Reader Submission #50 – Assetto Corsa Multiplayer will Never be Fixed

lexluthorcakesFifty Reader Submissions! That’s as many as five tens! And they help us immensely during slow news days! Today’s Reader Submission comes from Jorge S, who writes to us about the sim community’s priorities regarding Assetto Corsa, and the dismal state of the multiplayer portion that the userbase couldn’t care less about.

First, please excuse my English as it’s not very accurate. I’m from Spain, where your blog has some fans and often discusses your articles on our league’s forum.

simracingesI want you to look at the latest news on VirtualR:

AC1160 comments (and climbing), and I could only find one single comment asking about new multiplayer options:

TCIn case you’re wondering, yes, it’s mine. It doesn’t have a single like or dislike (which I don’t care for), and doesn’t have any replies. All other comments are about graphics, Assetto Corsa versus rFactor 2 debates, and “my sim is better than your sim.”

If sim enthusiasts don’t care about multiplayer functionality, why should Kunos? Look, I’m a sim racer and I love Stock Car Extreme and rFactor 2. I like Assetto Corsa as well, but the online is pure garbage at this moment. I really wish all the faults will be fixed, but I don’t have any faith in it. I mean, if sim racers prefer new content, content they have to buy, and don’t even question or make any noise about lack of multiplayer functionality, then I don’t think Assetto Corsa’s multiplayer will ever be fixed.

maxresdefaultHmm, how can I address this without starting a war?

You’ve placed the blame on the sim community for Assetto Corsa being, well, the way it is, and I’d say you’re correct. And over the past five or six years, I’ve noticed a definite change in the gaming industry, although it’s much more noticeable among sim racing due to most games being stuck in a constant work-in-progress state. Anyways, what ends up happening when you combine the two elements together is that developers push out half finished games, or games with serious issues, and there’s a huge influx of apologists downplaying bugs, or older gentlemen begging people to be happy with what they have because “the developers are people too and no product is perfect!”

With developers being much more active in online communities than they’ve ever been before, a lot of them fall back on the ass kissing fanboys after a hard day’s work, no matter how batshit absurd the fanboys’ claims may be, and then deem genuine criticisms towards their games as trolls with an irrational vendetta. This leads to scenarios where in a product like Assetto Corsa, the multiplayer side of the game simply isn’t being improved upon, and those who draw attention to it, well, they just have “unrealistic expectations from such a small studio” and the legion of ass kissers rush into battle.

To display what I mean, here’s what happened when an Assetto Corsa player ran into AI issues a few months back. Fanboys literally told the guy that he shouldn’t be taking an F1 car to an F1 track, and implied that it wasn’t necessary to have a full field of 24 cars on the starting grid, just to downplay what were serious AI issues. If this is how the fanboys bend over backwards to deny basic problems that should be fixed, no wonder nobody cares about asking for a better set of features.

lotusIf the new Star Wars film set to come out in a few months time was 38 minutes long and featured two dedicated advert breaks where you could get up and stretch your legs, I’m sure people would unanimously walk out in disgust and the film would be a commercial flop once news of this debacle spread. Yet, when this exact scenario plays out in the world of computer games, suddenly those who question why this is occurring are labelled as “entitled, spoiled brats“, and if you’re vocal enough on certain message boards about this whole deal, people just downvote you or throw ad hominem attacks in your face until you’re bullied out of the community.

So with an environment like this, you’re right to say Assetto Corsa’s multiplayer will never be improved. And this is a pretty hot topic in the PC sim community, but then masses get their hands on it next year for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, it will get extremely ugly considering people will compare it to Forza Motorsport 6 and wonder what the fuck they just bought.

Despite their flaws, there are four modern sims on the market that are still worth your time: DiRT Rally, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Stock Car Extreme, and rFactor 2. My biggest worry is that if the fanboyism you’ve described above, where people fight endlessly over which game is better or jerk off over fancy graphics, the quality of future titles will regress to the point where every title is as unfinished as Assetto Corsa, because simply asking for features available in games from a decade ago is seen as whining.


81 thoughts on “Reader Submission #50 – Assetto Corsa Multiplayer will Never be Fixed

      1. The only reason you act like your tough is because you’re hiding behind a screen. You’d be in front of me i’d harden the fuck out of your head by smashing it onto the closest surface until you start bleeding your braincells by the nose and you’d be crying for your mum and telling me that i’m a nasty motherfucker while five minutes ago you were assimilating to a carebear. 🙂


  1. I don’t race AC online every day but pretty much weekly races with no issues. I’m not sure which faults you or this other guy is talking about, since neither of you bothered to describe any other than “will collisions at low speed be corrected”, which since it doesn’t mention either current or expected behaviour, I don’t know what he thinks is wrong with it.


