Gran Turismo Sport is the game we (sort of) told you about a few months ago

Our predictions over the summer weren’t 100% accurate, but at the 2015 Paris Games Week, Polyphony Digital unveiled Gran Turismo Sport for Sony’s Playstation 4. While we initially believed GT Sport to be a Project Gotham Racing-like spinoff, and Polyphony would also be producing a stand-alone title to cash in on the increasing popularity of the Blancpain Endurance Series, in reality it appears Polyphony has combined our predictions into one giant all-purpose title; potentially an iRacing-like experience for the PS4 centering around online competitions.

1445981774327Not only does the trailer display a large amount of Endurance Racing content, featuring both Audi’s most recent LMP1 entry, as well as a handful of various GT3-spec cars, the trailer proudly announces a fully sanctioned FIA online championship, as well as the ability to “represent your favorite automotive marquee.” Real world footage of several different Porsche race cars can be seen throughout the first half of the video, indicating the brand may finally come to the legendary virtual racing franchise, and street legal vehicles appear to take somewhat of a back seat to purpose built race cars during the two minute announcement trailer. There are no implications that GT Sport will be a generic car collecting game like the previous entries, given the heavy emphasis on a very specific group of cars and and online championships. Until recently, the yearly GT Academy was an entirely separate download and never used as the focal point for Gran Turismo 6, so there’s definitely been a shift in priorities with this upcoming game.

Thankfully for us, Martin Robinson of provided live updates on the lengthy press conference, in which the first details of GT Sport were revealed to the general public.

RobinsonGTPlanet has much more info on the reveal, breaking down some of the officially sanctioned online championships that will make up the core of GT Sport.

  • As announced on stage by Kazunori Yamauchi, two versions of the FIA’s official competition will be “running simultaneously throughout the year”. First is the “Nation’s Cup”, where a player will represent his or her country. The second is the “Manufacturer Fan Cup”, where players will drive to represent their favorite car manufacturer.
  • The finalists in each competition will be brought together for an annual “FIA World Final”, and the winners will be awarded “alongside FIA sanctioned race winners in Paris during the Christmas season”, including the Formula 1 World Championship.
  • Kazunori made it clear he has big ambitions with the FIA, as Polyphony Digital is working closely with the FIA to “drive the future of motorsports for the next 100 years”.

firefox 2015-10-27 15-29-56-21My best guess is that the two online championships will center around GT3-spec cars given the diverse list of cars presently competing in the Blancpain Endurance Series. Support for Sony’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset is also said to be included, and in the end we will be looking at a very different Gran Turismo title than what longtime fans of the series are used to. Given that the market has changed drastically since Gran Turismo 4 shocked the world in 2005, this is a move that’s probably for the better, as Gran Turismo 6 was notorious for poor load times and recycled content.

Gran Turismo 6


25 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport is the game we (sort of) told you about a few months ago

  1. Your speculation was based on an exaggerated reader submission.

    Also, I feel that just because a car appears in *live action* footage in an trailer/intro, does not mean it will be there in the final game.


    1. If they wouldn’t have a Porsche license, they wouldn’t even have been allowed to use it in their trailer.
      Also, it wasn’t an exaggerated user submission, the FIA deal was officially announced last year by Polyphony and the FIA


      1. I get your point, but I think if they have an FIA deal (especially a Blancpain partnership/license), they can probably show series footage without having the individual manufacturer licenses.

        Creating those vehicles in-game, of course, requires a manufacturer license.

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  2. Yuck, never again, dem physics and dem feels. Don’t be fooled by this garbage. Just because FIA has ‘sanctioned’ this simcade racer doesn’t make it any more realistic.


    1. It doesn’t matter if its realistic or not when all the competitors race under similar environment. DOTA is not very realistic, nor Star Craft, but they are popular competition environments nevertheless. Games are games, or pretend reality. Real world is real world.

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  3. Console version of Assetto Corsa is doomed when it’s stacked up against the competition this caliber and on PC people can enjoy proper feature complete simulator; rFactor 2.


  4. Could be the game that makes me pick up a ps4.

    The key is having a large enough userbase, although that should be a given for console ‘simcades’.

    It’s funny that the better sims (GSCE, RF2) have pretty small userbases online while the less good ones (AC, iR, GT/Forza console simcades) seem to have mich larger ones; in my experience, at least for pick up races/pub lobbies.

    Is the G27 still incompatible with PS4? Feel that this may be a clincher for many.

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  5. TBH, this is the type of GT game I’ve wanted for a long time, an emphasis on the atmosphere and exhilaration of motorsports.

    With this title, it would be a great direction for the series to follow down, even though SPORT is a separate title from the main GT series.

    I felt the clip with the young boy and his grandfather playing the game fit really well, emphasising the accessibility of GT for everyone to pick up, play and enjoy, regardless of age or skill level.


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