Aggressive Shilling

CTR2 95 N1One of the most disappointing parts of running a sim racing news site is that we never get to play the role of a reader on In fact, to stay up-to-date, we rely on our direct competitors for leads to a potential story, as sites such as TeamVVV, BSimRacing, and VirtualR all play an integral part in us either elaborating further on a current issue, or combing through the comments for a tidbit that could lead to something. Before this site existed, we were reading VirtualR for our news, and now that this site is off the ground… we’re still reading VirtualR. Some things never change.

Within the past week, I couldn’t help but notice that BSimRacing ran three identical articles regarding Assetto Corsa’s latest Version 1.3 update. On October 11th, 15th, and 16th, the site posted multiple YouTube reviews from various sources, all of which broke down the minuscule changes implemented in the latest patch for Assetto Corsa, along with the second premium DLC pack that shipped alongside it.

BSimI get that a lot of people enjoy Assetto Corsa and were really excited for the improvements the second Dream Pack DLC would bring, but the total elapsed time of all three videos above comes out to 50 minutes in length. By comparison, the run time of your average History Channel documentary centered around Adolf Hitler is 44 minutes. As a gamer in 2015, it’s hard not to draw certain conclusions when one particular news site for a very specific subgenre of driving games pushes almost an hour’s worth of Assetto Corsa patch reviews on its readers over the span of five days.

It’s called shilling, and it’s not cool.

But I get that coincidences happen. I get that editors naturally prefer certain subjects over others. We’re NASCAR guys here on, and we’re more likely to review obscure oval racing titles from ten years ago than, say, F1 2015. It’s entirely possible that this flurry of very specific Assetto Corsa review articles was a complete coincidence.

Then, I ventured into some of the more active discussions on BSimRacing. This blatant shilling might not actually be a coincidence at all.

Avid sim racers are no strangers to what I’m about to bring up. Known forum trolls Hexagramme and Associat0r have made a hobby out of monitoring every sim racing website known to man, spamming a constant stream of links that allegedly prove Assetto Corsa is the biggest letdown in sim racing history, and that several sites have conspired to advertise the title in a roundabout way while hiding the Italian-based racing sim’s numerous flaws. As much of a ruckus the pair have caused over the past few months, de-railing threads and causing forum wars whenever someone merely utters one of their names, some of their observations aren’t far off from what we here at have discovered on our own time.

The game’s AI is indeed unsatisfactory, those who once praised the title are now moving on to different games, some updates have outright caused the game to crash upon launching, and users are being booted from the official forums (as well as Facebook) for daring to point out any of the game’s flaws. It is definitely hard to understand the near-unanimous praise the game has received, especially after an unfinished Early Access version was given a higher score by IGN Italy than Microsoft’s own Forza Motorsport 6.

ign italy

As a result, there are a growing amount of sim racers left unhappy with Assetto Corsa’s lack of progress, a situation made worse by Kunos Simulazioni’s huge initial ambitions with the project, and the use of Steam’s Early Access program to sucker people in at a discounted price. Many of these users are now starting to become vocal about the team’s failure to deliver a complete product, as well as drawing attention to the inability for Kunos to take criticism from their fans.

mentally illModerators on both VirtualR and BSimRacing, two of the largest online sim racing publications, are having an awfully hard time dealing with a community who are now starting to question the current state of Assetto Corsa rather than continuously praise it. Negative comments about Assetto Corsa quickly descend into accusations and witch hunts, with site moderators liberally handing out bans and accusing innocent readers of being alternate accounts for known forum trolls suffering from an undisclosed mental condition. Arguments and battles once reserved to the cesspool of humanity known as the Steam Forums are now being ignited by reputable editors and administration members within the community.

Isn’t it a little odd for a media outlet to act like this?


Essentially, staff members from news publications that have no public ties to Kunos Simulazioni are getting just as upset over people criticizing Assetto Corsa as the actual developers are, to the point where both parties are labeling their own customers and readers as mentally ill for pointing out bugs and shortcomings in a video game. This isn’t acceptable.


And of course, this is after some of these sites have pushed 50 minutes worth of Assetto Corsa patch reviews on their readers in less than a week.

Does this not set off red flags to anyone else?

These are third party news outlets ran by a group of guys who enjoy video games, motorsports, and writing in their spare time, with no financial ties or obligations to this specific game. There is no explicit need for two publications to bend over backwards and issue bans to anyone who sounds like Associat0r and/or doesn’t say nice things about Assetto Corsa.

