Somebody should probably tell the FIA that WRC 5 is brutal

WRC5 2015-10-16 19-59-05-73When it was first announced that WRC 5 would be developed by Kylotonn Games and BigBen Interactive, most people’s expectations were lowered to the point where as long as the game booted up and didn’t brick the system, it would be considered a success. For a company who has produced nothing of value aside from a series of virtual fitness games, it was fully understandable to be skeptical of how the final product would turn out. With DiRT Rally blasting onto the scene earlier this year after a surprise launch in the spring, and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo now only a few months away, the only scenario in which WRC 5 could have made any sort of impact would be in an alternate dimension where the aforementioned games didn’t exist.

And now that the game is finally in our hands, the biggest challenge Kylotonn Games have thrown at us is trying to put the abysmal racing experience into words that can convey how remarkably bad this off-road racer can be. There are elements of a good game buried deep inside WRC 5’s bland menus, dated graphics, poor stages, and simplistic handling model. Unfortunately, as a complete package, WRC 5 is a game that would struggle to out-do the competition in 2003, let alone 2015.

WRC5 2015-10-16 19-09-14-37Unlike NASCAR games, which we’ve covered previously here at, the history of rally games is quite simple to follow. Codemasters burst onto the scene in the late 1990’s with the help of Colin McRae’s official support, and produced a stream of extremely successful multi-platform rally titles until 2005. Despite lacking the official WRC license, the games were well-built, always featured a plethora of content, and received fantastic reviews from mainstream critics. Codemasters rejuvenated the franchise in 2007 with the release of DiRT, which saw the series stray from traditional rallying in favor of a collection of many different off-road racing disciplines; each entry including more Monster Energy and Red Bull advertisements than the last. While longtime fans of the series loathed the attempts to dumb-down the rallying elements in favor of an extreme sports-like environment, the three DiRT games remain some of the best racing games available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

And just as people were under the impression that Codemasters was facing financial difficulties, they dropped a hardcore rally simulator onto Steam out of nowhere. Reception to the title has been almost unanimously positive, and many believe DiRT Rally to be the true successor to 2004’s Richard Burns Rally.

The Colin McRae series may have dominated the market, but a small developer team by the name of Evolution Studios managed to secure the WRC license. The deal produced a line of officially licensed WRC games for the Playstation 2, which were only available in Europe during the early 2000’s. Finally hitting their stride by 2005’s WRC: Rally Evolved, the team lost the license, only to be picked up by Milestone in 2010. Four completely average yearly releases later, the license changed hands once again to Kylotonn Games and BigBen Interactive.

Between DiRT 3: Complete Edition and DiRT Rally, there really isn’t much room for another rally game on the market. If you wanted a good off-road racing game, you bought the former. If you wanted more of a challenge, you bought the latter. Kylotonn needed to pull the game of the year out of their ass just to have a shot at competing against a Codemasters game from five years ago. This was something they fully intended to do, announcing beforehand that WRC 5 would go for mass-market appeal, and also become an official eSport.

WRC5 2015-10-16 19-09-58-46I tried my best to like WRC 5, but from the first time I booted up the game, it was working against me.

WRC 5 only supports a handful of racing wheels, and doesn’t allow for multiple input devices. The list of supported wheels is woefully short, and at launch didn’t even include compatibility for common devices such as the Logitech Driving Force GT. Once support for a few more wheels had been added into the game via post-release patch, I still couldn’t use my wheel because I’m one of those special snowflakes who uses a split device setup; my wheel and pedals are connected separately through the use of a bodnar cable. The overwhelmingly negative comments on several Steam forum threads made it clear that I was probably never going to get to try this game with a wheel at any point during the game’s lifespan. The game also lacked any triple screen support, and some had pointed out that WRC 5 ran like shit, no matter what graphics settings you had selected.

Usually I’m lucky and don’t run into technical issues during gameplay, but on two separate occasions, the resolution got all sorts of fucked up. During a lap of a stage in Monte Carlo, the game randomly decided to switch to a 640 x 480 window. While configuring video settings in the options menu, additional widescreen bars were added that squished the image to comical proportions, forcing me to restart the game completely.

I worked some ATI Catalyst Control Center sorcery, and used settings that had produced phenomenal results with other games, to the point where some users have actually asked why doesn’t my rFactor 2 look like that.

The end result?

WRC5 2015-10-16 20-22-58-43Pictures simply cannot convey how bad this game looks, and I shudder when I remember that this game is being sold for $60 on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One alongside games like Forza 6 and Project CARS.

comparisonWRC 5 is a game where you can physically spot the low-poly track mesh and actually hit it, even at speed. Ice patch textures are sharp enough to give you paper cuts. Trackside objects are sparse and are re-used over multiple locations. I had my shit cranked aside from the post-processing effects, and there were some spots that I swore the vanilla version of Richard Burns Rally looked better.

