        I think you mean someone with no idea about stock car physics fucking up the mod with his stupid input. They can’t even run 3-4 flat on an All Star qualifying outlap let alone an entire flying lap.


      2. “I think you mean someone with no idea about stock car physics fucking up the mod with his stupid input. They can’t even run 3-4 flat on an All Star qualifying outlap let alone an entire flying lap.”

        You can’t even run 1 full flat lap at rF2 Charlotte without completely fucking up your tires.

        Of course you can choose to be a noob piece of shit “racer” and decide you want to keep it flat, even though the tires are screaming, laying down black lines and smoking like hell. In that case you have no place in sim racing and should consider going back to Mario Kart or something.

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with the physics of the rF2 stock cars, and this is just the v1.0. The next update will be even more mind blowing.


      3. So much shillery…

        If there’s ‘absolutely nothing wrong’, then there’s no need for an update.

        I’ve never seen ISI release a car for rf2 that was ‘perfect’, they have all required updates and adjustment…Because rf2 has fudging and workarounds, just like other games.

        The in-game performance does not match real life. Clearly, it’s not ‘perfect’.

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      4. “You can’t even run 1 full flat lap at rF2 Charlotte without completely fucking up your tires. ”
        Yeah because “ruining your tires” is a real fucking high priority when they are running 1 fucking lap on a set of tires you dumb cockshill.


    1. Numerous real NASCAR drives said:

      * Changes do very little
      * Tires do not fall off
      * The cars are too easy to drive
      * The cars drive mostly on rails

      This is especially true if you listen to comments made by drivers this year and last year on the current NASCAR package.

      The article is also paying way to much attention to tire heat, An increase of tire heat INCREASES grip, because it increases the adhesion to the surface. Its only when the tires actually wear does the grip decrease. NASCAR usually brings an extremely hard tire to most tracks, and without data from actual race teams, its hard to say how hot those tires are getting but it has been rumored that its not uncommon to see over 270 degrees.

      The problem is that people have basically been brain washed by the Papyrus sims since NR4 into thinking that driving a stockcar is like driving on ice. Its not. These are heavy unresponsive vehicles and they do not behave like a rally car shockingly enough.

      Now just because a car has low downforce does not make it harder to drive.

      rFactor 2 is far more accurate than iRacing.


        1. Nevermind that 2/3rds of PRC are Stock Car guys, with stuff relating to NASCAR outnumbering other content almost 2:1 on this site, nevermind that we genuinely looked forward to this mod, and are extremely disappointed with how it turned out after only a few hours of playtime…


          We just wrote a negative article to hide the fact that we’re paid under the table to advertise for ISI and Reiza, and are trying to look “unbiased” in the eyes of the uninformed reader.

          Yeah, that’s totally it. You got us.

          Oh wait…


      1. It also proves that your understanding of some very basic rFactor 2 functionality is very limited…

        You do know you can’t run the super speedway package at Charlotte, right..? The asterisk in the tuning options means that a certain package is forced and you can’t override that.

        So what you thought was the low aero package was in fact the speedway package.
        Please, do your research before writing such garbage.


  1. Using iRacing physics as any kind of benchmark is pretty fucking hilarious.

    Also, the handling does suffer a lot when the tires overheat.


    1. Where in the world did I compare it to iRacing? Did a quick CTRL + F, all I can see is places where it’s mentioned as having a monopoly on the oval racing side of things, and rFactor is an option people have waited for.

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  2. “Virtual Mirrors are completely useless if you run a high Field of View setup and move the seat position too far forward”

    gMotor virtual mirrors are position dependent and adjustable instead of just a fixed camera, for whatever reason. That’s not car unique and very fixable.


  3. I will never get why people gets upset about criticism on a videogame… A dude telling us his view on a game is “shitting on it” and “throwing bait”? Pfft. I guess it´s more comfortable than trying to reply to the points made.


    1. It’s some combination of most tire models not scaling well when you get to really high banked track loads and no game really properly modeling the degree of aerodynamic sensitivity at oval speeds (given this usually only affects a handful of corners for F1 cars and doing dumb shit like racing historic tracks with modern cars in in road racing games it’s low priority)

      Part of the reason Kaemmer tire models have always been so twitchy is probably because avoiding hugely exploitive driving on ovals is a priority.

      I mean to give you an idea any kind of remotely fast car needs a special tire to run a roval like Daytona in real life because it destroys the right side tires but in sims you always just go drive them without problem on regular soft tires.