It has gotten to the point where if one of the known forum trolls “follows” a random user, that random user is immediately accused of being friends with a known forum troll, or being Associat0r himself under an alternate account, with no proof uploaded to justify that user being removed. Of course, those who give zero fucks and directly call out the tomfoolery exhibited by moderators and site editors are told that they don’t understand the whole scope of the issue, with more bans being handed out in the meantime.

bannedI don’t know man, it just seems odd. The only tangible relationship I can piece together between Kunos Simulazioni and one of these publications is that VirtualR moderator F1Racer owns RacingRenders and occasionally has produced some fancy preview screenshots for Kunos, but that shouldn’t warrant an entire viral campaign to silence criticism of the racing sim across numerous websites, going as far as comparing certain users to Jihadists.

RRI get that software developers can suffer from a case of emotional hemophilia when it comes to customers criticizing their product – they’ve slaved over their game for so long, it’s almost to the point where the game transcends virtual entertainment and become a child-like figure in their lives. But I don’t understand the sudden push by multiple websites to silence criticism of a game while publishing several rather pointless pieces on it.

VirtualROh wait, what the fuck am I talking about? Of course I do.


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  1. Assetto Corsa is aiming for the simcade audience, hence the focus on a big quantity of road cars, an “attempt” at a career mode and a move to concoles. rFactor 2 is the most serious consumer available race sim, so those are not features for its intended audience. Assetto Cora is more simcade.

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    1. This comment should be starred and pinned. Please James do us this favor.

      All James is doing is create drama where there isn’t. The Sun anyone? Fox News anyone?

      James accuses ac fans and simracing websites to shill for AC. So as opposition, we have PRC to hate on everything related to AC. He says to not take ac fans word for granted, but we should take James word for granted on the reality of things? People have a brain, they can judge and interpret things.

      Do you know why BSim posted three reviews of AC’s 1.3/dp2? Because they have a sizeable crowd withing simracing interested in this subject, and I think they also wanted to promote some youtube channels with this opportunity. Of course this is my interpretation. And I think that if gamermuscle did his review of dreampack2 and 1.3, they would have also posted it. So we’d have 4. I think James/ass/hex would have exploded.


      1. To be fair, James shits on everything and everyone regardless of the sim. If there’s something wrong or broken, he wrote a piece on the subject without looking at the logo or the name of the game.
        The fact that the majority of these articles are AC-pC-iR related is because the problems are within those games? HEllo?

        I’d propose to rename those sims to new names for future articles. Something like AConstipated-pCrap-iHitlerDidNothingWrong would work.


    2. Yeah, rF2 that serious no compromises racing sim where stock cars traction roll they have so much fucking stupid arcade game levels of grip.


    3. “Tire Model
      -Contact patch load distribution model is not final, which means tire pressure does not have the full effect that it should.
      -Aquaplaning is not implemented, so wet weather driving is only properly modelled when the track is damp but with no standing water.
      -There are other relatively minor loose ends.
      -Curbs, white lines have almost no grip in rain.

      -Loose objects (cones, haybales, etc.) “fall asleep” inappropriately, sometimes up in the air, and essentially turn into solid objects.

      -Wind and humidity do nothing.”

      Oh yeah, rf2 is so serious.


      1. For the record, that list comes from the knownissues .txt in the rf2 install. I have to give them credit for actively disclosing known issues. Also, Tim has praised Kunos multiple times, saying how difficult it is starting from a clean slate. He also requested less anti-AC shilling.

        Even if some of ISI’s behavior annoys me, they really don’t play marketing games and respect others even if they represent potential competition.

        Since I’m not an AC shill, I will state that AC’s AI is still too slow and their brake points are often pretty bad.

        You get this pack of annoyingly slow AI, and then 3-4 pretty quick drivers out front. You have to struggle around the pack to get decent competition, otherwise it feels like you’re dodging obstacles on corner exit rather than really having a good race. I’m basing this mostly on Magione, as I find it to be a good track for testing AI.

        Also, something is jacked up with the rotation softlock and head tracking is still broken…


      2. Looks like you’re repeating yourself, so I will too.

        Those issues are not entirely resolved and this ‘2 year old changelog’ is included with the very latest RF2 install. Maybe if you have a damned clue about the actual state of rf2, you wouldn’t make such a foolish statement.

        You’re the goddamn shill running the ‘community’, suckling upon ISI and telling them everything is perfect.