WRC5 2015-10-16 19-26-26-29Wide stages, a low poly track mesh, and uninspired environments. It is nothing short of absolutely depressing that something like this bares the official WRC namesake.

WRC5 2015-10-16 20-24-53-12Finland in WRC 5 bares no resemblance to the infamous 1000 Lakes Rally. As for Great Britain? Some of the stages are wide and banked enough to accommodate NASCAR Sprint Cup cars racing through at full throttle. Half of Mexico took place on the side of a cliff, whereas Monte Carlo was a gentle winter romp through a mountain highway. Poland very well could have been ripped from Mobil 1 Rally Championship 2000. It’s also important to note that some of these stages are extremely short, with lap times in the 1:45 range.

WRC5 2015-10-16 20-21-54-23Usually I tend to throw a wall of text at the reader, but in the case of WRC 5, it’s much easier to show rather than tell. Graphically, this is not a PS4 game, and you’d have a hard time convincing me it was ready for the Xbox 360. Presentation-wise, it slides comfortably in-between the first RalliSport Challenge title, and maybe Colin McRae Rally 2005.

It doesn’t drive or play a whole lot better, either.

WRC5 2015-10-16 20-25-15-54Traditionally, I like to review games well past the release date, as it allows me to go into extreme detail regarding all of a title’s features. WRC 5 couldn’t make me give enough of a shit to play the game for more than a few hours.

Career Mode had me placed in an incredibly slow front wheel drive Citroen with a full season in front of me, and from my brief glimpse of the mode appeared to offer what you’d expect from a standard rally season. After one stage, I was done. The car was just too damn slow to retain my interest.

WRC5 2015-10-16 19-13-11-25I then ventured to Single Player and tried stages from Finland, Great Britain, Monte Carlo, Mexico, Sweden, Argentina, and Spain. The game includes the J-WRC and WRC2 support classes, but neither of the classes offered a car that was exciting enough or fast enough to drive, so I opted to go straight for Robert Kubica’s WRC Ford Fiesta.

WRC5 2015-10-16 20-13-12-88I was immediately surprised to find that there is no option to run a proper season as your favorite driver, as is commonplace with other racing games. You are instead given a mode similar to F1’s Custom Session, where you can hand-pick the rallies you’d like to participate in, although the full race weekend festivities don’t transfer over. There are no service stages and no equipment management aspects unless you tackle career mode, making “Quick Rally” redundant for all but the most casual of fans.

WRC5 2015-10-16 20-23-47-94Out on the stage itself, WRC 5 is a mixed bag. At some points, the game feels surprisingly competent for something of such a low quality. At other times, it’s apparent that you’re playing something with minimal funding and resources behind it. Sliding the car around feels satisfying, especially on the tarmac stages. Anytime you jam on the emergency brake and send the car sideways, the car’s movements feel natural and predictable. The car gradually regains grip, and makes navigating some of the more technical stages in locations such as Mexico something that can genuinely be a lot of fun.

And then there are the occasions where the car is totally unpredictable.

Modern rally cars are the most nimble race cars on the planet. In WRC 5, they’re a kindergarten bus stripped of its factory parts and converted to race in the SCORE BAJA 1000. Unless you’re in a nice, controlled slide, the cars are sluggish and don’t react very well to your inputs, even after messing around with the sliders in the controller menu. I’ve landed a few jumps in Great Britain at speeds that wouldn’t be concerning in something like DiRT Rally, only for the car to hit the ground so hard I was sent flying off the side of the track. The physics engine doesn’t take kindly to the low poly track mesh either, and I’ve launched into the air just for hitting a dip or sudden bump at the wrong angle.

Then there are the glitches. On several occasions, the rear tires would straight up sink into the track mesh and pop back up for no reason at all, launching the rear end of the car into the air and confusing the shit out of me. You’ll know exactly what I mean when it happens to you. On the Sweden stages pictured above, you could venture off the path by one tire and instantly lose 50 km/h due to Forza-like sticky snow intended to fuck over cheaters. WRC 5 also had trouble consistently policing track limits. On one stage in Mexico, I put a tire onto the grass because there was a huge open area I could use as an inside rumble strip. I was instantly met with a five second penalty. A few corners later, the game had no problem with me cutting straight through a chicane by literally leaping over a ditch. Several stages later, I squared up for a hairpin corner and sent the car into a slide with the handbrake, only for the game to stop me and respawn my car a few seconds later, claiming I’d cut the track.

What does the game consider to be a track limit violation? Nailing the entry to a corner.

WRC5 2015-10-16 19-57-45-01I’m still trying to figure out what was supposedly illegal about that entry, but I’m sure we’ll never know.

