DiRT Rally’s Modern Masters Update Delayed a Week, Still Looks Awesome

2vXCvfdA brief one week delay was all Codemasters needed to push out the second last update for DiRT Rally, and Monday will see the addition of a plethora of recent top level rally cars and various fixes to 2015’s sleeper simulation hit. While Codemasters was not able to secure the license for the 2015 lineup of WRC Super 2000-spec vehicles, such as the Citroen DS3 or Volkswagen Polo R, the Modern Masters update appears to include both late 2000’s WRC entries, as well as the return of Open Class cars from DiRT 3.

CSkJohqWoAAmHbi.jpg largeI’m hyped. Competing in both Rally America and the Canadian Rally Championship, Open cars are exactly what DiRT Rally needs. As it stands, the game is extremely demanding and features no proper beginner level car – Open Class cars will rectify this problem by giving players a car that handles well and lacks the power to get an inexperienced driver into serious trouble.

CSVlpxhWwAAi7YS.jpg largeIt will be interesting to see how many cars carry over from 2011’s DiRT 3, as licensing contracts have obviously changed over the past five years, and Toyota refuses to play ball with Codemasters altogether.



25 thoughts on “DiRT Rally’s Modern Masters Update Delayed a Week, Still Looks Awesome

  1. This game is a piece of crap. I get the error 41 code all the time, which means it refuses to install completely. I did manage to finally get it to run on my second computer, but after a couple of hours, it decided it didn’t want to run on that one either. It sticks at the splash screen and never goes any further. I have to CTRL-ALT to get out of it, then it acts like it is installing and stops at 1% and gives me the error 41 code again.


    1. It lacks feel around the centre of your wheel rotation, and the tarmac ffb is a bit shit (but that’s due to the physics/tire engine), otherwise it feels great in my view.


  2. There’s a game called WRC5 dropping on console, at least on ps4 according to my gamefly account. Next month.
    Surprised you have not said anything about this upcoming racing title yet.
    Know anything about it?


  3. Since R4s are dropping into dirt rally, I really hope they get the Colin McRae R4 in the game.

    It would a great addition and a shout out to Colin McRae.


  4. Aside from those cars, all of which I’m hyped for, according to the Roadbook we also get manual control over headlights and windshield wipers. It’s the small stuff that counts. Holy shit Codies I’m so hype right now.


    1. >manual control over headlights
      not really new or innovative. does the game even have any dark places? night stages seem too bright and I don’t recall any shaded areas that could use extra lighting
      >and windshield wipers
      might actually be the first rally game to do so


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