      1. I must say that in my 20 years of sim racing, this is some of the most obvious and most nonsensical shilling I’ve ever seen. It’s gotten to the point where I must say that I am actually quite disappointed in the community as a whole. So many enablers, who help push a very bad game infested with bugs. Those big news sites with hidden agendas, pushing, pushing, pushing… I don’t what to say. I don’t know where this genre is headed. I guess some people just get a whiff of some cash and them loose their minds over it. Proper sims are far and few between these days…


  2. Also Assetto Corsa’s content isn’t interesting , unless you like driving road cars and GT cars all day and even then with the bad AI and MP it’s not worth racing anyway.
    The rFactor 2 content is for dedicated simracers and it’s fine.

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    1. “dedicated simracers”.. are you a different breed? As far as I know, everyone in simracing or simcade racing games are fans of motorsport. And the majority will like any type of racing cars, but also road cars that are good for track driving.

      It is only your opinion that you don’t find AC’s content interesting. Please don’t treat that as fact for everyone else.


    1. That clowns like GamerMuscle are featured on those simracing sites tells you all you need to know how low simracing has sunk these days. Disgusting.


      1. he’s a funny dude, how dare those simracers enjoy some humor in their gaming. (is this comment literally doing “GamerMuscle likes AC therefore insult him”? cause that’s pretty lol)


      1. Those balls of his are hanging deep into the throats of Kunos, Reiza and iRacing.
        Obvious shill is obvious.

        Aggressive, opinionated (without having any technical insight whatsoever), and he loves censorship.
        All hail Empty Box! Bringing the sim racing community closer together…


      2. If anything, he’s a Stock Car Extreme shill, given the videos he’s done on it in the past, praising just about everything it comes with.

        But no, 1 or 2 videos – in which he still calls Kunos on their shit, like adding the GT40 w/o it’s Ferrari rival, totally makes him a shill.


  3. All this article is missing is a callback to gamergate and some sort of twisted claim that associatr0 is a rad fem who hates AC because the developers are all male

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    1. >implying radfems care about racing games

      James would have calledback /r/KotakuInAction if he wasn’t shadowbanned. (Or he must be telling the folks at 8chan anonymously?)

      Semi-related tangent: I do hold an extremely tinfoil-ish theory that Namco held back Ridge Racer because, in addition how Unbounded (which was outsourced to Bugbear) and the Vita game was looked down by the fans, they were worried that SJWs would start whining about the prominence of Reiko Nagase, especially after what WEC did by getting rid of grid girls…

      [Oh, and regarding Ridge Racer: Ai Fukami best girl.]


  4. I’m done with sim racing; i got AC, rfactor, Game Stock Car etc but reading all this stuff about shilling, witch hunts and power tripping napoleon admins had just put me right off actually playing them (which is an outdated concept, clearly; stalking people online who criticise your pretend car driving game is the hot tip for 2016).

    So i’m going back to the casual noob plastic ball pit of simcade games like Forza, GRID, DiRT etc which look better, have more actual ‘game’ and content, and are so beneath this “community” that they’re generally left alone in favour of more glorious shitposting, stalking and being insufferable thundercunts. Goodbye forever.

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    1. It’s a fucking travesty to see how this F1Racer has completely lost his mind.

      He’s a joke and he’s toxic to the sim racing community. Banning people for no reason at all except for the fact that they point out flaws in a sim he’s shilling for. Banning people because his paranoid distorted mind tells him that there is some sort of anti-AC conspiracy at play.

      Threatening people in e-mails. Accusing them of mental illness because he disagrees with them.

      He’s a joke and his VR piece of shit site is disgusting. Steer clear if you want unbiased sim racing news. I hope that site goes up in flames, I really do.


      1. Well it’s the only thing to do when none of them are actually finished or worth playing unless you join a league with even more paranoid assholes in charge.


  5. This article was really due to establish some balance in the simracing universe. 😀

    A bunch of bumhurt AC fanboiz literally on a witchhunt and nobody dares to say something bc if so, people immediately get hunt too or even worse you get picked up in this bullshit discussion crap and draged on their argument level where you only can loose bc it doesn’t matter what you say if you are agains the mob. They just blind rage lol, like 10 of them accuse people of being sick and mental or troll rf2 fanboy balbabllabla or what not and it is totally normal and fine. O_o
    “Ban, immediate ban, off with their heads!” lol

    Simracing genre so much full of shit these days.

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    1. The way Wim of bsimracing and F1Racer of VirtualR have ganged up against anyone criticizing Assetto Corsa, even in the slightest, is a travesty to be honest.

      F1Racer has transformed into an absolute madman, and he’s one of the biggest catalysts for this witch hunt we’re witnessing these days. He fuels it, every chance he gets, spurring his readers on to hate on a “minority” who aren’t in absolute awe of Assetto Corsa.

