“Do I regret selling the car to Kunos? Absolutely.”

It’s no secret that Kunos Simulazioni have included third party mods within the default roster of content for Assetto Corsa, as this has become commonplace in the genre as of late, but only now are we starting to see how the modders themselves feel about the whole ordeal.

15731124435_ce7908520b_cVampire, the creator of the classic Lamborghini Muira for Assetto Corsa, did not have many kind words for Kunos when asked about selling the extremely detailed model for use in the popular yet flawed racing sim.

VampireVampire claims the attitude Kunos are displaying as of late leaves a “bitter taste” in his mouth, and that he’s getting sick of playing a “solo hotlap sim.” He claims Kunos made several glaring mistakes with the model he sold them, and it upset him on a personal level as the car itself was a personal connection to his late wife. Vampire blames these errors on the God complex the small Italian developer has acquired as of late, though I’ll leave what that means for the readers of PRC.net to decipher. He ends his small rant by stating he regrets selling the car to Kunos for inclusion in Assetto Corsa.

Developers buying third party content and acquiring the licenses for an easy way to give their userbase a bigger car and track list is nothing new. Slightly Mad Studios enlisted the help of MAK-Corp to develop several assets for their multiplatform racing sim Project CARS, and ISI have recently added a plethora of third party oval tracks to compliment the Modern Stock Cars found in rFactor 2. Yet, after seeing how a modder reacts to his own content’s inclusion, it may soon become a thing of the past.


34 thoughts on ““Do I regret selling the car to Kunos? Absolutely.”

  1. Not surprised really given his attachment to the car. I’m sure not all modders feel that way though, and wouldn’t mind giving up control for the money. I personally don’t think I could ever give up rights to my creations. If the money was REALLY good it might cross my mind but I know if I ever went through with it I would hate myself for it.


    1. If your model is really good and the company wanted to buy it or license it from you to use in their game officially, why wouldn’t you allow it?

      You know that any experienced person in 3d modelling can create the car, especially Kunos devs. They could well do it themselves, but they want sometimes to integrate the community content creation into the game officially. I think everyone benefits with that.


  2. Have you thought that Lamborghini enforced their own details? For example that logo on the steering wheel is possible that it will be the same on all cars, even if the car in its old times had a bit different logo design.

    And about sounds, before they used external sounds for cockpit, the current sounds of the Miura are accurate with what you’d hear in the cockpit.

    Kunos announced when they gave info about the Bonus Pack, that they had to change the Miura:

    “The official model will be based on the original one, that represents one of the best 3rd party creations ever made for Assetto Corsa, but it has been reviewed and modified to obtain the approval by Lamborghini. Dynamic modeling and sounds have been remade by scratch.”

    The info is found here: http://tinyurl.com/nhwbp4p
    And in the same publication, Kunos paid tribute to the 3d model author’s wife.

    “The iconic Lamborghini Miura SV will be available as free update in the next Bonus Pack, expected for July 2015. This gallery is dedicated to the memory of Carol Fox-Fuge, 1976-2015, beloved wife of one of the authors of this 3D model created for Assetto Corsa.”

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  3. What’s the deal with that screenshot. Shading is all jacked up. Hope that’s not an official screenshot used for promotional material…


  4. He didn’t make the model, he brought it off somebody else. He simply reduced the polycount to make it suitable for a game. It was already inaccurate, for example the wheel arches, and he did nothing to fix that. He sold it to Kunos, who did their own model fixes, as well as revamping the sounds and physics far beyond what the original mod team could have achieved.

    …And now he’s mad, because… the changed steering wheel and pedals have a connection to his late wife? “God complex”? As mentioned, Lamborghini probably mandated that their logo be on the steering wheel, and Kunos paid tribute to his late wife.

    You’ve been trying very hard to paint Kunos as bad guys lately, yet you’ve failed to bring up a single legitimate point against them.


    1. Do tell us of your favorite non-99%-bullshit sim.

      I only know of one and it’s not bullshit simply because they don’t do any real marketing.

      I’ll wait for your ‘best sim ever’ recommendation, because it’s almost certainly chock full of bullshit.


      1. The question was really for anon, I didn’t want you to provide the answers.

        gsce is the only legitimately non-bullshit sim mainly because they don’t even try to pull bullshit.

        In direct contrast, rf2 is one of the biggest bullshit sims around and the tyre model is atrocious. Instead of focusing on for more important aspects of the simulation, they decided to waste time with hilariously bad vertex deformation that is only a mere indication of just how far off from reality they actually are (with over-inflated tyres!):


        This is a simple visual indication of why the stock cars simply do not work correctly at this time, and it carries through to the data. The sidewall isn’t supposed to be an intrinsic portion of the contact patch and their shoddy model has been like this for years now. Idk why the ISI fanboys continue to ignore it, it’s goddamn obvious.

        Dirt rally has improved a lot with the last update, but it still needs a good bit of work with regards to tarmac and the majority of the cars. The grip loss just isn’t gradual enough for most of them, still feels like an on-off switch. They aren’t talking about release candidates yet, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

        R3E…idk what they did, but the performance has dropped off a cliff and I can’t really work with that until it’s fixed.

        So for road racing, we currently have GSCE (the game I always open after I get pissed off at RF2, the new track and mitsu are damned good for beta content) and AC fills the quick MP public sprint category. That’s it.

