What in the World is Happening with Assetto Corsa’s 1.3 Update?

dlcToday marks the release of Assetto Corsa’s second paid downloadable content pack, featuring Spain’s Circuit de Catalunya, as well as ten exotic cars intended to increase the lifespan of the game. Whether you’ve bought the brand new DLC or not, the game was also updated to Version 1.3, supposedly bringing a host of improvements and new functionality to the extremely popular yet flawed racing sim, which will see a next-generation console release in 2016.

The problem is, the update basically broke the game. Venturing onto the official Assetto Corsa forums, multiple sections of the website are filled with seemingly endless reports of shit being all fucked up.

131Yikes! Widespread reports of crashing, FPS issues, and other unwanted quirks have spilled over to both the Steam Forums and Reddit, indicating major problems for a title once near the top of the sim racing totem pole. As the update and DLC were released mere hours ago, we obviously don’t have word as to when all this stuff will be fixed.

Untitled-222Veteran Assetto Corsa player MsportDan, a forum personality who is traditionally known as a fanboy-like figure among the Assetto Corsa community, has actually been able to get in-game, and notes a regression in AI competence and the overall quality of the game. Again, his words are important, as this is someone who has been quite satisfied with the game since launch.

132This is obviously not a good sign for Kunos Simulazioni, as already there is a bit of unrest within the community the direction of the title, and it’s important for the team from Italy to disprove those who doubt their abilities.

Unfortunately, as it stands, they are fighting a losing battle. Originally launching on Steam in December of 2013 via the Early Access program, Assetto Corsa gained a rabid following of fanboys who attempted to downplay unfinished aspects of the game, well after the title had graduated into a released state. Despite a beta version of the game where you couldn’t even pick the color of your car online scoring higher than the Xbox One’s Forza Motorsport 6, hardcore sim racers publicly blasted the title for a lack of online functionality, and the community is divided over what place Assetto Corsa holds within the modern crop of racing sims.

Today’s events don’t help. On top of legitimately game-breaking bugs that cause FPS drops or crash the game altogether, Assetto Corsa is missing an incredible amount of online features seen in games from almost a decade ago. This is extremely crucial to the title’s long term success, as sim racing’s participation is equivalent to men’s league soccer, with some private leagues drawing more individuals than you’d ever see in a public lobby on the weekend.

  • You still can’t select your car livery when joining an online session, unless you personally know the guy running the server and he manually assigns you your desired paint job.
  • There is no option to run a pace lap, which screws over anyone who wishes to start the race via rolling start, sometimes ideal for big grids or cars that are notorious for spinning the tires in lower gears. You basically need a pace lap for GT3 races, yet there’s no option for one.
  • There is no pace car, ruling out any full-course yellow flags for incidents. Safety Cars are seen in virtually every level of auto racing, but not here.
  • Pit Stops are planned to be quick time events like Mario Party instead of preset selections that can be planned well in advance. This essentially turns the pits into chaos and removes the tactical aspect of making a quick, safe pit stop by turning it into a shitshow.
  • People can join a public session while the race is in progress, and wander out onto the track. With no anti-trolling measures, this can get out of hand in a hurry and ruin legitimate races.
  • The chatbox/notifications menu isn’t hardcoded into the HUD, but an optional application you can toggle on or off. This causes people to straight up miss important information typed by administration or other drivers relevant to the current session.
  • Warping/Lag issues occur far too often compared to other racing sims. I’ll let the video show a bit of what I mean
  • There is no button to send your car setup to your friends. There is in other games.
  • You can’t race at night, nor can you race in the rain. You can in other games.
  • The GUI for the race weekend is too basic, clunky, and the car setup menu is spread out over nine separate pages, when other games have been able to condense everything into just two.

So, on top of those issues, the game now suffers from FPS hits and outright crashing thanks to the latest update. It will be interesting to see both how Kunos recovers, and how the community reacts over the next few days.


83 thoughts on “What in the World is Happening with Assetto Corsa’s 1.3 Update?

      1. I see the reply button is total shite, this comment was referring to the one saying “Oggy your articles suck more than your driving, which is total shit.”


  1. Why would you bash AC again for these issues… and then not mention the engine protection thing? Smh. So now you cant downshift too fast and blow the engine, its a joke.


    1. Thank you for this, it will be forever associated in my mind to the name of the Author of this pseudo article and will make me smile every time I read something from him.


  2. They really can’t win, can they… ban people for trolling and you accuse them of censorship, let the troll posts stand and you screencap them as if they’re legit issues.

    The engine protection only applies to cars that have automatic transmissions, which can block downshifts IRL too. Anything with a stick you can shove it in whatever gear you want, whenever you want to destroy the engine.


