Still an Early Access title, Codemasters have already moved on from DiRT Rally

As we’ve discussed several times over the past few months, DiRT Rally is very, very good. The first proper rally simulation since 2004’s Richard Burns Rally, Codemasters surprised us in the spring by dropping DiRT Rally onto Steam’s highly controversial Early Access program out of nowhere. Throughout the year, Codemasters have stuck to a firm schedule of releasing a handful of new cars and ten minutes worth of new stages into the sim with each passing month, though the game is still not complete and there is much work to be done.

Today, Codemasters released a survey asking people what they want from the next DiRT game.

SurveyThis is especially concerning, because the results of two previous community surveys warranted direct results within the year. Codemasters pulled the same stunt in late 2013 on Reddit, and again in early 2014 on Twitter. After a near unanimous response from the community asking for a hardcore rally simulator, it wasn’t long before they got one. And now that we have one in our (metaphorical) hands, it still isn’t finished, and we are already being asked “what do you want from the next one?”

Like, bro, I get that game developers often start on future projects months in advance, but nobody even knows how they feel about the current game because it isn’t actually done yet. Hello… Anybody there? Earth to Codemasters…

So let’s go through some of the portions of this survey.

srv2Yes, I bought DiRT Showdown, and it was every bit as awful as most forum users describe.

srv3Some really generic questions so far.

SRv4At this point I’m wondering if they just threw in bogus answers to force you into saying you want another DiRT 3. Nobody is ever going to pick options like Demolition Derby.

SRV5This screen will be the most personal, but given how good the original GRID was, you’re a fool if you don’t ask Codemasters to run wild with the Career mode.

SRV 6What I find funny from some of the questions, is that it’s entirely possible to ask Codemasters to simply make DiRT Rally all over againa completely nonsensical end result. Regardless of your views on this matter, take the time to fill out the survey, because if you do, you’re entered into a draw to win $100 on Amazon. Not a bad deal for ten minutes of clicking around.


20 thoughts on “Still an Early Access title, Codemasters have already moved on from DiRT Rally

  1. Seems to be the way Codemasters operate. Why bother finishing anything? Just move on to the next one, chase that $. I mean, they’re relatively small and I’m sure they’re in trouble financially but come on, finish your damn product or just pack it in. After all, they’ve pushed out how many iterations of unfinished, sloppily executed F1 games now? Why would this attitude change with Dirt Rally? We should have expected it.


      1. That’s correct. The Dirt Rally team is Codemasters Racing Studio which was the old Sega Racing Studio. The Grid team is Codemasters Racing out of Malaysia, and Codemasters Birmingham produce the F1 abominations.

        I wish James had done a little research before posting this article.


      2. That’s absolutely correct, and the image does show the GRID facebook page. But if you take the survey you’ll notice that it makes only the most passing reference to GRID (it lists it along with almost a dozen other sims). It’s a DIRT-related survey.


  2. Different Codemaster Sudios. The Dirt Rally team is Codemasters Racing Studio which was the old Sega Racing Studio and the Grid team is Codemasters Racing out of Malaysia. There is also a different team for the F1 series which is Codemasters Birmingham. Come on now.

    Everybody should all know this by now.


    1. Thanks again for clarifying!
      So that would then mean there is no major carry-over from who was working on the earlier Colin McRae games to the current “Dirt Rally” – team, then?
      This stuff seems to get confusing pretty quickly, once I try to look behind the curtain of what is being presented to us as “corporate identity”-make-up.


    2. The survey focuses exclusively on the DiRT series, even though all Codemasters Facebook accounts for the various series have posted it. I highly doubt they’re gonna take the CoD approach and have two different studios work on the same series alternatively.


      1. But they do have the three studios working on the three series’. It was an interesting survey non the less and I hope that I chose all the right answers to ensure they keep travelling down the path have been with Dirt Rally. However, I don’t believe that their is any malicious intent here, since DR’s final release is upon us, I’m sure they are trying to gauge the communities reaction to certain points and if done properly, implement them said points into any future titles (like they did with DR).


  3. Thanks to Trimaz for his research.

    Are these articles lately just to fill activity over here? Because for James, everyone that isn’t Reiza or Sector3 has to be wiped.


  4. Yeah PRC. Get it together. Some articles say dirt rally is the most complete sim out there, despite being Beta. Bought it yesterday on the code masters sale based on PRC opinion alone.

    Today code masters is guilty of releasing unfinished games all the time.
    Do you write anything truthful, or just crap on everything, using stuff you’ve already crapped on before to make something else smell sweeter this time around.