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      2. R3E? Seriously? Shit performance, shit physics, shit FFB, expensive content, shit graphics, no rain, no night, and no mods. On what planet is that a better sim than AC?


      3. Talking out ya arse about tyre model, it aint perfect, but it aint got anything to do with what you wrote, theres plenty of vids and statements about tyres looking like they about to pop of rims, adn riding there sidewalls, obviuolsly doing it to a street tyre gonna ruin teh tyre and grip, which your random photo doesnt show of course…

        These videso look exactly like my rf2.
        Why you choose this subject on a kunos mod article I dont know, major fan of AC?,AC with its wooden tyre model aswell, throwing stones in glass houses?


  5. “The four best sims out there, even including their cons, are Stock Car Extreme, DiRT Rally, rFactor 2, and R3E”

    ding ding ding ding…….James has the winning answer!


      1. ” Instead of focusing on for more important aspects of the simulation, ”
        What like Driver swaps, Flag rules, Weather, Night transition, Pit stops, Being able to get false starts, Knockout qualifying, Chassis flex, Pit strategy, Refueling, Disqualifications, Netcode, Server admin tools, Flatspotting, Aqauplaining, Rain blah blah blah blah


      2. Whoops, another troll boy post! Seems you don’t actually care about one of the most important aspects.. far more important things such as basic tyre carcass construction! Their model that they don’t seem to be interested in fixing is more like a soft balloon, flopping about and completely unworkable in the real world.

        Go under-inflate the tyres on your car until it’s riding on the sidewalls in every corner and let us know how long they last and also how the car feels.

        Chassis flex….That might be part of the problem, as it certainly hasn’t fixed their oddly soft ‘simulation’.

        It’s like the exact opposite of dirt’s on-road issue, you have miles of grip progression that really doesn’t have any bite. The game only begins to say ‘you’re pushing the car!’ long after the tyre is ready to roll off the rim and the heating pattern doesn’t reflect these behaviors at all.

        Note in my little screenshot above, the tyres are over-inflated and not even on the game’s portrayal of grip limit. If you really push it, then the rim is basically in contact with the road. The really sad part is that I was currently smoothly accelerating by the apex in the replay, shifting weight onto the back… Trail braking into a turn with the weight shifted forward makes it look even worse.

        Somehow this is all fine and correct in your mind? WTF?

        Just as with AC, the focus of complaints from customers needs to first be on fixing the basics, the other less important bullshit shouldn’t be worked on until the fundamentals are actually done correctly.

        Somehow, ISI gets a free pass from their customers and doesn’t even feel the need to discuss clear inaccuracies in the very foundation of the game and they seem perfectly prepared to never fix it, mainly because most of you seem to be completely infatuated with incorrectly simulated ‘chassis flex’ and other diversions.

        Get your heads out of your collective asses already. I expected to see this fixed a longgg time ago. Instead we have broken stock cars.


  6. Seems to me he has no right to complain. He sold the model to Kunos to be released as an officially licensed car. He didn’t have to do that. Lamborghini, who gets the final say, felt the car required some (minor) changes to meet their standards in the game. And they’re the ones that have a “god complex?” Give me a break dude. Kunos does need to do something about the AI though the game is boring as hell even if it drives well.


  7. Stop the Press! What a scoop!: Some guy on a forum said something!

    Not necessarily related to this post but I’ve got to call you out on something that has been bugging me for some time:
    When attempting to prove your legitimacy and accuracy of statements you often refer to the whole “We revealed that Assetto Corsa was coming to Console before anyone else!” thing, yet the fact is that you weren’t the first. Far from it in fact.

    A simple Facebook search would have shown you that Marco Massarutto posted a photo back in late April of 2014 (yes, more than a full year ago) of a PS4 Development kit next to the Assetto Corsa set up in their office. Clearly indicating that they were already in the process of entering the console market.

    Link: https://goo.gl/AU254j

    So please, stop saying that you were the first to break the news, because you weren’t.


    1. Well, it was a pretty obvious ‘hint’ to the point of being downright disclosure in my book

      I think James might have been the first to actually say ‘they are doing this, you’ll see’. Remember some of the reactions he got… Many didn’t seem to think that ps4 dev kit pic meant anything. Not sure why.

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    1. Yes it is lovely without them attempting to derail everything that they see. I dont mind conflict, hell im fine with this thread because i recognise that the guy isnt happy, it doesnt matter if its kunos’s fault or lambos fault, he is sad because he cant experience his mod in the way that he wanted to. That is the end result and now he plays rF2 which im fine with as that means an awesome mod from him on that platform, im sad that he isnt making another mod but it isnt the end of the world, there are many more to replace him.


      1. Even if he regrets selling the mod to Kunos, he shouldn’t have made Kunos look like the bad wolf.
        First, he bought the 3d model, than with the help of meco they shaped it for ks software requirements, and the physics were done with the help of pankykapus. And if the model in the first place wasn’t accurate with the real car, idk why he finds it so strange, more so that lamborghini asked kunos to update it, same with physics and sounds.


  8. Not sure, why the guy has so much tears in his eyes. The dude is angry just because Kunos changes some buttons and the pedals? LOL He has earned money with it and the changes seem to be quite minor. So why the rant about it? Ever thought about that the changes could be caused by license-reasons?
    Welcome to market economy. Selling a product can mean post-changes by the new owner. Who cares, if the product overall stays the same?


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