Some Results Wiped, Others Kept as iRacing Lacks Consistency after Weather Exploit Scandal

What started as a mild shitstorm a few weeks ago has grown into an F5 shitnado, as iRacing announced today how they would rectify the results of each race affected by the dynamic weather exploit that plagued the online-only racing sim for the past handful of weeks.

The exploit, which could be pulled off by pretty much anyone, allowed users to join the session at a very specific time (around two minutes before the start of any race), and receive totally different weather conditions and cloud cover that would drastically benefit the performance of your personal car. The cooler the weather, the more horsepower an engine makes, so exploiters crossed their fingers and hoped the game would give better conditions than what were scheduled to run in the particular session they’d signed up for.

This resulted in pretty much everybody cheating, because it took no effort to replicate.

iRacing President Tony Gardner announced today that the developers had found the problem and will push out a fix in the coming days.

ss+(2015-09-29+at+06.24.59)Gardner also announced the results from the first week of the Blancpain GT Series Qualification Season would be wiped; a revised schedule sees the season begin on October 10th. This angered some users, as while the GT series is still in it’s infancy, other races with much larger implications, the two World Championships, each offering a $10,000 prize to the winner, were untouched.

ss+(2015-09-29+at+06.26.44)Glacier Racing driver Jere Seppala, who we’ve quoted on before, draws attention to the Peak Anti-Freeze Series race won by Landon Harrison at Darlington. He wonders why an entire week of results was thrown out due to the exploit scandal, but someone winning a top level race with the use of the exact same exploit that drastically altered the points standings was ignored.

We later confirmed that Harrison indeed used the exploit to win the race.


So the race that didn’t really mean anything was wiped, but the two races that had massive championship implications worth a shitload of real world cash, one of which was proven to have been won by someone using the aforementioned exploit, were ignored.

Yeah, I’d be mad too.


20 thoughts on “Some Results Wiped, Others Kept as iRacing Lacks Consistency after Weather Exploit Scandal

  1. Mate, you know a conversation on facebook where you’re explaining what you think happened, naming yourself as “insider info”, doesn’t count as hard evidence.


    1. Top KEK as always. Making a fake facebook convo doesn’t constitute insider info. This information was available on the main forums in a thread 12 to 48 hours prior to your first “news” article about it. Just like all of your “reader submissions.”


      1. I love how this essentially proved James’ crazy conspiracy theories that fanboys swore weren’t true.

        Eh, maybe they’ll dig through his Reddit history and blame his hatred of iRacing on BPD, whatever that is.


      2. It was only ever a conspiracy theory at the point of “iRacing will not release the heat cam” (which, in retrospect… certainly fits the idea that they knew sometimes races had wrong track temps, had not been able to reproduce the source of the issue, and went ahead with the patch). People who still denied it after the first pro-level race results came in were just burying their heads in the sand.


  2. I just love the part where the forum kids makes shit up, like saying ever member here is banned one of us doesn’t even have iRacing, the other (myself) is known very well by all the NPAS drivers. obv not banned, the only one ever banned was James and it wasn’t until after the BTFO article against the forum kiddies, I have never sent anything off iracing forums to James so that I do not risk getting banned and f’ing my team over but it’s nice to see that someone just posting the article on the forums is enough to get their forum privelages taken away.

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  3. You are sooooo cute. I honestly hope mummy put this article on the fridge, and you wife reads it out loud for you while giving you your bi-weekly pegging. Such a proud moment that will surely make you swell with pride….. or fake sperm, either way enjoy yourself, you have earnt it.


  4. Just to clear something up about your article. The glitch was track temperature only which was providing extra grip, it didn’t affect the air temperature so cars did not have more power. Also, you didn’t have to cross your fingers. If you got the bug then you would always have a much colder track temperature which provided the major advantage.

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  5. The iRacing WCS drivers were told what to do to avoid the exploit, and certain WCS large teams exploited it immediately in the BES.

    This was then posted by Karel Voreschovsky

    All those cases got DQed though…

    Checking the results, there is certainly room for pointing fingers. Some cases were running several cars and all of them exploited the bug. Look at Saturday race 19:00 gmt, all Apex Racing UK cars (3) exploited the bug. No wonder some people feel down about it.

    Everybody was somehow affected by it. I punted the rear one of those slow bug qualifiers, that didn’t go in a chicane, then had to let whole grid by and eventually ended a race for one of those glacier cars which I am ashamed and sorry for.

    Life and iracing is unfair, but in BES, you at least get 3 tries.


    You had 3 teams in different splits. There was 43 teams and the bug occured for 4 teams per split on average.
    This means every team had a little less than 10% chance to get the bug.

    The chance of happening to all your teams is: P = (0.1 * 0.1 * 0.1) * 100 [%]

    That is 0.1% for this to happen by accident. When odds are 99,9 % in favour of something, you cannot blame me for actually believing it.

    Notice now the team name has now been censored on the iRacing forums – along with the other WCS teams involved.


    1. Not to deny what you’re saying (I agree it’s likely they did it on purpose) but probabilities only multiply that way when they’re independent. Team drivers joining a race shouldn’t be assumed to be independent; for example if they were on a team voice chat, one might say “the race is about to start” and they all push ‘join’ at that moment.

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  6. With this exploit, it sometimes worked against people as they got poorer conditions. The biggest factor is that part of this bug has to do with the state of the track surface, as Tony Gardner stated. The server wasn’t sending the correct track state out to some people and it would stay constant the whole race for some while others had a degrading track to deal with.


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