    1. Simracing has always allowed ridiculous downshifting that would be highly sketchy in reality, so I can see how this would be weird for a lot of people (myself included). In a real racecar you’re supposed to get most of the braking done before you downshift, because the engine braking upsets the brake balance on the car. In most sims, including AC, you start downshifting as fast as you can the moment your foot hits the brake pedal.


      1. There was a lot of hilarious crying about that when iRacing made their “GT3” Ruf slightly less unrealistic by putting a paddle shift gearbox in it instead of a standard sequential and people couldn’t rapid fire downshifts anymore.

        Mind you for some reason the GT3 cars had a shitload of false neutral problems when they put in drivetrain flex as well.


    2. Bollocks, I use manual shifting and manual clutch, but it still won’t let me downshift when I need to. A lot of real racers use engine-braking, watch the Ferrari 458 in the United Sportscar series.


      1. Ok, to be specific: I destroyed 4 RUF CTR engines before deciding that it has no shift protection (had to test all the gears obv). It’s possible other full manuals stop you.

        In normal hotlapping I only got a blocked gear once in a dozen or so laps at Spa, shifting 3rd to 2nd in the Z4 GT3 into the last chicane. Just a matter of getting used to the ratios; it’ll let you go down arbitrarily close to the redline.


  3. Some can’t run the game because the default executable is in 64bits. Which means people need to update their vc redist. So go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2013 and install the x64.


    1. Hi QUF

      Enjoying the big time, being a Kunos shill?

      You deserve a medal… I can’t imagine how tough it must be trying to convince people that AC isn’t complete shit these days. Left in the dust by every other sim.. You’re a brave man. Silly, but very brave.


  4. Why are you posting a video of online problem from April? You don’t know if it happens in 1.2 or 1.3. Even if it does, is not correct to post a video about a version long time ago, on an article talking about a released update.

    The one with the GT-R, should get fixed in a patch in the following days. Even so, it is a greater pleasure to drive compared to 1.2


  5. LMAO. It’s hilarious how angry you are after getting told off on the AC forums. This site is an absolute joke now. I knew there would be another desperate post hours after the update and here it is. The AC playerbase is nearly identical in size as it was a year ago. There’s no downhill battle, just more shit posts from you.



  6. – “People can join a public session while the race is in progress, and wander out onto the track. With no anti-trolling measures, this can get out of hand in a hurry and ruin legitimate races.”

    When was the last time you took a look at acServerManager? It already has an option to prevent people from joining an ongoing race from a couple months ago.

    The rest of your list are just game design choices you don’t agree with, and maybe many others don’t agree with you.
    For example you complain that there are several tabs for setup options. Isn’t that good in a way too? Many times you only need to touch certain parts of the setup, and not have all cluttered like for example pcars and other games from 10 years ago.

    And what’s wrong with the race weekend gui? Again, just because you wouldn’t design it that way doesn’t mean is not quick and intuitive. The world is full of people who would do so much better than others. Yea is easy to say that after seeing someone create something, but coming up with it is much harder. People only talk after others already did it, and then come the smart ones and say I would do it so much better. When in reality those smarts haven’t done anything yet, but say they would do so much better than others. lol..

    The action of doing the pitstop settings in the moment you stopped the car in the pits, doesn’t create chaos on tracks. I have no idea how you managed to think on that. Even more, it creates more traffic on the pits when every one has a preset.

    You can’t race in rain and night in raceroom or gsce (only night here). Oh sorry, we can’t talk about raceroom or gsce.


  7. Why don’t you show the actual posts in the threads from your screenshots? Many of them are user errors or related to apps which need to be updated. You don’t show that nearly every one of the threads has multiple posts from developers trying to help. You don’t mention that the majority are identical issues which already are known and are stickied on top of the support forums.

    When I had an issue with Forza 5 I didn’t get a single response in 2 weeks of bumping my thread. My issue was never fixed.


    1. Msportdan’s credibility with me is pretty low as well.

      His opinions vary wildly from one reply to the next, and he’s never convinced me he knows what he’s talking about.


  8. Just finished a GT3 league race at the Montreal circuit with AC v1.3. The worst for me was the fact that they decided when I should downshift, which has never been a problem before. My lap times were about 2 seconds slower than my practice times with v1.2.5.

    Other issues: laptimes are no longer shown at the top of the screen and the ferrito live car tracker app is also toast.


  9. Who the fuck is MsportDAN?

    That was a great list of MP issues, although you still had to throw night and rain in there like they’re standard features in all sims. rFactor 2 is the only modern sim with rain, and it kind of sucks. Overpowered drying line, little FFB, and it all looks ugly as fuck. But no totally, rain is just another small feature that AC should have had from the beginning because IT’S 2015! COME ON! GTR2 HAD IT! 10 YEARS!