    1. Yeah man because console AI on race games is totally a legit comparison for a so called pc “sim”, my biggest concern with patch notes was nothing on ai, im pretty much come to conclusion that ai in AC is not gonna happen anytime soon, and im not only one amongst my peers letting it gather dust while we blast away at rre, gsce and rf2, but the biggest AC fans think its acceptable so why the fuck would kunos do anything.

      Bad AI in AC has nothing to do with the bog standard terrible AI of console racers.


    2. This is a game developed by 300+ employees, with a budget of $100+ million dollars, a 10+ year old AI codebase, and the AI fucks up at Eau Rouge. If I were to believe the videos of PRC and hexagramme, then AC AI is a broken pile that is even worse at Eau Rouge, although I’ve never experienced any issues close to what they recorded in 1.2 at all.


  2. Look, at the danger of getting the “fanboi” label, or making apologies for Kunos (apparently)…

    I (league) race every weekend on AC, with 180-220 ms ping from California with racers mostly from the UK and Continental Europe (mostly NL, B, D). Recently, we also got an East Coaster to join our league races as well. We always race 30-45 laps or so, with mandatory pit stop to change tires, and it works absolutely fine.

    Maybe 1 in 20-30 races, I may have a few little lag problems, but unless it is during a start lap or right during a battle (which is extremely rare) it doesn’t even matter. (Even then it seems mostly on saturdays during peak UK/EU prime internet/Netflix time.) AC can’t handle _unstable_ ping (where your ping fluctuates much over time – something that ironically has happened more with those in Europe than with me from CA). As long as the server is capable enough, and people have stable inet connections, I don’t see the problem. Are those complaining on satellite or DSL or something?

    We’ve done 2.5 hrs Endurance races as well – where the problem is more to get a big field of racers than whether AC can handle it. I’d love to do 12 hr+ races with variable weather and driver swaps, but even if AC had that, any such races realistically would be very rare.

    We’ve done rolling starts as well, by simply adding a lap to the total and agreeing on a max speed. There’s ballast now, though we haven’t seen a need yet to use it.

    When I see this stuff, I wonder whether we’re playing/racing the same game. What is this “pure garbage” that is being spoken of?


    1. Off the top of my head:

      – Can’t select your car skin online unless you personally know the guy running the server
      – Pace Lap functionality isn’t built into the game
      – Can’t jump the start
      – Pit Stop menus aren’t streamlined like other games, where pit strategy can be adjusted on the fly while at speed via “black boxes”
      – In-Game Multiplayer UI is clunky, ugly, and doesn’t convey nearly enough information required during a race weekend
      – People can join during the race session and start aimlessly driving around on track while the race is underway. This is obviously a problem specific to public lobbies
      – Warping/Lag issues occur more often than in other racing sims
      – Netcode shunts cause even slight contact to result in massive pinball-like pileups
      – Chatbox isn’t hardcoded into the HUD, but an optional app that most people don’t even have open
      – No button to send a setup to your bros
      – No safety car for full-course yellows
      – Ugly leaderboard display at the bottom of the screen (please tell me there’s a button to turn it off)

      Again, this is literally off the top of my head while I watch the Seahawks/Lions game. Send in a Submission asking at me to elaborate on the Multiplayer issues and I will.


      1. Hardly something that needs to be “fixed”, then. In terms of features it is very barebones (like the rest of the sim), but the core experience with low pings is fantastic. Not that you would even know or remember, having not played it for months.


      2. The acServerManager tool lets you stop people from joining an ongoing race. From kunos news, this server tool interface will get some little more new things, so see again after the update.


      3. You could originally choose your skin, but people lobbied for the current ‘pickup’ style server which disables that option in favor of letting the admin prebook a set of cars/skins. Servers configured with a booking mode will still let you pick your skin (although UX’s not great; pick car+skin in singleplayer, then sign up).

        The devs word on pit stops is that the current ‘pick your pit options once you stop’ is intended to make pit stop times more skill-based.

        You can set up a server to disallow people joining during the race session; as above, people just prefer to join the other kind.

        I believe there’s a shortcut key to disable the leaderboard but I don’t know it offhand, sorry.


