So this is gRally, I guess…

12076134_10207948700424739_1677927327_oFor those who have hung around since we started this whole thing up back in January, you’ll know all too well of my hate for ridiculous End User License Agreements. First, Slightly Mad Studios basically turned everybody into viral marketers and censored negative discussion on their own internal forums before Project CARS dropped, iRacing has instituted a rule within their extensive sporting code that sees forum privileges or outright bans handed out for pointing out any issues at all, and now the guys behind Indie Rally Sim gRally have prevented anyone in the closed beta from talking about the game at all for the next three years.

  • The receiving party recognizes that during the gRally Early Adopter Program, will receive trade secrets and other confidential information reserved to, including info, materials, verbal and written reports, ideas, concepts, video, images, and know-how relating to characteristics and performance of the software.
  • The receiving party will not make any reference to the public or to other parties in private on gRally Early Adopter Program at any time after the end of the program for a period of three years.

This is all for an indie game made by a group of amateur Richard Burns Rally modders from Italy in the Unity Game Engine, an engine commonly used by mobile phone games. This title was highly anticipated by diehard Richard Burns Rally fans, most of which dismissed Codemasters DiRT Rally and swore that the group of Italian RBR modders would blow people away with their creation.


gRallySim 2015-10-01 16-50-00-16A few weeks ago, the guys at gRally began accepting applications to get into the beta program, and now that the emails are being sent out, someone on 4Chan has posted a snapshot of what the game’s official forums look like.

1443737821696Even better, for those who did not get into the beta, there is no security on the beta version, and the link to both the installer, as well as the first stage, can be found right here:

I encourage all of you to try it out for yourself. Most users are currently reporting that the game simply doesn’t work for them and crashes at various stages, with the few who actually manage to get in-game being rewarded with gameplay on par with Farming Simulator 2015.

The final nail in the coffin is that gRally is one of four different modern rally sims poised to launch in the forseeable future, and not only do they have to compete against WRC 5 and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, another rally sim currently in the early access phase happens to look like this:

Blunder of the century? I think so.


33 thoughts on “So this is gRally, I guess…

  1. I just love the flying finland trailer. Nothing fancy. Just the focus and the imp tearing the track a new asshole, with no slow motion and all that bullshit. Just the cars doing all the talking.

    Also, I forgot. gRally a shit. This isn’t, beta, this isn’t alpha, this isn’t PRE-alpha. Hell, this shouldn’t be at the alphabet at all. That’s how bad it is.


  2. Not talking about the game for three years is kind of specific. But when I went to try a videogame at an Ubisoft company it was a similar deal. I can’t talk about what I played until Ubisoft themselves go out into the public and show it. Same deal here I assume. Sounds like a standard NDA agreement. So no idea why you are making such a fuss about it. The three year part probably means that they are intending to work on the game for at least three more years, as opposed to “We are going to start selling the game in a year and when you get it, you are not allowed to talk about our game”. Because that would be retarded.


  3. It keeps crashing for me 😦 I downloaded the beta from the link above, so I don’t know if that makes a difference. but it crashes while loading.


  4. The three-year rule is called an NDA. You just like to make leaks, do you? This gonna be a cease-and-desist bait.

    Also, DiRT Rally is from a big-budget dev (albeit from their B-team, IIRC) so the comparsion between gRally and DiRT Rally are incompatible, IMO.


  5. NDAs are not for fun … I hope idiot who leaked this got sued. And you really show your own morale by reposting the download link … you should be ashamed of yourself….. but then again, first you have to take your head out of your own arse to see that.


    1. James didn’t make it into the gRally beta. He shared a link leaked by someone else on a different site. They can’t do anything to him.


