Reader Submission #51 – V8 Supercars mod no longer in development for Stock Car Extreme

MERC_06_zpshfyzftazSome crazy news for today’s Reader Submission, as an anonymous yet trustworthy contributor has written in once again to leak the details of the highly anticipated V8 Supercars mod for Game Stock Car Extremeor so we thought. It turns out that the deal with Reiza has fallen through behind the scenes, and the mod will instead be released for both Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2.


I’ll start this off by saying this has to be anonymous. Change my grammar, my spelling, my sentence structure, everything. I get along really well with the Aussie guys and don’t want to mess that up, but at the same time, I want to put what Reiza is doing on blast. I’m not sure if you pledged anything to the Australian V8 Supercars mod, but today we received an email with a PDF file attached explaining a whole bunch of shit, stuff I’ve known for about two or three weeks now.

The big news is that the mod team working on bringing modern Australian V8 Supercars to Game Stock Car Extreme – I’m sure you’ve seen the fancy preview renders of the four other car models by now – well, they’re no longer going to support Game Stock Car Extreme. From my understanding, the deal went down like this:

  • The Australian group offered their Holden Commodore for Reiza to finish up, in exchange for continued support from Reiza to flesh out the rest of the mod afterwards. A “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of deal.
  • The Holden Commodore was released for Game Stock Car Extreme.
  • When it came time to help the Australian team finish the rest of the mod and hold up Reiza’s end of the bargain, Reiza assigned one guy to help them, and then turned around and tried to charge the mod team for his man hours.
  • The mod team stopped working with Reiza Studios, found another well-known mod team to cooperate with, and now they’re bringing the V8 Supercars everybody’s wanted to rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa, NOT Stock Car Extreme.
  • The mod will NOT be payware.

Assetto Corsa seems pointless as multiplayer isn’t even close to being good enough for a league, which was one of the main intentions for these cars, but at least it will also be available for rFactor 2. Too bad only a handful of leagues make use of it.

To make things even crazier, Sector 3 might release their own set of V8 Supercars for RaceRoom Racing Experience before the mod discussed above is completed.

SRA_NINJA-ATTITUDE-1I don’t have much to say as this is intended to be more of a news piece submission, but it definitely sucks to hear Reiza operating like this away from the public eye after a rather celebratory summer of 2015 that painted them as the “good guys” of sim racing. As someone who desperately wants to run in an online V8 Supercar championship, it’s nice to know we’re still getting them in the end, and they’ll be on at least one platform that’s suitable for league racing.


38 thoughts on “Reader Submission #51 – V8 Supercars mod no longer in development for Stock Car Extreme

  1. I wouldnt really say its pointless for assetto corsa, it has a wide audience, yes the multiplayer and the ai are unsatisfactory for the majority but that way a lot of people will be able to use it. Getting a car into Ac is comparatively a lot easier than rF2, in the grand scheme it means more people use your mod. Even later down the line lets say Mr V8 modders wants to get a contract to make a 3d model of a car they could show their work, now lets say you wanted to advertise your 3d modelling skills you could show it in Ac as well as Rf2, you could show the amount of downloads etc etc. If i had spent thousands of hours on a mod id bloody want it on every platform i can get it on. Im sure its the same for why the DRM revival chaps are modding for assetto corsa. Regardless its going to be fun on whatever game it comes to.


  2. Awesome news. This made my day.

    Of course it’s wasted energy to bring this fabulous mod to Assetto Corsa, considering AC is absolute shit and all. But rFactor 2… now we’re talking.

    Reiza is stuck in a time loop. Glorified modders beating a dead horse for all eternity. A “physics guru” refusing to move on, an old dog not wanting to learn new tricks.
    On top of that they’re not exactly the “nice guys” like so many clueless fanboys have made them out to be.

    Great article and even greater news. Let the good times roll.


  3. I’m okay with this. As long as it comes to rF2 or even AC then I know I won’t be missing out. It should be great on rF2 anyway.


  4. I’m looking forward to it on AC, assuming the team can bring the same technical data to the project (if Reiza’s contribution was technical knowhow, who knows how this ‘other mod team’ will handle it)


  5. Tis a shame, kinda nullifies the holden now too in GSCE as was really looking forward to a full field, however it coming to RF2 so hoorah, will fit in very nicely there, so far got full field of GT3’s, GTE’s,DTM 2013, LMP’s (soon to be full field),full field of Nascars, full field of BTCC’s(yes its out there), a 90’s touring package from RF1 (touring car legends), and hopefully soon v8 supercar full field, these are just the sets im racing now of course, now who complains about lack of content in rf2?

    And the best bit, I can actually use them i9n a proper race environment for more then hot lapping.

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    1. Maybe when regular people will get the chance to race this content and not just some people on obscure leagues.
      There are a lot of people who hotlap in rf2, you think that is reversed just to AC? There are many people who just hotlap on gsce, rf2, rf1, raceroom, pcars, iracing. And only now and then they will go for a race with ai or online.

      For example same story with rain and night. Is mostly used for youtube promo videos of people showcasing the game, and not necessarily actually driving or racing in such weather, besides the youtube videos.

      And again the same story of “proper race environment” -.-‘ Do you think that that what racing actually is? It is not more than drivers vs drivers. And so leagues are feasible and actually well used in AC. Which of course doesn’t mean support and improvements to public and private mp has to stop.


      1. LOL the point isn’t that people also hotlap in rF2, rF1, SCE, R3E, pCARS and iR.
        Of course they do that too. But you can also actually race in those titles, be it against AI or people.