      4. That list from “on top of your head” doesn’t really concern mostly anything related to interest and usability of league racing. Maybe continuing to improve the netcode and online car collisions.
        Press F9 to turn off bottom leaderboard.


      5. – You can choose your skin if the server is in booking mode (the mode that I always personally prefer). Pick up mode obviously does not allow the choice of skin.

        – Agreed on the pitstop functionality. Very poorly implemented.

        – The netcode is collisions are only bad when you’re racing against someone with high ping. Low ping collisions are okay, still room for improvement though.

        – It is too sensitive to packet loss. Way too sensitive.

        – To turn off the leaderboard along the bottom, just press F9.

        I think some of your claims are fair enough and should absolutely be expected from a modern racing sim, but a couple of your other points just point to a complete lack of time spent in Assetto Corsa (like the F9 thing). Not saying you have to play it, but you should at least test it out to some degree before listing things off.


    2. Believe me, I know it can be a good “core experience”.

      But it’s 2015, we’ve had several generations of racing sims come and go, a “core experience” doesn’t cut it anymore – at this point it’s really just a buzzword for “I’m forced to ignore how much shit’s missing and/or broken while the program is running on my PC.”


      1. Meh, if you recommend R3E clearly you’re just as happy with shitty unfinished games that lack features as everyone else.

        That’s been out for fucking years compared with Project cars and AC, and they haven’t finished it.

        And if you think the MP is good in it, well, all the servers are empty. No one plays the fucking game singleplayer either.,211500,234630#All

        Even when they have free weekends they can’t get players.

        They literally cannot give the fucking game away.

        So what does that tell you? (a) That no one is interested in MP and (b) The games you like are not popular people have no interest in them. TIme to get over it.

        Or perhaps just accept your opinion of what is good is flawed.


      2. Also tells you consumers for the most part are dull witted idiots, what major feature isnt finished in RRE?, I would recommend RRE over AC and PCars a thousand times over, car packs that make sense and can race, beautiful tracks, good AI, superb when compared to AC and pcars, good MP framework even if not populated, actual custom chapionshiop that every sim should have, DTM and GT masters basically stand alone games (like so many one class only race “games”, can go on and on.

        what you want to ask ya self is what does either Pcars or AC do better than RRE?whats that? graphics, pfft move along son, also if you just like whats popular I suggest you check out nicki minaj and justin bieber, going of your line of thought they are the best musicians in the world no?


  3. Honest, straight up, legit, genuinely curious question: Why do you like RaceRoom so much? I don’t see what’s so special about it. It’s kind of a less customizable GSCE with more popular cars, but with a horrible pay model. Online is dead as everything else. R3E is okay I guess, so I don’t get why you group it with games like GSCE and rFactor 2.


    1. Huge car selection full of relevant race cars, high quality tracks, extremely good graphics given the engine, online leaderboards built into the game.

      It helps that we’ve got press access and have been able to avoid the pricing model altogether. Unfortunately this works against us more often than not as I’m a huge online guy and 99% of the time there’s nobody else to race with at all.


      1. Don’t forget it’s highly customisable steering wheel and force feedback settings, customisable keyboard configuration (as per most gMotor2 games), the best audio in any sim/game to date which is also and highly customisable in every way too. Car setup is quite good and straight forward, and proper pit stop settings and controls. AC is the only sim that doesn’t let me use my button box because it doesn’t let me configure anything other than the basics.


      2. Only thing I’d debate you on is car setup. The same values work across every single RWD car in the game, doesn’t matter what I’m driving. Makes for less time spent in the garage menu and running test laps, but I’m wondering what sorcery within the physics engine allows this..


      3. RRE sounds are plastic sounding and I get the same sound feeling on all cars. These ‘amazing’ sounds of rre are too much special effects. Pcars is the same story, though different sounding than rre, all cars in pcars kinda give you the same sound feeling.


      4. Most of the “huge car selection” hasn’t seen a physics update in years. The graphics aren’t that great, and it’s less optimised than freaking rFactor 2. Along with the expensive price model, no modding, dead online, mediocre gMotor AI, and lack of rain/night, I still have no idea why you prefer it over AC. The physics and FFB aren’t even up sim-like, which you never mention but have attempted accusing AC of.


        1. Game runs fine for me, the AI is pretty competent (even at shit combinations like the DP @ Zolder, which I was running on the weekend), and the physics/FFB are about the same quality as GSC, they just feel different.