      One thing is the absolutely disgusting, hateful and paranoid replies he posts in public. Another thing is the stuff he write in e-mails to people he’s banned. Luckily I haven’t yet been banned from VR (just a matter of time I suppose) but I’ve seen stuff he’s written to a few others, and it ain’t pretty. He’s power mad, and that’s putting it mildly.

      Those threatening e-mails could make for a highly entertaining reader submission. To be continued…


      1. f1racer’s a cunt for sure – not the least because he’s responsible for about 99% of the pointless bickering on VR.

        But, perhaps ironically, he’s still a lot less of a cunt than the people he’s been banning lately.


  6. Sim racing blog posts videos from popular sim racing youtubers about a popular racing sim update. Sim racing blog moderator has permission to use popular sim racing assets in renders. Sim racing blog moderator bans obvious alternate account of banned troll. This is somehow shilling.

    This isn’t even worth a detailed rebuttal, this is a complete joke.


  7. Everyone is bad and ugly (even Reiza now), Austin will save us! All hail Austin, hail new messiah.

    Hell, this blog is the funniest place in whole internet. So much stupid, childish and self centered bullshit, one can laugh for days. And they even let other trolls to publicise here. Neverending fun …..


    1. I never though i would see the day when someone bemoans the amount of content made reviewing a game is compared to the amount of air time Hitler gets, as a bad thing…… just fucking wow


  8. To anyone who wonders why sim racing games don’t have more of a following, I think you’re looking at a big part of the reason for that. They’re games, kids, chill out. Just play what you like, ignore what you don’t. This has to be one of the most toxic, melodramatic, and immature fan bases I’ve ever seen. Why do you care if someone criticizes a game you like? That doesn’t mean you can’t still play it! Get over yourselves you petulant children.


    1. The reason sims don’t have more of a following is simple

      (A) Most people don’t want to spend £300 for a wheel
      (B) The games are useless with controllers (whereas console titles like Forza get this right) and keyboard and mouse.
      (C) The games don’t deliver on their promise. It’s more exciting driving to the shops in a astra than it is driving a Ferrari or Porsche in a sim. Simply put, sims remove all the parts of driving that are exciting and fun.

      Perhaps VR headsets will help (C), but see (A) if you have to buy a £300 wheel /and/ a £300 headset /and/ your PC needs to be twice as good then it’s unlikely the following will rise, even if the immersion does.

      Really the bottom line is, anyone with any intelligence can get a decent job, and anyone with a decent job is just better off spending the money on real life driving at a track. End result, you get lifes wannabees and losers sitting in their underpants in front of the TV, holding a plastic wheel saying “boo hoo hoo” at the screen because they’ve crashed into a wall, while their wives facepalm and sleep with their boss.


  9. I remember the good old days (Which is not so long ago, ironically it’s around the release of pCars and AC; coincidence?) when those sites used to post modding news and modding reviews all day long. Now they have all transformed in 3rd party newsletters for Kunos and Bell’s games with the occasional mod being announced or showed here and there.

    They are all so focused into racing each other about who can post more reviews that they are not even noticing or caring anymore about all the great mods that have been released and developed in the past few months.

    A team of enthusiasts is giving Super Touring cars (Oh the good old Toca days back in win95 and win98) new life with hundreds of cars and skins on Race07 and GTR2, another team is giving Touring Cars Legends new life with a similar unofficial project (Again, hundreds of brand new cars and skins) on rF1, a team on GTL is still releasing Gr5 and IMSA GTO/U monsters to this date with impressive quality, an F1 1965 mod for rF1 which received a lot of positive feedbacks on rFactorCentral and NoGripRacing (Including Mauro Forghieri and John Surtees themselves approval and tips regarding physics) was never to be seen anywhere on major boards and yet it was released in 2013 (!) and a new version with brand new scratch made stuff is being released shortly.. And the list goes on and on and on.

    What happened to all of that? Now 90% of what we see on those boards are articles about stuff of questionable interest. And you know what’s worse? That the admins and the moderators of these sites publically insults people without even knowing them or without even being sure that they are who they think they are. That is un-fucking-acceptable. And that F1Racer? Oh, what a joke he is.


    1. count of article subjects (‘from devs’ = patch or official content, ‘from modders’ = 3rd party)
      virtualr frontpage:
      RF2 – 6 from devs
      R3E – 1 from devs
      Pcars – 1 from devs
      SCE – 1 from devs
      AC – 1 from devs
      misc – PCars vs. Forza6, inside sim racing weekly thing, sim hardware, World Racing Series

      bsimracing frontpage:
      WRC5 – 1 from devs
      AC – 1 from modders
      RF2 – 2 from devs
      R3E – 1 from devs
      misc – 2 sim hardware, iRacing president interview, 2 review of AC, Sebastian Loeb trailer, iRacing feel good story, that isr weekly thing

      the AC/PCARS bias is clear and present, lol


      1. I’m not saying it’s AC/pCars fault, I’m saying that since they were announced/released, this trend of posting more and more pr stuff of questionable interest and less and less modding related stuff is more evident.

