iRacing Responds to the Embarassing Weather Exploit

We’ve done a pretty decent job of keeping up with the latest exploit fiasco surrounding iRacing, one which allows you to join race sessions at a specific time and receive a huge performance boost due to the way weather and track conditions are sent between the server and each individual user in a race. The issue has been around for a couple weeks now, and performance advantages were even foreshadowed by an anonymous user on Reddit prior to the new build, but the situation quickly escalated when the steps to reproducing the exploit were shared among the community.

Minutes ago, iRacing President Tony Gardner posted an update on the situation within the game’s extremely active official forums, announcing that iRacing will temporarily be reverting back to static weather to ensure a fair competitive environment, although results from the exploited sessions still count towards the championship, and the entire userbase will effectively be used as beta testers:

TonyOn the positive side, it’s the right call to disable the exact features causing the issues at hand. When you have two $10,000 championships at stake, and the qualification for a third underway, you can’t allow a portion of the field to have an extra 100 Horsepower. On the negative side, iRacing essentially has to disable a portion of the sim that was only recently implemented, and rely on their own userbase, who are already busy racing for the spot to compete in a prestigious championship, to find bugs instead.

Ideally, iRacers everywhere hoped this type of situation would never pop up in the first place given the entry and overall commitment iRacing’s made to providing a mammoth world of virtual motorsports, but they needed to do something, and fast.


6 thoughts on “iRacing Responds to the Embarassing Weather Exploit

  1. Doesn’t fix it by the way, people have been posting about it happening in fixed weather series for two weeks too but of course they go with some random suggestion from stock car guys that don’t know what they’re talking about.


      1. So what is he saying? As long as you dont tell everyone its ok to use it? BTW the weather still isn’t right in certain sessions.


  2. So 3 weeks later they decide to deal with the exploit meanwhile people have gotten gains from it.
    Usually in MMO’s – u know the ones with the 15/month you get banned it if you abused this.

    So I do question them keeping the times – that means that it is ok to cheat until they find the exact cause. and up until about a few days ago there was no exploit.

    I have to say how these guys deal with issues and exploits needs a 100% overhaul. Do they even have any kinda metrics – show times and grip etc that would show maybe something isnt right?

    Seems like a shit show for a sub content and dlc content studio.


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