      1. I tried some cars on AC’s (exceptionally shitty, but nevermind) Daytona conversion and the right sides get pretty toasty in anything fast enough to compare to NASCAR, had the RUF Yellowbird up to about 170C on the right rear before it lost too much grip to run the oval at full throttle, nevermind doing a full stint. I don’t know how fast that should happen in the real world though.


  4. “Further testing at Charlotte with the help of Maple and a few other guys allowed him to go flat out around Charlotte with the low downforce configuration”

    Yet the dude says that he DOES lift. This piece really is hilarious James, I must say.


    1. Watch the final lap. You, know, the part at 48 seconds where he says “yeah, this is… terrible.” followed by the point at 55 seconds where he says “okay, this is flat out… oh my god… what is this ISI?”

      Probably just ignored that though.


      1. On Charlotte you will actually get 1 or 2 entire laps where you can go full throttle. Nothing strange about that. After that the tires will have overheating so much that you’re forced to nurse them.


    2. Another thing…the fact that the car upgrade selections are actually forced for each of the ovals…you are forced to run a certain config regardless of your choice in the tuning menu. Whatever option has the asterisk next to it is the forced one.
      That leaves you with steering rate and wheelbase settings to have a choice on.

      I wanted to try the low downforce at Mountain Peak, but when I got into the garage, it always had the slightly larger spoiler on, not the one flush with the sharkfin.

      Also…could anyone hear his tyre scrub there? Tell me with a straight face that he could put in at least 10 laps like that…

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      1. Yeah, you’re most likely going too hot into the turns, turning the wheel too much, putting too much energy into the tires. Also you may be running the default setup which is very understeery.

        I’ve easily managed to take care of my tires during an entire fuel run on Charlotte (online), while still being among the fastest runners. Just be aware of your corner entry and don’t scrub the tires too much.


  5. I did not test long run… The setup used in the video was the default isi setup. Bottom of the line, the car should not have enough grip to take a corner flat out….. EVER… ESPECIALLY with a low downforce configuration. It might have been believable with the current body, but running a chassis setup where the downforce is well more than halved, full throttling should be 10000% physically impossible. The car has way too much RF grip, period.

    Drop the overall grip in the tires by 50% and put more cornering weight in the RR and we might be working with something here. I for shits-and-giggles ran the car in a moderate rain condition and (other than the obvious plow into the corner when over driving entry) found the back end handled MUCH more like you would expect the car to.

    The car is dead ass backwards right now… hope they patch this!

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      1. Not going to edit my article because otherwise 90% of the comments wouldn’t make sense, but this is a huge piss off for people who care about stock car racing

        The low downforce kit is something that most people agree will save NASCAR, and we can’t even try it out for ourselves. Fan-fucking-tastic.


    1. So you managed to run a lap flat out. Very impressive and scientific test. Wow.

      So the fact that you’re probably grinding 20 percent off your FR tire per lap running like that was conveniently left out. The fact that the tires were leaving black marks and smoking like a mother fucker you didn’t mention either.

      Any old geezer can run flat out. The problem is you’ll completely fuck up your tires in doing so.


  6. @ Maple:

    “The low downforce package is a version of the 3 speedway packages available on the car why dont you do YOUR fucking research”

    Dear sir, I am well aware of that. It doesn’t matter one bit though, because you can’t load the car on Charlotte with any other tuning option than “Speedway”. Pretty basic rF2 knowledge, but I guess that detail went over your head.

    “Speedway” has the asterisk next to it, therefore it’s forced, no matter what package you choose.

    Choose the low downforce “Speedway II” package and the car will still load with the “Speedway” package.

    Why? Because that’s the only package that’s relevant to run on that particular track. Low downforce is meant for Kentucky. You’d know that, if you had been able to read through the quite handy tuning notes…

    So no. YOU need to do YOUR “fucking research”.
    Your so-called “test” is a damn parody. Try again mate.


  7. “We are licensed Stock Car Drivers” I see pop up loads here.

    Well, I have a karting license, rallycross, and an International License for Circuit Racing. Doesn’t mean I am any good at anything, or know much. But I still have it.

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  8. After enough time spent on setup I got the cars to feel the way I want, still cooked the RF even while sideways. I was the one that initially talked James into getting back into rFactor2 and both of us were very hyped for something that would end the monotony of iRacing, The fact that the cars themselves don’t even follow actual NASCAR regulations, such as having minimum ride hegiht, no shock springs, limit on spring rate, no packer stiffness, the ability to warp the chassis and turn the car into a teeter totter. It’s basic stuff that is just dissapointing, As is usually the case with rFactor 2 you can’t find more then 5 people willing to run the NEW EXCITING car and in a week from now it’ll be forgotten like anything else. Alot of you seem to forget that the guys in the iRacing NPAS community do know alot of the real life NASCAR drivers, we get feedback from them on a regular basis even real setup info to try and improve our results and see what works across the sim-real life exchange. The top drivers on iRacing aren’t as clueless as all you guys seem to think, in fact most of the NPAS drivers are the ones constantly bitching to iRacing trying to make it more realistic, while having to deal with the money pit 1500 irating guys telling iRacing everything is perfect and we are just exploit finding experts.

