Shovelware Rally Title to Become an eSport

BigBen Interactive’s new WRC game, which has all the makings of a shovelware title given the developer’s previous back catalog, is now the second racing game in just under a month to become an official eSport, following Project CARS.

To drill home how much of a mistake this is, first, we need to take a look at the epic masterpieces Kylotonn Games have given us over the years.

KTThree fitness games and an Xbox Live arcade title round out an extremely disappointing list of budget-priced garbage –  games nobody should have in their collection, nor would they ever have on their radar in the first place. I don’t exactly trust them to develop a high quality Rally Racing simulator, or even an arcade title, that can be played on a competitive level for generous cash prizes.

Second, the gameplay footage itself is extremely underwhelming. I know it’s not right to judge a book by it’s cover, or rather a video game by three minutes of gameplay, but I’ve been around this shit since the late 1990’s. By now, I happen to know a thing or two. This looks like something you’d find on, not a full-priced Playstation 4 title. With such lackluster basic gameplay, I wonder what kind of bugs, glitches, and exploits will pop up, seeing as the big boys can’t even get it right.

Third, the guys in charge of organizing ESL events simply do not understand how auto racing works. Their event format for Project CARS already acknowledged the game itself was unbalanced (meaning they can’t find a suitable game in the first place that’s properly balanced), banning one of the cars in a specific class from competition, and their events consisted of putting people in one-on-one shootouts instead of proper races against a full field of competitors. In short, they used a full-fledged racing simulator to stage Forza Horizon-like shitfests that encourage wrecking and lack any strategic elements you see in auto racing, real or virtual.


This whole attempt by the ESL to appeal to those who primarily invest their free time in driving games is extremely laughable. These guys have demonstrated not once, but twice, that they have no fucking clue what they’re doing.


12 thoughts on “Shovelware Rally Title to Become an eSport

  1. Lol that footage is hiliarus, look at the real life footage, and then when skips to game, track magically grows 3xits width ffs.

    Anywho “esports” much like mainstream\AAA gaming has to grow the fuck up, how long these plonkers gonna keep pandering to pre teens\teens,I guess once parents realize what shitty a*se products they buy em,and pull their cash out and stop sustaining this shit stain on the advancement of “gaming”, this is yet another great example of the stagnant immaturity inherent in Electronic entertainment.

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      1. I had to google “normie”, and from that I gather its some kind of lame meme piss take, I aint no hipster mate or aspire to it, polar opposite, Kiwi working class, ACDC listening, rugby playing dad,shit kicker foreman for sure, but hipster?no.

        Im not even that old (28), but I played games on sega mega drive when i was 8 that had more thought and effort to play then the shit they keep spewing out with a new shader and same X to win combo, if you been playing games long enough you just cant deny it, and this little “esports” cheese fest is a classic example, just keep in mind Im not trying to be nasty to the young fellers, i was a little cunt once too, its just I dont think teens are the ones to take advice\build games for if want quality.

        But I find a little irony in you trying to make out Im some kind of hipster with a ruddy MEME saying lol, thats if i got that hipster word “normie” definition right.


      2. I was trying to state that as if someone who frequents an imageboard was saying it.

        Basically, they use “normies” to refer to “regular people” – which can also be stated as group(s) the poster disagrees with.


  2. All in good fun, I do love when you paint yourself as some veteran gamer…”old school” isn’t someone coming from the late 90’s XD

    This whole esports thing, I pretty much burst out laughing when I saw tiny amount of laps for the Pcars one. No time for any of their in depth systems to actually work. Qualifying setups and laps for a whole “race”
    I really would have expected dirt rally to get a gig like this, as it’s a bloody decent title with a decent team behind it and some pretty great content.

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  3. When you trust the devs behind Motorcycle Club and The Cursed Crusade to make a WRC game, you know you royally fucked up…

    Jesus Christ, I hope one day Evolution Studios gets back the rights to the WRC licence and restore the games to their former glory.

    Man, e-sports has hit the shitter by selecting these games to represent the racing genre, in addition to the awful format they have for PCARS.


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