And then there’s the AI. I’m certain there’s a bit of sorcery going on behind the scenes, because no matter what kind of lap I’d put in, regardless of whether it was a blistering pace or a safe run, I’d always manage to beat Sebastien Ogier by a tenth of a second, sometimes less. It was like the game was using my lap as base time, examining the run to see if I’d hit anything, and if I’d made a clean pass, awarded me with the victory while a smoke and mirrors show carefully crafted the rest of the field’s times to be slower than mine. Even during stages where I’d legitimately fuck up a corner and have to turn the car around, as long as I didn’t hit anything, it would give me the win. I’ve never seen something like this before.

WRC5 2015-10-16 20-01-07-37Two thousand words into the article, I think I’ve established that WRC 5 isn’t worth your time. I think many readers could have predicted that when this game was first announced in early 2015. There was no way a team who’s claim to fame was three yoga games could put out a competent off-road racing title. It just wasn’t going to happen.

But I’m not going to point the finger at them. I’m going to point the finger at the FIA, and more specifically, the person who gave the thumbs up for this exclusive license deal, because we’re getting another one next year.

Video Games are not remote controlled cars, t-shirts, coffee mugs, or movies. They are no longer children’s toys or event souvenirs; objects to be mass produced by a nameless company and discarded in a few weeks by careless toddlers, discovered years later in a box alongside other trinkets from “the year that dad took you to a rally race.” In 2015, Video Games have surpassed traditional movies as the biggest entertainment medium in the world, and just as people laughed at Sylvester Stallone in Driven for it’s absurd portrayal of CART, or at Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder for trying to turn NASCAR into Top Gun on wheels, people are going to laugh at you if you have a shitty fucking video game representing your sport.

If you’re going to sit down and craft an exclusive deal that allows only one specific company to create a video game based on the World Rally Championship, you have to ensure that the end result cannot be a lackluster product like WRC 5. This is a game that would struggle to stand up to the competition in 2003, let alone in late 2015.



119 thoughts on “Somebody should probably tell the FIA that WRC 5 is brutal

      1. From what I understand, FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) doesn’t own commercial rights for any autosport event. They only regulate those competitions with rules.

        PS: Dirt Rally is more realistic than any other rally game, but I think they should have left out that idiotic hill-climb mode and maybe even rallycross. Codemasters should purchase the licence for WRC sim in the next few seasons.


  1. “The game includes the J-WRC and WRC2 support classes, but neither of the classes offered a car that was exciting enough or fast enough to drive”

    Well, that’s not the game itself’s fault. It’s the nature of the cars. WRC-2 is slow WRC cars, JWRC is even slower FWD cars. It’s just how it is.
    Other than that. I fully agree, I had at least hoped for something to keep people re-visiting the game, I still fire up my PS2 and play some v-rally 3, just because of the career mode.

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  2. ‘…and used settings that had produced phenomenal results with other games, to the point where some users have actually asked why doesn’t my rFactor 2 look like that.’

    Huh, looks like I need to do some experimenting. I was assuming that the finicky rf2 shaders would have a fit if I tried to apply any settings through catalyst. The rf2 screenshots in the other article do look nice.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Really hoped WRC 5 would at least be decent even if I didn’t expect it, disappointing.


  3. the way that people who try it rate that game “downstairs”, I begin to question myself whether the WRC actually received any money for the license or wether they actually paid those guys to rush some kind of game out the door?

    Really disappointing, as always with these wrc-licenses. “Cheap mechandise” for your controller (seeing as picking the right wheel proves difficult)? For 60 odd gold?

    Those guys have balls, no?


  4. Sony needs to buy back the licence for WRC and hand it back to Evolution Studios.

    If that happens and WRC makes a grand return through them, I’ll be a happy man…


    1. I’ll rather have Genki make a WRC game instead. Too bad Genki Racing Project is dead, but there are signs of things leading to a new Shutokou Battle (Tokyo Xtreme Racer) game…


  5. >the history of rally games is quite simple to follow. Codemasters burst onto the scene in the late 1990’s with the help of Colin McRae’s official support, and produced a stream of extremely successful multi-platform rally titles until 2005

    that’s it’s like saying Earth is only 2015 years old


      1. there were rally games before Sega Rally

        Sega Rally itself is more of a standard arcade racer with a visual rally theme (car models/liveries) than an actual rally game


  6. also

    >Poland very well could have been ripped from Mobil 1 Rally Championship 2000

    Rally Championship 2000 has had the greatest stages ever put into a rally game

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  7. To add to my outspoken disappointment:
    Michelin Rally Masters probably was a better all-round “casusal rally game” than this newest “next-gen” experience.