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    1. As said in a comment above, these tires are meant to heat up.

      Regarding the rules, NASCAR abandoned minimum ride height in 2014. In reality spring rate limits are different for every track, but they are limited on the super speedways in rF2 at least. NASCAR rules are way too complicated anyway.

      But as already said in the comments above, this is the first version and more improvements are coming. Either way, many serious oval simracers are happy with it.


      1. You misunderstood. The problem is that rF2 does have a minimum ride height. You can’t go lower than 3″ in the front and 4.875″ in the back while iRacing lets you go down to 1/2″, although I haven’t found a way to get the back lower than 1.4″.


      2. I cant fully recall and I’m not at my desktop, but isn’t there a note when you go into the garage regarding ride heights? Something like “the height is measured from the blah blah, the actual height is blah blah, the result is blah blah”
        Might be something to look at. A difference of 2.5 inches is pretty substantial to have overlooked, especially when it’s so critical for these things


  9. gMotor-based game unable to reproduce oval racing in simracing shocker. In other news, ISI continues to create incredibly sophisticated physics engines with lots of working parts that completely fail to capture the experience of driving a racecar.

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      1. Sounds like even after the clarification you missed the point of his post. AC can simulate the car, and racing, equally well (in his opinion) – what it doesn’t have, and rFactor does, is the ability to add specific new parts to the car and compare how well they work.

        It also abstracts out some of the constants from the simulation – for example, a brake pad applies a certain amount of friction to the disc, and the radius of the disc determines how much braking torque you have – you could either type both these numbers in (friction coefficient, radius) or just type in the product of the two (torque). In terms of physical equations, it doesn’t matter which you do – the radius is constant while driving the car, it will be simulated exactly the same either way. But for an engineer to say “which of yellow and green brake pads is better, and what size rear discs do we need”, they’ll want to type in the brake pad’s physical properties and available disc sizes separately and let the driver try them.

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      2. Reminder that Makcorp is a faggot who announces mods and never releases them. He “hires” people for his mod team and nothing ever comes from it.

        Keep acting like he is some sort of authority on physics.


      3. Oh I almost forgot to mention Misterbeam is a cum guzzler like Austociator, Hexacuck and Makcorp. Not part of that mod team and has no opinion worth any value when it comes to the physics of any game.


      4. Reminder for you that posting a screen cap of a cunt who never releases the mods he announces and has no hand in making does not validate any vendetta you have against AC.


      1. Actually, you have just shot yourself in the foot there with the footage of Bonanomi. The professional simulators you have linked to in that video clip do not use any sort of derivative of rFactor – in fact, they do not use any piece of software developed by ISI at all.

        The Hexatech Simulator you are linking to in those clips is produced by Cruden BV, a specialist outfit based in Amsterdam. Those simulators are in fact powered using Cruden’s own in house specialist software package, known as Racer.

        There is no commercial arrangement between Cruden BV and ISI or Kangaloosh Ltd (who own and operate rFactor Pro) and no similarity in the software, so your assertion that GP2 team is using a derivative of rFactor is demonstrably false.


      2. @Anonymous September 27, 2015 at 4:02 AM

        Funnily under the first video description on youtube they say D-Box technologies, not Cruden. Learn to read noob.


  10. hahhaa the shills. Good entertainment.

    A person talks stuff about rf2 in a rf2 article, and the shills (ass and hex) starting saying shit about ac. And then they deny they don’t feel threatened about assetto corsa.

    So that’s how ass&hex argument? When someone questions things about how rf2 does things, their counter argumentation is to start shitting on ac. Good job guys, the sim racing community is proud of you chaps.

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    1. Clearly you are Hex, and are using some kind of reverse psychology to stir up more discussion about these sims, as you are obviously some kind of shillautisttrollfanboy.

      Anonymous commenting…chasing our tails and causing pointless unverifiable accusations since…whenever this blog started


      1. Maybe just one more post about you homosexual desires with james topkek, cause I totally dig your novel about homosexual desires so far on this one page, where can I find the rest of this great literature.