  10. Lmao, this site once agan lives up to it’s name. Which is why I don’t take it seriously. I haven’t checked the AI but I had 0 issues with 1.3. Everything works, no crashes, no errors. Server browser is also much faster.


  11. Miss the days when we could bash freely when a game had a crappy patch. This patch sucked, period. These lowlifes or no life at all patrolling any forum or comment section with attacks against those having issues is just… pathetic.

    When the world started to stink this much? Was right after the 9-11? I remember it used to be cool. Now it is just this mess filled with mediocre people trying to defend the indefensible. Not only on games but in general day to day life. See the Brazilian government right now for instance.


    1. The best part is that I’m currently on the receiving end of THIS error:

      I basically can’t play the game AT ALL, along with a whole host of others, and yet people here say “nope, everything’s fine, was this article written by Associat0r?”


      1. Oh shit, I had that same thing yesterday too.

        Something awesome did come of it though…
        I saved a whole bunch of GB’s on my harddrive from uninstalling that piece of shit game.


      2. Sounds like there’s a workaround for the dcollide.dll error on dual core PCs and they’re working on a patch to fix it. Check the official support forums.


  12. I have no problems so far with 1.3.

    But, when it comes to online, i remember read:

    “New parameters and features have been added to server configuration, in order to please the requests of gamers who are looking for a more comprehensive online experience”

    Read the full changelog and there are some improvements to online stability, or so they say. but new features (or old features present in many other sims)…nothing.

    I have the associat0r’s screen capture resuming AC’s lack of features and pretty stays the same…


  13. How the hell anyone ever thought this kind of pitstops were any good… I bet there’s some sort of problem that makes not possible for them to allow players to select the work on the fly, no one would create this joke intentionally in a sim.


  14. Why people youse pirate Windows without fresh updates/driver updates and then posting that small studio of developers failed to catch all the possible bugs in the universe? Why is this website use every type of information to throw words on a wind, like a – THERE IS NO!…. anything. It’s an old story when people try to judge projects, which was made for target community, here is a simracers. Devs has hard work to rebuild some things, isn’t it? Try to it too. Oh man you don’t like them ? Ok, let’s get back to time when big studios has to create titles which has to take some money for EA or take2. But this time has gone. You want something from crowdfunding devs? Fight for it. Only one thing this blog do, which isn’t help – just messing around to grow own community of beaten in a head haters, which looks from outside and saying – “hey, it’s a shit. I give you 10 bucks, YOU MUST send me to space immedietly!” totally wrong guys. and yep, dream pack 2 in Russia cost about 2 bucks. Anyway good topic on here, wish authors to find sim they will love πŸ˜€


    1. “…which looks from outside and saying – β€œhey, it’s a shit. I give you 10 bucks, YOU MUST send me to space immedietly!””

      LOL πŸ˜€


  15. Tyre model is improved, feels much more dynamic and progressive, less sharp roughness with lower filtering (more like rf2). Pace is better, can’t just push without getting punished by hot tyres. Overall, the slip might be a little too progressive now, still needs some adjustment. Gt2 m3 felt ridiculously easy to drive, though I wasn’t getting the most out of it yet.

    AI is better at racing next to each other but seems to have trouble with brake points and likes to maintain a large safety zone, they don’t race close to each other.

    If it was up to me, I would have them only work on the tyre model, netcode (maybe a bit better, it did well when I tested it, about 40 laps with 10+ players) and start working on chassis flex. All this other nonsense is less important to me.

    The transmission thing… I thought it was supposed to be if the car has factory protection, then the car in the game does… Not sure what’s going on with it yet, because I noticed the lotus wasn’t downshifting correctly for one.


    1. Also, every car feels different, I suppose due to the ‘sampling accuracy’, Even the cars with the old model aren’t the same.

      Basically, I want more rf2 (and rf1) in AC. We all do. This was at least a partial step in the right direction.


  16. Installed the update, installed the DLC, enjoyed the improvements, not sure what all the negative comments here are about, bad karma, I guess.
    Yesterday at 16H00, 3,207 people were enjoying AC, according to Steam.
    If you are not enjoying AC, I hope you are enjoying another racing game, life is to short and time to precious to waste it on something that you do not.


      1. F1Racer is a champion of multi tasking.

        Attacking his readers (even going as far as wishing one of them dead), shilling AC like a madman (censoring every critical comment about that piece of shit “sim”) and last but not least his lovely AC renders.

        A true pillar of the sim racing community. All hail F1Racer!!!


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