  8. Not reached finish.. this article is fullfiled with total lie. For example, most of bugs with wheels, triple screen and so on were fixed BEFORE final release day (oct 16). Picture is not so bad, like author tries to present, but just wheel feelings and physics-handling model generally feelings are EXELLENT – so, with IT picture nice enough for great enjoynent. Bug with snow traps is the only I found here as real problem, other author tells is rubbish. Especially strange is historical review, showing us only one thing: author never played Richard Burnes Rally. Because just WRC 5 physics is MOST close to RBR from all other modern games. Words about Dirt Rally is RBR’s successor – its simply ravings of a madman (although it distributed by simpletons and codemasters payed writers): dirt rally is the same type railway arcade, as all previous dirts are. It HAVE NO AT ALL any succesive TYRES-ROAD INTERACTION MODEL, and it does not support POWER SLIDE – the main intake of rally driving. In the same time, has quite advanced multidimentional tyres-road interaction model, providing simultaneaous action of gas, wheel and brake in sensible maneuvers. Dirt Rally has 1.Glamour shell 2.Idiotic masochistic gameplay elements, making it more unrealistic. Its enough for simpletons for crying “simulator”, but its NOT RALLY GAME AT ALL. WRC 5 is TRUE RALLY GAME, where we recieve enjoyment from driving process itself. So, the author of this article demostrates his absolute incompetence and jaundice.


    1. “Because just WRC 5 physics is MOST close to RBR from all other modern games.”

      Thank you so much. Having just finished making video captures for a Dirt Rally vs WRC5 comparison, I really needed that laugh.


    2. Hi mate. The bugs with wheels is about becausw when you play in cockpit camera, the right hand of driver is not at wheel, or the wheels is incorect positional ? I have ps3 , and for me this is the big issue


    1. I strongly suspect that James could thrash you in any racing title you care to name without even trying.

      ‘powerslide for corner passing’… Please be silent, everyone knows about the Scandinavian flick here.


      1. In WRC 5 we have multidimensional model, true rally art needed there. But in Dirts you must produce one-dimensional count of what mad speed you can allow yourself for not to miss railway. They simply lick track thousand times, lay railway between obstacles, and then run with it. But in WRC 5 you must simply know, how to pass corners fast. Co-drivers notes enough. Its true rally gameplay.


      2. Not sure if your having a laugh or actually trying to be serious.

        I’ll go with the first option…Unless your multidimensional perception of reality has resulted in rally stages that aren’t ridiculously wide and easy.

        WRC 5 is not at all difficult, it’s simply a shoddy product….Where the fuck do you get this crazy shit?


      3. Whats easy? This track is easy?

        For you the task is so: lay railway, not miss it going unreal mad speed. But in rally you must not simply to reach finish, but go FAST without railway. If its not difficult for you, try to beat my times at Swedish stages. You will NEVER do it. Its MUCH more hard, than in Dirt Rally, where I reached top 10 in online events many times. And the main, this game is BEAUTIFULL with its physical model, whyle Fake Rally is UGLY with its railway base and idiotic scripts pilled ABOVE it, although shell is so glamour. You simply havent talent to rally, but you all judge really good game…


      4. Looks pretty fucking easy. Good job with the cutting and running over the embankments, with inputs that look nothing like actual rally driver’s inputs. Looks like it was designed for gamepads.

        The stage is also incredibly wide and very short. This isn’t even close to RBR and your driving is nothing special at all.

        Good work?


      5. Also, let’s review a bit more of your little video…. Since you aren’t capable of accurately placing the car (due to lack of skill), you’re all over the embankments, leading directly to a perfect example of just how pitiful your arcade ‘rally’ game actually is.

        Look at 3 min. mark for a good laugh. It looked wrong from the onboard camera and sure enough, the external camera shows the ‘physics’ engine saving you from a certain roll, because it’s a rubbish game.

        That’s not good driving. Almost every corner shows you placing the car inaccurately, choosing bad lines and losing time, along with at least one cut that should have been penalized and some rather poor shifting….


      6. That videos embarrassing russian drunk dude, might look good on xbone live or PS what the fuck eva it is, but your in sim racing country now sonny, what you have uploaded amounts to a fail video here, the fact you’re claiming you’re a great driver while using a pad isnt a great start either, if you gonna be boasting about your “mad skillz” you better be able to back it up in both a proper simulation, with at least a wheel (doesn’t have to be expensive one), and actually know what your doing, dont even have to be fast as long as your lines are sweet, that video has zero of any of that I mentioned.


  9. Found about you sometimes recieve penalty for cut off, simetimes not. The way is simple: dont make cut-offs at all. If you do it, be ready for surprize, wich they give sometimes without total destroying of game process.
    Thats are typical womens wails.