  11. “After waiting the better part of a year for ISI to bring Modern American Stock Cars to rFactor 2”

    It was actually 18 months between the first screenshot and the release. Even with 18 months getting the contact patch model to work on ovals and developing the “advanced” ruleset, the cars still run Charlotte flat with incomplete rules.



  12. I see Associator is already working overtime in the comments. The minute inaccuracies in hyped rF2 content are proven, his mission is to post:

    “This guy who doesn’t develop physics doesn’t take AC seriously!”
    “This team uses an rFactor-based simulator!”
    “This team uses an rFactor-based simulator!”
    “This team uses an rFactor-based simulator!”

    Here is the Kunos-based Dallara simulator:


      1. Again, Misterbeam is a nobody who is using the avatar of a mod group that he is not involved in.

        You cum guzzlers keep pretending that he is some sort of reliable source. Autism, Associator and Hex are setting the bar high for cum guzzling. This has nothing on iRacing launch year shills.


      2. Can someone explain why the attack on rF2 accuracy of cars suddenly became bashing of AC?
        Instead of explaining why the attack on rF2 is wrong they go offensive on another title which has nothing to do in this topic.

        As usual looks like deflecting tactics used by Asso and hex.


      1. oh man hahaha just go back to elite dangerous vs star citizen toxic discussions you created. Now doing again the same toxic shit in sim racing. Putting people against each other and just blatantly lying about the sims you don’t like (hate, in fact).

        I think ass and hex aren’t rf2 fans. They are anti-ac fans. How’s that keyboard ffb buddy?


      2. Misterbeam is a nobody who is using the avatar of a mod group that he is not involved in.

        You cum guzzlers keep pretending that he is some sort of reliable source. Autism, Associator and Hex are setting the bar high for cum guzzling. This has nothing on iRacing launch year shills.


  13. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that all Empty Box’s clips of the AI end in one of them turning his car to face the concrete barriers.

    Must be, cause RF2’s AI is unimpeachable. *s*


      1. Well, if people are testing other AI’s with full stops in the track, I think a driver that sometimes doesn’t take the best line or is off pace is still a valid test.

        Someone posted the link below, the AI is practically stationary in comparison, but I don’t know what settings he runs. Reminded me of that game mode in grid 2 where you dodge around the trucks…. They also are switching lines rather suddenly. You don’t just weave around drastically like that unless you want to die.


  14. Mmmm. I didn’t download it yet because I fully expected problems.

    This is just how it goes with ISI. Release cars before they are ready and patch them slowly.

    I still think most of the loud rf2 shills just got the game in the last ~year and never experienced the long wait for consistency from this title before that timeframe.

    I expect them to adjust and fudge to get closer to real-life metrics, but it will take a while and never be ‘perfect’, it main even remain fairly bad in terms of simulation accuracy. Nothing about rf2 (or any other game) is perfect.

    Queue more copy/pasted bullshit from the least informed children in simracing who cannot even present their own arguments or data.

    You kids have three quotes to choose from and no one here even has to read your posts any more. Find something new. This is about ISI being fairly shoddy (as usual), not AC. This sort of shit is unacceptable for a title with heavily limited default content.

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    1. I think we might have been the first site to put Hex & Ass in a state of hyper autism.

      I mean, the article is about oval racing in rFactor 2. Unfortunately it’s not very good. And of the 90 comments so far, 20 are outright ASSETTO CORSA SUCKS LOOK AT THIS SIM CENTER USING rFACTOR 2!!!!

      It’s like “bro that has no relevance to what this post was about.”

      Oh well, now that I know Stock Car Evolution may be behind a portion of the ISI Stock Cars, it all makes sense. The Gen6 cars in ASRX are absolutely horrid. Nearly flat out at Iowa of all places. Quality content right there…


      1. This is exactly why people jumped on the AI in 1.2 video posts by them, They make every discussion a hate fest on an un-related matter and force people to act like shills in response, Frankly James they have been using your blog to help their attacks and YOU gave them that by telling us all we are unfair. Crying about it now after shouting down all the detractors feels like bolting the gate after the horse has run, after all what they are saying is technically correct and you shouldn’t bemoan the source no matter what


        1. Except they were right about the AI in AC and I proved that, so you gotta give credit where credit is due. This time, in regards to Stock Cars, they’re not. If they can’t deal with it, that’s their problem.


      2. When I saw the 90+ comments on an article I hadn’t read, I must admit I was hoping for more discussion.

        In the end, I didn’t download and test because I knew you guys would do it and tell us if you found problems. Saved me a good bit of time.