        And even if they do post something about a mod, 90% of the time is something mainstream like an AC mod by the meco and friends, some renders about rF2 3rd party tracks, etc. The interesting stuff is to be searched and found elsewhere. While reading those boards, it feels like modding is dying or that nobody mods anymore, truth is that modding on last (And current gen aswell) gen sims is more alive than never.


      2. If you want a mod to be highlighted, send it in, the guys running the sites don’t browse every modding site looking for juicy projects. They’ve both posted articles about mods I worked on only after telling them it exists, sure they sometimes find the progress threads on their own but not always.

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      3. Oh believe me, I’ve tried more than once to get one of my projects posted there, anywhere. Most of the times I’ve never received a reply, sometimes I received some typical pre-written pr bs saying that they were not interested because it included 3rd party models converted from other games and they didn’t want to support illegal conversion and all that crap.

        I find it funny that a mod I was making (The F1 1965 one) was scrapped by these people because it was a conversion from GPL in its v1.0, despite the fact that we had written permissions from the original team who made the 3D models 15 years ago alongside an heavily updated and improved trackpack made exclusively for this project. Now, as we’re closing on the v2.5-v3.0 or whatever it will be called, half the 3D models have been completely redone by scratch, sounds have been recreated, physics have been rewritten almost entirely, but I bet my italian moustache that we’ll be snobbed once again because they want to play “politically correct” and not support a project which was born as a conversion made by a couple of random guys and grew up as an almost scratch made mod in its final iteration.

        On NoGripRacing people (And especially mods) thought it was just a ripoff and quickly banished us from even talking about it even after we showed the written permissions we had acquired. It took a lot of effort to get it “green lit” there and now it’s hosted on their server.

        Long story short, if it’s a conversion from anywhere, it won’t be welcomed by mainstream boards. They all have to play “politically correct”. I have so much stuff that I could post, but if they don’t want conversions from other games on their boards, I may aswell keep them to myself. “Learn 3D modelling” a VLM_Jr member told me and other persons more than once. If only finding the time to learn was as easy as making such a suggestion like this, by now, 6+ years later in the business, I would have created the whole Le Mans fields from 1955 onwards already.


      4. Just in general, hard to work this comment system.
        I haven’t ever seen the Palatov D4 shown on any news sites. Despite being developed with both the Palatov company and Hankook involved.
        I also haven’t seen the 40% off rf2 sale covered anywhere either…you think consumers would want to know that?


      5. I didn’t look too closely at the sale cause I’m not in the market for another copy of RF2, but I thought the sale was phrased something like “for return customers” & meant to encourage going from the half-license to the permanent online license.

        @ Anonymous, fair enough, I’m a 3d modeler so by definition the stuff I work on is from scratch in that regard.


      6. Yep, I have seen VR list a steam sale of AC, along with Pcars and R3E.
        As it stands, there is a few hours left for the rf2 sale. 40% off lifetime, discount for the online, etc.
        And no, it is for anyone. Plus you can migrate to steam with your install for free when it comes online.


    2. F1Racer? Oh he’s beyond being a mere joke, mate.

      He’s a regular madman, completely paranoid, aggressive, vile, insulting, demeaning, condescending. And that’s only referring to the stuff he posts in public… you should see his e-mails. Wow. Some seriously dark shit, I tell you.

      Scum of the earth, that guy. Bone chilling to think he’s a moderator on such a releatively big site.


  10. 35+ comments in, nobody has tried to explain why editors from two sim racing media outlets are bending over backwards to silence any criticism of Assetto Corsa on their websites, to the point where readers pointing out genuine issues are accused of being mentally ill and/or somebody else under an alternate account.

    And nobody has pointed out that these same people operated in the exact same manner with Project CARS a few short months ago, when it was proven that there were behind the scenes financial ties to Slightly Mad Studios in a blog post from late 2011.

    The shilling is real.


    1. So you call them shills for not allowing ass/hex to do their excessive criticism and manipulation against AC on those news websites. So can we call you a hater for wanting those things to happen? Look, they will ban anyone who does the excessive things, be it for any game. It so happens that that excessive stuff was only done to AC and no other sim.