      1. I answer here by the reason of no possibility there. All these runs are WORLD RECORDS, so, skill lack does not work. I mean also these:

        One track is not short, but that, what short – you must work there so much, that after finish it will not seem short.
        What seems to you “inaccuratly”, its well-minded intakes of fast cornering. You give your conception of simulator from somewhat F1 or supercars, where to achieve apex point and avoid drift is the aim. But in RALLY we achieve all with drift. Try to do in your way with your intakes – and you will lkose entire minute to me. So, firstly try, then begin to laugh.
        About track wide. Look to RBR’s preview upper and tell : is it less wide? For good game narrow tracks are not needed, its needed for railway arcade like Dirt: trere complexity is freezed in external path, in RALLY game its LIVE in the synthesis of different type simultaneous action. Its MORE interesting to pass corner without railway with powerslide, than to lay railway between obstacles. You use your skills taken from shooters in convulsive action, I make long sophysticted maneuver.
        the fact is so: its really exciting to play this game. I know your squalid arcades well, in Fake (Durt) Rally I entered top 10 many times (watch, for example, june championship, Ivanushka-Grid). Its VERY boring and ugly, at asphalt – non-playable at all, total crap. You all simply mindly emasculated, untalented people, being suitable only for somewhat spasmodic, unicellular action, and you cannot see the beauty of sophysticated physical model. For you “simulation” assotiated with masochist gameplay, not with driving itself enjoying. You would be pitifull, unless you would not be so agressive to all really good in your mass.
        About cut-off: fighting for world record, I also know, that it not punishing, so, why not to use it? But its not so easy after that to avoid punishing.
        For blue guy: I never even touched any “pad”. I use wheel from times of RBR release in 2004.


        1. You literally have to be on drugs to believe shovelware such as WRC 5 is somehow comparable to Richard Burns Rally and DiRT Rally. Both games have huge communities surrounding them for their unprecedented authenticity, while WRC 5 has been laughed out of the room for being a game that could have easily been released in 2003, and still not stacked up to the competiton back then.


      2. It’s a ‘world’ ‘record’ because no one with driving talent is actually putting any effort into the game and you’ve put a great deal of effort into finding where you can cheat the penalty system.

        And yes, RBR stages are not as wide and RBR is vastly less forgiving.

        Dirt rally is capable of powerslides. Since your inputs look like they come from a gamepad even though they aren’t (partly the fault of WRC 5), it’s not at all surprising that you’re not able to hold a controlled slide in dirt rally.

        Most of the time you’re not ‘drifting’ or ‘powersliding’ in your WRC videos, you’re simply slipping sideways until you’re beyond the apex as you fumble for the correct gear and eventually get back on the power.

        You’re hardly even counter-steering, as if the game is compensating for you… and it probably is.
        None of the videos contain impressive driving.

        dirt:rally is a work in progress and even if the don’t fix the tarmac handling, the rest of the content and base physics still makes it vastly superior to WRC 5.

        Again, WRC 5 is actively saving you from rolling as shown by your own video.

        Walls of nonsense do not change reality.


      3. To James. Looks like, we mean different RBR. I mean classical game with original cars, but at your video we see somewhat evidently different. Generally TRUE RBR really cannot be compared with Dirt Rally, since first has free sliding model of tyres grip, second – railway Dirt 3 model with odd and ugly above pillied scripts. But, may be, your pseudo-RBR is even compatible.
        Already in May I wrote an article named “To Rejoice of Sectarians”, where I drawn in how way different communities of Dirt arcade and pseudo-RBR became ready for a present time junction in extasy in Dirt Rally.
        Seatting for a years in the same tracks, you gradually became the same arcade musturbs, as played Dirt in the same time. You began to use more and more fast and more stable vehicles, and as a result became the same not-to-miss-railway grandmasters, as licked corners in dirts.
        Now you even dont understand, that you are go by line without corp direction shift, you event dont see true rally intakes in movie from real life you posted yourself. “All flies are at door glass” – its not about you, so, its not rally.
        In DR we see flat model, where you must co-ordinate only two parameters, wheel angle and speed, so, you measure angles with pharmaceutical doses for not to miss railway at unreally wild speed you reached. Its you “simulation”, its very squalid. In rally you must THROW car into drift, you must make rough movements, you must begin turn much earlier, but keep inertia up to corner exiting. You must foresee and feel inertia in interaction with greep, must make long sophysticated maneuvers with permanent mutual correction of gas, wheel, brake and gears simultaneous work. All these presented in WRC 5 as in RBR. But you can do only short spasmodic jerks, using your shooting skills. So, you even dont see, that in Fake Rally at list at asphalt simultaneous using of brake and wheel are totally forbidden, its total fake. And you are play simulator of rocket-train hybrid. we live in such trime, where untalented, but obstinate dominates in society, and we see, that even in RBR community, in community of initially beautifull, deeply sensitive game such people gradually became, looks like, dominated also. So, great era of such games as RBR or HL2 finished, and we must eat different plastic fakes. But in WRC 5 we see another: somewhat live and true. Nothing surprising, that it irritate you, but really it shows only your true face.


      4. To e123. Look this original RBR replay at winter stage. If you are not a clinical idiot, you will see, that THIS game allow me much, much more, than WRC 5. I tries to find for a long time a replay with brute mistakes, and we see, that RBR forgive them. But in the same time, whatch for an angle between car corp and road direction: it reach up to 90 degrees in movement? Flies are at door glass! Its rally, son! Not your fake.