        AC is only “good” for hotlapping, that is if you don’t give a shit about the awful physics of course.
        Bringing the wonderful V8 mod to AC is a real waste IMO, but it’s up to the team what they want to do.


      2. Only one of those sets I mentioned was a protected by a league, everything else I mentioned is available to everyone.

        And yeah someone else pointed out my point was all i can do is hotlap in AC, and believe me I frikkin try all the time to find a decent race in AC, really hopping new patch will be miracle patch as Im eyeing up thhat DRM mod, fave cars eva.


      1. track selection is fine, ton more than AC, not as much as pcars, but 100x better game\sim then either of them, 4 tracks just talking out ya arse now, virtua_lm alone has at least 4 very high quality tracks in rf2, its also the only one to tackle ovals so far minus iracing.


  6. Just feel the need to say, I get that James has these trustworthy contributors and all, and they requested anonymity for their own protection, but ultimately this article should only be viewed as another ‘rumor’ at this point, and I’m surprised how quickly people commentating have taken it for pure fact, blindly.

    If the mod team themselves had announced the switch, then I’d understand, or we were presented more evidence than just some TL;DR bullet-points. I get James can only do so much with whats contributed, I just think people should view it with a ‘grain of salt’, until further proof is provided, that’s all.


    Now what’s this about Sector3 doing V8 Supercars for R3E ?


    1. Submissions are sent to my personal Email, and obviously I can see the contact info of everybody who sends stuff in.

      It’s someone who knows what they’re talking about.


  7. Never thought I’d see people attack a mod team for bringing a mod to a certain sim, this is pathetic. It’s not even exclusive.


    1. Well aren’t you just the most autistic special little snowflake around…people crowdfunded for this mod to release on Stock Car Extreme. This mod team cheated the campaign backers out of their money.


  8. Errr….there were people who PAY to this modder group to get this mod in GSCE (1000$ in kickstarter). Are those people get their money back?.

    And, before bashing Reiza, i would to know their point of view, as i always found them trustworthy.


  9. They’ve also restarted the 3d models from scratch. As soon as “Sim Dream” were revealed as the “professional modellers” I regretted shilling the crowdfunding, since they’re only known for their sub-par payware rips, and the models seemed a bit inaccurate. I’m glad to see that they’ve cut ties with Sim Dream and have recognised issues with the old models. It seems they may have been ripped anyway.

    Reiza is being so strange with this whole situation. GSCE seemed to be gaining a lot of momentum as a modding platform when CART Extreme was released and this was announced. The idea behind the project seems to be solid, and I don’t know why Reiza would charge for their work on the physics when they benefited not only from the stock content Holden, but also stood to benefit from being the only sim with all five cars. Aristotelis from Kunos helps with some mod projects now and again for no charge since the benefit for his platform is obvious, plus he simply enjoys doing it.

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    1. ty for the screenshot. But why they say SCE is heading towards the end of life? They still have plenty of game updates and content to release.


      1. I don’t know, maybe they have insider information? I can only imagine that they told them that after delivering the final pieces of the promised content of the crowdfunder, nothing else will be added.


      2. Pretty sure they are working on the next version to make use of their full license and planned rendering engine overhaul while they continue to iron out gsce as we know it a bit more.

        At least this is the impression I got from the crowd funding campaign, it really wasn’t about gsce specifically.

        I need to do some reading, but at first glance it seems odd that a ‘professional’ mod team would produce models that require extensive refinement, I think reiza maybe sent a little message in the form of billing for time spent getting the content up to scratch.

        Also worth noting that some have noticed the v8’s do not render as efficiently as the other cars. Maybe just coincidence, though fixing up shoddy mods can be a net loss in terms of time spent.


    2. Oh great, Mak-Corp. I’m sure this 2015 V8 Supercar mod will release right after their 1993 V8 Supercar mod, which was due to release in March 2014


  10. Been watching all the back and forth and blame games being played on RD and on that pdf posted above and honestly could not give a fuck about any of this horseshit as long as a current, quality and complete modern V8 Supercars mod comes out for ANY ONE of the currently available sims. Us V8 Supercars fans have been stuck with the utter shite that comes from FVR or whatever other awful excuse for a mod thats has been shat out for so long that I will straight up suck the dick of everybody involved in this OZV8 clusterfuck just to get some complete quality product released


    1. MakCorp working on it means this will never come out. Every other rf2 mod theyve made drives like ass and is still in v0.2 beta.


    1. Full of shit? I mean, there’s a lot of he-said she-said going on, and I’m not sure who to believe at this point.

      But the end result *does* seem to be that they’re not developing for GSCE any more.


  11. Reiza on RaceDeparment:

    I´m willing to give OZV8 the benefit of doubt here, and to help move things along I´ll expand on our original proposal to them: if they do manage to create all remaining models and have them ready both in rF2 and AC, they may use whatever they find useable from the SuperV8 (models, textures, sounds physics) to complete the project. And if they manage that, porting it from rF2 to GSCE should be easy-peasy for anyone who knows their way around the ISI engine. That should mean everyone is happy, assuming creating a cool mod is what this really is about.


  12. OZV8 is going to GSCE 1st then AC then rF2. So once again, this place never checks its facts.

    Models were incomplete and parts taken from others models by Sim Dream. Hence why there starting all over again.
    Don’t know the one guy that was helping them from Reiza ? cause i believe they got No help from Reiza.


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