        This stock car evolution information is concerning, though it does make sense.

        Even though I tried to regulate my expectations, I’m still feeling very disappointed. I really wanted this to be good.

        I’m hoping part of the problem is that ISI wanted to release the new content along with the steam announcement to make a big splash, even if they knew it wasn’t ready.

        Only time will tell… 😦


      1. Damn, that is one weird looking ‘race’…. He’s just pushing through the corners while the AI sits below brake-checking each other or something.

        Either his AI settings are way low or there’s still a ton of work that needs to be done.

        I see lovely rf2 inconsistent frametimes are still here, too…

        wtf 😦 😦


      2. and…I’m not sure why you’ve posted this twice in the comments now. I’m assuming sarcasm, but I’m really not sure. I didn’t have my sound on when I watched it so I don’t actually know what he said. The commentary doesn’t matter anyways, everyone can see what’s happening in the video.


      1. Show the fact. Anyone can say whatever the want, but if you make such affirmation, show that nascar is using rfpro. But even if they are using, it has nothing to do with rf2 nor with their not-nascar content.
        Rfpro is a car physics platform where people strip it and make it their own. Any car physics platform can be used, maybe rfpro is just better presented or people are more used to it from older times when only rfpro was around.
        But nascar or any other manufacturer can develop their own. But often teams will license a physics engine to develop their car digitally and test telemetry and other things. This has nothing to do with sim racing games being superior to one another, since they don’t just take the commercial game and create a car mod.


      2. TBH the sim graphics snobs would weep to see some of the sims professionals use. Forget rf2, rf1 is a quality product compared to some of them.




        The rFpro product was the outcome of a major development partnership with a high budget F1 team in 2007, to create a simulator that was physically accurate, and visually and aurally realistic. By licensing and extending the graphics engine from the computer game rFactor, we benefit from the continuous and intense R&D effort invested at the pace demanded by the gaming industry. rFpro builds are released on a fast development cycle, two per year, so we are able to take advantage of new features as they become available.”

        rfpro platform is orthogonal to rf2. Is a professional tool used by manufacturers, teams, and other entities in car dynamics, and the quality of rfpro isn’t directly proportional to the quality of rf2.

        That article you linked is from january 2014 and was already in Nascar market. This just proves that rfpro and rf2 are very independent of each other. Pro teams and manufacturers use a physics engine platform and then they create everything from scratch.


      1. Why is a physical created object real and a digital created object isn’t? Do you also think that when people communicate with each other in a chat room we aren’t in the real world any more?
        A car created in a software is as real as a car created in our physical world. The difference is that they have different applications and ways to use them. One can be physically touched with our bodies and the other observed with our mind.


      2. Geez QUF really? you need a job mate, Im slightly worried about the time I’m stood on site with phone responding in forums, you must be broke\fired.

        Anywho Pretend definition…..
        “1. behave so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not.”

        Virtual race cars are designed to behave like like real race cars, however they are not race cars, they are a set of calculations and the results you see in pixel form on a screen, far far far away from oil on ya hands and fuel fumes in ya nostril.

        Yes virtual cars are real,they aren’t a figment of my imagination(even so simply to “think” about them makes them “real”), you got me on that stupid technicality, however they very much are pretend race cars by its definition.


      3. Cars in the physical world are also just mechanically engineered, using mathematics and physical/chemistry science.
        Race cars are made to participate in motor sport. Race cars made in a software either by simulating cars from the physical world or by coming up with new ones, can be used to participate in motor e-sport.

        The fact that we use car dynamics physics in a software from our physical world is just a coincidence. The digital things are just another reality where we can do anything we can imagine. We could come up with entirely different car dynamics physics and create different type of vehicles to race. Is just a coincidence that we are mainly simulating physical cars through a software, usually because it then benefits us in the physical world. Also many cars nowadays are not just mechanically made, but also with the use of software to operate and achieve different functions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with just mechanical engineering.


      4. Yeah this aint the Matrix buddy, your off ya rocker ya coco,Pretend racecar is perfectly good description of sim racing and IMO in no way ironic when “pretend racecars” , a sim racing news blog,comments on realism.

        But lets take this back to basics,the official english meaning, a language I hope your not a native speaker….

        Informal. make-believe; SIMULATED; counterfeit:
        pretend diamonds.

        I found the “simulated” part particularly helpful to explain this very basic concept of the blog name, the OP’s comment and my initial reply.
        please don’t try as always to get a last word in, a word that will no doubt have nothing to do with the BS you have just spewed or the fact you cant possibly come back from that, but I have no doubt you will try.


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