      5. Yes, RBR does not have physical embankments (It’s an old game with very well known limitations, such as no RWD, therefor RSRBR runs FWD in reverse for their RWD mod cars). RBR is not accurate with regards to winter conditions, real rally drivers have already said this.

        Dirt rally has fully recoverable ~90 degree oversteer…. You simply cannot drive very well, not much else to say.


      6. Yes, in real rally, you must use the weight of the car to introduce instability…Which is exactly what you aren’t doing in WRC 5 and exactly what you MUST do in dirt: rally…

        You think it doesn’t work in dirt:rally simply because you are incapable.


      7. The average virtual racer is pretty bad/slow.

        I’ve gotten near the top with some pretty terrible driving. Doesn’t mean I’m a master rally driver.

        Again, real rally drivers actively introduce instability. If you aren’t capable of doing the same, then you will simply assume that it’s not possible.

        There are plenty of comparisons around between some of dirt’s stages and the real versions…Actual rally drivers have no problems with the ‘railways’.


      8. “Near top” of average drivers? Son, I’ve many times reached almost top of THOUSANDS drivers, including the best. I was in top ten in MONTHLY large tournament. What stopped you, “master rally”, to do the same? For what at all to be a “master” if you anyway cannot win? So, you NOTHING for teach me with anything.
        May be, some strangers “intiduce instability” in railway game, but how much they lose with it? lol.
        Railway is not at real stages. Its inside railway laying crane, which you drive in your game. Here we see video, where real car goes much more slow, than your rockets: only railway helps you there. It means “arcade”, nothing else.


      9. No, near the top of the monthly event(s) with pretty bad driving.

        As I said, it doesn’t make me a master rally driver, just as it does not lend your opinion any more weight.

        You’re not even trying to comprehend anything now, nor are you interested in real-life rally stage comparison. You live in a land of fantasy.


    1. The thing is simple: you mix up “simulator” with “hardcore”. Simulator means REALISM. And a game can be hard with realism. Its RBR (original). But such products as Dirt Rally pill “hardcore” INSTEAD of realism. So, realize: if for love you need shackles and scourges, you are ILL. If you see beatifull girl and tell “no, she cannot flog me” – you are ILL. And when you met BEAUTIFUL game (beautiful with its physical model – its the body, the rest insignificiant), and tell “we shall not play, too wide tracks” – you are ILL. Easy for you? But go there and try to beat my records. It will be more hard, than in DR, where are also beat you. Since there not enough to suck track thousand times: you must be really creative. So, try to feel free, forgot your sectarians dogmas, try to recieve enjoyment from driving itself, dont care about “hardcore”. And may be it will occur, that you are not so hopeless.My God! Yestarday I tried long stage in Germany. Even picture better than at same location in DR. But what a feelings! Watch, and if you are not totally blind… (good from 1.05 – my second try)


    1. How could anyone take WRC seriously with dirt tracks the size of highways ya silly cunt, I mean really,Imagine if race sims started making famous tracks about twice the width as real life, just so the children can play and feel like they are any good, mein gott.


      1. Why are you so frustrated wuth tracks width, its simply ridiculous. At straight it not matter at all, but at corners – you can use space for rough maneuvers, which are much more interesting, than go by line in narrow boreders. I played Dirt Rally enough, and I dont anything, what such track give me. But in mane cases they simply make impossible sensible maneuvers with power slide. No such problem in (original) RBR. And in WRC 5 most of tracks are so twisty, so sharp corners in cascades, that any thought about wideness simply dont go into head, And even in somewhat Poland -we at least have great space for creativity, for passing these corners faster just in wide drifty maneuvers. Its exellent! Only for railway type dirt arcade narrow tracks needed, because nothing interesting in driving itself there we can find.


      2. Im looking for a rally sim, that involves real size dirt roads, not 2 lane freeways, how could you accept a rally game with dirt tracks wider than most race circuits, its complete BS, and how any one can justify the size of dirt roads in a game they say is the ultimate rally sim is fucking hilarious.


      3. Rally competitions use real roads. And at least most of asphalted roads are 2-line ones. And for dirt – I said: most are VERY twisty with VERY sharp corners – no in any games I met it. Its quite enough for interesting game, but as for simulator… understand, that true rally physical model is THOUSAND TIMES more important for authentic feelings. But you all prefer railway arcade Dirt Rally for its narrow tracks. Its simply nonsense.


      4. lol railroad, far out that is a poor poor analogy for proper sized roads, the roads on WRC 5 are wider than asphalt 2 lane roads, can run through ditches like they are a turbo boost pad, the wrc 5 physics are terrible, designed for teens playing on their console with a controller, what use are good physics anyway if the tracks you are racing are straight from mario karts with the colours toned down.

        Again imagine if a racing “sim” made the Nordschleife twice as wide as it really is, do you think ppl would defend it saying everything else is like a railway choo choo train in other games, and this game needs a wider Nordschleife cause of the great physics,what a joke, listen to ya self, good god man.


