iRacing’s Nurburgring Delayed Until 2016

Regardless of what sim we’re talking about, the inclusion of the Nurburgring Nordschleife is always a big deal, and it seems iRacing users will have to wait a bit longer to drive the legendary track in their favorite racing sim. iRacing has announced today that the Nurburgring will be delayed until 2016, citing track-specific rules and code adjustments that need to be perfected before being released to the general public.

1The Grand Prix circuit will be released for $15, and the much longer Nordschleife will be a separate entity that also retails for $15. I assume that owners of both will “unlock” the 24 Hour layout that combines the two circuits, which is a bit pricey considering the track can be found as part of the vanilla packages in games like Gran Turismo 6, or combined with ten additional cars for a much lower price as seen with Assetto Corsa.


8 thoughts on “iRacing’s Nurburgring Delayed Until 2016

  1. Pcars 1 forum is down
    Wonder if they are scrubbing it or taking it down. Or under DOS attack?
    And Iracing charges a premium for a premium service.
    In other news…….


    1. Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure the AC base is taken from a car driving around the track. While iRacing prefers to set up tripods around the track, takes much more time and costs a lot more too (obviously) but supposedly results in a better scan. I’m an iRacing user myself but even I feel like when we reach things like difference between scanning with a car or tripod, we are reaching diminishing returns. But if I remember correctly the idea is that they can improve the tracks detail as technology advances and use more of the captured data or something.
      Was a long time ago I read that though so once again, don’t quote me on this.


      1. I think I recall reading the same. Technically, static scans should be more accurate.

        I’m starting to think there’s a lot more mesh re-use than I ever though between titles though.

        I never expected to see ISI using the same meshes as pcars for official content, so I’m wondering if nordschleife data is available as part of a licensing deal. Sort of makes sense that tracks would be offered the scanned data in exchange for lower licensing fees or something like that so that they can then license the data to others.

        As you say, we may be nearing diminishing returns and it seems a bit silly for every dev team to run over to Germany to scan the track for basically the same results.

        Honestly, I don’t see why the more well-known tracks wouldn’t have scans of their own already, even if a consumer title hasn’t provided the data… There seems to be strong competition between them to bring certain series to their tracks, why not offer accurate meshes for virtual practice as part of the proposal?

        Appreciate the reply, you have jogged my memory. On that note, I doubt the iracing version would be delayed if they already had a clean mesh to start from. They probably are creating unique scans.

        Tons of effort involved, so I will not knock them for delaying. Seems like it would be very hard to accurately estimate a completion date.


  2. Has anyone checked? Haha. I might of just been ip banned or something. I was having an issue where I wasn’t being logged out ever anymore.
    But I tried from other IP’s using wife’s device and cell network. No connection to their forum.
    I know they don’t want my opinions there mostly. But they might actually be up to something, or victim of something.


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