      1. I call them shills because when Project CARS was a thing four months ago, the exact same sites and editors attempted to silence criticism of Project CARS as well, and we ended up revealing that they were indeed influenced by Slightly Mad Studios.

        Four months later, suddenly nobody is allowed to say negative things about Assetto Corsa on multiple sites, including one moderated by a guy who does rendering work for Kunos, while 50 minutes of YouTube reviews for a DLC pack of all things are pushed on the readers.

        Come on now, we’ve seen this before.


      2. I’m sorry but when you Godwin your own article it says more about your expectations on what should be ok in the world then any “shilling”


      3. It is not suddenly, James. The situation has been happening for months. All the time a lot of discussing and arguing with a select bunch always shitting on AC in vr and bs websites. Ass was even banned temporarily a couple months ago for it, but not hex. Now recently they did it again excessively and both got banned from the discussions.


      4. What about the excessive anti rF2 and ISI crusade/manipulation that has been going on for year after year? Why hasn’t that been addressed? Is it so strange that people now cry “enough”?


    2. “nobody has tried to explain why editors from two sim racing media outlets are bending over backwards to silence any criticism of Assetto Corsa on their websites”
      That’s cause it’s hard to get to the truth of a matter when it’s not actually happening. They’re targeting specific users, not topics.


      1. Specific users being anyone who even slightly criticizes AC.

        The paranoid fucked up minds of Wim and madman F1Racer have come to the conclusion that anyone who doesn’t hail AC must be associated (pun intended) with those guys.

        Have you paid any attention at all? Random people are getting banned from those pisspot sites for simply saying anything negative about AC. What the fuck is going on, I ask?


    1. What exactly is wrong with HEx’s comment there? just enougher fucking sad witch hunt, you’ve found a hex comment well done here’s a cookie.

      So basically he says, on paper Iracing real road (RR) is better, however with iracing because of its closed nature, very hard to see whats effecting what and whats working and whats not, in rf2 a lot easier to test claims by devs as its a open mod platform, he then says he respects what iracing has potentially made,but still needs work, what the FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT ya fucking gestapo cunt, stop stalking ppl ya fucking weirdos.

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      1. What’s wrong with his comment is that he didn’t show any evidence of the things he said about iracing on the real road/weather subject. He likes to manipulate with only writing negative words about any competitor sim to rf2. Is wrong that he didn’t provide any evidence, either done by him or by others, to back up his claims.
        How can we discuss logically if anything is wrong in those iracing features compared to rf2 and real life, if his claims are just empty words without any back up.


      2. I don’t login nor type anything, I just leave the poster details empty. If they had a board with mandatory logins, I would have. But aren’t we all posting with Anonymous, so cut the crap.

        But thanks for running from the subject, like the usual with you hex or any of his buddies. Just like a pack of dogs and their alpha, shilling and hating on every simracing board, liking each others comments and all supporting each other, how lovely. top lel.


      3. Actually, I think hex does a pretty good job of explaining himself. People tend to use hex/associator interchangeably, even though hex actually puts effort into his statements.


  11. Well I can tell you that F1racers renders are not because kunos pay him to make them. I know as I made the Cobra and Miura, he messaged me and asked me if he could make renders and I said sure. He makes them for fun and for people who want to use them as wallpapers. When I asked about the other renders he told me he asked Kunos form permission and they were fine with it.

    The situation is pretty straightforward. Hex/ass have been on a mission to portray AC in a negative light. At first this was fine because everyone can have their opinion. Overtime I think everyone got fed up of seeing the same thing from them over and over so they got banned. No one is being paid, I’ve had mods featured on different sites and never paid anyone. I can guarantee Kunos is not paying a sim racing website to advertise my mods 😀


      1. There’s also some drunk russian shill praising WRC 5 in our review. I really don’t care.

        What I DO care about are formerly trustworthy sites pushing a game on its audience rather than covering it. I don’t need to see 50 minutes of reviews for a DLC pack, nor do people need to get banned for simply pointing out that the game isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, which is exactly what happened with Project CARS a few months back on the exact same sites.


  12. How is F1racer shilling for AC? He just has his preferences, tastes, and opinions like everyone else. But he doesn’t go on extremes situations like hating on other sims and trying to manipulate people to like their preferred game, like ass/hex do. He likes several games, the fact that he started liking AC more for what it is after 1.3, doesn’t make him a shill, doesn’t make any one a shill.

    – Shill meaning: an accomplice of a confidence trickster or swindler who poses as a genuine customer to entice or encourage others.

    So is F1racer a shill? Following your logic, he must also be an rf2 shill because he said plenty of good stuff about rf2 and went against someone’s opinion who said they don’t like rf2 or isn’t good.