      5. Specially loaded my original RBR replays. So, road width at most are practically the same, and you can catch environment in cut-offs without somewhat bad results. But its really great to pass these wide roads. simply dont understand, what you mean at all.


      6. Tell me: is it highway or not?

        Then, you can easy find movie, where Chardonnet, FIA ambassador, plays WRC 5 and tells about his work with the developers. From his words we see, that he approve this “terrible” physics and they released game only after this approval. So, your words are empty. For you good only arcade line.


      7. And the dirt:rally finland stages are not wide enough for you or something? Showing the widest stages from RBR does nothing to prove your point.

        Many rally stages are on single-lane roads, kid.

        Have fun playing your arcade game. Obviously it must make you feel good about yourself, as is the intent behind the overall design…Making relatively untalented children feel good about themselves with minimal effort.


      8. What a nonsense you tell! I said nothing here about Fake Rally stages, that you cries WRC 5 stages too wide. Yes, some stahes may be with one line, but other – with two, no reason for crying “highway”. And I dont need prove somewhat with simulator WRC 5, since even in arcade I dont like I can reach top, for differ with you.


      9. Buddy you clearly enjoy the game, and not trying to take anything from your enjoyment of the game,but you are never gonna convince anyone that WRC 5 should be taken as a serious “simulation” of rally or even much of a decent game, im sorry this isnt opinion its fact, please come back regularly to this site though, would love to hear ya thoughts on other things, really would,its a interesting perspective.


      1. I see they make powerslide! Now I stopped at 3.08. You never do the same, watch and compare. And we dont see, what driver do. He return to center! All you can really state, that picture in Fake Rally is similar to reality. But at Finnish stages there virtual cars flies twice faster.


      2. Yeah, he executed a Scandinavian flick… Which works perfectly fine in Dirt:rally on loose surfaces.

        I never saw you use the flick even once in your videos… Because WRC 5 physics are not based on reality and you don’t actually know how to drive a rally car on a rally stage.


      1. We don’t need it corrected. We can all understand what you’re trying to say and we also know that your entire argument is based entirely on your own inability to hold a power slide in dirt rally…. Probably because you can’t countersteer or apply throttle correctly.

        I can make a 30 second video showing you that you’re wrong if necessary, but of course since you aren’t capable of using proper rally technique, it would be ‘meaningless’ or something like that.


    1. Even the WRC 5 devs disagree with you, iavan…

      “Gently widened tracks”
      “Set at a difficulty that would appeal to the most people”
      “WRC5 will not be a sim” “We hope to be there someday, but thats not going to be anytime soon”
      “Lot of the tracks we had to make up because the locations have not been decided yet.”

      You’re legitimately delusional and/or drunk 24/7


    2. I just wanted to say, between the awful driving, atrocious English and twisted logic, you’re my new favorite on this site. Please come back often.


    3. are you fucking retarded, or have you been too worried about Putin finding out you’re fucking your brother to mentally comprehend just how terrible WRC 5 is?


  10. @Ivan’s RBR winter video (why is there no Reply button there?)
    1. WRC-class rally cars run special spiked/studded tires on snow/ice rallies, which often give more grip than on gravel
    2. your front left wheel is bent very badly, which makes the car flail excessively

    also you drive like shit
    also RBR a shit, and WRC5 a shit


  11. “And then there are the occasions where the car is totally unpredictable.”-FTA

    Are we sure slightly mad studios didn’t help make this game? I have the same issue there. One moment my tires are at the perfect grip levels and 2 seconds later its like they are flat and I go off.

    I almost bought this game cause I’m a huge racing fan but im glad I instituted a new wait a week or 2 policy for everything except first party titles (Sony excluded from that due to drive club, The order 1886, and that other one I forget on ps4) so I read a couple reviews and noticed this guy going mental and I knew I just KNEW there would be an article about it on here.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. @ Иван Платонов (or Ivanushka as we all fondly know him in steam forums)

    I have to admire your conviction…..even tho it is so misguided

    I still see that after posting your bullshit at 5 different websites you have still not found one person that agrees with your subjective opinion.

    I think you have to now admit that more then 3-5 idiots support my empty words as they are saying the exact same things in these comments LOL

    Don’t you think it’s time you back down?
    But I truly hope you don’t because it’s been so entertaining LOL

    @ everyone else commenting here

    If you want an entertaining read check this out, but grab a beer of coffee before you sit down 🙂


    1. I post my words, and you chase after me and yap like little poodle. Sectarians, ill with masochist complex people became affected, like you, and they post their nonsense rubbish. But normal peolpe simply read and make conclusions. also about you.


  13. OMG.. now I completely understand Иван Платонов point of view and review of DR
    What Иван Платонов didn’t realise is that he has been using this mod all along
    Check out the mod here:

    @ Иван Платонов
    To fix your DR game open up Steam and go to your games property box and click “Verify Integrity of Cache”. Note that while this will fix the integrity of DR’s cache files; it will not fix your integrity as it is beyond repair and will need a complete un-install and reformat.


