Moderators in Charge of Forza 6’s Storefront Bitten by the SJW Bug

The online storefront for the Forza Motorsport series has always been full of some interesting liveries, as the in-game livery editor allows for elaborate designs that can rival what most of us can accomplish on our PC’s with a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro. However, this also requires Turn 10 to employ full-time moderators to clean up what’s available on the Storefront, as some of it can get pretty messy at times.

ea8b5c84-1b7b-4648-97f5-4d971e1ca653Recently, Turn 10 have begun cracking down on even the tamest of creations, aggravating some users who don’t understand why Turn 10 have suddenly been bitten by the Social Justice Warrior bug, deeming even the lousiest of creations offensive and banning said users from the online storefront.

Bn0tF9KForzaAll I can say is, Turn10 hasn’t seen shit.nr2003 2014-07-24 18-53-39-59


2 thoughts on “Moderators in Charge of Forza 6’s Storefront Bitten by the SJW Bug

  1. You better put an NSFW warning before the picture of 350Z, that was lewd.

    Also, Turn 10 banning people for “Free Candy” livery is nothing new, they’re doing that for ages.


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