    1. You have a short memory.
      Saying rF2 physics are on top is an easy target with so many facts around.
      He’s been doing this kind of damage control for a couple of months now, after VR lost most of its hardcore viewer base, after the PCars and now AC debacle.

      Remember when AC and PCars fanboys like that ran wild at the place and rF2 was the laughing stock of the place?

      He’s still an AC shill.


      1. To be fair, anonymous, PCars can’t even handle the high line through the bowl in the Mojave DLC track that SMS just released. Cars just lose power and die if they go onto the steeper banking.

        Or maybe, the physics is totally realistic, and you just can’t use the high line at high-banked ovals? Wait–people totally do go 3-wide at Bristol. They use the high line all the time through corners. How can that be? How can their cars not just… sputter and stall and totally lose all exit speed?


      1. Your reply doesn’t make you classy, neither does mine. Calling out on people saying they aren’t classy doesn’t make you into one. So why is the reason you want him to be classy if you ain’t?


      2. “So why is the reason you want him to be classy if you ain’t?”

        I ain’t classy, you got that right, Joe.
        But then again, I’m not the one trying to run a business…

        He’s rude with people who criticize him. He’s rude with his own fans. He’s just generally an asshole and a very unlikable guy. Remember the time he called his users “retarded monkeys”? Yah.. Lovely chap, that Stefano.

        No wonder his joke of a “sim” is turning to shit these days.
        He doesn’t know car physics. He doesn’t know AI coding. He doesn’t know anything but to dish out slick PR videos and glossy screenshots and push his joke product as the greatest sim ever.

        Forza and GT will crush AC when it hits the consoles next year. Hopefully AC will disappear off the map soon after that.


  13. AC is joke in it’s current state same goes for iRacing and Pcars, rFactor 2 and GSCE are currently only racing sims worth racing others are pretty much broken mess in their current state.


    1. Which game? Also given the onslaught of anon comments here, I feel like that anon is a samefag…

      Not Associator or Hexagramme, not the authors. Must be someone else.


      1. It proves that associator relies on outdated information and general misuse of technical terminology 99% of the time, hoping no one will notice how clueless he is. Ac and the forward engine was a long time ago and rfactor 2 was not and never will be a PBR engine…


      2. It proves that WIm is a clueless AC shill who has no clue how to attract readers to his awful “news” site (consisting mainly of AC cockpit renders). The jury has spoken.


      3. You mean like this? All the renders/previews posted in october for rf2:

        And now for AC:

        Just select the categories on the right, by game, and you’ll see what and how much content is posted for these sims.


      4. I’m sorry that you don’t realize that the ‘2 year old’ changelog is still present in the latest rf2 install with issues that are still not entirely resolved.

        Go look in your rf2 directory, you misinformed shill.

        AC does NOT use a forward renderer any more (the light source ‘limit’ is due to not utilizing the potential functionality, it has nothing to do with deferred vs. forward, a deferred rendering does not automatically mean that multiple light sources will work magically without a large performance toll, it merely means it is possible to do so if that is your primary intent behind using a deferred engine) and rf2 is NOT a PBR engine… The basic maps utilization (and lack of required maps for actual PBR) alone show that rf2 is NOT running a PBR engine.

        You don’t know a damned thing about rendering engines or your own fucking rf2 installation, shill-child.


  14. Assetto Corsa got the most glowing reviews from unqualified journalists while it’s lacking essential simracing features that pre-rFactor/rFactor/rFactor2 had for many years, if not more than a decade.

    -Aerodynamics that takes proper sideslip/alpha into account
    -Properly handling stiff suspensions
    -Properly working AI
    -Properly working netcode
    -AI during multiplayer
    -Brake temperature
    -Oil temperature
    -Water temperature
    -Dynamic day/night cycles
    -Drivers swaps during multiplayer and singleplayer
    -Dynamic weather with rain
    -Proper race/flag rules
    -False starts
    -Rolling starts
    -Safety car
    -Proper damage
    -Pitstops in singleplayer
    -Visible tire deformation
    -Animated marshalls
    -Steering assist and adjustable speed sensitivity for keyboard users
    -Steering assist for gamepad users


    1. Some of these things, not gonna lie, don’t matter. I wanted to post my agreement, but I didn’t want to say “Yeah! And it’s a damn shame they don’t have keyboard support!” I don’t care about it. It’s a good feature, and developers shouldn’t leave people behind, but it’s not something I care about either.

