Reader Submission #49 – So… Where’s the Course Maker? Polyphony..? Anybody..?

Hell yeah, time for a Reader Submission on a game that unfortunately gets left on the backburner a whole bunch here at, as avid reader FMecha is drawing attention to the complete lack of updates for Polyphony’s Gran Turismo 6 over the summer – and now well into the fall.

Hi PRC, it’s FMecha, the resident Gran Turismo “representative”. I would like to state something – and please, get this actually picked up RIGHT – It has been three months since GT6’s last update was released.

THREE FREAKING MONTHS! The last one brought the mighty yet broken speed monster that is SRT Tomahawk Vision GT and new Goodwood sculpture (plus updating the Mazda LM55 Vision GT in process). It also brought the GT Academy Le Mans cars, the Zytek LMP2 and the ill-fated GT-R LMP1 NISMO to the dealership for players who missed GT Academy to buy.

After that, things went silent for July and August. They are supposed to remove the GT Academy icon from the Special Events (since the event has been ended) at this point, but they chose to remain silent. This September, however, saw something coming at the end of the tunnel – the announcement of the Bugatti and Hyundai Vision GT concept cars.

The rule is that, when there’s a Vision GT announcement, an update is expected.

 The game is two years old, and we’ve got all the promised “coming in a future update(s)” features – except the Course Maker. According to a GTPlanet admin (I am tankuroded there), apparently it took longer than PD expected to develop it. Yet there are no official announcement on GT’s Twitter or their web sites – they only stated in response to a random fan, “soon”. And you know what that means…

soon tee em

Well I hope you’re aware that all games have to die at some point, and with Gran Turismo 6 being two years old; the game going for $20 at the Wal-Mart a few blocks away, Polyphony may very likely be done supporting the title. To be fair, two years is a pretty substantial run for a game on inferior hardware. I admittedly don’t give GT6 enough playtime, as I’ve got way too much shit to pick from in the first place, but I vividly remember the long load times and occasional FPS drops. It’s understandable that people have moved on.

It’s entirely possible Polyphony has said “fuck it” in regards to the course maker. I know we ran an article on them a few months back, and between the FIA partnership, Tourist Trophy Sequel, possible Blancpain Endurance Series game, and multiple job openings, a safe guess is that GT6 is firmly in their past and they are full speed ahead towards the future. So that’s one theory.

Another theory is that studio figurehead Kaz has shifted the focus of Gran Turismo into being a brand rather than a video game. This is something EA Sports did with Madden for a few years – tons of reality shows based around playing the game at a competitive level (much like GT Academy), and the actual game itself suffered. Kaz may very well be into the brand-building phase, and for all the Gran Turismo windshield banners that adorn numerous GT-level race cars at several prestigious motorsports events, there’s not much of a game to show for it.

I mean, I personally like GT6, and it has some very good qualities that make it a worthy purchase for PS3 owners, but in the long run, several PC racing simulators contain the exact type of driving experience Polyphony Digital tells you that Gran Turismo contains on the PS3. The Gran Turismo series itself is objectively riding on the coattails of GT4’s success, which isn’t the greatest long-term plan. I know lots of kids say GT6 is what GT5 was supposed to be, and that sort of gives support to the brand-building theory. Not that it’s a wise approach, but at least you have a bit of insight into the mind of Kaz, who can be a bit eccentric at times with his decisions.

For the course maker itself, is this really a necessary feature? For me, I’m the kind of person where if I’m not given full control, just take the damn thing out. In GT5, I remember the mode itself was really restricted and you adjusted a few sliders for the game to spit something out for you. If not a whole lot was planned to be changed for GT6, is this a feature really worth getting your knickers in a twist for?

Maybe some Gran Turismo guys can help me understand why this feature is such a big deal to the community – is it some metaphorical statement for the overall focus of Polyphony Digital, or did the course maker in GT5 add that much to the game?


17 thoughts on “Reader Submission #49 – So… Where’s the Course Maker? Polyphony..? Anybody..?

  1. Honestly, at this point, GT6 is past. I used to play it heavily over a year ago but the game aged terribly quick with the advent of the new generations of (flawed) sims – as if GT6 isn’t flawed itself – the bad frame rate, murky low internal resolution graphics, hit and miss sounds and the tame physics is much more apparent.

    For the good or for the bad, there are several options now. PCars isn’t all that bad now at patch 4 (and I have hated the game a lot since 2012 until now), Assetto Corsa feels a lot like Forza 6 but without the polishing, Dirt is just the best sim right now for me alongside the rF2 rise from the ashes. To summarize, GT6 is now a relic from an almost dead system. At least for me, of course.


    1. I agree, Dirt is definitely the best and most polished sim atm. And it’s the only one still in early access…
      I gave up playing GT6 when my PS3 started having trouble reading dual-layered discs, but I remember both 5 and 6 were very underwhelming.


  2. From what I’ve seen and heard from the community, everyone wants the course maker just because Polyphony promised it. That’s it. Not many people gave a shit about the course [generator] in GT5, myself included, and it will be the same if it’s ever released for GT6. If I can compare it to anything, it’s like the recent V8SC update to GSCE, where everybody wants it and supports it, but in the end no one uses it.

    I personally just want Polyphony to stop working altogether on GT6 and put all of their focus on all of their upcoming games, especially GT7.

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    1. >I personally just want Polyphony to stop working altogether on GT6 and put all of their focus on all of their upcoming games, especially GT7.

      It would not make sense if they do that though. Remember the announcement of PCARS2 despite the original was still full of bugs?


  3. The whole game just feels like a relic of the past with its endless grinding and recycled PS2 cars, and Forza is so much better (spare me the autistic arguments about “realism”, GT cuts lots of corners too and neither of them is comparable to PC sims). Kaz has said he wants to have standard cars in GT7; if the next game is really going to have cars from two console generations ago, maybe it’s just time to put this franchise out of its misery.


  4. I would like the add, some hours/minutes after I sent this, an maintenance was announced. Unfortunately, not all maintenances end up in updates. There have been 3 maintenance periods after the 1.20 update, all ended up without updates – although arguably the first one came too early, while the last two have other first-party games scheduled for an maintenance at the same day (Driveclub, The Last of Us).


    1. It seemed like people barely used the course generator in GT5 because it made really wonky tracks with terrible scenery. One of them was famous for a bug that made a crest so steep it sent the AI cars flying in the air.

      I was enjoying GT6 when it came out but I switched to Forza 6 when Gamestop offered $150 trade ins for PS3’s. Forza 6 has its own issues but overall as a racing game it feels years ahead of PD at the moment.


  5. I sold my Ps3 over a year ago now and have moved on, though it really did piss me off that the promised course maker took it’s sweet time to.. not even be released today.
    It was supposed to be a much improved course maker over GT5’s way of doing it, but PD is falling flat these days so I doubt it will be much anything if it even gets released.

    I have a Ps4, I doubt I’ll buy GT7. The GT series needs a serious reboot to bring people back who have pc racing sims, or even Forza fans. I hope Kaz can stop his “vision” to focus on what fans actually want and what new players might actually like.


      1. …But now everyone is pissed because it requires an iPad or Android 4.1+ tablet and everyone doesn’t have one, and you can’t do it in-game.

        The Android app isn’t up yet as of writing, but eventually it will be.


      2. Actually, I was reading that not all 4.1+ devices will work either, at least until the community manages to complete the work that poly decided not to do.

        Idiotic choices. Let’s put the majority of our effort into supporting the least flexible platform we can find, eh?

        The lack of in-game support is really fucked up. Bad ideas that shouldn’t have been considered, yet they decided to go with it….


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