          The last R3E article I made blatantly stated how I could abuse the physics for the #1 laptime against some serious heavy hitters.

          It’s a shame online is dead and the pricing sucks, but I’ve had much better races in R3E than I’ve had in AC.


      5. So the fact R3E has a P2P switch on the servers that are supposed to dedicated that can cause cars to completely disappear on track with no indication to the driver that he is in such state right up till another car drives through him as they can’t see him so he gets thrown off race track. But as it doesn’t happen to you it doesn’t happen so it gets a pass, the plethora of people who have no issue with these missing features in AC are just shills… on the subject of shills, you even state that you have all their content with your press pass for free… not an insignificant sum of money? kinda shillage really


  4. The problem of league racing is that everyone has their community, especially per countries/languages. And the other “problem” is that not everyone is interested in that, in scheduled races and practice a lot to be an alien, or to know fast setups etc.

    Ok so James and RD are complaining that they don’t have people to race leagues in AC or no proper multiplayer-features. Do you think that after those features that you want, league racing won’t be a small niche any more?

    Another problem of league racing is that is not integrated in the game, is not easily accessible for everyone inside the game. So this is just reserved for highly interested/devoted racers who are also very good/fast drivers. And that’s the problem, league racing is reserved to elitists. It is not available for the common/casual racer. Unless the game does all the work for them, masses of people won’t seek league racing.
    So no matter how many features the elitists want, league racing will continue a small niche. Because is not easily accessible to everyone, like public mp is in the game. What the common racer wants is to see, choose, and join.
    Online tournaments (leagues) inside the game for the general public would be cool. But not leagues that are played one saturday at a time, just quick online tournaments, preferably each event being on a different track, and possibly with an option to pause the tournament and resume another day.
    These elitists just whine a lot because they want the developers to work personally for them. Justifying that old games had it and if a recent game doesn’t, is unfinished and bad.
    But not once these elitists suggested something for the general population for the multiplayer mode.

    I so hope that will be the hero we need. And hopefully unpaid :p


    1. So because we at RD want league features, we’re automatically branded as elitists?

      SimRacing as a whole is a niche. The leagues are the most highly populated events that take place in Simracing, outside of that utterly crap Project CARS 1v1 rubbish, so you’re wrong when you say that league racing is a niche within a niche.

      Look at the public servers in GSCE, they’re not really all that highly populated (although more populous than other games), and yet for our RDTCC we have over 80 drivers signed up. This means we are hosting 3 servers, two of which have 30 drivers in each.

      You don’t get that level of participation or quality in public server racing where you’ll have a 3 lap race against St0n3rDawwg69 where he’ll ram into on the first chance he gets.

      I’m sorry, but the argument that league racing means nothing, purely to satisfy the needs of those who cant be fucked to get involved in a proper community is the reason that SimRacing is heading in the unfortunate direction it currently is.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If simracing developers, for example Kunos, would see that league racing and to a point public multiplayer, would be what decides if a racing title is successful, they would for sure bet much more on it*1. Maybe when they saw that in 20 years of sim racing, leagues and public mp are the niche of this niche genre, they thought two times before centering their game around it. In fact public mp is more popular than league racing, whereas league racing makes longevity for the game.

        I sometimes wonder what these people are thinking when they constantly say things like “oh this game has better mp/league features 10 years ago than a title in 2015.”
        Don’t you think that the devs from the modern titles would want to follow on that success?

        Don’t you think that if devs like Kunos would see how popular and used “proper mp and league racing” is in other sim games they wouldn’t do it?

        Don’t you think that if devs like Kunos would see how popular and used rain and night racing is in other titles they wouldn’t do it for their games?

        *1. I think public MP is actually a deciding factor that AC keeps people engaged and looking for new content, because of public MP and to an extent also for league racing. I believe that without a multiplayer platform in a game, in this case AC, the game and its community wouldn’t have stuck with the game for so long. Modding as well. Imo AC already has the present and future potential (the player base). A really good multiplayer platform for public and private (league) racing has more potential in AC, simply because it already has an established user base. There are other games with theoretically better multiplayer platform, but they don’t have the user base. But in a way is what helped those titles survive and have a following, which wouldn’t happen only with offline game or bad online platform.

        I know my post contradicts itself, but that’s because multiplayer racing is a stick with two edges. And it needs to cater very well for both casual and devoted racers. Meaning public mp and leagues. A better solution, maybe for a future title, would be that all the multiplayer casual and league racing to be integrated inside the game. This would mean people would mainly be in AC community and not scattered in various sub communities, which is a usual for league racing. Some sub communities have good attendance and are satisfied with their league racing and other sub comms complain that no one plays mp and the game is doomed and devs don’t fix.