      That said, sitting through so much tutorial crap in NR2003 about watching the flags and so on, it’s a little frustrating that both Assetto Corsa and Project Cars have no hud-free indication of when the race is almost over. In pCARS, if you’re not using the lap/position display, you have no way of knowing if it’s the last lap. Just keep going until the game makes you stop, I guess. A steward waving a white flag would be a huge bonus. Or even just the spotter saying “White flag, just one more to go.”

      But they don’t do that, at least in pCars.


      1. Yeah, ultimately, I’m not going to choose between 2 sims depending which has better steering assists for keyboards, cause I will never play with a keyboard. Same for AI in MP; it might exist in one game but I’m sure as hell not using it.


    2. You want us also to say stuff? Ok here it goes:

      rf2 has:
      – excessive tire deformation
      – excessive rubbering of racing line
      – cars turn on a pivot when braking
      – doesn’t use properly track temps, weather temps and humidity, and rain/water grip.
      – AI is boring and doesn’t race you
      – excessive FFB effects; that’s why no wheel uses 0 smoothing in ffb settings but even default value is low, otherwise with 0 it will rip off the wheel from the table.
      – excessive ffb also comes from excessive tire/contact patch deformation
      – AI will bump you laterally
      – associat0r
      – hexagramme
      – totallity


      1. – At least rF2 has tire deformation

        – Real Road acceleration is fully adjustable. Just dial it down, biatch 😛

        – Cars turn on a pivot when braking if you’ve braked too much. Take too much speed into the corner and guess what? The car understeers like crazy. Where have I seen that before..? Oh right. IRL

        – More advanced road/weather simulation is on its way, Tim has already said so on FB etc. The current dynamics system doesn’t complete fuck up results by allowing cheaters to exploit it. I’m looking at you, iRacing

        – AI, with proper recommended settings, is racey, aggressive, yet totally fair and with awesome spatial awareness. Best in the business by far

        – Raw, unfiltered 100 percent physics based FFB, industry benchmark stuff, with tons of OPTIONAL settings. Even a shitty Logitech wheel can easily be tuned to feel like a million bucks

        – AI will only “hit” you if you mess up badly (technically you’re hitting them, but whatever). They never turn into you or ram you from behind

        – Witch hunt FTW, all the rave these days


  15. Rfactor can diss AC and AC can diss RF2
    At the end of the day.
    Iracing has you both covered.
    Because servers.
    Continue your fight for sloppy seconds.
    Gran Turismo and Forza will eat your lame PC ports for breakfast. If you bring that garbage to console half as well as Pcars did. Which would probably be a stretch for kunos.


    1. At the end of the day, I still can’t mod iRacing (well I can, but then what? Can’t run a server with modded content, can’t play offline) so if it doesn’t have the content I’m looking for, I need to look somewhere else.


      1. You aren’t Chris. We are missing Another Chris.

        Do you really need us to answer that? Just check the forums from modding sims, or see for yourself on Racedepartment. You’ll get more on the forums because they show wip mods.
        The community isn’t interested in those forza rips. Only those beginners to simracing will go for those, but after will discover that those mods aren’t worth it.


    1. Anddd someone has already cleaned it up. That was fast.

      I was looking at the rf2 wiki and noticed that one of the shills decided that rf2 doesn’t need a ‘see also’ section and lists zero negative aspects about the game. What a bunch of tools.

      Funny to see what these people engage in outside of sim racing…Based on their contribs, at least some of them are teenagers filled with angst and general feelings of inadequacy. Not surprising.


      1. After I deleted the negative comments in the AC article, Kunos sent me millions of neetbux. You too can get rich this way. All you have to do is cite original sources instead of printscreening random posts on forums.


  16. That was an interesting read. I enjoyed it. Yet, as far as Bsimracing is concerned this article was made up out of thin air. I have no agenda, and certainly not an Assetto Corsa fetish. I like all ( well most…) sim racing titles, but if I had to call one my absolute favorite, it’s iRacing, with RaceRoom as a nice second. How many posts I do, referring to a certain platform is of no relevance to me. At this moment, PRC seems to know the numbers better than I do.

    On the subject of Associat0r. The only reason why I called him mentally unstable is because it’s the obvious truth. I stand by my statement that this person is in desperate need of a doctor.

    All in all, there is allot of hate going around in the sim racing scene. Towards publishers, developers, websites, Youtube channels, you name it. I guess that will never change. And no… I am not getting rich by running a website, bribes or conspiracy constructions. The only real money I earn comes from my regular 9.5 hour/day job. Even with all the negativity, hate and childish behavior in our little community these days, I still manage to enjoy our hobby. That’s all that counts.
    Luckily, we can all post whatever we like.

    My two cents.

    Liked by 1 person

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