  14. I especially like these references to WRC 5 developers, allegedly confirming that their game is not a “sim” (although at their official page they printed words “best rally simulator”). Dear friends, they simply tries to play up just to you. They tries to give you understaning of they will not offer to you that little hardcore toys, which you like so much to elbow into your ass. They as if tells, that they will simply present realistic and interesting game, resting ill people with their masochistic complexes alone. Here they make typical mistake, trying to slave under ill people. No, its not allowed to connive at loony: it can only aggravate their condition. Much more suitable such instruments like strait-jacket, electric shoker or sometimes simply poke into teeth: these things help to that poor people to sense again true contact with reality and, may be, a little bridle their unhealthy fantasies. So, the fact of hardcore toys player will not recieve this signal adequately – this fact was predictable well.


  15. Wow. I kinda feel bad that i really like this game (WRC 5). I downloaded it last night and played almost from 7 this morning until 11. It’s not incredibly realistic or anything, but I’m having way more fun than I’ve had on any rally game since the first Dirt. How many of you guys have actually played it?


  16. It’s not all bad. I just picked this game for under £10 as a Steam Key (downloading now). I think that price point makes it perfectly acceptable as a mediocre rally game at a non-offensive price.


  17. Downloaded this game for PS4 a few weeks ago and first played with controller. Just picked up the G29 yesterday. This game is BAD! This review is spot on! I get its difficult to make an accurate racing game and can even accept the driving model they decided on. But everything else around it is just horrid and inexcusable… The pace notes are robotic and at least 2-5 times a stage late (even though I have it set to the earliest setting)! They are also completely inaccurate at times too.

    James touched on this but the game just randomly resets you for making a great hairpin turn for no reason!?! Or you get a 5 sec penalty for nothing?? I don’t think James touched on this but the sounds and audio in this game may even be worse then the 10 year old graphics, they are pathetic!

    This nut job of a Russian talking about stages and how narrow Sweden is another fatal flaw in the game. Yes the stages in Sweden are narrow but you need an accurate, properly designed driving model to play on narrow stages! They would have been better off making the stages wider, it would have made it actually possible to drive the stages! I set the same times with a pad vs my G29, which clearly goes to show what controller the game was made for.

    My biggest problem with this game though is the AI!?! There has never been as bad of AI in a game EVER, as there is in WRC5. You have a clean run, you win by 1 second. You spin twice, get reset on the road and damage your car, you win by one second! You complete the stage the first time with say a time of 3:10, you win by one second (or less). You restart the stage and race it again with a time of 3:06… Guess what? Yup, you win by one second!!!! It’s unbelievable!! There is no motivation to play this game because a good run is not rewarded and a bad run is not penalized… I guarantee the first ever racing game ever created had better AI then WRC5…. And I am not exaggerating!

    Thankfully there are better rally games out or coming soon (for us PS4 gamers) because if this was it, it would have been truly depressing! Shame on you FIA!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did you try SLRE demo as well? As a PC player I have not had the chance to test this game. I wait for its release to decide on either SLRE or DR.


    2. I agree with you. The AI is terrible (WRC 4 had much better AI), but physical model of WRC5 is by far the best in the series. As I’ve said in a comment somwhere above, Codemasters should buy the licence for WRC. And maybe make a game only about WRC or maybe ERC only and drop HILLCLIMB, maybe even RX. I had enough of that in Dirt 2 and 3. I would also like to see a WRC game with full-length real life stages (yeah, including this seasons Mexican Rally 80 km Guanajuato stage (which will include the Guanajuatito from the previous seasons and add to it), or Monte Lerno, Sardegna (

      PS: Some say WRC5 has too short stages. I agree to some extent, but there are some stages in real WRC that are the same length (Guanajuato city stage).


  18. After playing both games, WRC 5 does not give me the needed Scandinavian flick feel those cars need, or the nimbleness of smaller cars rather is feel like im drving a suped up bus compacted into a ford fiesta. Plus i drive with a thrustmaster, and i also do driving myself, Dirt Rally has my word as a great simulation hands down, the feedback feels real, looks like what you’d see first hand, and the stages in WRC 5 are just to damn wide. Pace notes are good but late sometimes and choppy.


  19. Great review, but you should have started with this.
    > WRC 5 also had trouble consistently policing track limits.

    This destroys the game for me. One second you are drifting, the next your car gets reset. The worst is that there is no clear pattern to this. So you can’t adjust your drift accordingly.

    It’s also not very satisfying that you never get to see the car crash at all. Maybe they had to enforce the aggressive track limits to prevent graphical glitches? or maybe they are afraid that you would fall of the map.

    The polygon stuff is funny as well. So many times I have been drifting and the car pretty much shoots up in the air, as I hit something so small, that as a player I can’t see it. This is relatively minor though to the policing of track limits.


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