      2. League racing is stupid. And it’s for elitist who want to see there name on a website as champ. Every league I look at cheats in some way. They always have a small group of insiders who select the events they run. They practice and tune for them long before hand, then generally try to act like sim racing gods. Because they set up an event to their own liking. And practiced before hand. Without telling you where to practice.
        If you have a look over at Vroom. There one of biggest public leagues, but a very private closed core that hides stuff from other members. Like the tracks about to be raced on and the racing format. Until last minute. It’s so transparent and lame.
        These leagues are always run by cheats who want to set themselves up.
        We need a good online environment run by the studios. Not a handful of wannabe Stigs trying to call their own number.


    2. you are so very wrong:)), i am no where neer as fast of a driver as i want to, at best medium but i join “legues” for a controled eviroment, not some dude smashing up my rear end on T1, All leagues are for fast and slow drivers, just try one and you will find someone at your speed.
      Specially on RD!


  5. Let’s sum up this reader’s submission.

    He reads the news about Assetto Corsa Dream Pack #2 on VirtualIR. He comes to a conclusion that AC ENTHUSIASTS DON’T CARE ABOUT MP GAMEPLAY. Reason?


    In the end he calls MP in AC “pure garbage” and “will never be fixed”. Then this reader submission becomes PRC’s other AC bashing post.

    In his comments, you can see that he quotes the upcoming improvements on multiplayer. How he draws to a conclusion that AC MP will never be fixed is just beyond me. Are you kidding me? You yourself quote the upcoming MP updates, and then say it’s not gonna be fixed? Because your comment has no like or dislike?

    AC enthusiasts do care about AC MP. What they don’t care about is troll and stupid like YOU.

    BTW I just checked VirtualIR, and your comment had 1 like. Are you happy now? Will AC MP be better fixed now?

    No offense to James who does hard work putting things together for PRC or PRC running well to show all kinds of ridiculous people like this reader.


    1. Read again. I don’t care about likes or dislikes. I get upset because no one else is talking about MP, not because no one is answering my post. And, yes, i get to this conclusion after seeing all those other comments and, above all, seeing the slow aditions Kunos are doing to this aspect (wich associat0r summarized very well in this day).

      Am i wrong? Maybe. You don’t like my post? I completely understand. Can you refute it without labeling or insult me?…


      1. asshat was only good at yelling ‘major disinformation’. Yet pretty much every time he talked about other sims that isn’t rf2, he said a lot of major disinformation, with ac being his main target.


  6. “The devs word on pit stops is that the current ‘pick your pit options once you stop’ is intended to make pit stop times more skill-based.”

    This has to be the most stupid dev reply EVER. And I read PCARS forum… Daring to paste this here as a valid argument screams “I’m stupid”.


    1. Having to scroll through your pit options on a HUD is not exactly more realistic, it’s just what people are used to and god forbid a sim leave out a feature that someone’s used to using.


      1. How stupid you are mate? How we’re used to do it or realism have nothing to do with this. This is simply an utterly stupid design decission. This ain’t Tekken, this is a racing game and who mashes buttons better should have 0 influence. Their answer is just an excuse, and the best excuse they could find is still moronic.

        If I want a front wing change and new tyre pressures, I should be able to change it in the fly without having to rush on clunky menus while I’m in the pitlane, with the risk of losing time for no reason whatsoever.

        PCARS makes the same stupid mistake, and God forbid you getting the first pitbox because you’ll have no time to select what you want to do.

        This way to go about pitstops is retarded, and everyone who buys their excuse deserve this shit interface.


    2. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Kunos have QTE planned for the pit stops when AC hits the consoles next year. That’s going to be so cool.


  7. The modern way of developers approaching these sims made to quit sim racing altogether. No one is interested in developing complete functional package. It is because these things are ran by engineers who cant see anything but their own nose tip. You might have the best ever tire simulation model, but if it is run inside a vacuum content wise, it becomes obsolete. You might have the best gfx engine, but if you got nothing else to show but always the same Car® and Track® than all your competitors, it turns into tiring crap. There is no fucking alternative anywhere and how it looks, there wont be.


    1. Don’t you have a complete functional package with games like iracing, gsce, rf2, raceroom, pcars? Or AC made you quit the sim racing scene all together?