  6. This is just making fun of a bunch of people that try to do something for everyone. I’ve seen worse things getting sold on steam. It’s a closed tech demo of an engine (and it’s closed for a reason – it’s not fit for people that just want to play the finished product), written by a guy or two for the fun of it. They don’t even have a funding project – just a simple donate button for those who care. I love reading PRC and agree with you most of the time but sometimes you guys just do enormous backflips over nothing, and this clearly is an all-time low. Real shame

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  7. I can’t get the car going.. apparently I need to press E to start the car, then I use clutch and gas and shift up, but just doesn’t get the car rolling. What’s the normal procedure here? Btw I can’t assign hshifter controls, only paddles.


    1. It’s not worth it. It’s a game made in Unity by three guys. Reminds me of the freeware crap that spit out in 2001.


      1. I’m a modder, while the game itself is crap, there could still be something salvageable for other sims that me or or other modders may use. That’s why I’m interested in it.
        I got invited to the closed beta myself 2 weeks ago, but refused to accept the nda terms that were showed in the screen above plus there’s no way in hell I’d provide my real life details to some random dudes on the internet. Because they want to know where you live, your address, phone number and a lot of other personal informations. If this was a proper job with a pay, I could sign the contract because I could have had some more guarantees that my details would be treated fairly. But not speaking about this game for 3 years while they know exactly who I am without getting paid to do so? No thanks.
        I have taken part in other closed beta tests in the past and signed a whole bunch of ndas aswell, but they all were “jobs” for more legitimate companies such as EA, Vostok Games and few others. Who are those guys? Do they even have the financial resources to hunt people down if they break the nda? It looks too shady for me to trust them with signing their contract.


  8. NDA are a very common tools in many industry for a good reason, and unfortunately some reporters (bloggers) don’t really seem to care about the ethics/law involved. You are taking what gRally is out of context. The NDA is there to prevent non-sense ignorant reporting like these, because the dev cannot go and explain the context to everyone, utter waste of time.

    At this development stage it is normal that graphics and physics are enough to work, no more. They can’t alpha in-house enough since it is a very small team hence the need for external, comprehensive tester, to help make the game stable enough. Then only will they have a platform to develop physics and graphics correctly.

    And let’s face it, while Codemaster have beautiful graphic and stable engine on hand with Dirt Rally, it does look nice. But at this stage, the physics aren’t even on par with 10 year old RBR. Do they really have the courage to push it to a sim level? Or will they please they’re Dirt series fanbase to make the investment worth? I have hope, but we’ll see

    And for Sebastian Loeb Rally EVO, it doesn’t even have a cockpit view, I’ll be surprised the immersion and feel will be anywhere near sim…

    Let them do they’re work and criticize when they’ll be ready to show the world what it is really about.


    1. Dude they’re using an engine utilitized by mobile games.

      It wouldn’t matter if they spent a decade in development. They’re still screwed.


      1. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about, unity is fully capable of high quality visuals as well as making 2D mobile games www


    2. “with Dirt Rally, it does look nice. But at this stage, the physics aren’t even on par with 10 year old RBR.”

      I’d like some of what you’re smoking. It’s for, uh, science and stuff…

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      1. Hope you also ask for asshat’s joint when you applaud him for saying AC’s physics are bad and of no simulation value. Then also ask for mak corp’s joint and for hexagrams too. Then you’ll have a big cannon xdd


  9. This is interesting and all, but the only thing that I really care about is if the driving physics are good.

    When RBR cam out, it was not as successful as other mainstream rally games, partially because of a somewhat clunky interface and a lack of content. Even if gRally was a generation behind on graphics and other features, if it manages to improve on the physics of RBR, and includes the same quality of stages, then for me it will be a winner.


    1. You settling for a low quality version of a game because it is better at 1 thing out of 10, is why we get this shovelware crap in the first place


  10. I will admit that I’m concerned that the unity engine is not capable of providing a decent drive. I’ve yet to see a decent unity-based driving game and I think the engine is partly to blame.

    Auto club revolution was the closest I’ve seen to ‘sort of okay’ and it looks like eutechnyx killed the project after fighting the engine for several years.


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