Initial Feedback from the Full Version of Need for Speed is… Not Good…

A quickie for today… Those who have bought into Electronic Arts’ EA Access program have gotten a chance to play the upcoming Need for Speed reboot a few days before the official launch next Tuesday, and most aren’t happy. The first fifteen minutes of the game have been posted on YouTube by MotoGames TV, and unfortunately the racing itself has taken a back seat to intrusive elements that aren’t appealing to anybody looking to sink some serious time into the title. An emphasis on ebonics, stereotypical characters, and plot holes are making it a chore for players to see everything Need for Speed has to offer.

EA might mean well in their effort to flesh out the world in which the game takes place, but the final product comes across as an awkward high school production with a multi-million dollar budget.

And unfortunately, the racing itself leaves a lot to be desired. These kind of initial impressions are huge, as it was quietly leaked earlier this year that 2015’s entry is the last attempt at saving Need for Speed – a franchise that has pushed out uninspired games on a yearly basis since 2006. The source of this info comes from a rumor posted online in late 2014, but given how many aspects of the rumor were proven to be true now that most people have the game in their hands, it’s a safe bet that if this game flops, Need for Speed is dead.

And flop, it shall.


nfs3nfs4nfs5nfs6Some people spent $90 on this game.


Roll in Pepperonis, Need for Speed. You were okay, I guess..


12 thoughts on “Initial Feedback from the Full Version of Need for Speed is… Not Good…

  1. I was a beta tester I captured about 6 hours of footage but I can’t post it because it has my gt bouncing all over the screen and I was under NDA.

    That however has expired due to ea access. The driving is…horrid. The game basically has 2 settings and they are grip and drift. Neither is any fun.

    I was a huge fan of underground I still play on PC from time to time with mods that upgrade the visuals. Those older games are 100x more fun.

    I don’t know who decided the driving model in this game was OK but they should be fired.

    Of course I’m sure the game will sell great because if reminds everyone of underground… Which was very much done one purpose.

    Don’t DONT buy this game it plays horrible its no fun and yes the ai is awful as well.


    1. I found the driving ok once I found a setting I liked which I think was about 60% towards the drift setting.
      I definitely will be buying it because I still had fun in the beta, the 2 things that annoyed me most were the rubber banding and non-skippable cut scenes… Mainly because I had the beta crash a few times and had to sit through the same cut scene multiple times.

      But overall I enjoyed it and will probably put a fair amount of hours playing around in it.


  2. I think the terrible handling has EA’s grimy fucking hands all over it. I’ve said it millions of times before; the reason NFS games have been handling like complete shit is because the devs are being forced to use Frostbyte. They’re being told to use an engine developed strictly for EA’s FPS titles. The new Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 4 run on this engine. If you’ve driven in Battlefield 4, the cars should feel incredibly familiar to anybody who’s played BF4 and the recent NFS titles. That’s not good; why does an arcade racing game have similar driving physics to cars and ATVs in a military shooter game? Why are they even running on the same fucking engine anymore?

    When one thinks back to better titles, they think back to scratch-made engines updated or remade as the years went on. Lately, we’ve been stuck with a Burnout Paradise style of handling because that’s what works in Frostbyte. They can’t do anything drastic to the physics model or shit starts going fucking crazy.

    I’m telling you, EA is trying to push Frostbyte as a versatile engine similar to Unity, but they don’t seem to realize that you just can’t expect to make a satisfying racing title when the engine you’re using was developed with shooter games in mind. NFS sucks because EA is fucking retarded, but I think Ghost Games has done the best they could with what they had to work with.


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