  8. here you go again with this shit. Take it up with Jim fucking sterling Son.
    Or do something about it – other then whaaaaa my game mode sucks waaa…….


  9. Keep your crapboy sim away from my console please. Don’t even bother kunos. You hear me, don’t even bother. Consoles don’t need another half baked PC sim to rip off the console market. Keep your crap ports that are already missing a robust online component and decent AI
    Keep this crap to your self. Everyone in console land learned from pcars. And it’s a better more complete game than AC.
    Do not fall for this crap ps4 users or Xbox users. We already have better games.


    1. Dad you talk like a 12 old console numbskull, what probably ruined Pcars more than any one other thing was the fact it was going to console, instead of focusing on a proper pc sim, they all of a sudden had to cater to fucking idiots and underpowered consoles, make no mistake, almost every decision in pcars would of had some guy point out that the console fanbase would dislike it or more likely be confused, bless them,its funny you mention Ai, what racing AI on console would you hold up as a shining example?

      Consoles ruined tactical shooters as well (plenty of other genres too) and I mean fucking wrecked them to the point there is barely 2 or 3 you can point to now and exactly zero on console, at this rate console audiences attitudes that would allow complex tactical shooters to come back will be a long long time coming therefore the big studios wont be upping there game when they can all release slightly different Gears of COD every fucking 6 months at 100 bux a pop,latest piece of shit being new rainbow 6 (cod with breaching)designed around fucking controllers, same thing goes for lol “sim” racing on console, forza\gt\codemaster same shit different number.


  10. Sorry Dad, you’re dumb.

    For all the issues PCARS or AC may bring, no matter how broken they are, they’ll still be leagues ahead of GT, Forza and Codies F1 games as a driving experience.

    And leagues ARE the only really enjoyable thing about racing games. It’s the only environment where you’re almost guaranteed a good environment surrounded by decent racers. Playing vs AI or playing Russian Roulette in open lobbies is wasting time when you could be enjoying 10x dicing with competent opponents.


    1. It’s leagues OR iRacing really. So unless you’re rich, yep, leagues is where it’s at… Until someone implements a similar system to iRacing’s one in their game!


    2. League racers’ elitism are on par with fighting games’ tourneyfags (those who play Street Fighter IV or Super Smash Bros Melee will know) and they require commitment and suitable timing.


  11. Hashish. You smoke too much obviously ignorant sloth. SMS “ruined” pcars. Maybe on purpose. So they can fix it. Re release and make twice the cash. Or never fix it and rip us off because there an incompetant group as a whole. Who cares. It’s broke on PC too and was doomed even in development if you paid attention to what WMD members said coming out of the deal. You sound like a stupid elitist PC guy or something. Talking your shooter nonsense. GTFO.
    This is racing sim land where most games are half ass. Unless there gt6 or forza.
    Bitch. Shut up. You don’t know jack.


    1. “This is racing sim land where most games are half ass. Unless there gt6 or forza.
      Bitch. Shut up. You don’t know jack.”

      If you truly think gt6 and forza are the height of racing games then you are the console players im talking about you little trash talking, mountain dew sipping, yanky fat cunt, hows iracing going on ya shitbox? I cant even convince my daughter to play her xbox anymore, at 8 years old she understands its a cheap arse toy compared to daddys beast,maybe when you grow up you’ll see that too.


  12. And I like how all of this goes back to Iracing if you don’t want to put up with garbage online, glitches, or incomplete solo offerings.
    Yup. Pretty much.


  13. Haha. Hash. YFC was my favorite. I love that assumption all you slothy Brits make.
    And I have a machine that runs Iracing fine at well above 120 fps. I know that about because it had that brilliant little display to show ya how environmental changes affect fps. And they do it right.
    Maybe not as cool as your machine. But I suspect you and your big PC have a lot in common with the short yanks here with little cock syndrome and they’re big trucks.
    None of your blows landed chief. Still ignorant with a little man complex. I hope your daughters cool toys make up for her ignorant dad.


    1. Wasn’t suppose to be “blows” mate, just ribbing ya fat yanky arse, I haven’t got a very expensive rig at all, but more then smash’s the new consoles, im a kiwi by way, and im sure your a good cunt IRL if not just a little mis-guided on gaming.


  14. Great post on the flaws of the current state of the developer and end client relationship…

    People need to stop being so touchy and remember…

    “if you don’t want to be criticized – do nothing, say nothing, be nothing”


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