    It’s all becoming a bit disingenuous now, and mostly full of shitty troll bait.
    Have a clue what your trying to say and be consistent for crying out loud.

    I think your PCars hate is based on Some other game your fan boying on now. Because your hate for that one is well over blown.
    all you do is go back and forth. Shitting on everything, and being honest about nothing.

    Except you don’t crap on race room or reiza


    1. I guess they like to stirr the “controversy” – however (un-)successful these attempt may seem. On another hand: these guys are in their mid-20s I believe? I am already nearing 10 years older – and still I find myself returning here in order to at least get some unfiltered, clearly meant-to-be subjective “news-flash”.

      Oh well: on the topic of PCars: even I have an oppinion – without ever playing the damn game: The whole set-up was rigged and smelled of foul eggs. I am talking the financial incentive that made backers turn into zombie-advertisers all around the net. THAT is indeed not what I call a good point of this game. No matter how good or bad the game actually turns out to play (…) once those folks running a AMD-gpu can now (hopefully) actually enjoy fluent gameplay, that is. I happen to be one of those – since AMD is the only entity “in the game” that cares about open-sourcing their driver-efforts on my favourite OS (but that is another very much “hope-driven” topic, entirely).

      did they not advertise putting a playable demo out there for all the ppl in doubt to see for themselves? I am still waiting, or am I? Haven’t checked the last ~4 weeks whether they released anything.


      I have to agree with you on the amount of ambiguity and self-contradiction we can read from this site’s “articles”. I see it this way: these guys sometimes have a difficult time separating their personal emotions regarding this niche-genre that is very dear to them from the fact-driven criticism they keep pointing out. Maybe they want to trigger a response from the devs themselves by overexaggerating / over-emphasizing certain aspects of their coverage and critique. In that way I come back to asking myself if that maybe could have something to do with maturity and maybe even a hint of misjudging or just misinterpreting certain truths and beliefs they accept for themselves.

      Nevertheless: I can still always glance over an article and just decide for myself if it is any good or not. So far: even the less-sound ones still did not exactly scare me off. And developers, too, have to understand themselves: not every hot-blooded “pretend-journalist” will actually turn the world against them by launching one or two articles on a blog.


  5. On another note:
    thanks for sharing the link to the survey. Might have been the single-most positive news-story you have yet published!

    I made sure I indeed ticked “all the right boxes”. I honestly find no fault in the the idea to essentially “ask them re-do the same type of serious, sim-ish game again”. Likewise I found the question about the whole “DiRT”-brand thingy funny, indeed.
    In the past I would simply stay away from anything with that name, since whenever I investigated the news: all I needed to read was: “does not come close to RBR”. That made me “recognise” the brand “DiRT” as one to avoid personally (since I am interested in improving on the experience of Richard Burns Rally – i.e. not interested in making several steps back from close-to-realistic back into teletubby – button-mashing-land(…)
    And now they at least made the effort and told us directly in the name, what this game is all about: Rally. Hmmm… I have always been a “product and ideas over brand”-kind of guy. In world I was born into that seems to have lost it’s cool, though? Feels somehow like Codemasters marketing is playing games with their potential customers a little.

    I still remember listening to Empty box line: “(…) in a Codemasters game? Seriously?”
    …and I am glad that I listened!

    So what about this survey, then? Is it not the corporate headquarters of Codies asking us rather than the guys that are currently busy making a realistic-ish rally-game, trying to finally outperform the former fans-favourite from 2004, developed by a team called Warthog that had no connections to Codemasters that I know of and still being carried over into this decade by many a mod that was never really intended for to happen?

    Hopefully this whole affair will not be soon remembered as another one-hit-wonder that was not meant to last for longer than roughly 2 times ~8minutes in 6 locations. Would be a waste – it really would be!


  6. “Like, bro, I get that game developers often start on future projects months in advance…”

    More like 18 months, 2-3 years. A little less for a sequel that can re-use prior code like game/physics engines, or assets

    And requirements and project plans are done before a single line of code is written…


  7. Usually I agreed with your position but it seems there is a disconnection here. Games can spend an entire year just in the planning phases.

    Also there are multiple teams so they can and do work on multiple games at the same time.

    Making the assumption that they will in any way abandon dirt and let it die is absurd.

    Even if they only had a single team its quite possible there work on game 1 is done and they can work on game 2 and if needed pop back to game 1.

    This is especially true of companies that build their own engines. The engine team will likely start working on project 2 while the artists and developers work on game 1. When that’s all done the engine team might come back to fix something or add something or just make it more efficient. Then they can go back to game 2 while the game is being hammered on by QA looking for bugs and trying to break the game.

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